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Phobia Of Love episode 3 – 4


Phobia Of Love

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Episode 3

The battle line has just been drawn…….

**After the argument that happened between
Ramena and Denilson,both of them have been
trying hard to get the good side of Lizzy

On monday morning afternoon,After the lecture
class,Ramena and Justice were found sitting
under the big tree located on the main campus
waiting for Denilson.

Suddenly Justice broke the silence
“Ehm Ram please you and Den should stop
keeping grudges with each other,just forget about
everything he has…(before he finished
talking,Denilson arrived)thank GOD you were here
at the right time. Den you guys should leave lizzy
to choose who she want when it is time and
moreover you know initially i love this lady since
our Matric ceremony Bush since you guys were
fighting i had to keep it off my heart when i saw
that you two were wanting her
desperately”Justice said in conclusion

“Thanks a lot Jussy,i know you have always be our
guardian although we are mates”Denilson
jokingly said

“Yea you right Den,let forget and move on with
our studies”Ramena added.

“And who knows if i may be the one to marry her
sef?Justice said it jokingly

“In your dreams”Ramena added and the three of
them bursted into laughter.

“Ehn buh guys didn’t you notice that it been up
to a week we have seen Lizzy on
campus”Justice said in anticipation.

“Yea seems you right,honestly i did not take
notice of her absence”Denilson said

“What can we do now”Ramena said

“Chai see f–k boys,you never take notice of
your bae and you sitting down here”Justice
said to Ramena and

From another corner was a friend of Elizabeth
passing by.

“One of you should go and ask her about lizzy
absence”Justice said to them

“No not even this time*Den and Ram both replied

“Then i will go”jussy said

**Justice went close to meet lizzy’s friend called

“Hello damsel”he greeted her
“How may i help you”cryla asked

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***Chai see how she replied me,she is just like
her friend,no wonder she is a DWARF**Justice

“Yea i need your help,it been a long time i saw
your friend on campus so i want to ask about
her whereabout”Den asked

“”Well she was rushed to the hospital for a
sickness which was not known to us,not even me
either””Cryla said

“”Oh my GOD,i dont even know,so how will she
prepare for the upcoming exam””jussy asked

“I dont know”cryla said as she walked out on

***Jussy came to meet his friend and explained
all to them**

“Ah we feel so sorry about that”Ram said
“That means she will automatically carry this
course coz the so-called lecturer is a no-
nonsense man”Den added

“I promise you that by GOD’s grace elizabeth will
not carry this course”Jussy said bravely

“Then we will see the good samaritan who will
come down to help her write it if them no go
EXPEL am away from campus”Den and Ram said

Episode 4

Then we will see the good samaritan who will
come down to help her write it if them no go
expel am away from the campus”Denilson and
Ramena said jokingly as the three of them both
stood up heading towards their hostel while their
chatting goes on

**At night,around 11pm,Ramena and Denilson
was found to be asleep giving rhymes of rapping
from the mode of snoring but Justice was found
sitting on his bed thinking because he was unable to

“”Will i watch the lady i love of my life spending
an extra one year in this school,Absolutely
No!!””he thoughtfully said as he was rolling from
one side of the bed to another “i love her,i
should help her,but won’t it be at my own risk of
being rusticated from the school”Jussy said it
loud and clear as he tried to close his eyes if sleep will come

Early in the morning,Justice got dressed up,he
did not have any lectures on that day,so he
called his friends together so that they can both
go and check on Elizabeth at the hospital.

“Guys,let go and check Elizabeth at the school
clinic to know how well her health has improved.
“Jussy said while he was busy adjusting his shirt
but the response he got from Denilson and
Ramena shocked him

“Jussy seems you are putting your life at risk by
going to the clinic”Denilson said that while
pinging on his iPhone

“what do you mean by that den”Jussy fearfully

“Yea jussy,you know that den is right,don’t you
know that the nature of her sickness is HIV/
AIDS”Ramena said frowning in addition

“Oh my Goodness,you must be kidding”Justice
said that while his shirt began to loose with
sweat all over his body

“It’s true man”Ramena replied

“How did you guys know and why didn’t you tell
me earlier?”He said with tears almost dropping from his

“It was one of her closest friends that told us
when we went to ask her before you asked her
previously in the afternoon”Den on said as he
and Ramena went out.

“”But how can s–uch beau–tiful lady got HIV/
AIDS or can it be true””he said and burst into
tears not knowing what to do whether to go to the
hospital or to remain at home

**But can Ramena and Denilson be lying to
me**He thought about this for a while and keeps
asking rhetorical questions to himself

“”And i love her whole heartedly””he said with
tears in his eyes like a lad.

{Couple of hours later,he summoned up the
courage to check on her}

“Whatever it may takes i must see her”He said
as he was heading to the hospital.

When he got to the reception,he met the nurse
at the desk.

“Morning”he greeted.

“Morning Sir”the nurse replied
“Please i wanna see lizzy,one of your patient
here”he said..

“Sir we’ve got no patient bearing lizzy”the nurse

“”Oh i”m sorry,permit my manners i mean
Elizabeth”he said in correction

“Oh you mean eliza”


“Okae,buh i’n sorry you can’t see her now
because the Doctor gave an order that nobody
should be allowed to see her because her
condition seems critical so she needs to rest
please””the nurse replied.

“Oh you mean she’s truly having H……”he said in
a stammering way.

“Never mind,thank you” he said as he hurriedly
go out of the hospital thinking as he was going
back to the hostel

**On his way to hostel,he was thinking “Can a
beautiful lady contact HIV/AIDS,or does it mean
she is an harlot??””NOOOOOO he shouted

On getting home,he did not even bother to
knock,he just open the door and he couldn’t
believe what he saw.–he met Ramena,Denilson
and Cryla and Ella which are Elizabeth’s friend
on the same bed [email protected]…..

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