Pia – episode 1

(my daughter )
As I entered the kitchen that morning, dirty dishes greeted me, the kitchen was so messed up, the rooms where not exceptional, I feel so tired and hungry, how do I even start, I still have lots of laundry to do,
I opened the pot that has the remaining food, coconut rice that my Aunty’s children took to school, I smiled because there was enough food in it For me, I can’t Wait to eat it. I Will ask my Aunty first and I know she won’t say no,
I feel so hungry and tired to do anything today,
Is not like I’m complaining over the work, I do it all the time, is never a problem but I feel weak today, so weak, if I can at least have something to eat I will be energized for the day,
I didn’t eat before going to bed which contributed to me not having a good sleep, and when I closed my eyes all I can dream off is food, I ate good food in the dream compared to what I eat in real life, and that only happens whenever I sleep on an empty stomach,
They say eating in dream is bad but how can I stop dreaming about food when I sometimes go to bed in an empty stomach,
Aunty Koh takes pleasure in starving me whenever I offended her, ever since her husband told her to stop hitting me all the time she found another means of punishing me, which is by not allowing me to eat anything, she will rather give her dog food and let me watch rather than give me, I wish she can stop starving me, she can hit me all she wants, I’m use to her beating but I hate it when I have so many things to do in an empty stomach,
I’m related to her husband and not her and before I came to live in the city with them, they promised to take care of me and also send me to school but I have live with them for seven years and I’m still counting, every year all I get is empty promises of starting school soon but never did, I’m not really bothered as far as I can read and write, which I learnt from the children’s book and June has being teaching me more without her mum knowing,
I hate it when I’m starved it makes me remember what I’m trying to forget,
whenever I go to sleep and lay at my corner, the only thing I can imagine is fine food, I just imagine what it will feel like for a table to be set before me, a table filled and decorated with different types of food, and I will be given the privilege to eat what ever I want to eat and drink whatever I so desired,
It can only be in my dream that will never happen right where I am..
Aunty Koh have three kids, and I’m older than her first child with a year, Lano is very rude and she can’t a pick pin, she and her brother Midi, are birds of same feather, they..
” yes ma..I’m coming…
I ran up to Aunty Koh who sat in the living room with her phone in hand,
“Pia…are you done with the kitchen..have you finish washing those dishes..
” no ma…I’m still on it…
“Hurry up…you are taking so much time in that kitchen… There’s plenty of things to do around…
” yes ma..let me go back to it..please ma can I eat the remaining left over food in the pot when I’m through with the dishes…
“You are such a lazy girl… You have not finished up with your chores and you are thinking of food… The food in the pot is meant for Lani and Midi’s lunch… They maybe hungry when they returns from school, is only June that likes cereals, Lano and Midi loves the coconut rice, they will eat the food so don’t touch it, I suggest you put the food in the microwave, a grain of Rice shouldn’t miss from it…look for something else to eat.. anything even if is paper, because I’m not cooking until evening… Sort yourself out Pia…I’m not your mother..don’t give me headache… I have important things to think of so you are less of my problems… Just hurry up with the house chores so that I can send you to the market…
I returned back to the kitchen and started washing the dishes, when I was done I decided to put the food in the microwave as I was instructed but as I opened the put the smell of the food got to my nose and down to my stomach, I just couldn’t resist it,
Lano and Midi ate breakfast and also took lunch to school, how can Aunty Koh say that I shouldn’t touch it when she knows I haven’t eaten anything, she punished me last night by starving me because I mistakenly stepped on her daughters toy and it broke,
June is six years and she is the last among her three children, she is the only kind one among the others probably because I baby sit her, Aunty Koh is always leaving her in my Care so she grew under my watch and I thought her kindness
As I looked at the food in the pot my stomach made another hungry sound, so I decided to take one spoon from it, if I take one it will not be noticeable, so I took one spoon, I was eager yo take another spoon and another follows until the food was almost gone before I realized the danger I was getting in to, I was so hungry that I didn’t care about the trouble in it for me, I finished the food anyway,
I’m in serious trouble I already know that, my Aunty may even starve me for two days if she finds out that I ate all the food meant for her children.
But I’m not scared, since I have food in my stomach now, I worry less about any consequence awaiting me
She has done worst things to me in the past and I survived it so I can survive whatever my punishment Will be.
My happiness is that I have eaten, so I’m energized to do all the house chores and I’m not scared of anything
Food is in my stomach now I can think straight as I await my punishment.

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