Pia – episode 10

Episode 10

After our first outing Jerry comes around most weekend,
my boss brother, Richie had started acting nice unlike before, but I’m not always comfortable with the way he still looks at me, sometime he will intentionally brush his arm on me and act like it was a mistake, I found out it was not a mistake when he did it the third time, there was a day he even brushed his hand towards my br-ast, he will sometime stare at me as if there was a sign Post on my forehead,
it was a s€×ual advances to my litle inderstsnding, which i wasn’t comfortable with, it send cold chill down my spin, I hate it when he is doing that,

Richie works in his elder brother’s company, if he is coming back from work sometimes he will buy me cold Stone ice cream and shawama, sometimes even pizza, and will want us to eat together, the first time I rejected his presents, he was angry and said he doesn’t like his gifts to be thrown back to his face,
 so what I do is I collect them and thank him, I will tell him I’m not hungry now but I will eat them later, so later I will take them to puff at the gate, Puff has children so he will take it to his family whenever he is going home, I give some to Ben, I don’t feel comfortable with Richie at all, sometime I think I’m ovEr×¢ting or too suspicious of him,

One weekend Jerry came again and we took another ride out, I wanted to tell Jerry about Richie but I quickly waved it off

“I guess Mr Ken told you I met your little friend, June… the day I went looking for you..she is such a smart kid unlike her other siblings, she said If I happen to find you i should let you know that she will be praying for you, and you can also check her up in school during her break period which happens to be 12noon, she knew God was with you and nothing will happen to you, she says her break period last for 30minute, well…. she is wiser than her age…any day you are free we can sneak down to her school and take a peep at her… I guess she will love that…but Pia…why didn’t you speak to anyone about all you were going through… Why didn’t you talk to me or somebody else about your aunty and her family…what if she disfigured you or something worst happened…

” there’s nobody to talk to…nobody…I don’t have anybody..and I couldn’t just start telling you about myself, you took my trouble upon yourself to help me get a job, I can’t add more to you Jerry…you made me to understand that some disappointment is a blessing in disguise, the day you splashed mud on me… at first it was normal for me to get the worst thing out of life and you surprised me by reversing back to apologise and you later started telling me the power of words…you told me to always speak positively to myself and no matter what people may say about me, I can tear down and also build with my word, I didn’t believe you then I just saw you as one of those motivational speakers..but I do now..you said you will be praying for me even when I didn’t really believe there’s a God somewhere who loves me just as I am…thank you for allowing God to lead you into my life, and for helping me to believe.. I will never forget the first day we met, So how do you come to know my boss…

“I use to work for him, when he was building his company, he is into oil and gas, he contacted me and I did a good work for him and we built a good relationsh¡p from there, he also contacted me when he was building his house, we have being cordial friends, I visit him sometime and one day he talked about getting somebody who will be assisting Ben in the house, because Ben can’t do everything, cook, wash, clean and still put other things in place, I told him then I don’t have anybody but you suddenly showed up and I quickly contacted him, he trust me and I trust him too, he is a good man Pia…you being under his roof is a very good thing because I know you are safe…Mr ken has a good heart and he is very humble..

What of richie…do you trust him too, Do my boss has a family…where is he from…what of Richie his brother…is he the only brother he has…tell me more about my boss…

” hmmmm I can’t tell you more than what I know, if you have any question go and meet him…he has a kind heart he Will answer you, ask him anything and he will tell you what you need yo know, he is transparent to those who are close to him, he can also be tough if you disobey his orders…

I always enjoy talking with Jerry, I feel at peace when ever he is around,
Jerry later traveled again and this time he stayed more than a month,

The young security guard at the gate has being avoiding me, probably he is thinking of the way he acted towards me the first day I came down looking like a crazy being, if he has succeeded in chasing me away I would have ended up in the street,

 who knows what would have happened to me by now but God used Puff to save me from him, I have tried to be nice to him just to make him understand that a person is a person no matter how unkempt he or she maybe, but he still avoids me, he is absolutely not my problem, I know he will come around when he is ready,

  is been over a year now I have being here and I’m growing in height and wisdom, God has being so good to me, my boss as being paying me and I’m saving for the raining day, I may have opportunity to go to school again, so I’m saving up, and he sometime gives me money for my upkeep aside the normal money he pays me on monthly basis, he promise to put me in school by next year, he even registered me in a learning center, so that I can be academically sound before entering university,

   he told me to come to him anytime I have any issue, I shouldn’t be scared,
so today I saw him sitting down alone thinking about something, I wanted to go and talk with him but I guess today is not a good time for that, I don’t want to disturb him,

I went back to my room because it was night already, after thirty minutes I hærd a tap on my door,
As I open the door it was Richie, he stepped pass me and sat on the bed, so I asked him

“Do you need anything sir…

” you…I need you…don’t you like me…don’t you want me like i want you….. no tell me and I will understand, I also wanted to ask..is Jerry your boyfriend..or are you afraid of cheating on him…you know I like you very much Pia, well I don’t really fancy you before, you were not my type of girl, you were too thin and not good to look at until you started adding more curves, do you see how beautiful you are now, my big bro is pouring too much money on you, pia my brother and Jerry doesn’t really have to know if you agree to date me…it will be a secret between both of us, and I will make sure you have the best of life, I will do for you more than what my brother or anybody has ever done for you… I promise you pia…please…

“Please you need to leave sir…I can’t date you… Please leave or I will shout…

He smile before moving close to where I was standing and lowered his mouth to mine, I turned my face, and he held me and drew me close to himself,
 I struggled under his arm, then he started touching me inappropriately I needed to do something quick,
 so I started scre-ming, he tried to hush me to keep quiet, I kept scre-ming, he tried to cover my mouth but I bite his hand hærd and scre-med even louder,

 as he was about rushing out of my room my boss with the security was at my door,

 I was happy watching him try to hide his face on seeing my boss.


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