Pia – episode 13

Episode 13

I walked round the room, i open the window blind, I looked out and the view was just beautiful, wow, this is my room, a well decorated parlour is attached to the room, i have everythings right here, my fridge is stocked up, my cloths well hanged and arranged in my wardrop, my shoe rack filled with different types of shoes, then there’s the handbag section, it looks like I’m the daughter of a president, looking at my environment, and sincerely I’m still in shock, I’m still pinching myself to make sure this isn’t a dream, I still can’t believe that my life could take a drastic turn, so sudden, unexpected change, oh my God…it baffles me, I was moved to the main building that same day and when I slept in this lovely room on that first day I thought when I wake up the following morning it will be just a dream, this is the fourth week I have being sleeping and waking up to reality,

My boss who turn out to be my Dad pulled a party for me, he celebrated my 21st birthday and our reunion over the weekend, he took me to his company and introduced me to all his managers and staffs, he has taken me to different places, I loose count, journalist are still looking for a chance to speak to me, me and my Dad has attended three live interviews, and also appeared on television and magazines, I got tired of the paparazzi following us everywhere and i got tired because I’m not use to this kind of life, my dad needed to do something about it, and he quickly did, I still find it difficult calling him Dad but I know with time I will get use to it, life is very interesting on this side of the rich world,

Richie has also taking me on a horse ride, on our way home, he parked and held my hand to apologise to me and funny enough he also thank God that I scre-med that day, and i thank God more for giving me that ability to stop him from committing such abominable act, it was just God,
 My dad took me to one of his company party, he selected the dress and shoe that I wore to the party, he always opens the car door for me, he treats me like I’m still a Baby girl, like I’m so special, it was just too much so I told him to stop treating me like a baby, and he smiled before saying

 “Pia, I will keep treating you like a baby because I was given another chance to have you back into my life, not everybody gets this kind of second chance and as long as I live you will always be ” daddy’s baby girl “Pia you will forever be my baby, I don’t know if I will ever get enough of you in my life, all I have is yours Pia, my life is complete because you stepped into it, do you really understand how I feel…i wish is possible for you to open my heart right now and see for yourself, my heart is filled with bubbles of joy, have you ever want something so bad and loses hope in getting the thing and then suddenly it appears, like magic, unexpectedly, you are my diamond Pia I will forever cherish you, I would have love so much to watch you grow up, to change your diapers and rock you to sleep, but I missed out of those important part of you growing up, I was foolish and it was a terrible mistake, I regretted denying you at pregnancy and I was dealt with, because when I wanted you, you were nowhere to be found and I just knew my sin caught up with me, probably I would have married your mother and you will have brothers and sister, but life took a hærd different turn for me, I had another chance when I have loosed hope of having you and God brought you home to me, God brought you home to me Pia..I..I can’t thank God enough, He led you down to work for me, I was living under same roof with my own daughter all this while without even knowing, who I saw as a girl who has being through so much, I decided to support this helpless girl not knowing she was my daughter, Richie could have had his way with you not knowing you are his niece, oh my God…uuuuh! but God…merciful God who sees my repentant heart and knew that I have silently suffered so much for my past sin protected you…God is good Pia, It seems like a dream to me, God brought you home to me and whatsoever you open your mouth to ask will be all yours, i know you are still finding it difficult to settle in, i know you still find it difficult to call me Daddy, i understand Pia, I do, I haven’t being a good father, you suffered because of me, they maltreated you and called you a bastard because of me, you were starved and look so thin and malnourished because of me, sorry is not enough for all you went through, I can’t imagine somebody born of a woman calling my own daughter a bastard, Koh or whatever her name is.. she was lucky because I wasn’t in your life then, she and her wh0le family should go and thank God, she and her husband would have being cooling off in jail by now if i had known earlier but I have no case against them Pia, because I wasn’t a good father either, she called you a bastard because she thought you don’t have anybody, but you do now, you are no more a bastard, you have a father who loves you with his life, and is ready to go extra Mile for you, you have everything at your disposal, my wealth is yours, I am happy.. So so happy because my hopes has come back to life, I’m sorry if I embarrass you often with my tears…they are tears of joy, do you see the magazine my company made for us, we appear on the cover of Chez international magazine, do you see the way the people’s world news carried it, it was also on the recent news headline, when i picked up news paper from my office desk yesterday, our story was on the first page, the first thing I saw was the owner of K Brown international limited reunite with his daughter after 21years, and the news followed suit, do you know that some people can’t still believe this our testimony, is too much of a truth, God still answers prayer Pia, God is good…

“All the time.

My Dad was getting my papers ready to go study abroad, he cancelled the plan to continue my education here, I’m leaving the country soon, he wanted me to attend one of the best university abroad, so once everything is ready I will be out, the joy in my heart is overfilled,

Jerry came back from his journey and came to visit us, as usual I ran to give him a warm hug and to fill him in on my new transformation, but he already knew, he told me he saw me on television while he was away and was surprise too, it baffles him, the news seems to be everywhere now, God used Jerry to lead me to my father, Jerry was so happy and he thanked God for choosing him to be the vessel that reunite me and my Dad,

I wanted to go check June today in school so I ask Jerry to go with me, and we drove down, I know June will be bigger now because is almost four years I saw her last, she will also be in a higher class now, so on getting there we waited till break time, and we went to the school security and tendered all our information, when they saw the name I wrote PIA K BROWN, they started whispering within themselves while smiling for me, we waited at the school reception while they went to fetch her, the moment she saw me she ran and threw herself on me, I carried her like a Baby, she was still slim but taller now, she cried like a child in my arms, and I couldn’t hold back my own tears on seeing my little friend again, it was because of her I didn’t spend another night begging for bread in the street, I was able to locate my Dad, June saved me by giving me her snacks money and with a note to let me know she will be praying for me, she was an angel, she stood by me even in her parents house, I can never repay her and Jerry for their kindness,
My phone was ringing, so June gently loosened up and sat down, Jerry was also there, she hugged Jerry too, i checked the caller and just as expected it was my Dad

“Hello Pia, just want to make sure you are safe, is Jerry there with you…

” yes Dad… I’m fine, meeting with June like I told you before leaving the house…

“Yeah, I know dear, please be safe and if possible you can invite your little friend over for saturday, we will be going for a horse ride and picnic this Saturday, I know she will love it, except if Koh, her mother will have other plans once she knows where the invitation is coming from,

” oh Dad, Richie planed to take me to the movies on sat, Sonia will also be coming with us, as for June I Will find away to get her to come with me but if not then I will wait for another time, but we are not horse ridding again this weekend maybe next one Dad…

“Richie will not allow me to enjoy my pretty daughter again, he is always going ahead of me, hahahaha, I’m joining you guys in this movie, I don’t Want to be left out, but only if you approve because you are the boss lady now, Richie can not spend the most wonderful moments with you more than me, I also want to fill your mind with good memories so that you will forget how the past was like, and when you finally leave the country to study you will have a lot of things to remember home, because I will always be home praying for my beautiful daughter..

” alright Dad… We Will talk more when I get home, June only has thirty minutes break and we have already spent ten out of it, just want to make good use of the 20minutes left before the break will be over, please let’s have a comfortable gist when I get home I may even allow you to join us for the movies because I’m the boss lady now…hahahaha, Dad I have to go..

“Hahahaha.. Alright boss lady, my kind greeting to June, and please be good, I have no worry because Jerry is there with you, I will get your favorite food ready before you get back, then you will rate my cooking skills better than the last time…oh..oh I can’t just stop talking, please be safe, bye…

June smiled again before saying

” wow Pia, you have totally transformed, If not that they mentioned my visitors name was Pia K Brown and Jerry Smith, I wouldn’t have known it was you, I met Jerry once, I can still recognized him, I also saw you on TV, entertainment show with your Dad, nobody believed it was you, mum, dad, Lano and Midi did not believe, mum said you were probably dead somewhere and has rot away, because you are a nobody and even if you are alive you are probably pregnant with a bastard child like your mother, or pr-stituting yourself for bread to feed, nobody believed that you are the missing daughter of the wealthy K Brown, mummy said it was very unfortunate that you are bearing the same first name with K Brown’s daughter, but I believed, although you have changed a great lot and unrecognizable but I believed it was you, although it was quiet shocking but it was one if the miracles I prayed for that you will find real happiness, I also prayed that you will come looking for me someday and the day has come, I’m in higher class now, Lano is in the university and Midi joined her last year, Dad is not having money like before, he said once Lano and Midi finishes school they should go and get a job to support the family…pia there’s another important thing I have being praying for, I have being praying for Cecelia, mum’s new house help, since you left, she has gotten two helps and one ran away the other stole dad’s money and mum’s jewelries, yes she actually stole it with other things and left, nobody was around when it happened, mummy cried when she saw her empty jewelry box, and swore she will never get another housemaid but after few months she got tired of the chores and got Cecelia, Cecelia is not so strong or young like you, she is really going through alot in mum’s hand, she is a poor orphan pia, and she is older too, she has spend two years with us and it has being a terrible experience for her Pia, mummy is using all the old annoyance she stored up for the girl that stole her jewelries and money on innocent Cecelia, mum starves her too, she hærdly eat, I have being praying for her so that she will find the courage and run away but she doesn’t have anywhere to go, please can you help her Pia please

God has answered June’s prayer because my Dad need a housekeeper, a replacement for me, help has located Cecelia today, please let’s go and rescue her from Aunty Koh.


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