Pia – episode 15


As Jerry dropped me at home that day, and just when I was I about to open the door and step down he held my hand and as I tuned he bent over and planted a k-ssed on my l-ips, just as I have anticipated, I have always looked forward to this so we locked l-ips for sometime before loosing up, and he sat back,
“I have always wanted to do this Pia, for a very long time now, but I don’t want to be out of line, I love you Pia, so much, even before you came to know that Mr Ken was your father, I will probably say I just got connected with you right from the first day, but whatever I did for you I did it with a clean mind, I wasn’t expecting anything back, I was just working according to Gods direction, I saw darkness, so much sadness in your eyes even without knowing your story and I vow to bring light to those eyes again, you were first on my priority list, I was just a young man trying to follow my dreams when I met you years back, and I have being thought the power of outspoken words so I wanted to teach you to speak positively about yourself…always.. no matter what the situation maybe, it was my first word to you when I first met you if you can remember, You were put on my path so that I can guide you through, I was constantly praying for you that God will help you to believe that he loves you first before anybody, it was just a year ago I found out I was always thinking of you, even when I’m on a journey the only person that occupies my mind was you, I didn’t even know how to approach you with such because I don’t want you to read a wrong meaning to it, I love you Pia, I do but I’m not forcing you or making you feel you owe me anything, no, you don’t owe me anything, not even your love, if you love frank I will always be here as your friend, I will never ask you more than what you can give, I watch you and Frank and I think he loves you, his father is also a friend of your dad, your father, Mr Ken will not want you to make any mistake or to be forced to do anything, neither will I, just follow your heart and allow it to guide you well, I just feel…kinda… jealous when I see him with you but I try not to be, because you have every right to love anybody you want, i…i just want you to be happy Pia, you have seen too much sadness at your young age, and I’m happy you are beginning to feel what real happiness is like, I’m glad when I see you happy, that period I went looking for you after you left June’s mother’s house, it was the most sad moment for me, I thought I have loosed you, I thought something bad has happened, I couldn’t even sleep, I was hearing this still voice asking me to pray for you, I prayed like I have never prayed before, because I know we live in a world filled with evil, many perverts were on the loose and still on the loose, looking for the innocent soul to devour, many evil people are looking for a vulnerable young girl to make their sacrificial lamp, I prayed until my wh0le body was covered up with sweat, I was so privileged to be used by God to bring you home, and I also thank God for your little friend June, i have watched you grow to be a strong woman that you are, handling every challenges life threw at you without breaking down, you are my true definition of a strong woman, and I’m blessed to know you Pia, I became more spiritually strengthened because of you, and I will never stop praying for you even when you travel out, I will always be your true friend like I have always being, I promise you that…I will really miss you , I will so much miss you while you are gone, but I will carry you in my heart like a treasure, I will always look back and remember the wonderful moments we share together, I feel so happy having you close to me, and I will cherish every moment we have spent together…
I was already in tears as I listen to Jerry speak, I have looked forward to this moment and was almost giving up, I thought it will never come, I gently went into his arm and he held me very close, while still saying he was going to miss me, I told him I love him, I loved him now and I will always love him, I could have being disabled by aunty Koh, raped by the crazy men under the bridge, ended up as a street beggar without ever knowing who my father was, sometime when I’m alone in my room all I want to do is to sing out my thanks to God, he saved me from what could have killed me, through the help of a young man named Jerry and a little girl called June, who made me feel I was somebody, they made me feel I was important, I could roll from edge to edge and is not enough to show God my gratitude, I looked deeply into Jerry’s eyes as they sparkle with tears and I assured him that I will forever love him and we sealed up our love with another memorable k-ss,
A day to my leaving I was in my room when I heard a knock and I opened the door it was my dad, he smiled as I ushered him in, he sat beside me and he started speaking
“I feel like not letting you out of my sight, I wish while you are gone I will press a button and you will appear physically again back home, I wish I can say you shouldn’t go and look for any good school around the country for you to attend so that I can be seeing you everyday but I just have to hold myself from all that thought, I want you to have a great experience not just to go and study, if it was just to study I will put you in one of the best schools here, I want you to have nothing but the best out of life, while you are there… don’t just read alone or memorise books from page to page, have some fun too, go surfing, tour around the country and outside the country, attend dance and music classes, attend live shows, make friends, experience life in another dimension, be happy, send videos of your activities to me, and help me to smile from here while watching you laugh, you will always be my little girl… always remember that, I will miss you Pia, but there’s no problem, I may travel down to pay you a visit and check up how you are faring over there, anytime you need me just know i will be on the next available flight coming over, I will always be your super dad, your super man,I know you love Jerry, and he loves you too, he is a good young man, and he will make a great husband someday, while you are out there making friends and enjoying life do not forget there’s a young man called jerry who will never give up on you, he will be there for you both rain and sun, if you ever have a change of mind while you are there, and you feel you love another or your feeling is divided between jerry or somebody else, please call me before you make any decision, all I want is nothing but the best, and we have avoided talking about another important thing all this while…and that is your mother, we both hurt you, me and your mother, I know that, I denied you and she abandoned you and nobody has ever hærd of her since when she got married and moved out to another city with her spouse, but we can’t deny the fact that she is your mother and will always be, she bore you with pain and rejection in her heart, putting you behind her must have being a painful decision for her to make, it was either you or her new life which includes a husband who will put roof over her head and food on a plate so she made a choice that will favour her, and I bet you she must have regretted her choices, would you love to see her someday…
“mmmm…yes dad, I do…I do wonder what it will feel like to really know what my mother looks like, hmmm…I cant remember what she looks like, except that you told me she looks like me, I have forgiven her even before now, we all make mistakes, she is not perfect neither am i, i wish to get a mother’s hug someday, I know you have being a great dad but i can’t still deny the fact that… I was born of a woman, and I pray I will meet her someday, I can’t wait for that day to come, reunite with my mother, thank you dad for everything, is as if I have known you all my life, I will truly miss you and don’t worry about me having a divided feeling for jerry, that will not happen, I will remain focus, and will always try to be a daughter you will be proud of.
He gently drew me into a warm hug, while blinking back tears that clouded his eyes, he prayed for me before leaving,
Richie also came later after my dad left and we talked and he asked me if I will able to fly down for his wedding, he said he doesn’t want me to miss out or he will come over and get me, we both laughed, he was planning to marry Sonia soon after he complete his own house, which was almost completed, he has already engaged Sonia, I told him I will not miss his wedding, I will be there live, we gist and crack jokes and laugh some more before he return to his room,
And Jerry was around the following day, my flight was in the evening so I spent some quality time with Jerry, I got a call from somebody and it was June, she was hiding and calling me with her father’s phone, to wish me well, I was so happy to hear from her and she thanked me for saving Cecelia, and told me her mother has not being able to get anybody again to come work as maid after Cecelia left, she is still searching but has not being able to get anybody, June said she is very happy as her mother has not being able to get another maid who she will end up turning into slave, June said she will be praying for me as usual and will call me once she gets her own phone, i thought within me is probably what Cecelia did outside aunty Koh’s house the day i saved her that is working against aunty Koh not being able to get another maid, Jerry made me to understand that outspoken words are powerful.
I promise June not to worry I will always carry her in my heart and will send a smart phone to her once I settles in, she can tell her mother is one of her school aunty’s in abroad that sent it for her,
because her mother will never believe anything good will come from me, she still thinks I’m rotting away in the street begging for bread, but I will surprise her when the time is right,
after the call it was time, time to be on my way, I bid all the house workers, Mr Puff, the other security young man who was now my good friend, Cecelia, Ben and every other person around goodbye, I wish June was here too,
My dad drove me to the airport, Jerry was in the same car, while Richie and Sonia drove their own car to bid me a farewell,
And after the wh0le hugging and crying was over at the airport, we said our farewells and they waited until the air plane that i was in took off.
who knows when i will see the three important men in my life again, my Dad, Jerry and Richie. I’m looking forward to that day.

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