Pia – episode 16

Episode 16

It took me time to settle in, i called dad to inform him, I also called Jerry and we spent time talking about everything,

 the cold weather was not encouraging at first but I later got use to it, i came down with different types of African wears, I have a lot, I love creativity and dad also bought some for me when he notice my love for it back home, i got lots of people admiring my wears over here, any time i attend class or go anywhere I have people looking at me like I fell from heaven,
I never missed class, things were going smoothly for me, anything I find difficult I consult the Internet or the library,
I was able to get a smart phone and send down to June, through Jerry who took it to her school and he called me from there and gave June the phone and June was just scre-ming with joy, she was very happy and I was glad that I have being able to put a smile on her face, a lot more good thing is coming for her because she deserve it.

Dad said I shouldn’t bury myself in books, he wanted me to have some real fun,
and I will have lots fun but not now, there’s time for everything and I need to concentrate with my studies,
My school was mixed with different race, there was the Black and also the white,

I made few close friends, friends like Keisha, a young Lady from Jamaica and Moore, Moore was my first male White friend California, who started admiring me right from the first day I started class, he was very cute and brilliant too,

I was having more people coming around, some even wanted my kind of wear, they asked me how much it will cost and I just told them I’m too busy right now to make or design a wear for them,
It was just a lie, I can’t even design anything yet, I don’t know how is being done but I just do not want to pull them off, or discourage them because I was already thinking on how to create time to attend a fashion school so that it won’t affect my main studies, but I must first have an idea, I have to know the basics of fashion,

I decided to get a electric sewing machine and all sewing materials, so I bought a manual on how to design, I also search the internet and download lots of video, which was like a guideline for me,
So I started practicing on my free time, slow but steady on how to cut and design, it looks like I wasn’t getting anywhere at first, it looks like a child’s play but I kept on until it was gradually turning out fine, i asked Keisha where i can get material she told me where to go, so I search with my goggle map on how locate the place, Moore drove me there,
I was able to get different materials that I needed for my work,
Richie called and told me Sonia was pregnant and he has postponed the wedding until she gives birth,
He has also completed his house and was ready to move in any moment,

Within two years I got use to some people coming around, and those who admire my style of dressing,
I started having more people coming around and asking me who designed my wears, I told them I designed it myself, and some wanted me to design for them,
already I was almost perfecting my fashion design,
some paid me to make something creative for them and just like a joke I started designing simple Africa wear for the few that wanted,
I was enjoying what I do but still I do not joke with my main studies
Moore took me out today to surf, Keisha later joined us after checking up her grandmother who was in a nursing home, we went surfing,
It was a real fun, I made a video and send it to my Dad
And he called me the following day

“My precious daughter, my princess, was almost running out of patient of you sending a video where you are having fun…I thought you have forgotten to the normal general saying… All studies and no play makes Pia a dull girl, I have missed you so much my princess, even with the everyday video calls is never enough for me, you told me about becoming a designer in the future, is very okay Pia, but do not allow studies to wear you out, that White guy in the video is he the Moore you told me off..

” yes Dad, that’s Moore and the Lady in the picture is Keisha, they are my two close friends for now…

“Hmmm, I see the way he was acting around you and holding you while you surf with him…do you like him

” is just normal thing Dad, I like him he is so cool to be with..

“Please do not send the video to Jerry because he may quickly becomes sick if he sees the way Moore is holding you, he may not understand like me…he will be jealous… Please tell that White guy that he should stop over flagging himself around you, I know you likes him and may not be thinking in the same line as he is, but i think that guy is probably falling in love with you, if he hasn’t falling already, please be careful Pia, please do not forget what I told you before you traveled, if you ever decided to love another or your feeling is divided between Jerry and another man, please let me know before you make any decision, remember Jerry is holding on for you, and he will really be hurt if you decided to…

” Dad..Dad I understand, don’t conclude yet, i have not forgotten all you told me, and I don’t have a divided feeling, Moore is only trying to be a good friend to me, no feelings attached, and Jerry should learn to trust me, I still love Jerry and will always do but Dad you have to know me deeper than what you already knows, yes of a truth I like Moore but I try not to allow my feeling to run wide or out if hand, I’m in control of myself and I promise you once and will promise you I will not disappoint you Dad, stop worrying too much about me…

“I’m sorry for worrying too much, I trust you my princess and I love you more than my own life, I should allow you breath some air and not bugging you with my philosophy, you have being a good girl, you’re well discipline and principled too even before I met you, I know i worry too much when all I suppose to do is to constantly pray for you, you matters more to me than anything in the world, I just want nothing but the best for you, you are not having much fun, it was after two years of being there you finally went surfing, I know you are trying to combine school with becoming a creative designer, I understand the fact that it can be c-mbersome, please just try to live everyday at a time, I don’t want to discourage you from pursuing your dream neither do I want you to over work yourself remember you are all I have Pia…put God first in all your doings and he Will always direct your path…

Dad was allowing his fear of Moore to get the best if him, I know Dad likes Jerry and he want us to end up together but I’m not thinking of dating Moore, although he has asked but I told him let’s keep being cool friends, dating wasn’t in my list because I got somebody, Jerry calls me both normal and video call, I Will always love Jerry, and I have always put God first,
God loved me first even when I couldn’t love myself, God took me from sorrow to joy, God is everything in my life and I can’t live a day without him,
I got lot to do on my list, I want to enroll into a real fashion school this coming spring, to perfect my skills and to get a certified certificate as a fashion designer, I aspire to be one of the well sorted African designers, I don’t want to totally depend on my father’s wealth, I also want to make a name for myself, and on the way to the top, I won’t relent.

Moore invited me to his parents thirty fifth wedding anniversary, he came over to pick me up and he loved my dressing, which I designed by myself, k-ssing my two cheeks was a normal greeting over here, and that’s how Moore greets me every time we meet,
I like Moore, he is always fun to be with and respects my decisions, this will be the second time I’m meeting his family, Moore father is a pastor in a Baptist church, Moore came from a godly home, and I also attend his father’s church with Keisha, some times Moore comes to pick me for church,
Sometimes he comes over to my side and keep me busy while I work on my sewing, he brings drinks and food and we gist and crack few jokes,
We Sometime go to the movies together, he is always cool to be with.

Will I say I’m having a divided feeling between Jerry and Moore, like My dad has feared, well I’m not sure of that, if I ever get to a cross road and It feels like I’m confuse I will call my dad like he has ask of me and let him know,
Until then let me focus on making a mark with my work.


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