Pia – episode 19

Episode 19

My dad had emergency board meeting that morning in his office, so our outing was postponed to the next day,
I was spending time with Cecelia who was more free with me than before, we talked and laughed
I wanted to see June and to give her the things I bought for her,
 she has graduated from her former school, I don’t know if she was home or have started another school
So I later drove down to her house but I was told they have packed to another place two years ago, and nobody knows where they moved to
I stood at the gate for sometime allowing my self to travel down the sad memory lane, the house brought back sad memory but then I smiled because sadnesses has being Left in my past where it belong,
I closed my eyes and spread my hand wide not minding the attention I was creating from passerby
God gave me reasons to smile again, I lift my head and laughed like I was crazy, freedom from the wicked oppressors taste so good
When I opened my eyes I saw people staring at me, I smiled because they will not understand the undiluted joy in my heart,
I quietly walk back to my car, I will ask and search for June’s new location when I’m ready, I really need to see her,

as I entered my car i met my phone ringing, it was Jerry, he has being calling because I saw several missed calls mostly from him,
I quickly called him back

“Hello Pia…are you okay… Where are you..
I have being trying to reach you since morning no response from you… I’m over at your place, I was told you went out…where are you… Can I come and meet you wherever you are…hello Pia are you there…

” Jerry, I’m fine… sorry, i didn’t notice my phone ringing on time, I forgot to inform you earlier… I wanted to go check up on June, on getting there I was told they moved to another place which I have no idea, I’m coming home now…please wait for me there… I will meet you at home…

I quickly drove back home and met Jerry at home, he said we should go over to his place, and I didn’t really feel like it, he insisted, and said he want me to see his new place,
I have being to his place only twice, which was briefly, and that has being years back before I even knew my boss was my father, is being long, but he said he has moved from there to his own place, he built the house and didn’t want to move into it yet until I visit the place, if I don’t like the paint colour or the beds spray and chairs covers he will change it to my choice,
he said he will love it so much if I come and know his new place, he has being waiting for such a time I will be free so that he can take me down to his own house
I later agreed and he drove me down in his new car, he changed his car to something far better than the previous car, we drove to his lovely house, it was in an estate not too far from my dad’s place, he said he wanted to be close to me, that was why he bought the land there and built on it,
Looking round the house, it was really lovely, Jerry planted flowers round the compound, their was also carpets grass from the main building to the gate, the house was very lovely, his old car was parked at his garage, but it was repainted, he told me he wanted to give it out, he has already called one man who has no car to come and carry it
 in,side was really beautiful, and when he asked me if I like it I just nodded, I lack word to described how lovely it was,
We went to the kitchen and made food together, came back to the sitting room which was well decorated with art work, we sat down, and after eating we watched some few TV programs,
He moved close to me and I relaxed on his body while watching the television, then he started speaking

“Pia…I wish you really know how much I love you, I wish we can be like this forever, me and you, you were gone for four years and it was like hundred, everyday without you in it was a lonely day for me, I missed you so much, but anytime I feel that way all I needed to do was to call you and hear your lovely voice and I Will be alright, I have looked forward to having you in my arms and to have a taste of your l-ips again, it was as if you were avoiding me even before you returned, I was thinking I did something wrong I even have to speak to Mr Ken, your father but he told me he will speak to you to know what the problem is, even as you return I noticed you are acting cold towards me, so I still want to ask what I did wrong, what is happening to us…do you still love me…did I offend you in anyway, if I ever did I’m sincerely sorry,

” you did not do anything Jerry, I’m sorry if I have being acting cold, is never deliberate, I really do love you and nothing will change tha…

My phone was ringing And it was my dad who wanted to know my whereabout, after filling him in, I continued with Jerry.
He k-ssed my forehead and just when he was coming for my l-ips my phone rang again and it was international number, is probably Keisha using another Line to call me, she spoke with me yesterday and said she will call again today, so the call was on loud speaker,

“This is Pia Brown, who is on the Line please…Keisha?

” Pia…this is Moore, how’re you…you left…you Left without saying good bye… Even if you didn’t want to see me again why not a call or a message, I felt so hurt when Keisha told me you left, I guess you will rather hurt me than your country man, I know you loved me Pia, it was difficult for you to admit, we are both emotionally connected, I found out the day we k-ssed, does the k-ss means nothing to you, the good times we spent together, the happy and fun moment we had, none of that means anything to you Pia, it was very unfair of you to have left like that, you could have just send a text i would have appreciated it than the silent departure, I felt broken since I learnt from Keisha that you left…why were you running back to your country because you didn’t want to admit the feeling, why pretend and deny the fact that you love me…why…are you holding back, is really not right Pia…I know you love your country man, Jerry or whatever his name is… but I loved you more than any man could, is not fair pia..

I looked at Jerry, he was looking at me, he wasn’t smiling, he was probably angry on hearing Moore say all that, who wouldn’t any way, but I never intended to get entangled with Moore, it just happened, and if not for my Dad who was guiding me through his words, I would have fallen deeper, I needed to say something convincing and try not to hurt Jerry and Moore further

“I’m sorry Moore… I just needed to leave, I was done with my programs and my Dad wanted me home, I’m sorry I didn’t inform you, it was impromptu, I have always told you I loved somebody back in my country and it was difficult to fully love another, I was committed to him… Moore, I pray you find somebody who will love you and also make you happy, you deserve far better than what I can give, I loved only one at a time, I hate to be confused or have divided feeling, i can’t love you the way you want Moore, but somebody Will someday because you are a good guy and you deserve it, be good till we see again…you are free to call and check up, we are still friends as always and we will always be, my greetings to your family Moore, bye…

After the call Jerry was looking at the television, with his expressionless face, he retuned back his look to me, then I asked

” are you angry with me Jerry…?

“No, why should I be, i told you earlier that i love you.. pia, nobody can change that fact, you tried by sticking to me after four years even with all the temptation, I was thousands of miles away, you could have chosen another or better still do More than k-ssing with Moore, but you didn’t, you told the guy that you didn’t want to have a divided feeling…you love one at a time, and I felt so proud, you never denied me then and even now, not just because I’m here with you.. I know even if I’m not here you will still stick to what you want… I love you Pia, you respected both my absence and presence, I got no worry when it comes to you, I trust you my love, and I love you with my life…and with my own loving k-ss.. you will definitely forget what Moore k-ss taste like…

I started laughing at his last sentence, we k-ssed passionately, like I have never being k-ssed before, Dad was right, with Jerry’s k-ss my head was reset in one direction, it sounds funny but is true,
We drank fully of each other and I was already unbuttoning his shirt when he stiffened and held my hand from going further, he strengthened and sat up before taking my hands into his

“We can’t allow our emotions to take hold of us, we almost did, Pia, my love for you is patient, kind, mild and very temperate, I respect you and Will not lay with you now because now is inappropriate, we will be running ahead of ourselves, there’s time for everything, and when the right time comes we don’t need to be told what to do..

We watched the television and talked some more before Jerry decided to go and drop me off,

Who wouldn’t love such a Man like Jerry, I see why God uses him to do great things, he is so principled, self control and does not allow negative things to tell him how to live, he lived a very honourable life, one I want to emulate from.

Dad was home already gisting with Cecelia, he opened his arm to me immediately I entered the parlour,
He asked of my day and I told him, and he also told me about his emergency board meeting.

The next morning we were on our way, me and dad
I thought of where June and her family could be, I thought of the man God blessed me with, Jerry was Godsgift to me, I feel so blessed having him in my life,
I know time heals faster, Moore will be fine eventually, he may even fall in love with Keisha who because of her grandmother in the nursing home have not being able to keep a relationsh¡p, she was the only one taking care of her, which was kind of time consuming for her but she finds Joy in taking Care of the sick old Woman who brought her up,
Keisha story is similar to mine, she was abandoned by her mother when she was still little, Keisha’s mother died of overdose, it was her grandmother that cared for her,

I silently prayed that God keep my mother safe and sound wherever she may be, my dad said some day I Will get to meet the Woman that bore me, I so much wish it can be soon, I looked forward to that.

It was indeed a long trip, I slept off while my Dad drives on


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