Pia – episode 2

(my sad story)

I Went about my chores like nothing happened, at least if going to die today I should die with food in my stomach,
The children came back from school and I quickly wash off their uniform and dirty socks, even if the uniforms is not dry they have other ironed one to wear,
I was still on it when June came outside to inform me that her mum was calling me, my heart skipped twice, is probably because of the food she was calling, but I decided to ask June Anyway
“June…do you have an idea why mummy is calling me…
” no…I don’t.. Are you in any trouble…
“Not really… Just that I ate up all the food meant for Lano and Midi…I was instructed to keep it but I disobeyed…and ate it up…because I was hungry…
” ooh…I’m sorry…and Mummy is going to be mad at you… don’t worry I will say that I ate it…I will tell her I ate all the food so that she will not hurt you…
“No…don’t do that because she will not believe you and you will be lying, they knows that you don’t like coconut rice you prefer white rice and stew or Noddles , so nobody will believe you June…but not to worry I will be fine, I’m always fine…
” I won’t let her beat you again…dad warned her not to hit you again after he saw marks all over your body…so if he beats you I will tell dad..don’t be scared..
“Hahaha..I’m not scared June… I will be fine.. Come let’s go but don’t say anything if we get there..
When we got to the living room, Aunty Koh was watching a movie with her daughter Lano and her only son Midi, there eyes were glued on the TV series showing, she spoke up to me without looking at me,
” Pia..go and microwave the food i asked you to keep for Lano and Midi, warn it up and bring it to Lano, make Noddles with egg for Midi and June, go quickly so that you can go to the market…you are wasting too much time on those chores…hurry up I want to cook dinner before my husband comes back from work..
I stood, i was just about to tell her that I ate the food so that she can come and kill me when June spoke out..
“Mummy I ate all the food…I finished the coconut rice that Pia kept for Lano and Midi, I was hungry when I returned from school so let Lano and Midi eat Noddles instead…no more rice left…
They all turned to look at her as June wore a mean face so that she will appear convincing, but she was looking all funny with the way she said it, Lano he elder sister spoke first
” stop lying June…you don’t even know how to lie very well…and you don’t even like coconut rice, pia has eaten the food and asked you to lie on her behalf…Pia is now teaching you how to lie…mummy has warned you of your closeness with her you won’t listen…you are a small girl but see the way you are lying like an adult..
“Lano…leave me alone… Pia is not teaching me anything bad…Lano the rice you are asking for I know you won’t eat it, you just want mummy to beat Pia, the rice you took to school you didn’t eat it all, I saw you giving it to dog when you came back, and I know that is same thing you will do if you are giving the food, you will still give it to the dogs and tell Pia to make Noddles for you, you will be sending her to do many things after mummy has sent her, as if Pia is a machine…
” will you shut up June..who thought you how to talk back at your sister…who is teaching you all this bad character..ooh I know is Pia..so you are learning bad behaviour from her now…oya…run to your room quickly…
After June left, Aunty Koh faced me, while Lano was giving me a disgusting look, which I pretended as if I didn’t see he,
“Pia what happened to the food I ordered you to keep. ..
” I’m sorry ma…I ate it…I was very hungry so..
“Shut that your stinking mouth…b—–d…If you are hungry how’s that my business…do I look like your harlot mother… Let that food purge you, nonsense, For disobeying my orders you will not taste anything in this house today and tomorrow… I will keep starving you if that’s what you you, if not that my husband has asked me not to hit you again I would have love to decorate your body with more marks… And you are even trying to initiate my daughter June into your coven…witch, any day I catch you teaching her nonsense I will kill you and if I kill you nobody will ask of you because you are a nobody, do I still need to remind you that you are just a useless b—–d like your mother who got pregnant for an unknown man and she gave birth to you and dump you with your grandmother, she move ahead with her life because you are a bad omen, she later got married to another man who doesn’t want to have anything to do with you…you were stuck with your grandmother who can not properly take care if herself, but she try to do for you what your mother can’t do, when we came for you because I needed help with the house chores you were just nine years, your grandmother wanted us to send you to school and take good care of you as if you matter at all, well we told her what she wanted to hear, hahahaha assuring her that you will go to the same school with my kids and we will take care of you very well and she was happy because that is what she wanted to hear us say, you are sixteen now and you think we Will care for you forever, I took care of you to the best of my ability, I feed you, house you and cloth you, you should be very grateful because if is some house they would have send you into the street, but I dash you my cloths and undies, and even asked you to hold the undies with needle and thread so that it won’t be falling from your tiny wa-ist, i also asked Lano to give you some of the cloth and p-nts she is not using again and she did, do you think is everybody that has such opportunity, if you dare disobey me next time I will so kill you and dump your dead body to my dogs and nobody will ever ask me, your grandmother is dead already and your so called mother has a new family to care for, so you have become her past, you are not even a real relation to my husband, you are only from the same kindred with him, you are not a blood relation in anyway, so you see you are a nobody, do and start searching for jobs so that you Will start contributing your own quarter to this house, we have really tried for you, Lano is getting into university next year, so you too should start contributing money for the House upkeep, if you like when you go out their to search for job, get pregnant and end up like your mother but it won’t be in this house, you can raise another b—–d like your self in the slump I don’t care and will never Care how you live your life outside here Pia, I don’t, my main concern is don’t initial my children into your coven…especially June, I’m ready to bury you alive if you do rubbish around any of my children, don’t try me I’m warning you…get out if my sight fool…
As i turned to leave I heard Lano talking while others laugh
“Mummy… she smells like dirty pig…stop her from cooking anything before she contaminate our food…
They all laughed as Midi spoke while still laughing
” no..not just dirty pig… Pea…I mean Pia or whatever smells like rotten eggs…hahahaha…
I quietly walked away, immediately I got out of their sight I released all the tears I have being holding back, I allowed the tears to flow freely without trying to stop it
Aunty Koh practically gave me my life history again in just a second, she always remind me of who i am and she’s right I’m a nobody, nobody Will question her if she kills me, even if anybody dare ask she Will shut the person up with money, she and her husband are well to do and money rules in the part where I came from
I got ready for the market and later left, I wasn’t giving transport fare so I doubled up my step so that I can ret-rn on time, I don’t want to be reminded again of who I am
As I walked, the ground was weat because it was raining season, suddenly a car came and splashed me mud water all over me, I stood their as my frustration increased, I try not to say an insulting word to the driver as I try to clean the mud from my body,
I don’t really matter to any one, I’m a nobody so anybody can get away with anything they do to me, nobody will question them..
I was still in my thought as I wipe the mud off me when I saw the car reversing back to where I stood
“Hey…young girl…I’m so sorry… I didn’t notice there was a poth0le filled with mud in time, by the time I did it was already late.. So sorry… Please where are you going…come in let me drop you…
I looked at him he was young but has lot of bears, what of if he is a kidnapper or arm robber, not like it even matter, I don’t Care anyway and I’m not scared, I have seeing so much trouble that nothing scares me any more, if he is a kidnapper I’m ready to be kidnapped far away from Aunty Koh,
I just quietly entered the car and he zoomed of

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