Pia – episode 23

Episode 23

Bright hærdly talk unlike his sister, but he is always happy to be around me, after he dropped me and Felicia that day, he asked me to wait behind and after Felicia was in, he engaged me into an intimate conversation about his own life, he told me about how we have not had time to talk because of Felicia and mom who was always around me, he has wished to have a personal conversation with me but the opportunity didn’t present itself, he talked about finishing school next year, he was going to be a medical doctor, and he asked me what I think of Lano, he told me that Felicia told him about the drama with the perfume, he asked if I don’t like Lano he may probably have a change of mind of asking her to date him, Lano like him too but he has not said anything to her yet, Bright wanted my judgement as his big sister, he needed my opinion, and I asked him to proceed with his plans, if he really want to date Lano then nothing should stop him,
 Lano has changed, I guess she knows better now than before, and has withdraw from following the mother’s bad footsteps long time ago, even aunty Koh was a changed person, life was indeed the greatest teacher, after talking with Bright that morning he was very happy as he hugged me like a brother will do to sister,

 My mum got me some cloths and shoes, most wasn’t my size and have to give it to Felicia to amend to her size, Mum later took me for shopping I was able to get few things for myself, she was so happy taking me round and introducing me to her big friends,, mum can drive, so she drove all through our outing, the security told her about what happened with Lano and the perfume, she wanted the person sacked but I told her it was a misunderstanding, I was playing a pranks on the staffs and hide the perfume on one of the staffs bag, she smiled and dropped the issue, because if my mum finds out that Aunty Koh’s children are working in her supermarket she will not only sack them she will also frustrate their lives and that of their mother, Aunty Koh, so I have to put off the fire I started so that it will not out burn those I have already forgiven, my mom agrees to whatever I say, she was doing all she can to please me, even after I made her to understand that I hold no unforgiveness or bitterness for her or anyone, whatever happens remains in the past, without she abandoning me at a tender age and Aunty Koh maltreating me, without all the bad things of life happening to me at my early stage of life I wouldn’t have a story, there’s no story without my mother or Aunty Koh in it, I’m glad I can look back and smile because my present and future is assured,
 I wasn’t trying to pay anyone back the evil they did to me, no, that wasn’t my intention, and despite forgiveness doesn’t come so easily for some, me for a example, forgiving aunty Koh took me a long while to do, it didn’t come so easy for me, it was difficult at first, but with the help of God, Jerry and remembering my little friend June, I just have to let it go, June paved the way of forgiveness for her mother and siblings, I forgot what pain feels like because God gave me reasons to always smile, I still have scars I sustained from aunty koh, which will always serve as a reminder, but my scars shows that I walked through fire and water before I discovered myself, my scars shows that I really live, hurt, healed and live again and finally laugh, I was only trying to teach Aunty koh and her children a lesson, I passed my message to them and I know they got it sound and clear,

Lano and Midi didn’t resume work on the second day which I didn’t bother to know why, I guess they needed time to download and understand all the recent information I left with them, they need time to understand what they are really into, which practically means that they were at my mercy, they need to come to realization that I was actually the real Pia K Brown, the girl they saw on television many years ago but couldn’t believe she was the one because they thought I was good for nothing, I was a nobody and can’t amount to anything, if they have known better they would have tried to be nice, because it actually cursed nothing to be kind, God has destined my life in the way it should go, without leaving their house I wouldn’t have located my path of destiny,

 Lano and Midi resumed work the third day, with their mother, I wondered why Aunty Koh came with them, but I was at the supermarket on time before my mum, who I asked to stay home with my step father while i foresee things on her behalf for the few days I will be around, she gladly agreed, so on seeing Aunty Koh, Lano, Midi, and my Favourite, June, who ran to me before I can even get close and I held her into a tight hug, I was happy to see her, June was gradually growing into a real beautiful African lady, I hugged her while her mother and siblings watched, Aunty koh has this sorry look plastered on her face, I was eager to know why she was around, after the hug with June, I approached them, Aunty Koh knelt down, while Lano joined her, Midi too was pleading, I wondered why they were pleading because i made it clear that Lano and Midi can resume work again, I had nothing against them, she was pleading asking to be forgiving of her past sins, her past sins that I have already burn to ashes, I have even forgotten most of her deed mostly because of her little girl June made it easy for me,

 people were watching as they knelt, crying and pleading, it was very embarrassing, I begged her to get up, and she kept weeping, as tears poured from her eyes, I asked Lano and Midi to go in,side and continue with their work, nobody will stop them, of which they thanked me and ran in,side, I reassured aunty Koh again that I hold no bitterness again for her, and I believe life the greatest teacher has thought her humility and kindness in a way she never expected, so there’s nothing else I can say that she doesn’t know already, i smiled at her and told her all over again that without her I won’t have an interesting story, she also told me that the husband who is managing one work around also plead to be forgiven and I sent my kind greetings to him, she begged me to take June Along with me, that she isn’t doing much around the house, she only goes to a tailoring school, three times in a week because she want to become a fashion designer and there’s no much money for her to go to school, and I willingly agreed, it will be my pleasure,

The next day i drove down with my mum’s car to see Aunty Koh’s husband, he was sober, but we acted cool like we didn’t have any bitter pass, after spending few time with them of which I make sure that they were comfortable and happy again, I also gave them money to support their selves, they were very happy, I told them not to be scared for June, they maybe thinking I may probably do to her what aunty Koh, her mother did to me, I assured them my name is Pia not Koh, but such will never happen, June was my angel, my sister from another mother and a good friend I will never allow harm to come to her and theirs enough room in my father’s house to accommodate as many as possible.

My dad came for me, he drove down with Jerry, and Cecelia, and I was so happy to see them, Jerry especially, he was telling me how much he missed me, although I was occupied with lots of activities I still missed my best friend, the love of my life, after spending time with my mum, who came to love Jerry after learning who Jerry was, I told Cecelia about Aunty Koh and her Kids working at Helen Pear, my mum’s supermarket, one of the biggest supermarket in that area, she was shocked, she couldn’t still believe until she saw Lano and Midi, they came as I called them, they both greeted Cecelia, and Cecelia sent her kind greetings to their mother.

When God elevated you unexpectedly, forgiveness comes natural, you have nothing to hate anymore, and all you can do is to smile, because God has given you a thousand reasons to do so.

It was a great gathering in my mom’s house, I introduced June to my dad, my dad was very happy to meet the little girl who gave me her lunch money to escape from her mother and with a note to let me know she was praying for me, the little girl who risk herself for me, lied for me, covered my flows so that I will escape from her mother’s beating, she will go hungry to see me eat, June was and will always be close to my heart, she is very special to me, and her parents knows that already, that was why they asked me to take her along, June was very glad to finally be close to me.

We later drove back home, after promises of coming to visit and hugs from mom, Felicia, Bright, Anthony my step dad, from Lano and Midi, I waved them all good bye and told Felicia she can come visit me, or I will come get her on a good day, she was sad that I was leaving but I promise to come for her or send for her, I hugged my mother who cried as I waved them goodbye.

my dad drove me, June, Jerry and Cecelia back home, I felt fulfilled, like a burden has been lifted off my shoulder after seeing my mother and Aunty koh again, and paying aunty Koh back in a different unexpected coin, I felt good with myself.

June told me that her mom sold the smart phone I sent for her when I was studying abroad, because there was nothing in the house then, so somethings in the house were sold, they sold the two dogs they had, and also the cars, they needed to go far away from their former area after everything came collapsing, June said her mom didn’t want anybody to know what happened that was why she asked their father to go get house very far away from their former place and from people who knows them before so that they will not become a laughing stock.

June said she never thought she will see me again, that it was God that sent me at a time when they needed help, because her dad’s small job was not bringing much to the table again, and her mom is not doing anything, so with the help from Lano and Midi they were able to cope with life, she was so happy as we lay on my bed that night and talk, she said she never thought I will forgive the mom, and she was glad that I did, because the mother would have died of guilt, I was also happy I did, God is always on time, God’s time is indeed the best, his ways are never the ways of men, his plans and purpose for me was coming to past gradually,

Richie and Sonia got Married, it was a beautiful wedding, Jerry proposed during the family thanksgiving, and of curse I said yes, he already know what my answer will be, so it wasn’t really a big surprise, he was the only man I want to spend the rest of my life with, i thank God the day he splashed mud on me, it was a sad day for me back then but today as I looked back all I can say is thank God, he brought such a cute, God fearing, loving, positive thinker and caring man on my way, he was too much of a blessing to me.

I’m glad he came into my life when I needed help and a friend, he led me to my father, that is why he will always be my dad’s best friend, I love him too much already, my life is just empty without Jerry in it,
Dad wedding with Cecelia was coming next and mine will follow suit, I planned to relocate to America to set up my fashion school, which was my big dream, right now i want to live everyday at a time while other things fall in place as God as destined it all to be.


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