Pia – episode 5


As aunty Koh came in and saw that all the ironing, plates and rooms where all done, all thanks to June, so Aunty Koh thought I didn’t go out I was at home through out doing the chores,
so as she sat in the living room she told me to get plates to the dining, she stopped at the eatery with her husband on their way back and bought food for her kids, she said she doesn’t have strength to cook that evening and bought food instead, so they all ate the food she brought back
I heard her husband ask her as they all sat eating at the dining
“Do Pia has anything to eat in the kitchen…
” I don’t know…honey allow me to enjoy my food in peace…why are you asking me if she has something to eat as if I’m her mother…or is she a baby… Can’t she sort herself out…
I wasn’t bothered because i have already eaten, and i didn’t want aunty Koh husband who I use to call uncle until Aunty Koh warns me not to call him uncle again because he wasn’t related to me, so if I want to address him direct I call him “sir” instead, I didn’t want him to have any issue with his wife because of me, or Aunty Koh will transfer the anger on my body, if her husband shout at her for any reason or at the kids, I will be the one to suffer for it at the end, then she will beat me until my wh0le body is inflicted with wounds before she stops,
after she had serious issue with her husband, it was her husband’s two colleagues that visited the house and saw me with the body injuries, I guess they mentioned it to Aunty koh’s husband who decided to stop his wife’s barbaric act on me, which wasn’t totally stopped, she still Carry out her wicked act in different ways, which I even prefer the beaten to some of the punishment she gives me, the highest beaten I presently received from her now is to slap me or hit my head to the wall, my other punishment is starvation,
Her husband is not always around, and him being at home or out makes no much difference to me because he sees his wife doing some certain things but never stops her, he just ignore and sometime supports his wife if she accuses me wrongly, they both have something in common, which is seeing me as a nobody.
June cries sometimes when she watch me being beaten or ill treated, she sometimes hides her food just to give me to eat, after she was caught giving me some of her remaining food, aunty Koh makes sure she eats her food in her presence, she also punished me that day for collecting food from June, and I told June not to risk giving me anything or I will be the one to suffer for it,
Instead, anytime I’m asked to go and feed the dogs with any left over or prepare Noddles for the dogs I will hide and eat out of it
Like today after they finished feasting and ask me to pack the remaining one to the dogs, I wasn’t hungry because I have already eaten before coming home so I just picked some chicken laps that wasn’t well touch, I hide and eat it, and gave the dog the rest,
Aunty Koh told me that she was leaving early tomorrow morning and she want me to make sure that the cars are cleaned up,
Her husband told her to allow the gateman to wash the car but she refuse and insisted I wash the car by myself,
Washing Aunty Koh and her husband’s car wasn’t a big deal, is something I’m use to doing and I have to do it tonight again
I washed the two cars, I even put hand in,side the cars tyres just to make sure there was no sign of dirt’s or sand in them,
It was very late when I finished washing the two cars, everybody has gone to bed by then,
when I came in,side and check the time it was almost 2am, I change up My w-t cloth and went to sleep, because I always wake by 4am everyday,
I was happy she was going out early, that will enable me to meet up with my job appointment,
As my body touched the mat, where I do sleep, I quickly doze off and I totally forgot to thank God like I have wanted to do earlier, I was too tired,
i was awaken by a bucket of ice water, Aunty Koh poured water all over me and my bag of cloths, which also has the cloth I plan to wear out today
“This is 5: 12am and you are still there sleeping like frog, you are very Lucky is cold water I poured you… any day I Wake you up again it Will be with a well boiled water, i will pour you hot water and watch your skin peel off, stupid people that don’t know how lazy you are will think I’m wicked not knowing they can not even live with you for day, they will even skin you alive if they know how annoying just seeing you is, foolish girl, hope you washed the car well, because if I see any dirt’s on it you will be in big trouble, I will so give you the beaten of your life and I will make sure you don’t step out of this house for any job search just like yesterday, shapeless amoeba, anybody that sees you now will think we are not feeding you well, even the dogs look more fresh than you, God will surely punish you for being an ungrateful fool…
Aunty Koh did not event know that I went out yesterday, and June was my miracle little friend, the only thing paining me now is that all my cloths are w-t, I manage to squeezed water out of some and spread them outside with the hope it Will dry before 8am
I went about my morning chores horribly, Aunty Koh later left with her husband and kids, it was already 8:26am, I’m not allowed to use the iron on my cloths but as they Left I quickly try to dry my cloths with the hot iron,
but as it was taking time I wore it like that and locked up everywhere before running out with my slippers in hand, I ran with speed until I got to the s₱0t and Jerry was waiting,
As I entered the car, the first thing he noticed was my w-t cloth and he asked me what happen to my cloth
I try to fabricate a lie which did not settle well, he didn’t say anything again he just drove me to a boutique and got me two different cloths and sandals, he asked me to go in,side there and change up of which I did quickly, when he saw me in the new dress he smile and we continue our journey to the house,
We got there 9:28am and Jerry began to apologise to my boss on my behalf, he told the man that he was the one that delayed me because his car broke down on our way down which was actually a lie,
and the man told him that he doesn’t like excuses, he said today should be the last time I will come in very late,
but he commended my dressing and said I looked smarter than yesterday, I thanked him,
he said they eat breakfast by 9am everyday and they were waiting for me to come and he didn’t bother sending his butler to make any for them,
Jerry later left, he was already running late because of me and said he will check me on his way back from work,
I was shown the big kitchen, I flew into action as i wore the kitchen apron and head covering just as Ben the Butler showed me
I made breakfast for them,
And the man looked impressed after eaten,
although he didn’t commend me but from his expression it was obvious he likes the food but his younger brother just ate silently, his face expressionless,
I clean up the house and tidy every where up, I made lunch in the afternoon for them and it was tasty and the man was also impress,
he asked me to make sure I eat anything I want to eat, I thanked him,
I ate my fill in the kitchen, and also served Ben and the two security guard,
I was satisfied before leaving that day, the man said I should try and keep to time he doesn’t like skipping breakfast, and I try to assure him I won’t resume late next time even though It sound like a fake promise in my own ears, but I’m ready to try all my possible best
Jerry came to pick me in the evening and we left, my w-t cloth and another fine dress that Jerry bought for me was all packed up in a nylon bag, I held it in my laps as Jerry drove while asking me how my day went, I was glad to tell him everything bit by bit, he seems happy, he also gave me money to take transport the following day because he has appointment by 7am which he doesn’t want to miss but if he close on time he Will come and pick me up, he begged me not to go late so that my boss will not be mad at me, he even asked me to wear the second dress tomorrow and the sandals he also bought for me so that I Will appear smart, I thanked him and he just smile as he drove on
My first day at work was great, I find it easy doing everything there because I do more than double of the work at home.
Jerry is a kind soul, sometime I wonder why he is so kind to a common stranger like me, no one has really shown me so much kindness, going extra miles for me, except him and little June,
and he has never told me anything about himself except that he is an engineer, and neither have I told him mine but yet he just take delight in helping me, maybe he is an Angel
whoever he is I’m forever grateful to him.

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