Pia – episode 6


I was praying within as I got close to the house, I was hoping that nobody should be home, I started wondering why so much fear has come to settle in me, why I’m always scared of the house, I wish I can live a normal life without fear, I wish I can be free from aunty Koh’s verbal and mental abuse, free from all the trouble of this life, from so much hatred, so much sadness and so much abuse, I wish for freedom, a life without worries and pain,
I still wonder why God watch Aunty Koh get away with everything she’s doing to me, why haven’t God strike her down yet,
sometimes I still wonder if God is really there, why do evil people exist,
No matter how strong I try to be there’s some days strength fails me and I break down, I wonder what it feels like to be loved and cared for
Aunty Koh was already home with her family, I wish she will just allow me do my chores in peace, I don’t want this everyday trouble for me, I’m so tired of everything,
But even with all my wish and silent prayer there was trouble awaiting me,
I was first welcomed with a slap and a hærd push to the wall, then she ripped off my cloth, she tore the cloth on my body and I was almost unclad, as I clunked the remaining pieces to cover my chest, as she hit me, asking me where I was coming from, where I got money to buy the fine cloth and sandals, she accused me of stealing her money and mentioned to me that one of the women that she buys eggs from saw me at a restaurant the other day eating,
as she mentioned that a woman saw me eating I quickly remembered the woman that was looking at me as I eat at a restaurant but I didn’t pay her attention,
As my Aunty beat me asking me to give her all her money that I have stolen, that I used to buy cloth and food I try telling her I have never stolen from her but she hit me the more, her husband came out shouting and asking me why I stole,
“Pia you are the one making your Aunty to beat you all the time, I have tried to stop her from beating you and giving you all this body mark but you are not just helping yourself, you are still causing more trouble for yourself, we are really trying to make you turn out better unlike your mother but it seems your mind is made up on being a useless girl, I fight my wife most time because of you but I can see you are all she’s being complaining off, you don’t want to be useful, we have patently tried for you Pia, now the next thing you learnt is to be stealing from us, going out to buy food, if not for the woman that saw you we wouldn’t have known, why will you be buying food outside, are you not eating… Are we not feeding you well..sometimes when your aunty refuses to give you food is just to discipline you for misbehaving, which is normal, why will you go against her rules by stealing money to buy food, without serving your punishment fully, do you understand what that means, it means being disrespectful, it means stubbornness, you are indirectly telling her that she can go to hell with her food after all you can feed yourself…yes that’s what you are saying in your mind Pia, you even have gut to buy new cloth and sandals, so the cloths my wife and daughter gives you are not good again for you, you are beginning to show how ungrateful you are and never appreciate the effort we put in making you better, no one is sending you to the street to hawk, no one is bothering you for anything in this house, or is there? Haven’t we being good to you, do you know how many people are looking for this opportunity, to live in good house and to be cared for, I’m sick and tired of all this problem you are cursing in my home Pia…
“Honey, she’s leaving my house…I don’t want her again…I have really tried for her but she’s an ungrateful bastard who want to destroy my home, My living God has started exposing her, before she bewitch my children for me… Honey…this evil girl is not useful to me…please let her go…she’s a thief, liar and a witch, I’m tired of seeing her ugly face here, we will get another maid, a maid that will serve us well because Lano is going to university next year and we need somebody to do the chores…
I was already bleeding from the wound she inflicted on me, aunty Koh husband askd me to kneel down and beg his wife so that she will allow me to stay, and with my cloth torn, with pain and tears in my eyes I knelt down, because I don’t have anywhere to go or who to turn to, I pleaded for their forgiveness even though I know I did nothing wrong,
they later walk away from me leaving me on my knees, I later handed all the money that I got from Jerry to aunty Koh who insisted I give her every Penny with me or she Will kick me out of the house if she finds money with me, she doesn’t care where the money comes from, I gave her the money and watch her pieces the sandals and new cloth that Jerry got for me,
when she asked where the cloths and cash came from,
i told her that i have never stolen money from her, I told her the truth about how i got the money and cloths, she started accusing me of having a boyfriend and said I wanted to end up like my harlot mother, she warned me never to step out except to an errand,
I went to my corner and cry my eyes out,
The following day I wasn’t given food, June later sneak out some of her snacks to me and I ate,
the second day auntys Koh’s husband was out as usual
she said my punishment will end by 5pm that’s the time I will also eat, I was already weak from chores and having little to eat,
my patients ran out, around 1pm when I couldn’t bear it I went to the pot of food and took food, I know I will be caught but I needed to eat because I was already feeling dizzy, it was Midi, Aunty Koh’s son that caught me and told his Mummy who rushed to the kitchen, and poured the food on my head she attacked me and hit me with anything she lays her hands on,
I was already feeling sick from the previous beaten and no one bothers if I die or live, I had to attack her back with every strength left in me and surprisingly strength I don’t know where it came from descended on me as I fought back like a fieced lion, I picked up a wooden spoon and hit her right in her arm, she was shocked and try hitting me with what she has I held on to it as we struggle,
Aunty Koh was taller and very big in seize but I attacked with the strength of ten people, I pushed her and she fell, the glass plates in the kitchen went down with her, everything shattered on her body, I saw her bleeding from a cut she sustained, I had my own share of the beating and got wounded but my anger was far bigger than my fear, Aunty Koh was looking at me like a beast,
I left her there as she tries to get up again to deal with me, I felt like taking one of those kitchen knives she used in slashing my face to kill her right where I pushed her,
I wish I can put the knife to her stomach and dig it into her intestine and watch her wrath in pain and die, I wish for many things right now but all I did was to quietly walk out,
she shouted for Lano and Midi to block me from walking out of the door, but I pushed both of them to the floor and gave them one flexible blow each as they cry in terror,
I saw June in tears as she watch the drama,
Immediately I stepped outside June ran after asking me to take her with me to wherever I’m going, i was able to convince her to go back, she squeeze something into my palm, I didn’t bother opening it as I ran out
The Truth is I don’t even know where I’m going to, but I was determined to get out of this hell called house
I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but I have being pushed to the wall for too long, i dont want to die yet,
Enough of Aunty Koh battering me
It was time to live for tomorrow
So I left

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