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I was the Chief bridesmaid for Cecelia, my dad was very happy, he has lost hope of ever getting married after so many unfortunate happenings,
Cecelia has given up on love, and she was just contented of having a job and a roof over her head, she has never expected the way her life turned out,
My dad love Cecelia and Cecelia sees my dad as her hero, while I was away they found solace in each others arm and fell in love
Love could be found even in a strange and unexpected places, sometimes we don’t really need to go far, all we need to do is to look closely,
I watched them say I do to each other in a small gathering of people, they both agreed that they don’t need a luxurious wedding and it was strictly by invitation, despite it wasn’t a elaborate wedding but it was lovely one and i watched my dad k-ssed his bride, I was so happy for them, I’m glad to be part of their love stories, my dad found a wife and a friend in Cecelia, Cecelia need not worry about anything because my dad’s assurance covers her.
Love indeed is a beautiful thing when you are with the right person. sometimes it takes years to get the right one, no matter how Long it takes to be with the person our heart feels at peace with it worth the wait. being with a wrong partner kills faster than one can imagine.
My dad went on a honey Moon with Cecelia, I went ahead planning with Jerry on our own coming big day,
No day passes I don’t think of how to bring my dream to reality, my dream of owning a fashion house, which will be more of African prints, June is a fashion lover like me and she also has idea of sewing, having being practicing after leaving high school, my planned for her is to work with me in the future, she will be my model and also a designer, my Dad already made arrangements for her to travel out for studies just like I did, my Dad knows how much I loved her and how much impact she made in my life, it was his little way of saying thank you to her, the news got to her parents and siblings and they couldn’t contend their joy that June was traveling out to study abroad, their Joy knows no bound, my dad already knows she was aunty Koh’s daughter but for the sake of June he let the past remain where it belong,
My dad said if I can forgive them who’s he not to do the same, after all he also played a bad role in the beginning of my life and I still calls him dad, all his happiness was that they didn’t disfigure me or destroyed me, it was only their scars that is left on my body which is not life threatening, he thanked God for that,

I later informed my Mom about aunty Koh and speak to her deeply about love and forgiveness, all hidden secret was coming to light, I don’t want to keep anybody anonymous, my mom will definitely know someday who Aunty koh was, so it was time for everyone know who is who, and anybody without sin should cast the first stone, my Mom was as much guilty as aunty Koh was and she doesn’t have right to point finger at anyone, I came to know my Mom after twenty five years if my life, the only details I have of her is what my grandmother told me, which was her name and how much I looked like her, that was all, and that’s all I carried on me till I met her twenty five years later,

 Everyone played their role perfectly well in my life, even the crazy men I encountered under the bridge and I almost got raped and one was kind enough create way of escape for me, the woman that saw me eating one day after Jerry gave me money and took the news to aunty Koh which landed me into a serious beating and another day of starvation, Mr Puff colleague, the young security man who refused me entrance because I was looking like a street beggar and Mr Puff stood up for me, Ben the Butler who’s word still rings in my head on the second time of meeting me after my cold night in the street, “I’m happy to see you Pia” my boss has being looking out For you… ” those where his exact words to me and I felt like I was somebody again, my first night of sleeping over and he brought me cloth and shoe, the shoe was over size and i stuck it up with tissue so that it will be my size, it was a sneakers, I disposed my own wretched cloth into the dustbin, I cleaned and washed off anything that will remind me of Aunty Koh, i have said within me I will never forgive but I eventually did because forgiveness does more good to me than to her, that first night at my boss house was too much of a blessing and I wanted to tell God how much grateful I was and i fell asleep while still on my knees, awoken the following morning only to find myself on the bed, well covered up with duvet, Jerry’s kindness speaks volume to me then and even now, I have not forgotten how I ran in,side from the staff quarters to the main building, and my boss asked me to go back to sleep and promises to get me better wears of which he did, my boss was kind to a stranger not knowing she was his daughter, the way he shouted at Richie his brother who wanted to lay with me not knowing I was his niece and he was my uncle, my boss made me feel protected and cared for, for the very first time in my life I felt like I was visible, I felt like I Worth something, Jerry played the most important role in my life, he was always there for me, he did everything without asking for anything in return, not knowing he was building me up in a positive way, not knowing I was someday going to be his missing ribs, and he will be my husband,
Thinking and remembering all this made me flash back to the people who acted as a hindrance to my success story and those who were a blessing in disguise, whichever role any one of them played, either good or bad, it was the little or big part they were suppose to feature in, they all played their role perfectly well,
 and as God was leading me home to my father, devil was busy setting obstacles just to make sure I don’t get to my destination, I’m glad he didn’t succeed, I am exactly where God want me to be, I’m glad I made it, I never hate those who played the negative role in my life, devil was just behind their scripts without them knowing but he is a loser, what the enemy meant for my downfall did not only make me stronger but also turns out to be a multiple blessing for me.

Writers always say that life is a journey now I understand,
my Dad and Cecelia came back from honey Moon with a magnetic Smile and I knew they had a squeal time, it was obvious they had lots of fun. I can’t wait to fly out on a yacht with Jerry, go cruising on the Bahamas, lodge in the open night island, have lots of fun,
Jerry couldn’t Wait to fully have me to himself, it has being a long road for us, patiently waiting for the right time which was in a few weeks time.

Invitations has being sent out, my Mom was mostly around, helping me to put things in order and Cecelia wasn’t Left out, Bright was coming with Lano, they were already in a relationsh¡p, Lano and Felicia was among bridesmaid, June was my right hand lady, we are sending a bus down to get aunty Koh and husband with Midi and whoever Mom was inviting, Bright Will also drive my step Dad, Anthony down,
Everybody was busy for my big day, my dad and Richie were not left out, Jerry’s people all arrived safely, I met those I haven’t met before
My dad and Mom planned a big wedding for me, it was going to be on televisions magazine and blogs, Ken Brown’s daughter, Pia was getting married, it was the news in town, dad’s big friends were coming, paparazzi were already on ground capturing anything that they Will turn into an interesting gossip, for people,

And when the day finally arrives, I was looking like a true princess in my wedding gown, and before dad walked me down he spoke to me with a smiled and a clouded eyes filled with tears,

“I never know I Will live to see this day Pia, is like a dream come true for me, I don’t know that God will be kind enough to let me have my charming daughter back to me and to be privilege in giving her out to a good Man in marriage, my daughter, my true princess, my first fruit, my own flesh and blood, if my Mom and dad, your grandparents were to be alive they would have loved you so much, it was their wish to meet you before their untimely death, I know they are smiling down on us right now, uhhh… I’m speechless, words fails me to express how I truly feel, all I can say is i love you my daughter, without you there’s no Kennedy Brown, without you i wouldn’t have met Cecelia, and without your approval I wouldn’t have gotten married to her, thank you for accepting me as your father and for calling me Daddy even when I don’t deserve that title, I promised you before and promise you again, all I have is yours and no matter how old you are Pia… you Will always be my baby girl…always, I’m glad is Jerry that you Will be spending the rest of your beautiful life with, my mind and soul is at peace, I know marital journey is not all blissful as seen on magazine but yours Will stand out for good and with Jerry beside you it will be worthwhile, you Will always find reasons to smile and the children you will bear with him Will sing your praise, God bless your union and may he Always give two of you reasons to smile…you will bear sons and daughters and your children Will be a blessing to you and your husband…

I was already shedding tears as my dad k-ssed my forehead, June gently cleaned my eyes so that my tears will not spoil my makeup, she was shedding few tears of her own as she listen to my dad speak to me, she was the only one I allowed to stay behind during the talk with my dad.

My Dad walked me down and handed me to Jerry,
And we were pronounced as husband and wife, reception followed, drinking eating dancing, pictures and congratulations.

Me and Jerry left for our honey Moon, then the news came that Cecelia was expecting and later gave birth to another beautiful baby girl for my dad, he was so excited as he spoke to me over the phone, Cecelia called and said I have got a baby sister who can’t wait to meet me,

 all I could do was to laugh, I was so happy,
I was later based in American with Jerry, where I finally set up my fashion school, my dream came true, June was with me all through, she was very helpful during my expecting period.
my Prince charming came a year after my wedding,
he was so cute like his Father, we both name him after my dad, Kennedy, Jerry was so happy that he is a father, he was going to be called a Daddy, he cried when he held our little boy for the first time. I was so happy that forgot what labour pain feels like,

While I nursed my baby, Kennedy, June was foreseeing things in the fashion school on my behalf, June was very royal and was gradually becoming a fashion icon,

Keisha and Moore do visit us, they were already engaged and was about getting married in Moore father’s church, the Baptist church where me and Jerry with June worsh¡p,

I’m so blessed having a man like Jerry, he is selfless, so forgiving, so supportive, so loving and very teachable, I can’t ask for more than what God has blessed me with.

I speak with everyone back home, my Dad, Cecelia, my Mom and step siblings, I also speak Aunty Koh, who sometimes call to check up, she remain grateful to me and my dad, for showing her kindness, having and taking Care of her daughter June, my dad is sponsoring June’s education here in America, and she is learning fashion in my school, June is turning out beautiful, she love making statement with her design just like I thought her, business is growing, Jerry is doing well for himself over here and My Prince charming, Kennedy is growing so fast, I’m expecting my princess in four months from now,
 Kennedy who is already a year will have a sister soon.

My life sound like a fairy tale because it was designed by God.

I have come to understand that a simple act of kindness can create an endless ripple.

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