Pia – episode 22

Episode 22
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Today I was at my mum’s supermarket, Felicia was sticking to my body like super glue, she tells anybody that cares to listen that I am her sister, I’m already use to her too much talk, I saw Midi and Lano, they both came to greet me with other staffs as their madam’s first daughter who studied abroad, Felicia made sure she filled them all in very well,

 I wondered why they didn’t recognized me, it was same face but restructured, is no more poverty stricken face but chubby beautiful face with height like my father, probably I changed too much for them,
I left their house when I was just seventeen years, I was looking so thin like broom stick, unkempt and malnourished, even in seventeen I was looking like nine years old, I was older than Lano with a year and Midi with three years, but Lano was looking as if she was my Aunty then, she was bigger and no one will ever believed I was older with a year, but just within three years under my boss care who turned out to be my father, I grew into my real self, I added up so quick, body and height, if I was given opportunity to take picture back in aunty Koh’s house and compared it with myself after few years working for Kennedy Brown it will be unbelievable, the wide difference will be huge, but today they are probably thinking I have ended up like my harlot mother and had another bastard child for a hooligan, a street boy like they thought my father was, but to God be the glory that all the plans of the enemy have being rendered useless,
My mum was away, so I was the new Madam on ground as everybody reports to me, I have planned with Felicia who was ready to do anything I ask of her, I planned with her to stage a drama for Lano, Felicia was very excited to tag along, Felicia went to the staffs lock room and hide a very expensive perfume in Lano’s bag, and after the close of the day i instructed Felicia to go and stand with the two security guard on duty, she should tell them that an expensive perfume was missing and they should search every staff before they cross the gate, so everybody was searched including Midi who was in line with others and when it got to Lano, who never knew the plan on ground, I watched with a smile from the camera as the security searched her bag and saw the perfume, she opened her mouth in shock as she kept saying she doesn’t know how the thing got into her hand bag

I sat at the cashier and watch from the surveillance camera as Felicia accused Lano of stealing, and threatened to tell the mother, Lano and midi was brought to me, I dismissed other staffs to go home, I watch as Lano cried and pleaded that she doesn’t know how the thing got in to her bag, even her brother pleaded on her behalf, now it was up to me to determined what will happen, and I started my own drama

“Why will you take such an expensive Cologne, do you know how much it Worth, this small item you stole can pay your three months salary, I wonder why my mother Will employ people without proper background check, is this your brother… So you planed with him to steal, how long have you both being stealing here, you know how the surveillance camera is stationed here that was why you think you are smart, stealing anything you like, you know that general saying that everyday is for the thief but one day is for the owner of the house, today is your doom because I’m more shrewd than my mother, I will dismiss both of you, I will personally sack you and your brother, and employ more better workers, I don’t need thieves working for my mother, Helen Pear supermarket just opened not up to two years and we already encountering thieves, no…this is just two bad, I think you need to be locked up…so that you will serve as a warning to others and those who had such evil motives…

I was already enjoying myself with this drama, sounding so convincing in my ears and to everyone present, Felicia too became scared for them due to the way I was reacting, I needed them all to believe that this was real, I watch as Lano knelt and begged, midi also pleaded, midi pleaded while the sister cried..

“Please ma, we are begging you in the name of God, please don’t sack us, my sister did not steal…I’m not saying you are lying ma, please even if she did I’m on my knee begging you to please forgive us… Don’t sack us or call the police, we are graduates and have being looking for better job to assist our parents before this opportunity came and me and my sister applied, the salary here is okay, the work is not too stressful and we don’t spend much on transport because our house is not far from here, we moved in to this area few years ago after graduating and we have try to make a liv….

” hey… Hey I don’t need your life details, spare me all that and save it for the police… Take a good look at me, do I look like I care, I don’t care Mr man, you and your sister are thieves, I need to see the Woman that gave birth to two of you, let me know if she’s a good mother or not…or she was the brain box behind the thief, take me to her, after meeting her, it will determine if I should call the police or not, but just be praying to whatever God you believe in because you will need lots of prayer to be save from this…

“I did not do it, I didn’t know how the perfume got into my bag, I swear to you ma, please ma, I’m on my knees, please tamper justice with mercy…I’m innocent ma, we don’t have any bad record in my family, my parents are good people, my mother is a kind woman…she

” are you sure your mother is a kind woman, well, I will love to find out for myself, take me to your house, quick.

They were surprise but I was serious, this was my own way of meeting Aunty Koh, Felicia was trying to follow

” stay back, call Mom to come pick you, or you go home but make sure you don’t say anything to anybody, if you do you won’t be my sister again, I will just change sister, do you understand me,

“Yes, I do, I understand you clearly big sis, I won’t say pin to anyone, I will just tell Mom you took a walk round the neighborhood,

I smiled and hugged her before leaving with Lano and midi.
We walked from street to street they were still begging but I ignored them until we got to their house, it was three apartment in one compound there’s was the second,
When we got in, I looked round the house, it wasn’t bad, but one can see that life hasn’t being so pleasant as it was before for them, looking at the old worn out chairs, the same old television, old curtains, there was nothing new around the house but it was clean enough, I guess they have adapted to such low life, their mother came out, still big in size, but something has changed about her, I didn’t see June as I waited, the woman on seeing her children worried and tearful look became worried, they both started explaining about what happened, Aunty Koh looked at me with worried stricken face,
I acted unconcerned as I Sat at their worn out chair and crossed my leg in fashion style, even Aunty Koh couldn’t recognize me, which was very unfortunate for them, she looked at me with a pleading look and called me “ma” but I corrected her immediately, I switched in to my America accent immediately after she finished speaking,

“Please ma, they are my children, they are not thieves, I didn’t bring them up that way, I’m begging you in the name of God to please have Mercy, their father is out to work, they are just doing this job to support me and their father and to also save for their future since there’s no much job in the country, and we are new to this area, we couldn’t afford our former place anymore, it was under mortgage, my Hus…

” enough, I’m not here for those details Madam, that’s your personal life and is non of my business, stop calling me ma” I’m not older than you, why will you call a Small girl like me ma, is my height deceiving you, I was told by your children that you are a kind woman… So are you kind Madam…your truthful reply Will determine if I Will take up this your children’s stealing case or drop it and let it slide…so Madam is up to you now, think well before you answer me, because policemen are Phone call away from here,

“My daughter, I am a kind loving woman, even in my former house everybody speaks of it, please my daughter I beg of you to drop the case because I know is the Rich and famous that rules the world, we don’t have anything or anybody except God, and God knows my daughter is innocent… Your mother is a wealthy woman, by owning such a big supermarket, you can choose to deal with us whichever way you want and nobody will question you but I beg you to have Mercy and please don’t sack my children, please…

“Madam Koh, you are very funny, oh you are surprise that I know your real name, I can dismiss your children and still frustrate their lives and yours too, because the rich rules, my both parents are well to do, I am well to do also, so I rule over you and your children, is unfortunate you don’t even know who’s standing before you, where’s is June by the way, guess she’s your errand girl now, if I ever have a change of heart it will be because of her, you are just realising that is the rich and famous that rules, like you were once ruling, forgetting that the table can turn at any time, and we live in a very Small world, you never know Who you will meet tomorrow, you are never anything close to being kind, madam, prove me wrong by telling me the story of Pia and Cecelia, your once upon a time house girls that you almost destroyed their lives because you had the powers to, so many others you wanted to render useless because the rich and famous rule, you never know the table will still turn, it may not affect you the iron woman, it may be your children, you were storing up curses for your children, and Right now they are at my Mercy, my father is the popular wealthy Kennedy Brown, my harlot mother is the owner of Helen Pear supermarket where Lano and Midi works, yes, I’m the supposed bastard child who Will someday end up like her harlot mother, well reverse is the case here, Aunty Koh, I’m not a bastard or a nobody that you could easily kill and no one will question you because you thought My life and death was in your hand, my name is Pia K Brown, the useless maid Who summoned courage to stand up to you before running out in to the cold lonely Street only to discover who she really was, God led me, he directed my footsteps to meeting with my both parents, do you remember Cecelia another of your maid, I rescued her from your wicked claws, Cecelia is soon to be Mrs Brown, yes, she’s getting married to My father, aunty Koh don’t cry because is of no use, I’m not planning to pay you back in your own coins, Even if I ever had such plan but because of June I will forgive and let the past remain where it belong, just to let you know that wickedness is not a good way of life, sometimes what goes around comes around, like a roller coaster, is indeed a Small world aunty Koh, be really kind because tomorrow is Pregnant who knows what it will bear, I need to see June, when she comes back tell her to visit me at Helen Pears tomorrow, Lano and Midi you two can resume work tomorrow, my mom and My Dad doesn’t know any thing about this, so don’t be scared, is between us, be Free and do your works as you are required, I just want you all to understand that wickedness is not a good way if life.


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