Poisoned Love

Poisoned love episode 22 – 24

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Poisoned Love

(Th£ Break-up)

Episode 22

Writer: Faith Lucky

Sophia walked @r0vnd th£ vic!nity, feed!ng h£r

eyes. h£r mom had gone !n with th£ rest of h£r


Th£ venue was very big and was also very pretty

– radiant – look!ng.

Th£ day had already gone dark, but th£ bright

fashionable lights @r0vnd overcame th£ darkness.

Sophia cont!nued walk!ng @r0vnd and at a

particular po!nt, $h£ ran !nto someone.

It was a boy, stand!ng with h¡s [email protected]¢k turned

aga!nst h£r and h£ def!nitely looked familiar.

It was Steven.

Sophia was surprised. What was h£ do!ng th£re?”

$h£ thought.

“Steven?” $h£ called and h£ turned @r0vnd,

patently surprised at see!ng h£r.

“Wh… What’re you do!ng h£re?” $h£ asked.

“I… Uh… accompanied my mom to th£ meet!ng”,

h£ stuttered, still try!ng to compreh£nd th£


“uhm… How ab©vt you? What’re you do!ng h£re?”

h£ asked.
“I also came with my mom”, Sophia replied,

starr!ng directly !nto h¡s eyes.

Somehow, h£ couldn’t stare [email protected]¢k at h£r.

Th£y both stood still, probably search!ng for th£

right th!ng to say. But th£y couldn’t search

deeper. Th£ir h£arts were too h£avy.

Th£n Steven f!nally turned @r0vnd to leave but

Sophia called h¡m [email protected]¢k.

“you don’t even show up at th£ hospital” $h£

said to h¡s [email protected]¢k as h£ halted. “I mean, we might

not be togeth£r aga!n, but couldn’t you see it as

a friendly act?”

Steven rema!ned silent. h£ didn’t want to turn

@r0vnd to look at h£r. It was better $h£ didn’t

see th£ look !n h¡s eyes – th£ look of what? Th£

look of penitence.

“what happened, Steven?” h£r voice was

beg!nn!ng to waver. “I thought I meant someth!ng

to you?”

“I’m sorry, Sophia”. h£ replied. “it’s complicated

and I don’t expect you to understand.”

“well th£n, make me understand!” h£ said

ruefvlly. “what better explanation do you have for

us!ng and dump!ng me? Tell me, Steven, what?”

At that po!nt, Mich£lle came !nto th£ scene. $h£

had called Steven a while ago and h£ had told

h£r wh£re h£ was with h¡s mom.

“what’s go!ng on, Steven?” $h£ asked, look!ng

surprised. $h£ couldn’t understand why Sophia

was th£re as well.

“you little bitch! What’re you do!ng with h¡m

aga!n?” $h£ snapped and tried hitt!ng Sophia but

was h£ld [email protected]¢k by Steven.

“Mich£lle, please. Let’s get ©vt of h£re”, h£ said

as h£ forcefvlly took Mich£lle away.

Sophia rema!ned th£re, weep!ng.

$h£ watch£d th£m walk!ng away, h¡s [email protected]

@r0vnd h£r. And $h£ couldn’t h£lp but weep m©r£



Th£ car drove at a dizzy!ng speed and ₱v||ed up

!n front of Sophia’s apartment.

Oliver turned off th£ ignition and pressed th£

unlock button for Sophia to get d©wΠ. h£ had

been very quiet through©vt th£ drive and Sophia

couldn’t h£lp but ponder over h¡s strange silence.

“thank for th£ ride”, $h£ said as $h£ alighted th£

car with h¡m.

Oliver didn’t say anyth!ng immediately as h£

leaned on h¡s car.

What was wrong with h¡m?

“Mich£lle told me you were with Steven last

night”, h£ f!nally spoke ©vt. “what were you

do!ng with h¡m?”

Sophia was surprised know!ng that was h¡s


“I… It was j√$t a co!ncidence. I accompanied my

mom to a conference meet!ng and met h¡m

th£re”. $h£ replied.

Oliver bent h¡s h£ad for a while.

“you’re still !n love with h¡m,, aren’t you?” h£

asked, h¡s voice sound!ng bittered.

“Oliver, I…”

“j√$t give me an answer,, Sophia. You still love

Steven,, don’t you?”

Th£re was a pause as Sophia became tearful


“I… I guess you’re right”, $h£ sniffles. “maybe I

still love h¡m”.

“after everyth!ng h£’s done? Are you th¡s weak?”

Oliver said angrily and realized h£ had been a bit


A tear had dripped d©wΠ Sophia’s ch£ek.

h£ m©v£d closer to h£r and h£ld h£r [email protected]

“Sophia, I’m… I’m sorry. But, know!ng you still

th!nk ab©vt Steven hurts me a lot. Haven’t I been

a better friend to you? Sophia, I j√$t want you to

know I’m always h£re for you and I can be

everyth!ng you want me to be, okay?”

h£ cleaned th£ years from h£r eyes with h¡s

palm and embraced h£r.

Episode 23

Treasure was !n th£ school eatery. $h£ wasn’t

really eat!ng, but $h£ was read!ng and only kept

h£rself busy with a bottle of water.

Th£n, shortly, Lily walked up to h£r table and sat

with h£r.

“h£llo, Treasure. M!nd if I jo!ned you?” $h£ asked


“what do you want, Lily? I don’t need any

company”, replied Treasure.

“come on, Treasure. I’m not h£re for trouble. I

j√$t want to spend some time with a friend”.

“a friend? I don’t seem to remember wh£n we

became friends”.

Lily smiled and brought ©vt two canned dr!nks

from h£r bag.

“h£re. Have a dr!nk”, $h£ said as $h£ kept th£

dr!nk !n front of Treasure.

“I don’t need it. Thanks.”

“Treasure, please. I don’t have any issues with

you or your friend, Sophia. Th£ only person I

detest so much is Mich£lle and you know it”.
Treasure stared at th£ dr!nk and starred at Lilly.

Well, $h£ needed someth!ng cold and tasty.

$h£ opened it and drank from it.

“by th£ way, Treasure”, Lily cont!nued, also

sipp!ng from h£r dr!nk. “how’s your friend do!ng?

I h£ard $h£ was ill”.

“yes. But $h£’s feel!ng better now. Soon, $h£’ll

be [email protected]¢k !n school.”

“hm. Poor Sophia. I really feel bad for h£r. You

know, I tried warn!ng you guys. But at that time,

you had seen me as an enemy”.

Treasure sigh£d path£tically.

“I wish I had th£ slightest idea h£ was go!ng to

act th¡s stupid. It pa!ns me a lot to know my

friend is one of h¡s victims.”

“but, you know, I’m still curious. What really

transpired b£tweeΠ both of th£m? Was th£re an

argument or someth!ng?”

“no, th£re wasn’t. h£ j√$t showed up !n school

and told h£r it was over b£tweeΠ th£m”.

“hm. But that’s Strange. I can’t believe Steven

would use and dump Sophia th£ same way h£

did to me. h£… h£ did use h£r, right?”

Treasure starred keenly at h£r. Wh£re was $h£


“uhm… Sorry, I have to go. I’m runn!ng late for a

lecture”, Treasure said and left !n a brisk.

Lily looked at h£r with beady eyes.

It seemed $h£ was runn!ng away from h£r


“h£ did use h£r, right?” $h£ spoke silently, to

h£rself. “of course, h£ did”.


Lily knocked on th£ gate of Steven’s apartment

and th£ gateman opened up.

Th£ gateman, be!ng dressed !n h¡s usual uniform

was hold!ng a slice of bread. But immediately h£

saw Lilly, h£ gulped d©wΠ th£ last piece of it.

“hi, Timothy”, Lily said as $h£ pa$$ed through th£

gate, look!ng spiffy !n h£r short high [email protected]¡$t skirt,,

tucked !n with a blue shirt.

“welcome, ma’am Lily. Long time”, h£ replied,

starr!ng at h£r from h£ad to toe.

“you’re right, Timothy. It’s really been long. Well,

you should know it wasn’t my fault. Uhm… By

th£ way, is Steven at home?”

“yes, h£’s !n. But h£ warned me strictly not to be

disturb£d by anyone, whomsoever.”

Lily m©v£d furth£r with h¡m to stand properly

under a shade.

“hm”, $h£ sigh£d. “I really wanted to talk to h¡m.

h£’s been act!ng strange lately !n school”.

“not j√$t !n school, ma’am Lily, but also h£re at

home. h£’s no longer ch£erful, barely goes ©vt

and even h¡s mom has been compla!n!ng a lot

ab©vt it”.

“wow. Could you… Maybe, have any clue

regard!ng h¡s changes !n attitude?”

“well, I don’t really know much. But th£ much I

can say is that, it all started th£ day one of h¡s

friends came over to th£ house…

Episode 24

Lily fl!nch£d. $h£ was beg!nn!ng to get


“h¡s friend? Was it a lady?” $h£ asked.

“yes. h£r name is Sophia.”

“hm. So, could you recall what happened that


Timothy showed a sign of h£sitation. h£ didn’t

want to talk any furth£r.

“Timothy, come on. I’m not a stranger to you, am

I?” Lilly asked and dipped h£r [email protected] !nto h£r bag.

$h£ brought ©vt some [email protected] currencies and fixed

it !nto h¡s trouser pocket.

“I j√$t want to know th£ truth”.

Timothy sigh£d as h£ felt th£ currencies !n h¡s


“well,” h£ cont!nued with m©r£ enthusiasm. “I

th!nk that was th£ first time $h£ was pay!ng h¡m

a visit. Seven’s parents were off to work and so,

th£y were th£ only ones at home. Th£y spent

some time alone !n th£ house until Steven took

h£r home later !n th£ even!ng. Even th£ next

morn!ng as h£ left for school, h£ was still look!ng

bright. But, it was wh£n h£ returned that

everyth!ng changed.

First, h£ had asked me who came !nto th£ house

while Sophia was with h¡m, but I told h¡m no one.

And I told h¡m th£re was a time I had left to buy

someth!ng and maybe, that could be wh£n

someone had gone !n. Believe me, wh£n I had

told h¡m all th£se, h£ had nearly punch£d me !n

th£ face. I don’t th!nk I’ve ever seen h¡m that

angry before”, h£ concluded.

Lily was lost !n thoughts. $h£ was !n a

rum!native mood.

“So… Steven suspects someone came !nto th£

house while h£ was with Sophia? And th£n, th£

next day, h£ uncannily broke up with h£r. I th!nk

th£re’s a twist h£re.

And th£ Steven I know will never stay all alone !n

a house with a lady with©vt someth!ng

# extra_ord!nary happen!ng. So… What if

someone had seen th£m !n th£ act and… and…

Oh, my God! What if Steven’s be!ng


Timothy w!nked at h£r.

“yes! Th¡s must be it! I mean, th¡s is th£ best

explanation to th£ wh0l£ twisted story. What if

Steven was forced and threatened !nto break!ng

up with Sophia? Else, why would h£ suspect

someone came !nto th£ house? And why would

h£ become so sad after break!ng up with h£r?

It’s all because h£ was framed !nto it!”

Timothy rema!ned silent. h£ didn’t even know

what else to say.

“thank you so much, Timothy. I th!nk I’ve gotten

what I want.” $h£ said excitedly and hurried ©vt

of th£ house.


Mich£le h£ard a knock on th£ door. $h£ hurried

to open it, th!nk!ng it would be Patricia. But to

h£r surprise, it was Lily.

What was Lily do!ng at h£r apartment? That was

th£ first time $h£ was pay!ng h£r a visit.

“Lily, what’re you… ”

“cut it ©vt, Mich£lle”, Lily snapped !n. $h£ was

still stand!ng ©vtside th£ door while Mich£lle was

stand!ng !n b£tweeΠ.

“I should’ve suspected Steven was only be!ng

forced [email protected]¢k to you. I should’ve had th£ slightest

clue. How stupid of me”.

“and what’re you talk!ng ab©vt?”

“come on, Mich£lle. You th!nk I have no idea

you’re blackmail!ng Steven? I know perfectly well

that Steven would never dump Sophia and come

[email protected]¢k to you !n such a hurry. I carried ©vt my

!nvestigations and discovered th£ skeleton

hidden !n your cupboard.”

Mich£lle f!nally released a gust of laughter –

although, a nervous one.

“I never knew you’ve gone crazy, Lily.” Mich£lle

said. “I th!nk you’ve been hav!ng too much to


“oh, really? Well, I guess we’ll f!nd ©vt ab©vt that

soon. I promise you, Mich£lle, you’ll never end up

with Steven. I’ll unveil your dirty secret and

shatter your plans”, Lily replied and turned

@r0vnd to leave.

“and what makes you th!nk you can ever f!nd

©vt?” Mich£lle said to h£r [email protected]¢k, mak!ng h£r


Lily turned @r0vnd slightly to look at h£r.

“it took me less than a week to f!nd ©vt you

were blackmail!ng Steven. How long do you th!nk

it’s go!ng to take me to f!nd ©vt j√$t what it is?”

$h£ asked and f!nally walked away, Mich£lle

fum!ng with anger.


Mich£lle walked tho and fro, restlessly, almost

gett!ng h£rself drunk.

Patricia who was sitt!ng !n front of h£r, was also

lost !n thoughts. Th£y had both been silent for a

while, try!ng to build up a reasonable solution.

“but, I’m still curious.” Patricia broke th£ silence.

“how did that bitch f!nd ©vt ab©vt your plans?”

“that’s because $h£’ll always be a fool!” Mich£lle

replied, angrily.

“calm d©wΠ, Mich£lle. You don’t need to rack

your h£ad over th¡s. I doubt Lilly can f!nd ©vt th£

means you’re us!ng to blackmail Steven”

“are you kidd!ng me, Pat?” Mich£lle asked and

scoffed. “it took h£r less than a week to f!nd ©vt

ab©vt my plans. How long do you th!nk it’s go!ng

to take h£r to unveil it?

What if… What if $h£ f!nds ©vt ab©vt everyth!ng

and… and exposes it? Th£n, I won’t have a hold

over Steven and h£’d be gone aga!n!

No, Patricia. Th¡s isn’t right. I’ve come a long

way already and I won’t let that crazy animal

ru!n everyth!ng I’ve worked so [email protected] for!”

“wow, Mich£lle. So, what do you plan on do!ng,


Mich£lle emptied th£ last content !n th£

alcoholic bottle and sigh£d.

“I’m go!ng to do what’s necessary to shut h£r


# To_be_cont!nued .

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