Poisoned Love

Poisoned love episode 25 – 27


Poisoned love

The Break-up)

Episode 25

Writer: Faith Lucky

Lily was walking home after going down the

street to get something.

It was late at night, but the street lights still

brightened up the place.

She was making a call – a call with Gwen.

“yes, Gwen. You needed to have seen the look

on her face when I told her about it. She looked

like a dog being buried alive.” Lilly said on the


“wow!” replied Gwen. “I can’t believe Steven’s

been blackmailed. That Michelle’really something


“and I’m also going to prove to her that I’m

something bigger. Trust me, Gwen. I’m going to

destroy her plans”.

“but, what’re your plans, Lily?”

“well, my next point of action will be on


Just then, the call was interrupted by the

presence of three daggy-looking boys who

stopped in front of her.

“I’ll… I’ll call you back Gwen…” she tried

rounding up the call but before she could finish,

one of the boys snatched the phone from her

ear and threw it on the floor.

“who are you?” she asked, almost trimorously.

She barely had a chance to say any other thing

before one of the boys gave her a slap which

was followed by a kick to the floor.

They bounced on her, releasing hard blows and

kicks on her. She couldn’t even scream for long.

They continued beating her until she had almost

been beaten to unconsciousness and after that,

they seized their beatings.

“this is just a tip of the iceberg”, one of the boys

said to her. He had a very bad breath.

“stay away from Michelle and Steven else, you

won’t live to give this testimony”.

And with that, they left, leaving Lilly half dead on

the floor.


Michelle sat in her room with her legs crossed,

still getting drunk.

She recalled what had happened that very day –

the day Steven was slipped back into her arms.

On that fateful day, she had been home when he

came – the unexpected helper.

She recalled how he had shared the photos with

her and the relive that had come upon her at

that moment.

“but, don’t you think you’re betraying Steven? I


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you guys were friends?” she could

remember asking him after collecting the photos.

“he stopped being my friend the very day he also

betrayed me”, the unexpected helped had


Shortly, a call came into her phone. It was a

strange number – although she knew whom was


“hello?” she said on the phone.

“it’s done”, the caller said icily.


job l”, she replied and ended up call.

Episode 26

Michelle sat next to Steven at the facade of the

school, silently. Michelle was surfing the Internet

while Steven kept himself busy just starring into


Lots of students were around, chatting and

causing a cheerful environment.

Then Steven, still starring into space, saw

something that gripped his attention. He saw

Sophia walking into the school building with

Oliver, both holding hands together and they

looked very happy.

Although they were far away and couldn’t see

him, but he kept starring at them keenly.

And as a result, Michelle also caught a sight of

She could tell from the look on Steven’s face


he was jealous and it also annoyed her as


She placed her hand on his legs and tried getting

back his attention.

“you don’t have to worry about them, Steven”,

she said with a smile. “I’m still here for you”.

Steven finally turned around to look at her, but

with angry eyes.

“well, I don’t want you around, Michelle.” he

rebuffed and walked away.

He got to where Sophia and Oliver were and

seeing them sit together made his eyes itchy.

Oliver and Sophia noticed his presence and they

wandered why he had been standing there.

He starred at them with furious eyes, as if willing

to devour them.

“is there a problem?” Oliver asked and got a

stern look from Steven.

“I guess you’re finally happy now”, Steven said.

“I mean, you’ve always wanted her to be yours. I

guess now you’re happy”.

Oliver left where he was sitting and moved to

meet Steven.

“So, do you expect me to be sad? You dumped

her, dude. What were you expecting?” Oliver said.

Immediately, Steven landed a blow on Oliver’s

face and Oliver also retaliated. The fight was

about getting out of hand before Sophia ran into

their midst, trying to keep them apart.

“Steven, what’s wrong with you?” she asked,

sounding pissed off. “why’re you trying to make a

scene? Please, leave!”

Steven gave another sharp look at them and left

in anger.

“Oliver, are you hurt?” she turned to Oliver,

holding his face.

“I’m fine. I’m fine”, replied Oliver, a little anger in

his voice.


Lily laid on the hospital bed with her three

friends around her. She was being placed on drip

and some of her injures were covered with


She had been very furious about the whole thing

and all she could think about was getting back at


“gosh! I never knew Michelle could go to this

extent”, Chinwe said with a repugnant look.

“she’s really something else.”

“she was a fool to think her threats would have

any effect on me ” Lily spoke in an exasperating


“Lily please. You have seen how crazy Michelle


Who knows what else she’s capable of? I

think you need to back off for sometime.”

“that’ll never happen!” Lily said. “rather than

backing up, I’m ready to fight till my last breath.

I made a promise to Michelle; I promised her she

would never end up with Steven and that’s

exactly what I’m going to do.”

She turned to Gwen. “I want you to contact

Sophia immediately. Ask her to come over here

to the hospital and tell her it’s urgent. She needs

to know the truth.” lily said to Gwen.

“what?” Stacy shrieked. “you want Sophia to

know the truth? Don’t you think that’d bring back

her relationship with Steven?”

“I don’t care! Just as long as Steven doesn’t

have to be with Michelle, I don’t care. I want to

prove to Michelle that I’m never someone she

could defeat.”


Sophia rounded up dinner with her mom and

retired to the sitting room to watch a movie. Her

mom sat next to her, reading a magazine, not

being distracted by the movie.

Shortly, a call came into Sophia’s phone. It was

a strange number.

She paused the movie she was watching to

receive the call.

“hello?” she said with hesitation.

“hi. Is this Sophia?” replied the caller.

“yes. Who’s this?”

“Sophia, it’s Gwen, Lily’s friend. Lily wants you to

meet her at the hospital. There’s something

important she needs to tell you. It’s very

important, Sophia.”

Sophia remained silent, trying to think.

“please, Sophia. It’s very important. If I were

you, I would go right away. She’s at Hopet

hospital” Gwen said and ended the call.

That was strange.

Sophia had been hearing about Lily being in the

hospital but she never really knew what


Although, there were rumours that Michelle was

behind it.

What could be so important to Lily that she

would even want to tell Sophia about it while she

was still in the hospital? And if the rumours were

true, why would Michelle had beaten her up?

At that point,, Sophia had a feeling there was a

connection. She had to see Lily.

“mom, I’m going out”, she turned to her mom

and said.

“but where? It’s almost late”, she asked.

“it’s important, mom. I promise I won’t take long

” Sophia replied and scurried to her room.

She riffled for a simple dress and brushed her

hair and after that, she left the house.

On getting to the exit of the house, she found

Steven lying on the floor, seeming unconscious.

There was an empty bottle of alcohol beside him.

Sophia was surprised. Why was Steven there?

She ran to his body on the floor and noticed he

was half awake, but drunk.

She couldn’t leave him there in that state.

Episode 27

She dialled her mom’s line and asked her to

come out and In less than two minutes, her mom

was out of the house.

“what happened to him?” Mrs Kate asked, also


“please, help me get him into the house, mom”.

Mrs Kate assisted Sophia and they took him in.

He was taken into Sophia’s room and laid on her

bed to rest.

“why’s he drunk, Sophia?” Mrs Kate asked again.

“I… I don’t know. I just saw him outside the gate

and had to help him”, Sophia replied.

“ok. I’ll get you some ice”, Mrs Kate said and left

the room.

Sophia sat on the bed next to Steven and sighed.

She starred at him.

He seemed to had slept off. But, why was he

drunk? And what was he doing outside her gate?

That was confusing.

She touched his neck to feel his temperature.

His temperature was hot.

Why was she even helping him, anyway? It

wasn’t necessary, was it? She should’ve just

walked by and pretended he was invisible. Why

did she stop to help him? He was a betrayer. He

didn’t deserve her

Soon, her mother refined with some ice.

“thanks, mom”, Sophia replied as she collected it

from her.

“are you sure we don’t need to get him to a


“no. I think he’ll be fine with this. He’s just being


“okay,then. I’ll leave you to it”, she said and left

the room.

Sophia placed the ice on his forehead and she

could feel him relaxing. He was really a jerk

though; a handsome jerk.

She recalled the moments when they had been

very close. Those were nice moments, anyway.

She recalled their first date, the day at the

beach, the night they had played together in the

rain and the first day she had paid him a visit.

She could remember how happy they had been


But, what had really happened between them?

How did they ever become separated?

She noticed a tear rolling down her cheek and

she quickly wiped it off. She felt his temperature

again and this time around, it had become cold.

She dropped the ice and tired going to get a

blanket but just as she stood up, Steven her

finger lightly, although his eyes were still closed.

“don’t leave me Sophia. Please, don’t”, he said

under his breath.

Sophia gawked at him and fred her fingers. She

hissed and walked away to get the blanket.

“as if you didn’t leave me,” she said angrily to


She took the blanket and walked back to the bed

and as she covered it on him, he stretched and

adjusted himself.

“I love you, Sophia”, she heard him mumble.

She starred back at him and noticed he was still

unconscious. “what was he even saying? He was

really something else when he was drunk.

What love was he talking about? The same love

he had thrown away right after he slept with her?

Maybe she should’ve left him outside her gate

when she saw him.

She kept starring at him and finally walked out

of the room.


After a short while, Steven woke up. Sophia was

in the sitting room when he came in from the


He still looked a bit bladdered.

He seemed to appear surprised being in Sophia’s

apartment and the moment Sophia also saw him,

she sprang on her feet.

They both stood in a face to face position,

starring blankly at each other.

“uhm… You’re awake?” Sophia finally asked.

“yes,” Steven replied, itching the back of his

head. His eyes were looking reddish.

“how… did I end up here?” he asked.

“well, I found you lying close to my gate and I

brought you in.”

“oh, thanks”.

“So, what were you doing here, Steven? Why

were you here?”

“I uhm… I was just passing by. You know, I was


Sophia starred at him with disbelieve.

“well, you should be careful where you go to

when you’re drunk. Not everyone might want to

welcome you, you know?”

Steven definitely knew what she meant.

“I’ll take my leave now. Bye”, he said and

headed for the door.

“bye”, Sophia replied and watched him leave.

She finally started having regrets about the

moment. She felt she should’ve said more to

him. Or, maybe she shouldn’t had spoken so

rudely to him.

She looked at the time. It was already too late

to go over to the hospital at that time.

Probably, she would just go the next day.

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What do you think would happen the next day???

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