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Poor but rich batch 3


Poor but rich

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Episode 7

Friday morning, I prepared for school, I got to the sitting room, I saw my mum getting ready for her trip to dubai

Mum: morning son (she pecked me)

Me: morning mum

Mum: take this #20,000, I will be back on Monday by God’s grace

Me: alright, safe journey

Mum: amen oooo

(I got to school, I saw benita, she called me, I didn’t answer, then she followed me)

Me: benita, stop following me around

Benita: I just want to talk to you

Me: say what you have to say

Benita: am sorry

Me: you are sorry, so,let’s say am dead by now that’s what you will be saying to my corpse or you will be asking for my forgiveness during my burial?

Benita: but you are not dead

Me: ohoh!!!!!!!!!!!

Benita: pls am sorry

She came closer to me, our lips met, we began to kiss, then someone entered…

Episode 8

………temmy entered, she saw us kissing

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Me: benita: you’ve apologies for what you did, right? So, go and sin no more..

Benita: wow, thanks

Me: you’re welcome

(she went out, I turned to temmy, I saw tears dropping from her eyes)

Me: temmy, what’s wrong?

(she stood up, hissed, then she left me battling with my thoughts, what the f–k….)

(I paid.my excursion fee, I went to corper zainab’s office)

Me: morning ma

Corper zainab: morning tolu, how was your night?

Me: great, and yours?

Corper zainab: same

Me: okay

(we chat for some minutes)

Me: am going back to my class

Corper zainab: okay, are you coming back?

Me: I don’t know yet

Corper zainab: today is friday, don’t forget tomorrow’s visit

Me: I won’t

Corper zainab: which time should I be expecting you?

Me: 10:00am

Okay, I will be expecting you

(she gave me description to her house, back to my class, temmy started avoiding me, but she never saw benita with me again, we closed earlier than the normal time since its friday.

I got home, the house is d–n quiet and empty, then I remembered I am the only person left in a whole mansion. I got to my room, dropped my bag, then I took a quick shower, went to the kitchen, I cooked, ate, I played game on my play station, I did my physics assignment, slept off.

Saturday morning, I did some cleaning, laundry and I took my bath, got dressed, I board a taxi to corper zainab’s lodge, with the help of the description she gave me, I knock at the door)

Corper zainab: who’s that?

Me: it’s me tolu

Corper zainab: oh, you are here, am coming…

(she opened the door for me, she was wearing a very transparent top and a bump short, gosh…. my d–k resurrect immediately, chai… she’s so s£xy..)

She saw my d–k trying to free itself, she smiled…

Episode 9

She saw my d–k trying to free itself, she smiled.

Me: morning

Corper zainab: morning, how are you?

Me: am good

Corper zainab: come in

(I sat on the couch, she had a nice apartment, she went to the kitchen, she a tray, containing one plate of rice and a non-alcoholic wine)

Corper zainab: here, let’s eat

Me: okay

(we ate in a single plate, she is a very good cook, just like my mum)

Me: wow, this food is very sweet, it taste just like mum’s food

Corper zainab: wow, thanks

(we discussed for some minutes, we talked about many things)

We starred at each other, then our heads got closer, we lip lock, we kissed passionately, while kissing, she stood up, dragged me up, then we kissed until we got into her bedroom, we fall on the bed, I started moving my hands around her [email protected], I squeezed, she let out a soft m0an, she unbuttoned my shirt, loose my belt, she dipped her hand into my trouser,she started playing with my d–k, I raised her two [email protected], I started s—–g, I s—-d one play with the other, she started m0aning heavily, she removed her top, bump short, and her panty, jeez…my mathematics teacher’s unclad body in my front, I started at her clean and shaved p—y, I rubbed my palm on her c–t, I started finger f—–g her, she m0aned heavily and vibrated, she started begging me to enter her, she reached o—-m, I stopped finger f—–g her, it’s time for d–k penetration, I rubbed my d–k on her kitty wall, she gasped in ecstasy, I buried my d–k in her w€t p—y, I moves slowly, then I started moving very fast, pounding her harder.

After 15minutes of f—–g her, I was about to c-m, I pulled out, she told me to c-m in her mouth, I did, she swallowed it, she started s—–g me again, my d–k regained consciousness, I inserted my d–k in her p—y again, she m0aned, I began to move faster, after 20minuted of f—–g, I reached o—-m, I pulled out, icvm in her mouth, she swallowed, we cleaned our body, got dressed.

Corper zainab: hmmmm, ekun, and you told me you are a virgin

Me: yeah, today is my first day of s£x

Corper zainab: lier

Me: before, I love watching p–n movies, but someone told me it’s not good, so I stopped..

Corper zainab: hmmmmm

(I checked my wrist watch, 3:00pm, we got to the sitting, watch some movies till 7:00pm)

Me: it’s getting late, let me be on my way

Corper zainab: oh, let me see you off

(we stepped out to the road, I stopped a cab, she paid the cab man, and zoomed off. I got home reminisce on what happened at corper zainab’s lodge, I can’t believe this, I just f—-d my mathematics teacher…

Episode 10

I woke up on Sunday morning, 6:00am, I prepared for church for church, cooked some noodles, yes, that’s the easiest food I can cook without stress.

I went to church, after church services I got back home, cooked (don’t ask, it’s noodles again),ate, watched movies, slept off.

Monday morning, I woke up, did some cleaning, I prepared for school.i left exactly 7:00am. I got to school around 7:15am, I met temmy in the class, she saw me, I greeted her, she didn’t answer

Me: temmy, are you not the one am greeting?

Temmy: if I choose not to answer you, can’t you just go away?

Me: whaaaaat?

Temmy: exactly what you heard

(she walked away, I was depressed, and I love this girl ooo, how am I going to tell her that I love her? I don’t even know if she has feelings for me? And why did she started behaving like that when she saw benita and I kissing?) I dropped my bag on my desk, I was heading to corper zainab’s office when I saw James and his gang

James: poor boy, morning

Me: rich boy good morning

James: wow, it’s a good thing you finally know your status, you finally realise that we are not on the same level

Me: yeah, Mr rich

James: how about the excursion? Am sure you won’t be able to raise #5,000 for that, but look at me, my dad gave me #5,000 today

Me: wow, congratulations (my mum gave me #10,000 since last week, and here is someone bragging with just half of the amount, and it’s even a week after, I thought)

James: thanks, (laugh sarcastically)

After the excursion, I will show you the pictures and explain everything to you

Me: really?

James: yeah

Me: oh, thanks, but I don’t need it, I have to go now

James: you haven’t change a bit, you are still the arrogant boy I met on that day

Me: arrogant is different from bragging, you may say am arrogant, but you are always bragging about your dad’s wealth, come to think of it, what’s going to happen to you if in a flash, your dad loose all his money and his properties? Am sure you are going to hang yourself till death, because your hope is on your dad,and you are looking up to your dad’s money, try staying on your own without depending on your parents, food for thought…..

I left him moody, busy battling with his thought and emotions……

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