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Poor but rich batch 4


Poor but rich

Episode 11

I got to corper zainab’s office, I met her sitting, pressing her phone

Me: morning

Corper zainab: morning, baby boy

**chai, I don become baby boy shaperly, make she no implicate me oooo**

Corper zainab: how was your night?

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Me: good

Corper zainab: hmmmmm, thanks for Saturday, you really hit me hard

Me: common, stop being naughty..

**we both laugh**

Corper zainab: so are you going for excursion?

Me: yeah

Corper zainab: wow, who gave you money?

Me: my mum, she gave me #10,000

Corper zainab: oh, I already arranged the #5,000 for you today, I just want to give it to you as a surprise

Me: wow, that’s so sweet of you

Corper zainab: your mum gave you #10,000 instead of #5,000

Me: yes

Corper zainab: how, did you lie to your mum?

Me: no, I told her it’s #5,000, she told me to save the remaining #5,000 and use it for anything I want

Corper zainab: wow, that’s so sweet of her

Me: hmmmmm

Corper zainab: wait, tolu, there is something I want to ask you

Me: what’s that?

Corper zainab: is it true that your parent are very poor, as everybody in school is saying?

Me: please, I want this to be a secret between us

Corper zainab: okay, I will, I promise

Me: am not from a poor family, I am the last born of the popular business man, mike owoeye

Corper zainab: really?

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Me: yes

Corper zainab: tell me more please..

Me: okay,my dad built is mansion at that area because he want a very quiet environment, that’s why everybody thinks am a village boy

Corper zainab: hmm, what about your mum?

Me: she’s a business woman, she imports jewellery, bags, shoes, clothes to the country and she’s on business trip now

Corper zainab: wow, but why don’t you want people to know? It can save you from being bullied by your classmates

Me: yes you are right, but to tell you the real fact, I love it when people mock me

Corper zainab: what a human being

**we both laugh**

Me: I have to go now

Corper zainab: am also going to your class, let’s go together

Me: okay

**we both head to my class, everybody stands up and greet her, I dropped her bag on one of the desks, she wrote linear equations on the chalk board, then she wrote solve this linear equation 3x +2=8

Corper zainab: if you know the answer, raise your hand

**i raised my hand**

Corper zainab: **referring to me** baby.. tolu**chai, this woman nearly implicated me sha, God save me ooo**

***i got to the front, collect the chalk from her, then I wrote the answer:


Collect like terms..bla,bla

Corper zainab: wow, that’s very good of you, keep it up.

Me: thanks

**everybody started starring at me, yee mogbe**

****it’s closing time, I got home, I noticed that my mum is back****

Me: mummy, welcome

Mum: my son

**we hugged each other**

Me: I missed you so much mum

Mum: I missed you too, my son

Me: so what do you have for me?

Mum: I bought you a new ipad 3

Me: wow

**she gave me the new Apple ipad3 with 64gb internal memory, I was very happy, then something happened..**

Episode 12

I was very happy, I thanked my mum, I got to my room, closed the door, surf Internet with my new ipad.

Tuesday morning, I woke up, prepared for school, I got to the sitting room, I saw my mum watching morning program on tv

Me: good morning mum

Mum: oh, good morning son **she peaked me**

Me: thanks for the ipad

Mum: stop being so naughty, nothing is much for my boy

Me: alright, ehmm, mummy

Me: yes?

Me: when is daddy coming back, I missed him so much

Mum: maybe next week

Me: okay, I gotta go now

Mum: alright son, take care of yourself

Me: I will, bye

Mum: bye

**I took a cab, I got to school, I saw temmy**

Me: temmy **she looked up**

Me: good morning**no response**

Me: temmy, am talking to you

**she hissed,stood up, she was about to walk away, I held her hands, she looked straight into my eyes, then she started crying**

Me: temmy, what’s wrong? Tell me

Temmy: tolu, **thank God, finally she say something** there is nothing to tell you, enjoy your life

***she walked away, I stood there, thinking about what happened, I just love her, but how do I go about it now, since I don’t know what’s on her mind, she’s so much jovial, that’s why she’s so hard to predict***

I got to corper zainab’s office, she noticed my mood

Corper zainab: baby boy, what’s wrong?

*i narrated everything to her, she sympathise with me*

Corper zainab: oh, sorry about have that, that’s women for you, we are sometimes hard to predict, so for now, what you need most is patient, you just have to give her more time, maybe she will come back to her senses

Me: I hope so

Corper zainab: hmm, am the one that’s going to suffer most if you both become a couple, you won’t pay much attention to me anymore

Me: no, I won’t, we will still be together, but you know you will soon leave this school after your service

Corper zainab: yes you are right, let’s talk about something else, where I’d your phone? Let me save my number on it

**i gave her my iphone6plus **

Corper zainab: wow, I still don’t understand why you are hiding your identity…

I heard a female voice from my back that says identity? What’s that? Who is hiding his identity?

I turned to see who was asking those questions, I saw…


I saw corper cynthia, she’s one of the female corpers serving in our school, she’s corper zainab’s friend.

me: nothing, we are just talking about something

corper cynthia: oh really?

me: yeah

(she saw the ipnone 6)

corper cynthia: zainab, whose phone is this?

corper zainab: its tolu’s phone

(corper cynthia turned to me)

tolu, is this your phone?

me: yes, its my phone,but please i want you to keep this as a secret

corper cynthia: but how come? aren’t you a poor boy?

me: well, am not a poor boy, but i like the fact that everybody calls me a poor boy, cos, with that you’ll get peace of mind

corper cynthia: hmmm, this is complicated, i cant believe this, tolu, you? iphone 6 plus, incredible

me: lol

corper zainab: hey guys, lets talk about something else

corper cynthia: i still cant believe this

me: corper zainab, its closing time, i have to go home now, its 4:00pm already

corper zainab: wow, i dont know time has gone self

me: goodnight

both: goodnight!!!!!!


**i got home, i met my mum in the sitting room**

me: good afternoon mum

mum: good afternoon son, how was school today?

me: good

i went straight to my room, took some shower, went to the kitchen for some food, after lunch i did my assignment, everything went well for that day……


its wednesday morning, i woke up, ohhh, its a day to our excursion day, i thought, took my bath, collect my t-fare from my mum, and dash out of our compound…….


i got to school, guess who the first person i saw was, james or temmy? **oh nooo, you are wrong**its james..

me: james, good morning

James: the morning isn’t good, i just want to tell you that i heard everything that you say, but i dont need your advice, i just want to tell you that the battle line has just been drawn, i am going to make your life more miserable, watch out for james!!!!!!

******chai, am in trouble, will i be able to face this boy and his gang?******


two hours later, mr badmus,the geography teacher came to the class to announce the excursion stuff to us

mr badmus: tomorrow is our excursion day, so you must all be here, as early as possible by 6:00am tomorrow morning, and make sure you dress decently, wash and iron your clothe very well**story for the gods, i thought**bring your mobile phones with you, so that your parent wont be much worried about you, i wish you best of luck….

class: thank you sir!!!


james turned to me

james: tolu, sorry, you will be the only person left in school tomorrow, or better still you can just stay at your village

**everybody started laughing, asking me all sort of questions**

me, i don lock up oooo, i just dey look at them the way people watch that white clothe that normally display video, i don forget the thing name sef, abeg, someone should help me oooo

****whats going to happen during the excursion trip? watch out for episode 14…..

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