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Poor but rich batch 6




i fell into the swimming pool, thank God i knew how to swim, people started panicking, that pool was one of the deepest pool at that place, i swimmed out of the pool, no one came to my rescue, i got no friends, except mr badmus that came to me, i think he knows the person who pushed me.

mr badmus: take this, **handing a white towel to me**

me: thank you sir

mr badmus: dont worry, the person who did this is surely going to pay for this

me: **i looked at benita, she looked at somewhere else, i thought she did, i also looked at james eye, he did the same as benita, then who pushed me? i asked myself**

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mr badmus: gabriel**one of james boys** come here

gabriel: yes sir

mr badmus: why did you pushed tolu?

gabriel: i didnt pushed him sir

mr badmus: shut up, and tell me the reason why you pushed him, you think i didnt see you?

gabriel: ehmmm ehmm, its james and benita, they told me to push tolu into the pool, i didnt want to do it, but james threatened me, he told me he will deal with me if i dont do it, thats why i oblige, am very sorry sir

mr badmus: whaat? james, benita, is that true?

james: am sorry sir, actualy its benita’s idea

mr badmus: oh oh, benita, is that true?

benita: am sorry sir, we both planned it

mr badmus: wow, well lets continue the excursion, you all must come to my office tomorrow, your case will be transfer to the principal, you hear?

james, benit and i: yes sir

mr badmus: well, get ready we are now going to ikogosi in ekiti state


everybody was very happy, we all got into the bus, its a very bad thing, when someone spoil your good mood on a good journey, though i cant say am having fun, i just sat alone, i looked at temmy’s face she seems so worried, i caught her stealing glances at me, and any time she did that, our eyes met and she will be smilling, i have no idea of what she’s thinking, anyway if we are both meant for each other she will surely be mine.

after one hour twenty minutes, we reached ikogosi, the place was such ancient place, they showed us many things, they showed us the source of the warm water, which is under the rock, we were also told that the cold water source is unknown, they told us the cold water came from the forest, the white people traced for many years without finding the source, then they backed off, many people started jotting, but why, some people are dummy head sha, they cant remember this simple thing, o ga oooo…

everybody enjoyed the excursion except me, james and benita spoiled my mood, but all is well, we will all get our judgement at school on friday, everybody was just moving around, inspecting things, i sat down thinking about what the future holds for me, should i start letting people know that am not from a poor family? am even tired of playing games..

its time to go back home, we all got into the school bus, we started our journey back to ogbomoso, temmy was just smilling but she did not talk to me, and i didnt bother talking to her, i have my pride and dignity to protect, well temmy was there when benita gave me a kiss and i also returned the kiss with a very hot slap, since that time, she started smilling..

we are finally getting close to ogbomoso, i checked the time its 9:45pm, we got to ogbomoso by 10:05pm, we alighted at the school gate, i stayed there because that was the only place i always got cab going to my area, everybody started going home, soon it remained only me, standing, i stayed there for thirty minutes no cab, oh how do i get home now? i thought, soon everywhere became dark and quiet, if i should go and stay in an hotel, the closest hotel to my school is two kilometres way, am so much exhausted, i cant trek, not long after someone tapped me on the shoulder, fear catched me, i turned, i saw…


I turned, i saw temmy, yes it’s temmy, she was wearing the school uniform.

me: temmy, what are you doing here? aren’t you supposed to be at your home? or you forgot something?

temmy: no, have been watching for the past thirty minutes now

me: but why?

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temmy: nothing, i just want to see you off without letting you know

me: well, thanks but no need, just go home now, your parent will be worrying sick about you

temmy: hmmm, it seems you wont get a cab today

me: hmm, this is where i always got cab, so i will

temmy: its late, no cab will agree to take you to your area

me: then i can just go and lodge in an hotel

temmy: don’t be silly, the nearest hotel to this place is two kilometers away, its far

me: but, i can trek

temmy: at this time of the night?

me: it’s not too late, and am a man

temmy: so?

me: nothing is going to happen to me

temmy: but still, I cant let you go at this time of the night

me: and what can you do to prevevnt me from going?

temmy: you know what? let’s go to my house

me: what?

temmy: yes, let’s go to my house

me: what about………?

temmy: my parent?

me: yes

temmy: they are both on a business trip

me: your case is not different from mine

temmy: what do you mean?

me: nothing, what about your siblings?

temmy: i am their only child

me: wow


i followed her to her house, we trek for 15minutes, we got to their gate, she knocked on the door, the gateman answered, then he opened the door

gateman: aunty temmy, you are back!

temmy: yes, am back

gateman: i thought you are not coming back today

temmy: but am here, just give me the keys to the house joor

gateman: **handing the key over to her** aunty temmy, who is him? **pointing to me**

temmy: oh, he’s my friend, we went to the excursion together, his house is a bit far, so he will sleep here for tonight

gateman: uncle weldone ooo

me: **piss of with his questions already** thanks **with a fake smile**

gateman: aunty temmy take it easy oooo

temmy: that’s your problem, lets go jare tolu


i followed her like a disciple, we got to the main mansion, she opened the door

temmy: welcome to our house

me: thanks, you have a very nice place here, unlike me

temmy: hmmm, liar

me: what do you mean?

temmy: we will talk about that later, let me show you where you will sleep for tonight

me: okay ooo


i followed her to the guest room, she opened the door, we entered

temmy: you can just manage this place for tonight, make yourself comfortable, let me go and prepare something for us to eat

me: yes that’s right, am f—–g hungry

temmy: ohoh, then i will not cook again

me: please don’t do that ooo, unless you want me to eat somebody here tonight

temmy: oh, mr cannibal, don’t eat me oooo, i will go and cook now

me: you better do


she left for the kitchen, i later forgot am not at home, i decided to play games on my ipad, 15minutes later, the door was opened by temmy, she saw the ipad with me

temmy: oh, you have an ipad too?

me: what? oh, my mum bought it for me

temmy: i see, she must be so caring, anyway the food is ready

me: okay


i started thinking, why did she called me a liar in the first place? what did she mean by asking, “you have an ipad?” why is she so cooled when she saw the ipad with me, she didn’t even raised questions on that issue..

she later brought me back to reality by asking, “what’s wrong? don’t you like the food?”

me: no ooooo (in mercy johnson’s voice)

temmy: then sit down and eat

me: okay


oh, less i forgot, she cooked rice and stew, its very delicious, and i decided to commend her on that

me: wow, the food is delicious

temmy: wow, so you like it?

me: yes i do

temmy: thank God you did

me: what do you mean?

temmy: never mind

we finished eating, she accompanied me back to the room, we got there, she asked a very shocking question from me

temmy: so, why did you slapped your girlfriend?

me: me? girlfriend? i don’t have any male friend talkless of girlfriend

temmy: so you mean, you dont have any friend?

me: yes i don’t

temmy: and why?

me: nothing, i just dont feel like having one

temmy: this is incredible, why did you turn me down, when i asked you if we can be friends in the first place?

me: i dont know why, but i later regret not accepting your friendship request

temmy: **getting excited** really?

me: yes

temmy: wow, so can we be friends?

me: sure


temmy was very happy, we continued our discussion, i really want to know why she’s avoiding me before

me: temmy, why have you been avoiding me since the day you saw benita and i talking?

temmy: hey, you are not talking, i saw you both kissing, tell me are you dating her?

me: hell no, why do you ask?

temmy: i saw you both kissing on that day, and today she kissed you, and you slapped her, can you explain that to me?

me: that girl is crazy, she kissed me that day after apologizing for trying to kill me, and……..**she interrupted**

temmy: she tried to kill you?

me: yes, she got me locked in one of the abandoned classes, then she sprayed some gaseous poison on me, thats why i didn’t came to school, the second day and the day that followed

temmy: jeez, she did that?

me: yes

temmy: and why dont you report her to the school authority?

me: i dont feel like doing so, and besides i got no proof

temmy: so, what led to the kissing scene?

me: she camed to apologised to me, then she started kissing, i dont know why i comply, but it maybe because that’s my weak point

temmy: your weak point?

me: yea, what?

temmy: nothing, what about today

me: she did that today, and i hate it when people took advantage of me, that’s why i slapped her to show her what i got, and why i you avoiding me?

temmy: its because i saw you both kissing, i got hurt, i want to stay away from you, but no matter how hard i try, i always fail

me: hmmm

temmy: i saw your mum today, she’s pretty

me: what?

temmy: stop your pretence, i heard you calling her mum, and she also called you son, and you are not a poor boy as everybody is saying, your mum is driving range rover sport, thats why i didnt asked you about the ipad issue, i also saw you calling your mum with an iphone6 plus, or am lying?

me: you are not

temmy: well, why are you telling everybody that you are a poor boy

me: i didn’t tell anybody that am poor, just think that way because of where am living.

temmy: hmmm, tolu, i need to tell you something before its too late

me: what’s that?

temmy: hmmm, tolu, i…i..i **interrupted**

me: temmy what is it, just tell me


i was praying very hard inside me for her to just say she loves me

temmy: i love you, tolu!

me: you love me?

temmy: yes

me: since when?

temmy: ever since the first day i saw you, that’s why am jealous when i saw you with benita

me: hmmmm, you know what? i also have a confession to make

temmy: what’s that?

me: i love you

temmy: really? what took you so long?

me: i was thinking, maybe you are not interested in any relationship that’s why

temmy: hmmm lover boy, i love you too

me: wow


we started kissing, we later found ourselves unclad on the bed, i kissed her passionately, she started m0aning, i dont want to finger f–k her, so i just rubbed my hand on her c–t, she cvmmed, i brought out my d–k, i lubricated it with spit, i inserted it into the kitty hole, ouccchhhh… she m0aned heavily, my d–k got w€t with a red coloured liquid, i didn’t care, i f—-d her very hard, i was about to c-m, i decided to pull out, she pulled me back, i cvmmed inside her, nothing dey happen jare, we went on four rounds before before we slept off.


i woke up the following morning, temmy is not beside me, where could she be? i thought, the bedsheet was stained with blood, i was very scared

me: temmy!!

temmy: **she came inside** what is it?

me: what is this? ****pointing to the blood stain**

temmy: wow, so you don’t know what that mean? c’mon we had s£x last night, that’s when you took my virginity

me: you are a virgin?

temmy: until last night

me: but why dont you tell me? why did you allowed me to do it?

temmy: i gave it to you because i love you, and i had no regret doing so

me: wow, i love you

temmy: i love you too, let’s get ready for school


she removed the bedsheet, we got ready for school, on our way out, at the gate, we had a car coming towards the gate

temmy: tolu, that’s my dad

me: yeh!!! mogbe

**********************to be continued****

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