President Son And I


A Story Written by; Michael Luxguy Augustine 

Episode 1

I slowly packed my things into my travelling bag with tears rolling down my eyes.mummy just left my room now after breaking the sad news to me that the family wld be relocating to delta state in three days time to enable juliet round up her senior waec which wld be ending in two days time.
Am Oyege precious,a 3rd year student of Economics in the University Of Lagos.i came home two days ago after receiving the sad news of my dad’s dismissal at work.he was working as a manager in union bank in one of their branches in asokoro abuja.the reason for his dismissal is still unknown to me and as for mummy,she isnt the working class type although a graduate of mass communication but dad refused her working,he just wants her to take up the job of a full time housewife.
I heard my door crack open,i turned slowly to behold my dad already standing at my door step.i dropped the cloth i was holding,stoppedpacking and sat on my bed sadly with tears running down my cheek.for sure i knew dad has something to say because he never enters my room only on important issues.he walked closer to me wiping my tears with the front and back of his palm
Dad:its okay dear
Me: *snobbing* dad, how did it happen,i have been in this house for the past two days and no one is saying anything,no one wants to tell me what actually happened and if not for juliet i wldnt have known that u lost ur job,dad why is no one talking?
Dad: *sat beside me*its ok my angel,i wld tell u everything but just brighten up first *i wipe my tears again with the back of my left palm and forced out a smile*
Me:am all ears dad
Dad: *takes a deep breath* some months ago,all managers were asked to sumit their profiles which i did then we never heard anything again since the and concentrated on work.four weeks ago,a friend of mine whom is also a manager told me that the names collected was to dismiss some family members in the bank
Me:family members! how dad?
Dad:if u bear same surname with another person one out of the two of u wld have to that was what happened
Me: *surprised*u mean another manager somewhere bears same surname with u?
Dad: *nods his head in the yes manner*
Me: *still not getting it* so how does that concern u?
Dad:they wld be thinking we are related and chose one of us to go
Me:without proper investigation? that was so cruel of them
Dad: *taps my back* lets give God the glory.i can see u are already packing so how did u plan to go about it?
Me: *kind of relief*i wld just pack my things so that it wld be easy,u know i wnt be going with u guys,i wld be going back to school tomorrow because i wld be having text by next tomorrow
Dad: *stood up*that means u wld be coming down to delta on ur next holiday right?
Me: *frown again.i dnt really like the idea of delta* dad why cnt we just stay back here
Dad:no that’s no option to consider at the moment,i have a house in delta,no one stay’s there so why stay back here and waste money on rent
Me:but u can put in tenants in the house and use their rents to always pay ours
Dad:u are an economic student,u shld be able to atlest predict the future.ok what happens when my tenants over there are not able to meet with their rents,we owe too? i still have u and ur junior sister to train in school so no wasting of money now
Me: *gives up because i know my father’s words are always final becoz he thinks before making decissions*ok dad *he walks to the door*dad
Dad: *turns*yes dear
Me:is he aware?
Dad: *try to think out who i meant but couldnt*who?
Dad:no not yet
Me: *frown*why dad?
Dad:i dont want anything that wld disturb his youth service,he wld get to know at the right time
Me: *shows that childish style of hitting both feet on the floor*emhmmm daddy,its not fair
Dad:no its black.i know why u are saying this,is because u both are close.make sure u dnt tell him,i wld do that myself,is that taken?
Me: *moody*ok dad
Dad:that’s my girl *opens the door*
Voice: *came from the sitting room*helllloooo
Dad: oh not again,isnt that michael’s voice?
Me: *smile and winked dad*yes it is *then we heard mum’s voice*
Mum:ewo michael is here.hw ws ur journey?*michael is the only turned and stared at me*
Dad:ur handiwork? *i just bent my head feeling guilty*
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Episode 2

Dad: I just asked you a question Precious,who called Michael? *he took two steps forward*
Me: *couldn’t look into his eye so I looked away* daddy am sorry,I was worried
Dad: *looked deep at me,then turned and started walking to the door* get ready to answer all his questions
Me: *smile* yes daddy
Dad: *stopped but didn’t face me* I see,so u intentionally called him *there were smiles in his voice* you won’t kill me in these house *he started walking away*.
I could hear Mom’s conversation with Michael in the sitting room
Mom: you didn’t even bother calling to tell me you were coming
Michael: because I know u too well,you and daddy won’t let me come if I had told you both I was coming
Mom: I hope no problem?
Michael: I heard something,I had to rush down here to know if its true
Dad: all the way from Rivers to gossip in abuja *dad must had interrupted before he was noticed,I guess because I was in the room listening*
Michael: oh dad,good evening,wow I have missed you all big time
Dad: welcome,what made u abandoned your youth service just to be in abuja?
Mom: same question I was asking
Michael: dad what’s wrong,what happened,how did it happen,hope its not true? *by these time I was already at the door post of the sitting room watching, dad looked at mom and mom did same*
Dad: my son,go drop your bag first,eat then we talk
Michael: oooh daddy,talk to me,am eager,I just hope what Precious said is not true
Mom: Precious? *she exclaimed then turned to my room direction,our eyes met right at the door,I forced a smile out*
Dad: how information follows from these house is baffling most times,I asked your mother not to let any of you know for now but she ended up telling Juliet,I still pleaded with Juliet to keep it out from her siblings but she told Precious over the phone,now before I could talk to Precious she has already past the information to the lest person I wouldn’t want to hear it for now
Michael: ooh c’omon dad,am your first and only son for crying out loud,I deserve to be carried along
Dad: no *he walked to a couch and sat down* u don’t deserve to be carried along when the happening would distract you
Michael: *walks toward dad* dad,is it true?
Dad: *cold for some time before he finally answered* yes son
Michael: oh my God,how is it so?
Dad: sit son *he did and that was when he noticed me*
he stood up and rushed toward me
Michael: oh sweet Jesus,look at my angel,you are looking awesome
Me: stop flattering me jhoor
Michael: no am not,he must be taking real care of you,how is…*his eyes meant with that of mom who was surprisedly watching* em,you know na
Mom: she don’t know so complete it
Michael: hahaha,how is Juliet
Dad: you can’t deceive your parents,well Precious you ain’t too small to have a man but don’t keep it away from the family
Me: *shy* no o don’t mind Michael,you should know how he jokes na,I don’t have any man yet
Michael: hmmm *walks back to his seating position* so dad can we continue?
Dad told him everything just like he had told me
Michael: don’t worry dad,God isn’t asleep
Me: don’t you think Union bank as a wh0le should be sued?
Mom: I thought of that too
Michael: no no no let’s not waste money suing them,God knows best
Dad: you have spoken like my true son
Me: hmmm,pastor
just then Juliet came back from school
Juliet: heyyy,brother Mike,you are good evening,Mom good evening,sister Pee good evening
Michael: see my pride,wow,mummy is really taking good care of you o abi you have joined them?*he joked*
Juliet: yes nah,if u see the boy eh,he is just like you
Mom: quiet? if I see you with any boy eh that day I will skin you,thank God we are relocating soon
Juliet: ah mummy,am 16 nah,can’t I have…
Dad: have what??
Juliet: *frown* just kidding
Michael: baby girl,you are the finest in these house as far as am concerned
Me: why are you two acting like you are just seeing each other in a long time!
Michael: hahaha
Michael and Juliet: some people are jealous oo
Me: jealous ko,Jerry in
Mom: go in,side and drop your bag,you have exams tomorrow don’t forget
Juliet: I know mom,ooops, another house arrest *she started heading to the room*
That evening my self and my elder brother Michael decided to take a walk along the roads of abuja,maybe my last sight seeing in abuja,I had thought.
as we walked we talked about school life and other things
Michael: how are you finding things in school
Me: hmmm,don’t know actually but am managing,what about your service?
Michael: abegi leave 9ja and their service,the area where I am in Rivers they don’t pay well self
Me: I wonder why you choose rivers in the first instance
Michael: I just don’t know the devil that helped me in filling that form in form of me
Me: hahaha,just bear,you are almost done
Michael: that reminds me,what where you saying at home,ain’t you and Monday together again?
Me: yes
Michael: why?
Me: he is too demanding and a flirt of the highest order
Michael: demanding? hmmm,I think I understand now,well don’t blame him,you refused to summit na so he has to play around “body no be firewood”
Me: hmmm,men,always supporting evil.
Just then we saw cars lined up,other vehicles were giving them space,two esc-rt vehicles in front and two at the back then two ranges in the middle,the two esc-rt drove pass us but the third car stopped, Michael held my hands drawing me off the road very well,the cars following behind also stopped,the two in front on noticing that stopped too,a young man came down from the car,he walked toward us,I was thinking he wants to ask us for direction but he just stood mopping at me like a lost soul,my brother drew me to his back,the second range back wind scre-m rolled down and a man brought out his head
Man: son,what’s wrong? get in the car we are late already.
he took his last mop and turned,walking back to the car,I was already scared because armed soldiers came down too.
he got to the car,turned to look at me again
Man: c’onmon son
he entered and a soldier shut it,they rushed into their own vans and started driving off
Michael: isn’t that the president in that second car?
Me: yes,he is the one
Michael: and who was that goat showing off?
Me: if you ask me,nah who I go ask?
Michael: please let’s start going back home,who knows what might happen next.

Episode 3


The next morning I was ready to go back to school already forgetting what happened at the road side the previous day
Me: *tapping Juliet* wake up
Juliet: ooo aunty nah
Me: my friend open your eyes,its almost 7
Juliet: talk am listening nah * still acting sleepy*
Me: am going back to school now,please make sure none of my things are left behind
Juliet: I will leave some behind if you don’t bribe me
Me: you know I don’t have money yet
Juliet: hahaha * sitting up* poor sister,I was only pulling your legs
Me: better * Michael came in*
Michael: you are set already!
Me: know its a long journey ahead
Michael: yea
Juliet: good morning brother Mike
Michael: hey pretty little sis,hope u slept well
Juliet: no o,sister Precious was disturbing my sleep
Michael: don’t mind her boh
Me: when are you going back?
Michael: tomorrow for sure
Juliet: everyone wants to leave me abi
Me&Michael: hahaha
Michael: sorry about that,nothing we can do about it
Me: abeg leave Juliet alone *picking my bag* is mom and dad out?
Michael: no,still in their room
Me: let me tell them am leaving * hurried out of the room with my bag,I got to my parents room and knocked*
Mom: come in,side
Me: *opening the door* good morning dad,good morning mom
Both: morning
Mom: set to go?
Me: yes
Dad: check that locker over there * pointing* take the money in it
Me: *walked to the locker,opened it and took the money* thanks mom,thanks dad
Dad: call me once you get to school
Me: okay dad
Mom: don’t go and start following men o,remember the daughter of whom you are
Me: ah mummy,you should know me better
Mom: not at these stage,people change
Me: I haven’t mom
Mom: if you say so,don’t forget to call home once you need money and be careful of evil friends
Me: I will,byeee,see you guys in delta state soon
Mom: journey mercy my daughter
Me: *leaving the room* thanks mom
Dad: don’t forget,call home once you get to school
Me: okay dad
Michael and Juliet saw me off to the park.
I arrived Lagos late and was feeling so stressed up and weak, I managed calling home and making sure I speak with everyone home before hanging up,I slept off
by the next morning Jerry and James came to look for me,both are my course mates and they are funny twin brothers though James can be more timid and wicked than Jerry,they are just too identical, I only recognize who is Jerry and who is James with their ears,Jerry has a w¡der ear than that of James also Jerry likes being on afro while James prefers punk or low cut.
apart from their similar voice both are good dancers
Jerry: so Precious you are back and couldn’t call either of us
Precious: don’t be offended,I came back last night very weak and tired,you know how far the journey from abuja to lag is na
Name: no we don’t know,na only you don travel lam na
Jerry: eyah sorry but why you never ready for class
Me: boh I still feeling weak,if not for these test I would just forfeit today’s lecture
James: pregnant woman
Me: your handwork
James: my leg,my hand nor dey o
Me: but your mouth dey,please jhoor excuse me let me get ready for class,just five minutes
Jerry: please fast o
Both excused me,I rushed into the bathroom to take my bath,then dressed up,I locked my door
James: your five minutes is one year
Me: am a woman so what do you think?
James: became a man
Me: you are not serious
Jerry: but seriously you don’t need make up
Me: why?
Jerry: you are amazing just like these
Me: wow,uhm,am blushing,thanks
James: I like your style of wooing girls o,just tell are you are in love hahaha
Me: you are not serious,let’s hurry up jhoor
school was really stressful,every lecturer demanding for money for one thing or the other,it was as if we were beginning to pay tax to different course lecturers each week and I was really getting pissed off even with studies.
A month gone already,with exams close.
I was returning from lectures one evening when someone drove up to me
Man: hi pretty,am Richærd * I just mopped at him* please may I know yours?
Me: sorry,I don’t talk to strangers
Richærd: don’t you remember me?
Me: as you can see am just coming from lectures,so excuse me *stared walking away*
Richærd: hey,just your name *he called out*

Episode 4

I just can’t place out why am pissed off,I opened
my lodge room and entered
Me: rubbish,imagine that guy stopping me just to
ask me ” isn’t my face familiar” vanilla no
I dropped my books on my bed,I was just
complaining to myself restlessly like one who
just lost a husband,maybe because I was
stressed up in class coupled with the fact that I
was seeing my period.
though my menstruation is never a painful one
but most times it makes me feel restlessly.
I walked back to the door and shut it,pulled off
and entered the bathroom to take my bath and
have a change of pad,after that I tried reading
but it didn’t work out so I laid down on my
ever since I met Richærd on campus my problems
increased,his disturbances where so much that
most times after lectures I would start looking
for other routs to my lodge,although those routs
seem far but I kept taking them till Richærd found
out and started monitoring me closely.
that very day I had followed my usual rout not
knowing he was waiting,suddenly I heard the
voice say ” isn’t these a longer rout to wherever
you are going to?”
I turned to behold Richærd,I was shocked
Me: why are you following me around, won’t you
concentrate on what brought you to school?
Richærd: *walking closer* that’s what am
doing,concentrating on what brought me here
and that’s you
Me: God forbid,please stop pestering my life
Richærd: what if I can’t?
Me: rubbish *started walking away*
Richærd: heeyy,don’t be rude,ok just give me
your name and I won’t disturb again
Me: *stopped* promise?
Richærd: sure
Me: am Precious
Richærd: wow,nice name for an angel
Me: now keep to your promise because you are
beginning to irritate me
Richærd: sure I will but I only promised not to
disturb u about your name again.I know the
name already just wanna hear you say it out to
Me: that wasn’t it,anyway na u sabi,stop
disturbing my life
Richærd: well I mean no harm to you,I just admire
Me: I don’t admire you,no friends bye * started
walking off*
Richærd: hahaha see ya at your lodge
I didn’t bother turning nor stopping,does he know
my lodge that he should say ” see ya at your
well I was beginning to understand something,
most times when he speaks with me I feel
different and the times I spent trying to avoid
him drew him closer to my heart,yes I was
beginning to like him but I can’t bring myself to
loving a student who would miss classes just to
wait for a woman to finish hers,who knows how
many women in the campus he is dating or he
has dated.
not that he is that handsome but parades
himself like a rich dude,coming to disturb my life
everyday with different cars.
most times in the lecture hall I can’t just
concentrate just because am thinking on how to
dogge him after class.
I got to my lodge and met James and Jerry
seated outside waiting,on seeing me
James: na lectures wey we close since you just
dey come back?
Me: wetin happen,if na food una two come chop
I no get o
Jerry: where you branch?
Me: that guy is still on my neck,I did not branch
anywhere just took a longer rout to avoid him
James: I told you to always wait for us after
classes but you won’t hear
Me: I can’t try that one,waiting for you two to
woo all department girls before we start going,no
Jerry: so its a guy that is making you run?
Me: I stubborn one at that
James: abeg wetin you cook,am hungry
Me: its now you are telling me why you are here
but I don’t have food
Jerry: don’t worry we will contribute
Me: better,oyah let me drop my bag so we start
going to the market *I opened my door and
everyone dropped their bags then I shut it back*
oyah let’s go
on turning my back I sighted Richærd opening the
gate,quickly I disappeared to a corner before
James nor Jerry could ask me why but they are
good pretenders
Richærd: * I was seeing them from my hide out *
good evening guys
James: eh you evening
Richærd: please am looking for Precious?
James: Precious! Precious!! * turned to Jerry *
Jerry have you heard of that name in these
compound before?
Jerry: don’t you see the way am staring at
him,its because am trying to figure out what he
Richærd: I sighted her with you guys when i
opened the gate,that was while I was coming
James: ehhhm?
Richærd: yea
James: ok na,now that you are here sight her
back,Jerry let’s go
Richærd: why are you guys acting like
women,help your fellow guy
Jerry: we? women? James let’s go * they started
walking away *
Richærd: these is not fair guys * turned to my
door* Precious I know you are around,ama sit
here and wait till you come here me out.
He sat down on the s-ck-away close and waited
for about 15 minutes,then he stood up
Richærd: ama come back * he walked off the
compound *
by the time I came out I just couldn’t control the
laughter,suddenly the gate opened again,I almost
ran to my hiding but with was James and Jerry
Jerry: omo you be flash o,how that guy take
know here
Me: I just don’t know
James: maybe he traced you
Mr: please let’s go to the market before it gets

Episode 5

That night when we came back from the market,I cooked the soup and made garri,after we were done eating the talk of Richærd’s visit became the talk of the night,James and Jerry wouldn’t stop making mockery of us both till they got ready to leave,I put some of the soup into a cooler for them and they finally left.
for a week I didn’t see Richærd, I felt I was beginning to miss him as the thought of him wouldn’t just stop coming to my mind. most times I find myself saying ” Richærd where are you,did you leave because I his from you when you came to my lodge!,am really sorry”.
on the 9th day (at night) I received a call from a number I didn’t save
Me: hello,good evening
Voice: my beauty,its Richærd * quickly I put the phone off my ear,staring at the number and asking myself ” did you ever give him your number,how did he get it then” I was just so flabbergasted, I put the phone back to my ear but he ended the call,about three seconds again he called back*
Richærd: hello can you hear me now,I said its Richærd
Me: how did you get my number
Richærd: someone gave it to me
Me: who
Richærd: be my friend and I will tell you
Me: * I wanted saying we are friends but I remembered my ego* you ain’t ashamed of yourself,you got my number from someone instead of from the owner,you ain’t man enough then
Richærd: no its not like that,I traveled and wanted to communicate you but no way so I had to ask someone for it
Me: * forming anger * who?
Richærd: friends?
Me: don’t call these number again in your life **hung up**
he called and called but I refused picking,though I would had love talking to him but I don’t want him to ever have that feeling that I missed him so he won’t start forming for me so I had to continue playing hærd to get but most of the time I feel am being stupid when a mind would say ” who are you playing hærd to get for,he didn’t woo you he only asked you to be his friend” once these happens I start feeling bad.
that night he called and called but I didn’t pick,I even had to switch off my phone.
The next day in the afternoon Richærd drove to my lodge, I was seated outside,I wanted hiding on seeing him but his eyes were fixed on me,he walked up to me
Richærd: hi
Me: * timidly* hi
Richærd: umm,I came down here yesterday because I wanted to see you but obviously am not needed and am beginning to bug you so I decided to come to your lodge today and see you maybe for the last time
Me: * my heart skipped * what do you mean
Richærd: tell me we can’t be friends and I will leave right now and never to disturb you * my heart beat increased,I never knew it would get to these,I just try as much as a could not to look at him * answer me,just say it and I would leave you alone * I said nothing * ok I take your silence for a yes,thanks, bye * he started walking away *
Me: wait * he stopped and turner * if you are leaving that’s probably because you want to because I didn’t give you any reply
Richærd: were you gonna say no,we can be friends?
Me: * straight face * I don’t know
Richærd: then please go out with me on a date
Me: now?
Richærd: yes now
Me: * pretends * impossible
Richærd: please
Me: No
Richærd: please
Me: No
Richærd: Please
Me: I said no nah
Richærd: but am pleading or you don’t wanna be my friend?
Me: * quiet for some minute as he continued ch¡pping in please * ok fine,but wait outside let me get dressed
Richærd: * smiles * yes ma!!!
That was how everything started.
I got dressed and he led me to his car parked outside,he opened the front door for me to enter then shut it,he ran over to his own side and entered droving off.
He drove into a Chinese restaurant, he came down coming to open the door for me,I stepped down feeling like a princess,he took my right hand hanging it in between his arms as we walked in,side,he got a table and we sat down facing each other
Richærd: what’s your say about these place?
Me: * looked around * its nice
Richærd: red is my best colour
Precious: fake colour, pink all the way
Richærd: * laughed * I don’t believe red is fake
Me: why?
Richærd: because these restaurant is dressed in red and you say its nice
Me: mistake then
Richærd: you like roses?
Me: why not?
Richærd: roses are red * smile *
Me: fine,you won,red is beautiful but what about pinks?
Richærd: * inhales * wow,punks are amazing,as amazing as you * he looked deep into my eyes I tried not looking back *
Me: wow thanks,then red are for gentlemen as you
Richærd: * smiles * thanks
Me: why are you smiling?
Richærd: nothing,you are just rom-ntic, so tell me about Miss.Precious
Me: nothing much about her * inhales and exhaled * like you already know am precious,Precious Oyege from a family of 3 children, a boy and two daughters,my the second but first girl
Richærd: wow,so from what state?
Me: delta
Richærd: Oyege,does delta bear such?
Me: why not,oyah enough of me,what about you?
Richærd: oh forgive my manners, waiter,waiter,over here please * the waiter came * so if I didn’t call you you wouldn’t come to take my orders?
Waiter: sorry sir,I was coming to attend to you sir before you came
Richærd: you Manuel please * the waiter stretched it to him * no,give it to her to make a choice
Me: * i was shy,not having anything in mind to order for i quickly said * no,am ok
Richærd: don’t worry,just get Chinese spiced Chicken for two and a cream wine
Waiter: ok sir * immediately he left another brought two hot towels,I pretended like I actually knew how its being used,using side eyes to watch the way Richærd used it to warm his hand and then return,I did same then the guy left *
Me: so introduce yourself
Richærd: like you already know am Richærd,from a family of two kids,a boy and a girl,from Ogun state
Me: so your father don’t have a name?
Richærd: I don’t get? * the order was brought and placed on the table,it was really smoking showing its hot *
Me: * today nah today,how are my going to tear a wh0le full chicken without being childish * I mean your surname
Richærd: oh,am Richærd Williams,does that ring a bell? * he opened the wine and poured for the both of us *
Me: umm yes,the president nah but you ain’t * taking the wine he poured for me to drink at lest to use it in suspending the chicken till it gets cold *
Richærd: * laughed at length * yes you are right am not the president, am his son,the President’s son
Me: * my hand seem to stop working for a while,I brought down the tumbler * the son? you are kidding me right? * he started cutting his chicken hot*
Richærd: why should I be kidding you? aint eating?
Me: is these food * it just dropped from my mouth *
Richærd: hahaha what is it called then?
Me: sorry,I mean are you using food to coverup
Richærd: no
Me: hmmm,Precious,in the same table with the president son!! * I murmured to myself *
Richærd: pardon,what did you say?
Me: me! no o nothing
Richærd: ok,why not eat ?
Exactly the problem now, where do I start from in cutting these chicken,if I was to be home now in my lodge I can eat it any how I want,see people everywhere, if I f–k up now they would laugh thinking am bush.
Richærd: is anything the matter?
Me: not at all
Richærd: * stopped eating and looked straight into my eyes* Precious,I love you,I think its right I let you know.
oh God is faithful,these is an opportunity for me to leave to escape these chicken
Me: * forming anger,in a low voice * was that why you brought me here,I don’t blame you,so these is the friendsh¡p you said you wanted? sorry,wrong number * I stood up and started hurrying away,he stood to stop me but I was too fast for him,people turned watching so he stayed calm,maybe to avoid embarrassment,he quickly signaled the waiter to come,I don’t know what happened next because I went out,got a bike back to my lodge,I opened my door,threw my bag down and fell on the bed
Me: thank you lord for saving me from these embarrassment I would have given myself all in the name of chicken..

Episode 6

As I laid on bed reflecting on all that happened in the Restaurant between me and Richærd,I couldn’t just stop myself from smiling.
Richærd proposing to me was cool because I know pretty well that am naturing feelings for him but I think I shouldn’t just accept now,me accepting quickly to his proposal would make it look like I accepted because I found out he is the President’s son.
maybe I would had said yes to him or better still “let me think of it and give you a reply” if I hadn’t find out his true identity. A knock dropped on the door
Me: who is there,open up the door isn’t locked * the door opened and Richærd surfaced,immediately I jumped up on my feet *
Richærd: what’s wrong,why did you leave like that? * he asked innocently holding a branded bag,I didn’t answer,I just mopped * did I say something bad?
Me: what where you expecting? that I should jump on you because you are a first class citizen of these country and you proposed to me? no tell me !
Richærd: no,its not like that * looks confused * ok fine,am sorry,here is the meal you left behind * he stretched it to me but I didn’t accept it so he dropped it on the table beside him there in my room* take care.
He turned back and left the room,I don’t know if to say sorry or let him go but I decided to left him go,though I felt bad the way I treated him but many things ran through my mind,things like ” is he for real or just a player,isn’t he a student,what is he up to,are mine doing the right thing etc ” I weakly sat on my bed trying to control my thoughts
Me: are my falling in love with him or its just an infatuation? oh God,am not sure of what I feel,just help me * I murmured to myself *
Hours later I took the bag and opened it,I brought out the contents of the bag,a rose flower, stick to it its a designed card which reads ” never forget you had a friend like me because I would never forget I had an angel as you” my heart beat increased
Me: does these mean I good bye * scared *
I put it down on my bed and brought out the already packaged spices chicken then a bottle of creamed wine.
I get them out not knowing what else to do.
I finally decided I was going to apology to him once I see him the next day.
That night Jerry and James came to my lodge,it was already 7,I opened up the door for them
Me: * trying to hide my sadness * what are you guys walking about for,your mates are sleeping
James: nna keep quiet, be happy we came
* I guess Jerry’s feet hit the wine I kept on the floor beside the bed earlier *
Jerry: * picking it up,the room was dark * abeg on light,on light,na which kind wine be dis, on the light na
Me: * struggling in the dark to collect it from him * drop that thing
James: * switching on the light * bros na creamy wine o,that type wey we get for Caroline wedding,wait something is scenting ing these room like chicken * sighting it * check that thing there
Jerry: ehhhhey na Chinese spice chicken o * I stopped struggling and watched them both *
James: Precious you wicked,so you have money to buy all these and you couldn’t call us?
Me: * sat on the bed * I didn’t buy it that guy did
Both: who?
Me: Richærd!
Both: who is Richærd
Jerry: tell us so we can go and make friends with him first thing tomorrow morning
Me: its that same guy that I told you both about
James: o lo lo look
Jerry: is like that dude is f—–g rich
James: a GEE boy
Me: that’s your President son
Both: president?
James: hahaha,he wants to dupe you be that
Me: what do you mean?
James: president son in university of Lagos when plane never burn finish and the visa embassy never die
Jerry: aunty president abi even governor children don’t school in Nigeria even self e hærd to see a local government chairman pikin for Nigeria e come be president pikin
Me: * I was about saying something when the flashback came to my head * he is the President son, I can remember I saw him with his father the last time I went to abuja,yes it was Richærd,how come I forgot these,he was the one who came down from one of those Ranges that day while I was walking with Michael,he was the guy mopping at me
James: are you talking to us?
Jerry: who is Michael?
Me: oh my God,how come I forgot
Both: forgot what
Me: him
Jerry: who?
Me: never mind,let’s eat the chicken together
Jerry: and the wine!
Me: we drink it
The next morning I took my bath,got dressed and left to classes,I was I class when I realized that my monthly visitor was around,I was on easy,I was already feeling stained but thanks to God I was on black skirt,I just kept to my seat even after every lecture and with the rough plays of most of my course guys who were crushing on me. I noticed Jerry and James knew I wasn’t comfortable but didn’t ask
after their lectures I walked to the female toilet,brought out tissue paper from my bag,cleaned up myself and used some to serve as pad till I get home because I was really hoping to see Richærd before going home.
on coming out of the toilet I saw Ella our assistant course rep
Ella: hi Precious * smiling *
Me: hi
Ella: are you ok?
Me: yes am ok,thanks * walked pass *
I looked around for Richærd but didn’t see him,I don’t even know if he is a student or not,even if he is I don’t know his department.
for three days I did not see Richærd,I tried calling but I couldn’t find the number he called me with
I kept expecting him to come to my lodge as usual but he never turned up.
the 5th day being Monday,after classes I saw Richærd seated on his car,my heart skipped,I tried to being myself before walking up to him but before I got to him I saw Ella run to him and they embraced
Richærd: look at my baby,I missed you
Ella: no no no I missed you more.
I was so shocked and dumb founded,Ella of all people with Richærd. I just turned and walked home not only disappointed but with pains in my heart.

Episode 7

I could feel my legs wobbling and unable to carry my wh0le body as I walked to my lodge.
I managed to get home under a trembling feet,I was opening the door when a neighbour Nneka greeted
Nneka: Peepe hafa na
I turned to answer but in my sorrow tears dropped out of my eyes instead
Nneka: * surprised * ah why are you crying?
Me: are my crying? * my hand going to my eyes as I have successful unlocked the door
Nneka: eyah,eeeheyee,so person fit cry without im notice,sorry no vex,you no dey cry,I forget say na another new pattern of laughter be that * started walking away * I didn’t reply her,I just watched her go out of the gate murmuring to herself then I entered in,side,that was when the main tears started following.
I never realized I have gotten to love Richærd these deep to the extent of feeling jealous seeing him with another woman,I never thought I could cry for love,why Ella of all people,she is the only girl in my department competing beauty with me,she is just naturally beautiful maybe that’s why am more jealous,maybe if it had been other department girl I wouldn’t mind.
I was so busy playing hærd to get forgetting they are other girls who are even willing to woo him for them self but I was ready to apologise to him,I was ready to tell him how sorry I was.
I kept thinking to myself till I slept off.
The next day I didn’t go for lectures, i just stayed in my room all through,I just needed time to get myself together again but the thought of Richærd wouldn’t just leave my head.
The next day I got ready for classes and left,but throughout the duration of the lectures my eyes where on Ella,I just couldn’t concentrate,before we had the last lecture for the day in the school complex hall James walked up to me
James: hi Precious
Me: * coldly * hi
James: you look dull today why?
Me: do i? no am not dull
James: ok o but these is not the lively precious I know
Me: dear,am just not feeling too well
James: ok was that why you didn’t come for classes yesterday?
Me: yea
James: bae you missed o that yesterday
Me: gist me,what happened?
James: it was Ella’s birthday na,come and see the way drinks were flying
Me: hmmm,really?
James: remember that guy that was disturbing you that year
Me: who,Richærd?
James: yes Richærd,he was just all over her,come and see,he even told us he would be hosting us all these Saturday for Ella’s birthday party at Eden Garden
Me: * my heart was melting * that’s good,it would be a big one at lest you guys would enjoy it
James: you are coming along right?
Me: nop,I have better things doing
James: like?
Me: reading
James: c’mon don’t tell me you are jealous,shey these guy asked u out first but you refused,you should be happy he found someone else and that person is our Ella
Me: * stood up and pick my books * see you later,I need to go to the ICT to sort something.
James: hmmm precious, are you really sick?
I didn’t answer him,I just walked out of the class,I sighted Richærd at his normal s₱0t,I wonder the kind of student he his,not attending classes maybe because his father is the President.
I pretended not to see him as I walked passed
Richærd: hello Precious
Me: * using my hand * hello * I walked passed him * to the Library **not ICT**
I stayed in there till I felt like going home,on coming out I saw Ella and Richærd,they were seated together charting and laughing,I just walked pass them and started walking home.
For that week I wasn’t really focused, it pains me the more knowing he doesn’t care anymore about my existence,imagine Richærd signaling me “hello” I just have to forget him and move on after all nothing happened between us in the first instance do I have to forge ahead because if I keep remembering Richærd I might even end up having carryovers.
I tried moving on but mere seeing him on campus makes my heart skip.
On Saturday afternoon Jerry and James came to my lodge
Jerry: Precious, hafa
Me: fine
James: these week you just dey look somehow
Me: meaning?
James: you are too dull
Me: na you sabi
Jerry: so are you ready?
Me: ready for what?
James: don’t tell me you mean you ain’t going to attend Ella’s party?
Me: am going nowhere jhoor,I want to sleep
Jerry: sleep?
James: which kind sleep
Me: afternoon sleep
James: bae stop these nah and let’s go
Me: sorry
Jerry: leave her if she says she is not going let’s go
James: no wahala but these thing wey you do I no like am,you big pass am
Me: go make una come back come gist me
James: me! come back here after these thing wey you just do?
Me: abeg na
Jerry: we go come,oyah James let’s go * they walked out of the room but james surfaced again *
James: so you mean am say you no dey go?
Me: am not going na
Jerry: James come na let’s go * that was when he finally left *
In the night as at 10:30 pm that was when their knocks on the door woke me,I stood up and walked to the door opening it
Me: don’t tell me its noe you guys are returning * locking my door *
Jerry: you won’t understand, the party was wow
James: please let’s sleep here,our hostel gate is locked
Me: gist me how it went
Jerry: you won’t believe it,that guy is not a student of these school
Me: which guy
James: your Richærd
Me: James stop it please
James: sorry o
Jerry: he is truly the president’s son,every of our department mates present there now knows and he schooled in Paris
Me: hmmm
James: abeg you ain’t telling her the main news,do you know that Ella is Richærd’s first cousin and not his girlfriend
Me: * it resounded in my ear * she’s what?

The story continues

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