President Son And I



Episode 8

James: * looked surprised * oh you no hear that one? I said Ella is Richærd’s first cousin
Me: you are kidding me right?
James: Jerry are my lying?
Jerry: stop wasting time to convince her shey we told her to come along she said she is not interested abeg show me where to sleep jhoor
Me: * making that childish face * urm that’s not fair
Jerry: yes it’s black,I even forget to tell you the sweetest part of it,we collected your own share of the food and drink and ate it
Me: * sigh * thought is something better, you guys should sleep in that corner,take that wrapper over there
James: ok but you miss sha
I just laid down silently on my bed,thinking to myself,if what I just heard is true then Richærd has lost interest in me or is probably very angry with me,what should I do now to make him start noticing me again,I really think I should go apologise to him and pretend its just an ordinary apology then he would have an idea that I still want him and start coming again,no no no that would make me look cheap,I must have to do something and fast.
I was still thinking when I slept off I was awoken early the next morning by James and Jerry that they were going so I stood up and opened up the door for them to leave then locked back,it was Sunday already.
I went back to sleep,I wokeup finally by seven thirty and went into the bathroom to prepare for church
I wasn’t settled within me but i was really struggling to be,the thought of Richærd has eaten me up and it seem to be making me dull each day.
I got ready for church and left,it was a Catholic church,the mass already started before I got to church,it was the second mass.
after the first reading other members who came later were permitted in,side,I didn’t take notice of people that joined my seat but I realized I was perceiving a familiar perfume, I just don’t know what turned my head to see people sitting with me,I saw him moping and smiling at me,by his side was seated Ella. immediately I felt my heartbeat increased
Richærd: hi,is these your church also?
I wanted to reply but couldn’t,I found myself giving him a forced out smile as a reply then my eyes met with that of Ella but she said nothing,for the rest of the mass duration I can’t tell what happened all I knew was that we had offering and communion any other thing that happened aside that precious don’t know.
when the mass was over I stoop up with my bag containing just my bible and bulletin for the for the Sunday mass and lodge key and started walking out unnoticed but on getting outside I met Richærd and Ella,I didn’t notice they had gone out of the church before me
Richærd: avoiding me?
Me: me,avoid you,why?
Richærd: I don’t know,well you look like the angels in heaven on these outfit
Me: thanks but you don’t look bad either
Ella: Richy let’s go
Richærd: hey easy am talking to someone
Ella: someone am angry with abi
Me: angry with me? what did I do?
Ella: ask me again * since our year one I had never had a one on one chat with Ella,I just walked closer to her ignoring Richærd first *
Me: dear what’s my offence?
Ella: why didn’t you come to my birthday party
Me: oh that?
Ella: would you say you had no idea Saturday was my birthday party?
Me: I knew,my friend told me but…
Ella: but you couldn’t come because am not your friend
Me: no dear not that,I was ill * lied *
Richærd: ill?
Ella: ill, what happened?
Me: its fever * lied *
Ella: so sorry about that
Richærd: how are you now?
Me: fine,I should be going now
Ella: ok see u in school
Richærd: no let’s drop you off
Me: no thanks
Ella: don’t refuse it please,use that to make up for my birthday that you missrd
Me: *smile* ok thanks
we all walked to where he parked his car and entered.
when he got to my lodge I came down from the car
Ella: hope I srr you in school tomorrow?
Me: yes
Richærd: have a nice Sunday
Me: thanks * he started his engines * Richærd?
Richærd: yes? * he turned off the car *
Me: *looking down* am sorry for the way I treated you
Richærd: oh,C’mon come over that,you did nothing wrong
Me: * still looking down * thanks * walking away *
Richærd: how about dinner these evening,just the three of us? *he shouted*
Me: * smile* ok
Richærd: see ya then by evening *he starts his engine once again and drove off leaving dust in the air*
wow,I felt refreshed as in anew again
Me: yes,yes *I started running into the compound out of happiness,I really couldn’t wait till evening,I was eager to see him again *I opened my door and got in falling on the bed flat
Me: I can’t believe these I’d happening,Ella my new friend? wow,Richærd is back,oh yes *I talked to myself like we were two in the room,I was hungry but I don’t wanna eat, I don’t want anything that would rule that the dinner date for me.
I just laid on the bed smiling to myself over and over again like one who started madness newly
I stayed indoors till five thirty then I went into the bath room to clean up,being a woman is really not easy,before six thirty I was done preparing but no sign of Richærd nor Ella,I was peeping throw the window at interval hoping to see one of them surface again but no signs of either of them,by 7:00 I was already getting frustrated or had he changed his mind! I had to go outside the gate checking on him,I even stood there till 7:30pm but no sign of them,I was pissed up,I went back to my lodge and angrily shut the door,I don’t even have either of them contact to communicate them,I laid down on the bed and realized tears dropping from my eyes,I really wish to see Richærd,my Richærd.
I laid still on the bed till I slept off,it was an incoming call that woke me up,I checked the time and it was 9pm,the caller was Michael my elder brother. I picked up the call and we spoke over the phone for about ten minutes before saying goodnight to each other.
I sat up,took off my dress and wore my Skippy night wear,when into the bath room to wash of the makeups on my face
Me: * sad * my makeup just wasted because of Richærd,no problem,I came back to room,I saw my phone screen light on and picked it up,two miss calls,no name just number
Me: who is these one that wants to annoy me these night again * the phone began ringing again,same number * hello,who is these
Ella: its me Ella,come open your gate for us to drive in
Me: Ella?
Ella: yes,we are outside your gate * hung up *
Mr: Jesus,they are here
I quickly opened my door,rushed to the gate,opened it and Richærd drove in,I locked back the gate,Ella step down
Ella: sorry we are disturbin,Richærd’s car got spoilt,before we could finish the repairs it was :8 30already so we just decided to buy the dinner and bring it down here instead of taking you out late *Richærd came out of the car*
Me: no nah you shouldn’t have bothered,we can always go out another day
Richærd: am so sorry
Me: not your fault so don’t be sorry
Ella: let’s go in please
Me: in? erm,erm,ok
Richærd: hey girls come help me out with the food * we both got to the back seat parking the things there out *
Ella: *on getting in,side* its ten already,Richærd are you sure we ain’t gonna be sleeping over?
Me: *my heart skipped hearing that* sleep where?
*I said inwardly*
Richærd: just pray I don’t get drunk so I can drive you home.
those words resounded in my ears,I knew I was in for it these night.

Episode 9

Wondered how tonight was going to be with these two sleeping over,to me it kind of looks funny to me.
Ella: * seating on the bed * okay let’s see what we have here * she opened the well and neatly sealed carton * wow piazza, my favourite * she opened another * she looked puzzled * ah Richærd,why did you let them package these fried rice for you like these
Richærd: *innocently* I don’t want it pouring away while am driving because I know you won’t carry them
Ella: well its still very hot but I thought I asked you to get me basmati rice? *making an angry face*
Richærd: I got them na,keep checking
Ella: it better be o * I just stood at the corner watching the two of them displaying,she opened the remaining three cartons containing her basmati rice,a large quantity of already cut chicken while the last carton has a reasonable sized cake in it,I wonder if it was party but at these point the aroma of the food was all over my room*
Me: * pretending like I wasn’t really hungry * is these another set of party?
Richærd: * smiling * what do you think?
Ella: Richy where is the stew for my basmati rice ?
Richærd: ooops,we left them in the car I guess, Precious can we go get them please?
Me: ok
Ella: thanks and please Richy there is another wine under the front seat please help me get it
Richærd: ok
We both went outside,he opened the car showing my the plastic take-away the stew was in while he went to the front seat Ella was seated earlier bringing out a bottled wine from the under then we started heading in,side
Richærd: wait * I stopped and turned to him he smiled * I forgot to tell you how beautiful you are looking to night
Me: * smiles * stop pulling my legs
Richærd: no I mean it
Me: okay thanks
Richærd: you are welcome
Me: are you always these rom-ntic ? * the question just fell off my mouth,he looked into my eyes and gave a funny smile *
Richærd: why should I accredit myself?
Me: sorry I asked just that as a kid from a rich home I was expecting a pompous guy not a cool one * forced out a little smile *
Richærd: well am not always cool,I have got my terrible side you might not like about me and beside it wasn’t as if a was really born with a silver spoon! just that God was faithful enough to favour my family
Me: wow,you weren’t born with a silver spoon?
Richærd: yea,I was 15 when daddy started making it,then my little sister was just 12
Me: okay,am really impressed with the little a know about you,you know that wouldn’t stop some men from being pompous,rude and all that
Richærd: I barely know anything about you but I feel I had known it all
Me: meaning?
Richærd: Precious, its hærd to live without you,you are the reason while am here in Lagos and still here
Me: * my heart was beating faster again * please can we go in,side,Ella must be waiting for us now
Richærd: sorry if I said the wrong words to you,let’s go * started walking *
Me: Richærd * he stopped but didn’t turn * you said nothing wrong,your words really makes me feel special
Richærd: really? * turned to face me smiling * wow that’s because you are special
Me: thanks * we smiled at each other and started walking back in,side,if these was going to be the only thing I achieved tonight then am ready cool with it because to me its already a memorable night. on getting in,side Ella has already dished a small portion of the fried rice into a plate she got from my lodge and was eating *
Ella: I was even thinking you both decided to sleep outside
Me: hahaha
Ella: are you gonna eat basmati rice with me?
Me: ok,make it two spoons
Richærd: what about me?
Ella: oh,you eat food too? I don’t know o * she joked *
Richærd: I refer the fried rice self
Ella: better for you o,because I won’t allow you eat these one except Precious would take the job of feeding you * I felt shy *
that night was fun,I just can’t forget in a hurry,we ate and played like we were kids,we got over feed but who cares,we kept eating,when it was remaining just one meat Ella took it while myself and Richærd kept chasing her round the room,till was really fun filled till Richærd got drunk,myself and Ella had to force him to sleep,it was around 3:17 then then we all retired to bed,it was only the cake that was untouched.
I wokeup by 8 waking Ella along
Me: its 8 already,we have missed the first class
Ella: I didn’t come along with any cloth so I should be going home but Richærd is still sleeping because he got drunk
Me: * I looked at Richærd were he laid down on the floor,I realized my room was really in a mess * I have got some nice clothes,c’mon it’s gonna fit you,we are same size
Ella: what about Richærd?
Me: we leave him here,he should be up before we get back
Ella: ok
Me: that’s the bathroom,go bath first
Ella: ok
she stood up and entered the bathroom while I stood up searching through my bags looking for dress for Ella but she opened the bathroom door calling on me
Ella: Precious
Me: yes? *went closer*
Ella: * frowning * the shameless woman is here * she whispered *
Me: who?
Ella: my monthly follow,please do you have pad?
Me: ok just bath,I have some left
Ella: thanks,please am nude already,check my bag’s side zip you would see I tied nylon I have two undies there,gave me one
Me: ok * I checked her bag as instructed and it was like she said,I gave her one and she shut the door back,funny girl,carrying p-nties along with her *
we got dressed and left for class,Richærd was still sleeping when we left,on getting to class our second lecturer was already in class,Ella wasn’t really happen she was late * maybe because she is the assistant class rep *
we sat at same seat at the back till classes were over,most of our class mates who knew us too well not to had been friends were surprised seeing us seat and chat together,James and Jerry were just observing from their own end.
as soon as classes where over they came to meet us
Jerry: birthday girl wadup
Ella: hahaha,am fine,you?
Jerry: how can I be fine when I had been dreaming of you ever since
Ella: dream well
James: Presh Presh,I dey fear u oo
Me: why?
James: you just dey shine * most times he is unreasonable *
Me: wetin you come mean
James: we dey come your house by six,cook oh
Me: no wahala,come o
Jerry: Ella,take care
Ella: you too
Me: so Jerry because of Ella you no dey see me again?
Jerry: no vex,the love don blind me
Me: hahaha
Ella: that’s how you men talk,Precious let’s go jhare
James: exam timetable is out o
Me: really?
James: yes,two weeks time,I will get you one when coming these evening
Me: you are such a darling
Jerry: Ella I would get you one too
Me: hahaha,you and Ella who go get for each other
Jerry: na wa for you Precious o,you no even let her tell me that am such a darling?
Ella: do you know my lodge?
Jerry: if you tell me I will know
Ella: we talk later,Precious can we go now?
Me: okay,ain’t you guys going with us
James: no,let me try and see if I can change my school fees receipt
Me: ok bye
Ella: bye
on our way home Ella asked if I was dating james
Ella: are you dating James?
Me: no,he is just a friend
Ella: who are you dating?Me:
brokeup long ago,about 8months ago
Ella: wow,that’s a hell of time
Me: yea
getting home myself and Ella were surprised Richærd swept the room already and arranged everywhere into a new shape
Ella: Richærd? so you can work these much?
Me: oh my God,you should have
Richærd: its nothing,your bedsheets is with the dry cleaner at that green shop,I have paid him,though I told him to bring it once its dry
Me: wow,thanks a lot
Ella: can we go now?
Me: so soon,ain’t you going to take a little rest first?
Ella: you know my condition na,let me get to my lodge
Me: okay
Ella: Richy have you eaten?
Richærd: sure,I cooked
Both: cooked?
Richærd: yes,beans,open your pot
Me: *I rushed to the pot with Ella following, I opened the pot*Jesus
Ella: these is serious love,are you sure it won’t porge her
Richærd: *I was just sprechless*let’s go jhare
Ella: okay,Precious i will call you
Me: okay *we hugged*
Richærd came close k-ssing my l-ips so quick,I felt it deep down
Richærd: please come open the gate
*I followed them out,opened the gate and he drove out*
Richærd: check under your pillow * he shouted out *
I shout the gate and went in,side already missing them,I won’t joke with that Richærd’s food,I said to my self.
“check under your pillow” those words flash my mind,I quickly raised it. he wrote his two numbers on my pillow, these guy is crazy,on the bed as a paper neatly folded,on its back was written “My Intoto Diction To My Love” I took it and opened it,on it was the finest writeup a man can ever give to a woman,you won’t believe want these guy had composed…


I opened my mouth wide in surprise reading through his note,it reads:
Today my heart was completely filled with the
thought of you,I began thinking of amazing
things to tell u just to put smiles on ur beautiful
face then I got an intoto idea of creating
something awesome with the alphabets.
Am gonna create something great with A-Z and I
hope u really enjoy this and while u read I know u
will be flabbergasted but I need your smile to
keep me going.
Take a deep breath,relax and calm your
anxiety,look back,side ways,up and down as I hope u enjoyed it,that’s what I
wanted to create with the alphabets.
Just kidding,now read this
I just want to remind u to (ABC) Always Be
Careful and (DEFG) Don’t Ever ForGet that I am
(HI) Happily Inlove with you,please and please
(JKLM) Just Keep Loving Me and have this
always in mind that (NOPQRS) No Other Person
Quiet ReaSonable will ever stop loving you.
Now listen as I take it one one for u,just know
that (T) Till death do us part,the wh0le (U)
Universe would (V) Vividly know you are mine.
Calm down,I don’t know if this is making sense
to u but lest I forget,I believe and accept that
(W) Wonderous laughter would be ours.
Nop nop nop I don’t wanna hear ur say okay!
believe it or leave it our love will never be (X) X-
my ( Y) Yen and ( Z) Zeal is to keep loving u
Richærd has killed it right? How would a k-ss feel
on ur l-ips? if am to say (PBML) it would be meaning Please Be My Lover,would you say no to these??
Ifound myself reading and laughing out loud in some part of it
Me: these guy is really amazing, he seem to be leaving me with surprises every minute of my life,wow,these is breath taking,I wish it was face to face I would be saying a big yes to you Richærd * I sat on my bed for a while * no,I better safe guide these and never to loose it,its a special property now.
I stood up,opened the part of my bag a considered safe for the moment and kept it there.
I went to the pot,dishing out reasonable portion of the porridge beans into a plate,I took a seat dropping the food on my only table which serves me for reading too and scoped a spoon into my mouth,it tasted great,I really don’t like beans and if it was to be home it was cooked I won’t dare tasting it but I found myself rushing these meal of mine cooked by Richærd, I was in the second plate when Jerry and James came in,on seeing me eating they went for their own spoons and joined me
James: * as we were eating * Christ,so u can cook beans like these,omo I give u hand* I just smiled *
Jerry: but I thought you don’t like beans,these one wey you cook beans to sweet like these come dey chop am and we come join you without questions hope its not poisoned hahaha
James: that’s true,when did you start cooking beans
Me: I go carry these beans commot here o,keep quiet and eat
Both: sorry ma
James: but you can cook o,you get A1 parallel for beans cooking
Me: * dropping my spoon * no be me cook am * I was filled already *
Jerry: who come cook these kind sweet beans
James: yes who cooked it,I need to marry that girl,you know beans is my best food and because of these very beans i will put it in doc-mentation that beans is my best food
Jerry: hahaha,na which kind brother God give me so * I was just staring at them but my thoughts where on Richærd *
James: tell us the girl nah
Me: its Richærd, Ella’s cousin * come and see pausing from the two guys *
Both: you say??
Me: yes,its your fellow guy that cooked it Mr beans is my best food.
both fall on the floor with their spoons still in their hands and stopped laughing to the extent tears were dropping from their eyes,it even got me confused
Me: what’s funny?
James: * trying to control his laughter * you no fit lie sha
Me: am not lying
James: * still trying to control his laughter * maybe is not the guy I know
Jerry: * laughing and talking * no be that one dey funny me,as I open these door come see as aunty dey rush the food,chai I no even know say na because say na that guy cook am
James: meaning if na poison all of us for don die just like that hahahaha
Me: * carrying the food * when una laff finish make una begin go una hostle,no more beans for the two of you
Jerry: * now trying to control his laughter and standing up from the floor * no vex,we are just playing,bring the beans
James: yes its play,abeg add more beans for that plate
Me: after eating two plates? never
Jerry: who know how many plates you don chop b4 we come rescue you because nah suicide you be ready for with these beans * both resumed laughter again *
Me: yeyeh guys * I stood up and added more beans for them
After eating the both of them start down on the table
Me: don’t break my table
James: Richærd would buy new one
Me: he picks money abi
James: hahaha,na me and you money o e still dey spend for your head so chop am with out apology
Me: abeg oh Richærd is not my boyfriend and he isn’t spending on me so no go talk am make people hear
Jerry: abeg how can I get Ella,am dying for that girl like craze
Me: see me o,are my Ella,didn’t you see her in school to tell her,that reminds me,James,where is my exam timetable you promised
James: no fear,e dey my pocket
Jerry: but I saw you and her today nah so you should be able to help me
James: she was even wearing you dress
Me: and?
Jerry: please nah help me,I will treat her well o I promise
Me: Jerry I can only tell her only after you must had approached her and not the other way round
Jerry: but you would help right?
Me: sure
Jerry: thanks,at lest e no go bad if I become in law to oga presido na
Me: oh is that the latest now?
Jerry: no,ah no nah,I just dey talk,no vex
Me: better
James: oyah Jerry let’s go,at lest we have eaten night food here prepared by aso rock,maybe in the next few days we won’t go angry again
Jerry: ah,na Jesus?
James: Precious,help me answer
Me: abeg una kom dey go,you guys have over stayed
James: you dey chase us now abi,you don get Richærd na,why you no go chase me,your old husband
Me: I hear,no vex dey go
Jerry: hahaha,James go na abi na by force?
Me: oyah you,follow your brother,una don try.
After they left,Richærd’s call came came in almost immediately,I knew it was his call,his numbers were already stored in my head,I felt my heartbeat increase.


I picked up my phone and took in the calls,like I said earlier it was Richærd calling,he was calling to ask me if i had seen the note he left me,I told him that I had seen it and was about going to collect my bedsheets from the dry cleaner since he hadn’t brought it back,he said ok but he would like to get an answer from what i read in his Intoto diction,I told him it was nice and lovely and the best gift anyone had ever offered me so far,he was impressed but said that wasn’t the answer he was seeking but I further covered up by telling him how rom-ntic he had been so far ” Richærd,u are full of surprises,the most rom-ntic guy i have ever come across,you are really amazing and I love that composure of yours,I have been reading it over and over,not that your handwriting is fine o,but really that composure of yours is flabbergasting and mind blowing,I wonder how you managed to put those words together,dear you are a genius” he said thanks and was like am making his head swallow but that I was yet to answer or tell him what he wanted to hear,I knew what he was asking but pretended and asked him what answer he was talking about,he said he needed answers to his last question in the note, I quickly tried covering up with another topic but he was the smart type,even when I asked after Ella he simply said that wasn’t the topic,so I just had to let him know my mind at the moment so I replied him ” please don’t see me as rude,but I can’t answer you that question,if really you need an answer please approach me the right way”. He was silent for some seconds before speaking up again,asking me if we can meet after i must have been through with classes and I said yes,we talked about other things and I thanked him for the beans he had cooked earlier,praising him as a good cook,I even went as far as relating what James and Jerry said about the food,he was just laughing uncontrollably like one who just inhaled a laughing gas,like seriously I never wished for the call to end,so I went further to asked him about his girlfriend, he told me he was once dating the daughter of the vice President * Ibrahim Isa * they brokeup about four months ago because the girl was so full of herself and was just too proud for a human,he said they started dating when her father and his father was tagged up as running mates for the election,accord
ing to him he visited Nigeria then from his school in Paris and met her in their house,she was indeed beautiful and his mother * now the first lady * pushed him into dating her and he couldn’t refuse because the girl was indeed beautiful and he was already liking her at first sight,they started dating before he went back to school and that was about three months to the election * I can’t really recollect,he had said * everything was going on well till the girl visited him in Paris,she was just so lazy and over demanding,she likes giving orders but never takes none,he said while she was in his flat in Paris on her first visit she was a lazy a-s,on her second visit she revealed her other side which was nagging and jealousy,her own jealousy was off limit but he said he understood her actions then being that she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth with the rest of her two siblings,she was spoilt to the call by her parents being that she was also the only girl in three children so he controlled his temper toward her,then on her third visit she came along with the beast in her,maybe she was tired of dropping them along while coming to see him * he said * he said he cane back from classes that very day only to meet her lying like a dead wood in his bed,the worst part was that she didn’t inform him of her coming but that really didn’t piss him off,the part that pissed him off was that fact that his room was loitered with bottles of all sort of drinks and about three packets of cigar, he didn’t believe it was his woman so he left the room and walked in again hoping to see clearly thinking it was all an illusion but it wasn’t afterall,he quickly woke her up asking her firstly why she didn’t inform him she was coming,when she spoke to him her mouth sinks,she simply asked him if there was something he was hiding that would make her take permission before coming to see her man,at lest he understood that,that she mustn’t take permission before every of her visit so he pushed that aside and asked her who took the liquid contents in those bottles lying on the floor and the cigarettes scattered all over the room,she gave him a weird laughter and asked he how many people he had met in the room on his arrival or did he meet any body leaving the room on his arrival,at first he thought he was hallucinating but she repeated the questions again ” so you smoke and drink? ” he asked ” stop shouting as if its something wrong ” she had rebuked him ” no nah,I smoke and drink and you my girlfriend also smoke and drink,what kind of kids do you want us to bear when we get married? I don’t even smoke half of what you had smoked now in a day” he fired ” oh is it all about the cigar? don’t worry,I came with cocaine,I can strick to with with just a little of cigar smoking ” she smiley told him,he was shocked deep down ” you take cocaine? ” he asked again to be sure she meant it ” what’s the big deal,every normal girl does or you think am kidding? ” she dipped her hand into her bag and brought out a sealed white substance, he was shocked,as in re-shocked that was how they began having issues every day,with him trying to stop her from those stuff * he explained *I felt for him but was really shocked also to learn Richærd smokes but I kept those question in my head for another day because I would to tell him face to face when he would be asking me out that I Precious Oyege can’t date a guy who smokes and drink till he gets drunk because I don’t want a man that would turn me to rainbow by adding another complexion to my skin with beating all in the name of marriage or relationsh¡p, anyway I know the kind of brother I have,Michael Augustine my brother won’t take such for any man who would try such with his precious kid sisters.
I asked him how long they had dated and what really brought the break up,he said they dated for about two years,he told me one certain period she set him up,leaving cocaine in his room when going back and immediately she left he was quick to notice it so he quickly flashed it in to the toilet thinking she might come back for it once she finds out she left it behind but instead as he was in the toilet flashing it his door bell rang,he thought she had come back for it so he quickly flashed it and went to answer the door after washing his hand only to see two policemen standing in his door post that they received an information that he is into drugs and would like to search his flat, he ushered them in and they turned the flat upside down but found nothing,but they insisted it was from a reliable source therefore they must run a medical test on him and as at that time he was writing his final year exams. he said the God that saved him was that when his girl came visiting that time,he didn’t touch her being that she had refused to stop drugs so when the test was carried out on him no trace was found in his system so they apologized and let him go.
he was angry with her and called to inform her he has received the message she left behind but she denied it.what finally brought an end to their two years relationsh¡p was that he caught her also injecting drugs into her system that very day in the toilet,then they were already in Nigeria though she came visiting him from school in Australia, he went to shoprite to get her some stuffs she demanded,on his return he couldn’t find her so he began searching for her only to bump into her in the closet injecting her self, he was d–n angry with her,he could have beaten her blue black if not for the position her father holds but he forgave her when she came begging being that it was the first time ever he was seeing her plead for her wrongs both knowing she had other plans,not less than an hour later he caught her at the dinning injecting his own meal,she probably was trying to drug him. that was what put an end to their two years relationsh¡p that they had been struggling with,she took the next available flight back to school in anger and ever since then they had heard nothing of each other although their parents are not aware of their break up except maybe she told them but he didn’t and no body had asked him so far.
his story really weakened me,well I sympathized with him and he said he has moved on.
well we called it a day and wished each other good nights before ending the call that was when I realized we have been on call for hours yet I didn’t feel it nor did I feel bored with any part of the call.
I wasn’t able to go to the dry cleaner again because it was already very late and the guy must had gone home.
I didn’t even bother asking Richærd for the girl’s name and he didn’t tell me either.
I received a text message,opening it,it was Richærd wishing me a good night sleep.


All I just wanted was for
the day to break announcing
tuesday ,I couldn’t just
imagine why some girls
would give themselves to smoking and drinking.
its so absurd.
I finally slept off
The next morning I was ready
for classes,the days lectures
always seem stressful because
its somehow,one lecture from
8 to 10 a.m then another starts
at 1pm,we finally round up at 3pm.
I dressed for lectures after brushing
and taking my bath,then warmed
up the remaining beans and ate
it before leaving the house.
after the 8-10 lecture Ella
came to join me in my seat,
we exchanged greetings,she
apologized for not giving me a
call as promised and also begged
that I can to know her lodge after
classes,I willingly accepted
then she called Richærd right
in my presence asking him to
come into the lecture hall,trust
Nigerians,all attention turned to
him immediately he got in,side
the hall,most girls in my
department took to the notice
me style he tried his best to
ignore them but welcomed their
hailing,he walked up to where
myself and Ella was seated and sat
on the desk,Ella excused herself
immediately that was when it
dawn on me that Ella knew of the
happenings between myself and
Richærd but had pretended all
these while,she has really being
working hand in hand with
Richærd, he sat off the desk
and came joining me on the
same seat smiling
Richærd: you ain’t looking bad
these morning at all
Me: thanks
Richærd: the difference between
you and angels is that they live
in heaven while you leave on
Me: Richærd don’t start flattering
me,we are in class and see some
people mopping
Richærd: am not flattering you,
you are the one taking it that
Me: hmmm,let me just believe you
Richærd: * he kept quiet,staring
into my eyes for sometime,I was
beginning to feel shy *
Me: please stop it
Richærd: I’m staring at you because
I don’t even know where to start
expressing my feelings for you
from,you have really stolen my
heart Precious and I love you
for that,please give me the
opportunity to steal yours
Me: thanks but I really don’t
understand what you are driving
Richærd: be my girl,and I promise
to stand under the rains for you
to to see you dry
Me: * I was speechless for some
time k tried not to stare into his
eyes * I know you do love me and I
feel same way for you but…
Richærd: really you do? but what?
Me: I haven’t seen you smoke yet
but you told me last night that
you smoke, I have seen you get
drunk once and you told me you
drink,yes I can tolerant it if you
drink and don’t get drunk but I
can’t tolerant it when you smoke
even just a stick,all am saying in
essence is that I can’t date a man
with such habit am sorry
Richærd: * he was calm for a while * what if I stop smoking and reduce
my drinking habit?
Me: why not stop?
Richærd: am a man,I need it once
in a while
Me: okay,but please give me time
to think of it.
he thought for a while,we were
talking matured that even the
people seating behind and in front
of us could hærdly figure out what
was going on.
Richærd: that means you are telling
me to go home and die of thinking
please give me an answer now
even if its a no I would understand.
Me: what if am into a relationsh¡p
Richærd: I know you are not,Ella
told me * see casting,no wonder
Ella was asking me the previous
day *
Me: am scared Richærd,please don’t
hurt me
Richærd: I won’t
Me: please don’t break my heart
Richærd: I swear to be the last man
you would ever date in these life, be mine please
Me: * shyly * yes I would be.
He hugged me tightly and
everyone’s attention was drawn
to us
Richærd: thank you so much,
thank you so much.
He stood up and shouted out
Richærd: attention please * everywhere was calm,I wondered
what he was up to * thanks
for your attention,I just want
to tell you all that am inviting you
all these Saturday to the Eden
Garden,come with as much
people as you can,there would
be much to eat and drink,its as
from 8pm till mama callls
Everyone in Class: hhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeyyyy.
some were hitting their desk to
show their happiness,some
jumping,just different kinds of
Richærd: calm down,calm down
* everywhere was calm again * the reason for these party you would
know by that same Saturday but
bear it in mind that its all about
Precious here
All: Precious! Precious!! Precious!!!
* they hailed till he asked for
attention again *
Richærd: these wouldn’t be an any
how party,T-shirts would be printed
and as soon as you come into
the party ground one would be
given you and your name(s) stamped to it immediately
All: Richærd! Richærd!! Richærd!!! *
they hailed *.
he took me up and started walking
out of the hall with me,Ella
jumping behind and the hails
changed to
All: Richærdpresh! Richærdpresh!! Richærdpresh!!! * till we were out
of the hall *.
we got into Richærds car,these
time I was in front with him
while Ella sat at our back
Ella: finally
Richærd: yea baby sis finally * I was
shy still * all thanks to you
Ella: what are we cousins for
Richærd: I owe you big time and
ama make it up to you,I promise
Ella: wow thanks
Richærd: you are welcome
Ella: so where to?
Richærd: your lodge
Ella: it calls for celebration.
Really my mindset changed,I felt anew and really special,I found myself saying inwardly “at long last” I smiled to myself as Richærd zoomed off playing ‘ No One Like You’ by psquare but I was waiting for was to gain privacy with Ella so she can start explaining how Richærd located me to school because right now I am convinced she is behind everything.


Richærd drove till we got to Ella’s lodge,he horned and the gate was opened by a security officer,that alone gave me the impression that it was an expensive hostel Ella was living in.
Richærd drove in and the security guy waved us.
he parked and turned off the engine and we all got down,the compound was indeed a large one with expensive cars parked all over to show that those occupying the builds were children of wealthy parents.
Don’t get me wrong,I didn’t say rich,I said wealthy meaning their parents had passed the level of being rich,in the compound was a magnificent two story building,it was really wide
Ella: welcome to my lodge,how do you see here?
Me: wow,it wow
Ella: thanks,I stay in the first flat on the second building
Me: not bad
Ella: so can we walk?
Me: why not
both of us walked to the stairs and started climbing leaving Richærd behind because he was inspecting round the car but we later noticed him coming behind us,as we were climbing the last stairs
Richærd: J’espère que vous êtes avec
les clés? * hope you are with the keys? *
Ella: n’est-ce pas avec les clés? * ain’t you with the keys? *
Richærd: quel genre de question est-
ce, vous feriez mieux de
commencer à descendre
pour vérifier la voiture parce
que je ne suis pas avec une
clé * what sort of question is that,you better start climbing down to check the car because am not with any key *
Ella: oh Richærd, arrête ces
blagues, je t’ai donné les
clés ce matin alors vérifie ta
poche * oh Richærd,stop these joke,i gave you the keys these morning so check your pocket *
Richærd: * searching his pockets,I guess he touched something * oh yea sorry
Me: what’s that?
Ella: don’t mind him,he forgets a lot. asking me after the key when its right in his pocket
Me: oh * Richærd walked pass us were we stood talking *
Ella: you don’t understand French?
Me: no I don’t
Ella: wow,no problem I would teach you
Me: wow,that would be nice learning.thanks
Ella: but you understand Yoruba?
Me: yea,I understand Yoruba but a little sha then Igbo,Hausa and English
Ella: k know you will understand Hausa,since you told me you were brought up in Abuja but please you will teach me Igbo o,I really want to learn that language, I can speak Yoruba,that’s actually my dialect,then Hausa,of course English and French
Me: wow that’s nice,I will teach you
Ella: thanks,so you teach me Igbo while I teach you French
Me: yea * we continued climbing the remaining stairs *
well I can speak French pretty well and understood the conversation they both had concerning the keys,in fact it was one of those language subjects I enjoyed very well back in my early school stage,we started treating the language right from primary four till my ss3 classes,in fact I wanted to register it as one of my waec subjects if not for my parents advice saying that since I was going to study Economic I shouldn’t register French as one of my subject as its not really needed,instead I should go with important subjects that was what made me drop it,I just said I don’t understand French knowing fully well that now she thinks I don’t understand the language she and Richærd might always want to use it when they don’t want me to understand what they are saying.
on getting to Ella’s door post it was already opened by Richærd who was already in,side.
in,side was really wide,it was a big parlour,having two wide LG flat screens television with those expensive brown kind of colour chairs on a yellow rug designed with pink colours too,at a corner is a deep freezer beside a small dinning table then a water Despenser close,I was just speechless at the sight of things,I was wondering if these is just a school lodge or a life time apartment
Ella: yea yea,welcome to my small flat,its just a three bed room flat and a parlour
Me: * surprised * you call these small? ain’t you the only one here or do you have a flat mate? * Richærd already entered a room *
Ella: flat mate! hell no,oh yea,I do have one,Richærd
Richærd: * coming out from the room * you are sick,naughty girl,sweedy,seat down
Me: *seating* thanks
Ella: well my dad said I should manage here
Me: manage?
Richærd: * switching on one of the television * care for a drink?
Me: hmmm,just chilled water
Richærd: ok,Ella, please help her with water
Ella: okay * walks off *
I was really surprised with what I was seeing,Ella really don’t play big in school,she has never given anyone a reason to suspect she is leaving big even in school,I was beginning to think how discouraged Jerry might be wooing her if he discovers how rich she is in school,well she came back handing me a glass of chilled water from her Despenser which I accepted
Me: I respect your personality Ella
Ella: why?
Me: you are these rich yet you were never showing off,like being pompous,arrogant,proud and those stuffs rich kids normally do in school
Ella: hahaha,dear only empty vessels makes noise,I don’t need to ride others because am from a manageable home after all I don’t know tomorrow
Me: yea,that’s true
Richærd: Ella, jọwọ ran mi gba itoju ti mi
obinrin jẹ ki mi ni kiakia gba
diẹ ninu awọn ohun pẹlú ni
opopona * please help me take care of my woman let me quickly get some things along the road *
Ella: ko si isoro, o kan rii daju pe
o gba mi ju * no problem, just make sure you get mine too *
Richærd: o mọ i yoo gba o nkankan
ani lai ti o béèrè * you know i would get you something even without you asking *
Ella: ok baby
Richærd: * to me * sweetheart,I will be back right now,just a few minute
Me: I won’t miss you,Ella is here
Both: hahaha
Richærd: that’s unfair
Me: don’t cry,you know am just kidding
Richærd: better * planted a k-ss on my l-ips then rushed off *
Yes,these was the perfect opportunity I was seeking for,just to have my privacy with Ella so I can get her to confess to me her role in all these so far,how Richærd got to know I was schooling here after seeing me in abuja and why he has been in Lagos all these while and maybe tell her of Jerry’s feelings for her.


Ella: wow,am so happy for Richærd,he looks fulfilled
Me: why say that
Ella: you finally accepted him *smiles*
Me: you knew about all these from the on start right?
Ella: not really
Me: I don’t believe you, okay tell me how you got involved
Ella: hahaha,actually my mum begged Richærd to bring me some items here in lag since i we are into each other
Me: into each other how?
Ella: I am his favourite cousin of course *smiles*
Me: okay,continue
Ella: when he got the items for me I guess he met you because he came telling me he met a girl right here in my school and he has seen her once in abuja and he actually has feelings her and as God may have it I was quick to discover it was you the next day when he came to drop me off in school
Me: hmmm,interesting
Ella: so tell me,you really like him right?
I couldn’t really her,I just smiled,like seriously most times smiles are better replies to certain questions
Ella: hmmm *smiles* I sense love in that smile of yours
Me: but am scared Ella
Ella: *left the her seating position and sat closer to me* why scared?
Me: am scared Richærd might change some day
Ella: dear you shouldn’t be scared,these is the Richærd I know,he didn’t change to woo you so why would he change after!
Me: people change,its constant
Ella: think positive of everything, live live nothing negative ever exist
Me: thanks,am really encouraged
Ella: can I ask you for something?
Me: why not?
Ella: can stay here with me please,am always bored here alone and I know its same for you right in your lodge,if not for Richærd’s presence I would have been sick
Me: *I was speechless for some seconds* I don’t know what to say in these
Ella: please na,see I ready see you as a sister,I really like you
Me: please don’t feel offended but give me a little time to think about these
Ella: okay but please let it be a positive one
Me: no problem,now its my turn so can I talk to you about something ?
Ella: anything at all
Me: its about my friend,our course mate Jerry
Ella: what about him?
Me: he is silently dying?
Ella: dying? is he sick,tell me please
Me: *I don’t know o but with her curiosity, I could tell she cared* he is dying for you
Ella: for me?
Me: he loves you but he is scared of telling you
Ella: why?,are my going to eat him? please forgive my manners but I think we should forget about that
Me: Ella!
Ella: no,I hate men who ain’t courageous,if he feels anything for me let him walk up to me as a man and tell me,am a woman,if am interested I would accept highest I would ask him for time and if am not I would simply tell him to look else where,is not as if am going to eat or beat him up.
Me: I understand what you mean
Ella: thanks,so if he is dying he dies for himself not me o joor
Me: hahaha
Ella: yes na,so forget him,he should come when he is tired of dying,so how are we gonna celebrate your union with Richærd
Me: hahaha,union! we ain’t married o we are just in a relationsh¡p
Ella: so if my brother ask you to marry him you won’t?
Me: till then!
Ella: hahaha,just say as the spirit leads
Me: you are right *worried* dear I wonder what’s keeping Richærd it almost two hours since he left
Ella: you have time to start thinking of Richærd,you don’t know him yet,he would be there looking for big surprise for you
Me: I don’t want surprise jhoor,I want to be seeing his
Ella: hahaha see love,missing somebody,please Jerry should do and come jhoor so I would have somebody to miss too
Me: hahaha,jealousy
Ella: yes o am becoming jealous of these love,I wonder what you would do when Richærd goes back to abuja
Me: *heart skips* when is he going back?
Ella: I don’t know o,you where the one keeping him now that he is got you who knows he might leave soon because his parents are already disturbing him to come back,his mum especially
Me: *sad* missing him already,please do you know about his ex?
Ella: that one? Zara abi what’s that her name,please forget her,I can’t even remember her name because the mere thought of her irritates me
Richærd: * coming in * hello ladies
our attention turned to him,he was carrying two shopping bags
Ella: wow,I told you
Me: you got me scared
Richærd: *giving me one of the bags and handing the other to Ella* so sorry dear,I got confused on what best to get you girls
Ella: *opening her own bag* mehn,you killed it,how did you know I had an eye in these shoes *getting up* wow,I love these gowns,you are such a darling
Me: *not opening mine* thanks
Richærd: sweet,why not check yours and see if you would like them
Me: baby,I like them already
Ella: abeg let’s see *collects it and pour them on the chair* wow,these is pure gold chain,I know these perfume
Me: wow,let me see that hill
Ella: which of them?
Me: the pink
She picked it up and showed me,I love these one
Richærd: baby,I would be leaving back to abuja in two days times *he broke the sad news which really pierced through my heart*
I stared at him with deep sadness,not knowing what else to actually say to him
Richærd: when are you guys to start your exams?
Ella: next two weeks
Me: why leave so soon na
Richærd: baby believe me I really want to stay here with you but everyone is bothered at aso
Me: its okay,just promise me I would see you again after my exams before  going back to delta to meet my family
Richærd: I promise
Ella: I will miss you too

To be continued

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