President Son And I




Richærd: you would take care of Precious for big bro right?
Ella: trust me
Me: am I a baby that can’t care for her self!
Richærd: yes o you are my baby
Ella: Richy
Richærd: yes dear
Ella: you can’t leave in two days
Richærd: why?
Ella: you forget a lot,gosh,just few hours you made a promise in school about Saturday and Saturday is still 4 days away
Richærd: oh,yes that’s true
Me: yes,yes,yessss
Richærd: you don’t want me to go again?
Ella: no, why would you go now when you are still on honey moon
Richærd & I: hahaha
Me: Ella you are sick * throw the pillows at her *
On Wednesday I spoke to Jerry about him talking to Ella about his feelings for her though I didn’t tell him I spoke to Ella already nor did I tell him of Ella’s say.
though he related his fears to me and I understood yet I made him understand that one thing must kill a man,I further encouraged him to talk to her ” she might be having same feelings for you and just hoping you come her way one day ” I had told him “but she isn’t giving me any green light” he defended.
I wonder why guys wait for a girl to give them green light before approaching her,they fail to understand every girl has her own way,maybe I gave those green lights to Richærd or not but he wasn’t dependent on green light he was after what he wanted and right now that was all I wanted of Jerry.
He promised me to try his luck so I helped him plan it that these coming Saturday during Richærd’s planned party was the best moment to talk to her and he welcomed the idea
It was Saturday already,I had slept at Ella’s lodge the previous day being Friday.
I noticed something about Richærd,most times he would be having me rom-nced in his heart but saying it out to me that he wanted such was a problem to him,instead he would steal a quick k-ss from me and am really planing on how to stop him of such attitude.
He had cuddled me all through the night making me sleep so deep that I didn’t notice when he left that very morning,it was Ella’s loud music that even woke me up.
I walked up to her in the sitting room and we greeted.
Ella: where did Richærd drive to these morning?
Me: I don’t know o,I was deep asleep because I felt so safe in his arms not knowing he has even left me alone on bed
Ella: hahaha,sleepy head
Me: what are we going to do these morning?
Ella: we cook,I want us to make vegetable soup
Me: ok let me go brush,then I come join you in the kitchen
Ella: that would be nice,at lest let’s eat your food,you already ate my brother’s cook first
Me: hahaha lucky me.
I went in,side to brush and wash my face before coming out.
we both went into the kitchen to cook. after making the soup we made semovita by the time we were done Richærd was still not back.
I went to the room to take my shower since it was already 10 am and Ella did same.
she met me in her sitting room watching Africa magic and she joined
Ella: won’t you eat?
Me: no take yours,am waiting for Richærd
Ella: okay o since you are waiting for Richærd then am waiting for Richærd and Precious
Me: hahaha
Ella: yea we all eat together
Me: okay,am sorry I forgot to ask you how you later went about your monthly flow
Ella: its nothing,the strange woman is gone for now but just that when it comes mine is always painful
Me: my sister God showed me much love in that area o,mine isn’t painful just that it makes me feel weak always and very uncomfortable, I would have to always eat for strength
Ella: can’t you see the way am jealous of you,if mine wasn’t always painful I would have been one of the happiest being God created,you won’t understand the kind of headache I always feel once r
the strange woman comes around
Me: its not easy
Ella: look now,the mumu man God would have destined me to marry would not know what pains am passing through just being a woman
Me: hahaha please o don’t kill me with laughter
Ella: am serious o
Me: please hold on let me call Richærd,he is getting me worried again
Ella: I have been trying his numbers but they are off
Me: oh my God please protect him for me
Ella: hey,don’t drive fear into me
Me: no not like that,you know Richærd is reckless when it comes to driving
Ella: don’t worry he is fine,I know he is probably out to fix surprises for the party
Me: must he get stuffs like that bother him?
Ella: forget Richærd issue jhoor,why not tell me all about you at lest lest use these opportunity in knowing each other better
Me: okay that’s true,am Oyege Precious…*I told her all about myself*
Ella: wow,that’s nice,sweedy am really sorry about your father’s dismissal from work
Me: the family has gotten over that
Ella: why didn’t he sue the bank as a wh0le
Me: same thing my mother and I suggested but he waved it off with the support of his son,but its okay now sha,at lest no complains from home at all
Ella: don’t worry,I will talk to Richærd about these
Me: no no don’t
Ella: sorry oh,but you don’t have a say
Me: Ella na
Ella: well am Ella Williams, from the family of two girls and two boys,like you already know my dad is from Ogun state while my mum is from Oyo,he is one of the soul owner of Shunt Oil,he also has shares in about six other firms and by the grace of God and the first born of the family *smiles* while my family are based in abuja dad still travels around for his businesses.
Me: wow,that’s amazing
Ella: God’s doing,don’t forget that.
We talked and talked till we began getting bored with talks because I was really worried about Richærd,I even slept off in one of the couch,I was later awoken by Richærd’s voice
Richærd: hi ladies
Ella: where in God’s name have you been
Richærd: so sorry,I forgot my phone in the room and have been so busy with..
Ella: busy with what? you shouldn’t be saying sorry to me,you should be saying that to whom you left worried,you know me na,if you like use your two legs and trek from Lagos here to Abuja I won’t be worried because I know you would definitely show up home even if the journey takes you a week,so you should be worried about those who are worried about you because am not,just take a look at the time,you left early in the morning only to return by these time,2pm,we haven’t even eating waiting for you *she flamed*
Richærd: *turns to me* baby please am sorry.
I just took off his hands from my laps and walked back into the room,I could hear Ella say “is these how you want to show her the love you promised? am beginning to regret helping you get her and if you make me do it won’t be funny” and I could hear Richærd plead with her from the room
Richærd: Ella am sorry,you of all people should understand me better,you have been the only one who tends to understand me even more than my parents,why are you doing these now
Ella: Richærd you got her worried,so worried,what if..*I couldn’t hear what she said there because she lowed her voice when saying it then raised her voice again* that’s bad,if my guy in fact any guy treat me the way you just treated her today I would take it the guy has no conscience
Richærd: *in a weird voice like he wanted to cry* I only meant giving her a surprise
Ella: then you should have told me your sister about it,I would have known how best to defend your absence by the way am a woman,I should be able to help you with ideas of what a woman’s world is all about for you to know the best surprise you can give or get her,look now she is angry with you
Richærd: am sorry
Ella: rubbish,you should get up here and go plead with your girl and not me okay! * everywhere was quiet for a while till the room’s door cracked opened and Richærd surfaced
Richærd:baby please am sorry * sitting on the bed I was already lying * believe me I didn’t mean to up set you,why would I do such,k was only looking for a better way to put smiles on your face.
I just turned my face,facing the walls to avoid seeing his face
Richærd: you want me to cry? please forgive me
Me: Richærd please just leave me okay,I hate these character of yours
Richærd: now that I have known I will put it off
Me: * facing him* promise?
Richærd: I promise
Me: ok you are forgiven * sitting up * you got me worried
Richærd: thanks so much,look my phone in the drawer,I forgot it that’s why I never called
Me: its okay
he held me giving me those passionate am sorry look and before I could say any word our tongues cling together in a passionate k-ss,I was already lost in the k-ss before someone brought me back,it was Ella who had been standing in the room unnoticed that just cleared her throat to make us feel her presence,we disengaged our tongues and turned to her
Ella: * smiles * the party!!!

Episode 16
Richærd: Ella why now
Ella: quiet,so these was why you rushed home,answer me jhoor,how far with the party?
Richærd: everything is place
Ella: ok,am so so hungry,please get up the both of you let’s go eat
Richærd: what’s on ground?
Me: vegetable soup and semovita
Richærd: ah,please let’s go and eat I think am hungry too
Ella: you think she cooked it alone ?
Richærd: no,I know you both did and that soup is really gonna be the best I have ever tasted
Me: you talk too much,let’s go
Richærd: *smiles* after you girls
When we got to the party venue around 8pm I was surprised with the decoration of the Garden,it looks so funny but amazing,it was decorated both chairs and tables with the combination of pink and red and funny enough Richærd had insisted at home that I wear the pink gown and hills he got me on tuesday matched with a red bag,I just couldn’t refuse him after all pink was my best and I knee red was his best but it really now I understood better,he was dressed in simple rich polo *the polo is red crossed with pink colour* and red trousers matched with his black all stars while Ella was dressed just like I was dressed with same bag,the only difference was that her own pink gown has a long white strip at the front.
we matched in and sat down in the hall,much students were already there including James and Jerry,i was amazed,they had same polo as Richærd’s,Jerry was on blue trousers while James on black,the polo was really amazing,it matched their dressing so perfectly,I noticed their names at the black of the polo’s top while at the down was the inscription “Precious Day,Love Got Born Again” that was when I turned Richærd to look at his back,I didn’t notice it back home,his had his name on it but it wasn’t just Richærd it was written “RichærdPresh” I just busted out with laughter to the surprise of everyone around
James: why the laughter?
Ella: Precious?
Me: *trying to control my laughter* sorry,forgive my manners,just that the inscription on the polo is funny,love gets born again,hahaha.
I was laughing so hærd that the rest around joined in the laughter including Richærd,you know that kind of laughter na.
it was really going to be a fun filled night with what am seeing,everyone on different colours of trousers but same polo with their names at the back
Ella: Richærd,some of the dressings here are funny o
Richærd: yea that’s what I want,I want back to school after dropping you both at home to give them the dress code
Ella: dress code? is there any dress code here other than these colour riot some people here are putting on
Richærd: the dress code is be on trousers,the colour of the trousers everyone here is putting on is his/her best colour
Ella: hmm,I see
Jerry: hi Ella!
Ella: hey Jerry,xup James
James: you look amazing tonite Ella
Ella: oh thanks
Jerry: you are looking fabulous
Ella: am flattered! *smiles*
Me: am jealous,what about me?
Richærd: don’t let that get you jealous,you should know its only the ugly people call fine
Ella: ah Richærd so am ugly?
Richærd: I didn’t say you are or did you hear your name?
Ella: ugly boy,God knows I can’t date a guy as ugly as you Richærd
Me: leave my Richærd o,I like him like that!
Richærd: you see! my queen just answered you
Ella: okay,you are teaming up with him now abi,later cry to me that you are missing Richærd I would just do some factory reset on that your face
James & Jerry: hahaha
James: which of the reset? Nokia abi techno?
Richærd: James you are sick
Me: so you support her James?
James: support her? are my mad? are my crazy? I just ask the kind of factory reset so I can do the backup
Ella: hahaha
Me: baby do you hear him?,I will start crying o
Richærd: baby don’t cry jawe,they are just jealous
Me: I won’t cry because my baby support me
Richærd: guys please excuse me for a while,baby see you in few minutes please
Me: ok love *he left us*
Jerry: eh,Ella please can I see you,I really wish speaking to you about something
Ella: okay * stood up and left with Jerry to a corner leaving myself and James *
James: so hafa now?
Me: don’t talk to me o shey you support Ella
James: ah bae it is play we are na
My self and James just sat on the table hosting and laughing,most of our course mates would just come around to say hi,soon Jerry and Ella came back to join us,I used eyes in communicating with jerry to know the out come,at lest he gave me a positive answer,I smiled.
As about 9pm the M.C spoke up
M.C: hello ladies and men to gen, I would like you all to stood on our feet,if you still like stand on your own feet,yes like I was saying today is a special day but its sweetness won’t be complete if we don’t commit it into God’s able hands…eh close your eyes as we pray if you don’t close your eyes as we pray may the rice and stew they would share here pass you by
All: Amen
M.C: thank you,may the pure water pass you by too and tooth pick be your portion *silence* una no go say Amen?
All: *fun* Amennnn
M.C: so let someone pray for us *James said the prayers and the party was declared open*
M.C: yes now I would like to inform you that we don’t have special time here of sharing of food and drink here,you are free to request for anything any time,there is suya,there is rice,there is beans,there is EBA,fufu even amala,any kind of soup you can think of,there is pepper soup,shawama,piazza,any kind of drink you dream of in these part of the world,those who like ice cream its also here and those who like Milo drinks even indomie but if you know you don’t eat all these things I just mentioned,even chicken,that means its human meat you eat,please go back home
All: hahaha
M.C: yes o go home,we don’t have such here and if you decide not to go home holy ghossssst
All: firrrree
M.C: thank you all,as you are eating right now or standing or doing whatever you are doing,because some boys bad,they fit dey one corner dey toast babe but regardless what you are doing I want you to put you hands together for Mr.Richærd Williams,e no easy to host large quantity of people like these,people wey I dey see here reach five thousand *Richærd step out on stage as the people clapped*
Richærd: thank you,please there is a cake being shared,its just for the ladies alone,in one of these cakes there is something so special to me that am seeking,once you see it identify and you would be my woman *on hearing that my heart skipped*
Ella: what is Richærd up to
Me: what’s the meaning of these
See girls rushing the event planners sharing the cakes,it just a cup cake,as a table contains four I was seated with Jerry,James and Ella.
Richærd walks up to us as they where still sharing the cakes
Ella: Richærd what is the meaning of these?
Richærd: hey calm down *he just ins**ted a little rose flower on my hair and left*
Ella: am scared now
Me: am just not scared and dying
Jerry: ladies calm down,am certain he knows what he is doing
A girl walked to our table and gave me my own cake,she gave Ella too,after the sharing Richærd take up to the stage again
Richærd: I believe all the ladies have their cakes now,now carefully get it into your mouth and chew with caution *at these stages ladies were throwing the cakes into their mouth,my heartbeat increased,I just held my own cake,afraid of chewing it,afraid of being disappointed*
Ella ate hers,James and Jerry seem enjoying the fun,in short the men were enjoying the fun,like about five minutes and no one identified finding whatsoever it was that was in the cake I felt I should chew mine,but as I was about getting it into my mouth a girl scre-med “aaaah,I found it” my heart seen to fail me immediately but soon it was announced to be a false alert,oh God you just can’t tell the distance my heart had travelled to and had to travel back
Ella: Precious eat yours na.
I throw the wh0le cake into my mouth and chewed,as I was chewing I felt something, I paused and stared at Ella
Ella: what? did you see it? say something.
I carefully spat everything back to my palm and right there is a diamond ring half covered by cakes,Ella shouted
Ella: yyyyyyeeeeeeeess,over here,she found it,its a ring,Precious found it.
all attention diverted to our table,before I could say the word “jack” Richærd was at our table,he took my hand smiling as everyone clapped and took me up to the stage,I couldn’t express how I felt at the moment,he went down on his kneels with everyone’s attention fixed on us,I felt so shy,he took the ring from me while he knelt still on the ground
Richærd: its funny how life goes,years ago I was unconscious about life but as I grow I realized something was lost in me,finding you was like having life afresh and I don’t want to let go of these pretty angel I behold in person of you,dear I have spent sleepless nights in your love,I know how it feels,the headache that comes along with missing you so dear,I wouldn’t want my son to feel same for your daughter,get the headaches I have got so I ask you sweetheart,please can we make them brother and sister?
At these point my hands were trying to cover my wide opened mouth,I managed to answer
Me: yes,yes baby,let’s make them brother and sister.
at could hear Ella scre-ming “wwwwoooo,yes,yea baby” and everyone applauding as he got the ring into my finger and it entered with easy,he stood up and k-ssed me so deep.

Episode 17
He took me right to cloud 9 at the moment,though I felt so shy after we k-ssed but I was the happiness woman the world had ever know at the moment,it was indeed a remarkable day in my life,the happiness day I ever spent on earth.
As the music played and we danced on stage,I felt there was non like Richærd,each moment I had stole to look into his eyes brings me laughter even without a reason as we danced,I had suddenly forgotten I was under pressure few minutes ago when Richærd put up that expensive prank play about the cake.
Sincerely speaking,as we danced many thoughts ran through my mind,Ella came to join us on the dance floor and other present students followed,she seem so happy but I don’t think its half the happiness I felt.
Jerry came to take her hands in dance but she first resisted but I trust Jerry,I was lost in my own illusion,by the time I gained consciousness I saw both dancing too.
I sighted James still sited but with a pretty damsel,I could see both laughing,before I knew it Richærd had lifted me into his arms and everyone shouted,quickly I covered my face with my hands trying to bury my head on his chest out of shyness.
A guy taped Richærd from behind,he turned,on seeing him he put me down and excused himself from me,Ella quickly came to drag me to her side where she was dancing with Jerry,it was as if she had been waiting for Richærd to excuse himself from me
Jerry: congrats on your engagement Precious * he shouted as we danced *
Me: thank you.
I searched for Richærd trailing him from the direction he took but the crowd was much,if not that the lights were bright enough I would have seen him,I could see him talking to the guy,soon he collected something from him and asked him then he started searching his way back through the crowed.
He took the microphone and the DJ lowered his music
Richærd: surprise! surprise!! surprise!!! * attentions turned to him * surprise for my woman,please can you all follow us outside as I lead my woman * he dropped the microphone and walked to me,holding my hands and leading me out of the big hall while the rest followed *
We got out side,he lead us to a black new car out side
Richærd: these red spider here,sweedy, is a token of my love to you *handing me over the key*
Some were applauding while some exclaiming,a girl even shouted from the crowd ” Richærd love me too nah* in my own part I was speechless standing with the car key,Ella urged me to open the car,and I did,in,side was indeed marvelling, I just didn’t shout,not because I don’t want to shout but because I was so lost of words,I could thousand hands admiring the car
Me: oh sweetheart thanks a lot * I managed to say at last
Richærd: c’mon baby let’s go dance * he said coming to take my hands * I shut the door then we all went back to the dance floor.
I danced till I got tired of dancing so I took to a table and Richærd joined me ordering for what we ate.
Even with the joy and gladness in my heart and I wishing the night never comes to an end I still felt I needed to sleep but I just font want to leave.
As at 3am Ella was also very tired so she urged Richærd to take us home,he said ok and was like Ella should ride with me in my new ride home while he drives alone but I just had to tell him the gospel truth that I can’t drive,he made fun of me and then ask Ella to drive my new ride with me.
Ella asked me to seat comfortably at the back as the madam of the car but I refused and sat with her at the front.
Well I really felt bad inward that I wasn’t the first to drive my first ever car on earth because I couldn’t drive so as Ella drove I pleaded with her to start teaching me how to drive as soon as possible and she promised me that we start in the evening of that Sunday,she drove behind Richærd.
Before we got to the lodge *Ellas* i was already asleep though it was a very short drive but I was really tired probably that made me sleep off. I only woke up when Richærd was trying to back me,seeing that I was already at his back I closed my eyes and resumed the sleep from where I had stopped earlier.
I woke up around 10am only to discover Richærd wasn’t around,he left a note on the table for me saying “don’t look for me,don’t get worried about me because I have gone to church to thank God for dropping me an angel” I smiled and walked into Ella’s room,she was still sleeping so I decided to let her be but before I walk up to her door I heard her voice
Ella: Richærdpresh wadup?
Me: *turning* good morning,naughty girl I thought you were still sleeping *sat on her bed*
Ella: dear I really need the sleep,that guy Jerry was just drawing me around all in the name of dance
Me: hahaha,funny you,so how did it go,did he ask you out?
Ella: yes he did
Me: *happy* you said yes right?
Ella: na so you take accept Richærd?
Me: hahaha,accept jhoor. so what did you tell him
Ella: jẹ ki mi ro ti o si fun u pada
a reply * let me think of it and give him back a reply *
Me: ah Ella ti o ba wa ju buburu * ah Ella you are too wicked *
Ella: that’s not wickedness, its just for him to feel the pains of waiting so that when he finally gets me he won’t joke with my love
Me: well that’s good but please accept o so Jerry won’t die
Ella: abeg what of Richærd?
Me: left for church
Ella: okay.mehn last night was wow
Me: which wow,when your brother almost killed me with surprise
Ella: hahaha,that cake stuff i almost had heart attack
Me: Richærd is just good at giving surprises
Ella: enjoy him now that he is still around so you won’t miss him much when he is away
Me: I don’t know if I can really stand his absence for long
Ella: come stay in my lodge
Me: you won’t understand
Ella: understand what again
Me: how would your father feel when he comes here and meet an inmate here
Ella: is that the problem, well my parents had always wanted me to have someone staying with me and besides they don’t visit me in school
Me: and if they do
Ella: they would be so glad especially when they find out you are Richærd’s girl
Me: okay I would move in next semester
Ella: for your information you have moved in already *her phone rings* my dad *takes in the call* hello dad,Richærd? yes he is in Lagos here, news headline? yes dad am aware he proposed to a girl and the girl in question is my course mate,dad if you see her eh you would like her,okay dad,she is decent,yes,school is fine,dad next week exams start,I have enough, am not even using the car so how would it get spoilt,okay dad,tell mummy to call me *ends call smiling*
Me: how did HD no,what did he say?
Ella: calm down,he says congrats to you and Richærd
Me: how did he get to know?
Ella: he said it’s all over the front page of the papers and news online
Me: how come?
Ella: I don’t know,or Richærd?
Richærd: *rush into her room with a punch news paper* Ella,see these *threw it to her*
I read through it with her “The President’s Son,Give The Most rom-ntic Proposal To One Miss Precious Oyege”
Ella: why did you do these, what kind of surprise is these
Richærd: I dont know of these,my mum called MD in church and my dad also did almost immediately, I had to go get the papers
Me: *my heart skipped, all that came to my mind was my dad* my dad!Jesus.
I stood up and rushed to my own side of the room to get my phone, I was shocked to see 71 miss calls both  from my dad,mum and Michael
Me: oh my God,what do I tell my parents.

I was still thinking of what to say when my mom called,I take in the call
Me: hello mummy
Mom: Precious what are my hearing?
Me: mummy I don’t understand,what are you hearing mum?
Mom: let me believe its not your own precious *I could hear my dad shout “what do you its not are own precious,give me the phone”*
Dad: hello,precious,if you know what ever relationsh¡p you have gotten yourself into with the son of the president you better undo it as fast as possible,so I am wasting my money in sending you to school? did I send you to university of Lagos to get a man or to study ?
Me: papa hear me out
Dad: I have told you,keep whatever you have to say to yourself and for your information return that car immediately
Me: daddy,hear me out nah,stop taking things these way
Dad: Precious,in fact start coming down to delta
Me: daddy I can’t,next week is my exams
Dad: immediately after your exams make sure you don’t waste an extra day return home
Me: daddy why all these
Dad: keep quiet my friend,who are you talking back at *I could hear my mum saying “take it easy on her,she is but a child,please let me talk to her”*
Precious: father all you are asking is hærd,Richærd is not the kind of man you think,he might be the president’s son but he is decent
Dad: I have spoken,once you done with your examination come back home
Mom: hello,hello Precious,calm down,just come home after your exams let’s talk these over
Me: thanks mother *hung up* what kind of strict father is these eh *Michael’s call came in,I take in the call*
Michael: sweetheart hafa
Me: am not fine
Michael: what are my hearing,the president son engaged you with a new black spider?
Me: Michael I love Richærd,I don’t know why mum and dad are asking me to quiet the relationsh¡p
Michael: mummy and daddy said what! for what nah,see me am very happy for you,abeg make those two old people park well o
Me: Michael am confused
Michael: confused? about what,abrg tell that dude you have a brother who would be rounding up youth service these month ending,who knows where help would come from these one Nigeria is a hærd place
Me: am worried about mum and dad
Michael: don’t worry I would talk sense into them just help me too
Me: *smiles* that’s not a problem,you don’t need to ask .e before I do that,you are my own fine bro nah
Michael: if ah hear,and you couldn’t even tell me of the big fish your hook caught
Me: am sorry
Michael: don’t tell me that,so if not for news I wouldn’t have known my sister is in soup abi?
Me: am sorry nah,please just help me talk to mum and dad,me I can’t stand loosing Richærd o
Michael: no problem with that,am still that Michael you use to know o,aka Mr Luxguy
Me: I trust you
Michael: no worry,even your new name dey paper,Mrs.Richærdpresh
Me: *lol* stop jhoor
Michael: baby call you later
Me: ok Mr luxury,I love you so much *hung up,I dropped my phone on the bed,on turning I saw Richærd resting on the wall* baby?
Richærd: I like that name luxury*smiling*
Me: *lol*that’s my brother,don’t mind him,his name is Michael,but you know you guys,I don’t know how he got the name luxguy
Richærd: nice one,I wish to meet with him
Me: you will
Richærd: your parents ask you to quiet?
Me: *shock* ehm,ehm,my,my brother,yes my brother would…
Richærd: *came closer,holding my hands* baby,its okay,I want you to know that I love you so much and won’t stop loving you
Me: baby,I won’t stop either,don’t worry about my parents,they would get to understand soon
Richærd: I would be leaving to abuja tomorrow, please make sure you take good care of yourself
Me: baby why so soon *frown*
Richærd: my parents calls,I learnt from Ella you would be staying here,am so happy about that
Me: baby stop nah,am missing you already
Richærd: don’t worry I would come back before you roundup your exams
Me: promise?
Richærd: I promise
Me: am still not happy
Richærd: don’t worry we get married once you round up with your school,so that you stop missing me
Me: I can’t wait dear,its too far
Richærd: that reminds me,I contacted the guy that would prepare your Lerner’s permit, so you should be getting it by tomorrow
Me: wow,thanks honey.
For the rest of that day,its being call after call either from my own side or that of Richærd or Ella.
By evening Ella and Richærd started teaching me how to drive.
By Monday morning Richærd was set to go,I found myself crying and begging him not to go
Me: baby I can’t live without you
Richærd: baby am not dying,stop making it look like am going to die or would never come back
Me: being out of my sight is like taking breath out of me
Richærd: baby,I must go
Me: please baby please
Ella: Precious understand nah
Richærd: Ella don’t worry,Richærdpresh,I would stay for today but you must let me go tomorrow
Me: *wiping my tears* thanks love thanks
Ella: Richærd but what of your parents,what would you tell them
Richærd: when I get to that bridge I would cross it,oyah baby let’s go up so you get ready for school
Me: ok baby,but my legs are aching me,I can’t walk up stairs
Richærd: that’s no problem,I will carry up upstairs
Ella: please stop making me jealous
Richærd: then get a boyfriend*backing me*
Me: *laughing* yes,get yours
Ella: okay o,before we know it tuesday would come and Richærd would leave,shey its me and you in these house
Me: Richærdpresh,are you listening to her threats?
Richærd: baby don’t mind him
Me: I trust you *Richærd starts moving with me in his back*
my self and Ella dressed up for classes and Richærd dropped us off,after lectures Jerry walked up to Ella and excused her,Ella later came back to meet me
Me: accepted?
Ella: no,am still thinking about it,so I told him
Me: okay o,so what car were you talking about yesterday with your dad
Ella: my car
Me: where is it?
Ella: at my lodge there na
Me: are you kidding me?
Ella: no,I own the black SUV you once asked me about
Me: but you said you don’t know the owner
Ella: was just kidding,I just don’t want to be seeing driving about the school,by the way that would make every man on campus wishing to date me and you know these kind of thing,men we truly love me won’t have the courage to approach me,they would me saying am above their level
Me: hmmm,you must drive that car o,by fire by force
Ella: *lol* I will,once I finally accept Jerry
Me: eh? so you love him and you just pretending?
Ella: maybe,please call Richærd to come pick us up
Me: who is Richærd?
Ella: what do you mean who is Richærd,my cousin of course
Me: oh you mean Richærdpresh?
Ella: *lol* I fear o,sorry ma,please call Richærdpresh to come pick us up
Me: better but we would go to my lodge first so I would pick my clothes
Ella: no problem!!!..

About 10 minutes later Richærd drove to school,I pleaded with him to drive to my old lodge so I can pick my things and he accepted after that we drove back to Ella’s lodge,in the evening my driving lessons continued.
The day ran so fast,soon it was tuesday,the guy Richærd said was going to give me the learner’s permit didn’t show up the previous day,Richærd on his own part was ready to leave,I felt it would be so selfish of me crying and asking him to stay again knowing fully well the numerous excuses he made to his parents the previous day so I held back my tears and bide him a safe journey back to abuja
Richærd: am giving you an assignment,each day you must send me 8 love text messages
Me: no problem,please go now that am trying all my best to hold back my tears before I break down
Richærd: Ella,thanks a lot,don’t forget to ask me for anything,anything at all once you need it
Ella: yea I won’t,thanks,I will miss you
Richærd: would get to meet you guys soon enough before you know it
Ella: safe trip. my regards to everyone,I had Sharon is around call me as soon as you get home and see her so I can speak with her
Richærd: no problem* k-ssed me and got into his car,I just waved him as the gateman opened up the gate for him to drive off*
Ella: make sure you don’t think of Richærdpresh as you drive to avoid accident o * she echoed as he drove out of the compound *
Me: I will miss him
Ella: I know,but all thanks to God he left so we can start studying especially you
Me: let’s go freshen up
Ella: yea but sorry,you would climb the stairs now yourself because Richærdpresh isn’t here now to back you up stairs *lol*
Me: *frown* jealous girl,I will walk I have legs
Ella: yes ma *lol*
That week classes seem to be boring since its just revision most times,I don’t fail to do Richærd’s assignment everyday since he left and he has always replied me,I had the opportunity speaking to his kid sister Sharon on Thursday and she sounded so cool and interesting just like Ella but I really don’t think any other person can match the s₱0t in my heart Ella has matched,she is indeed a sister,a big sister because she is 9months older than me.
Sharon had told me she can’t wait seeing me,she just wanted to confirm if those photos of me Richærd had shown her were really me.
She said pictures do lie a lot and Richærd is the prefect type when it comes to photoshoping pictures.
well it was really fun speaking with her.
On Friday I met Monday on campus,Monday is my ex guy,Michael knew about him
Monday: presh what are my hearing
Me: hi Monday,what do you say you heard?
Monday: that you were engaged last Saturday,hope its not true?
Ella: who is these?
Me: Ella calm down
Monday: who is these one asking who is these,are you blind to see it’s a human standing ?
Ella: oh sorry dear,you know most times we mistake humans for goats simply because there are no difference between them and goats
Monday: oh my God,I don die,see these b—h calling me a goat,cheap w—e
Me: enough of these, see Monday,you don’t have the right to question what I do with my life,we ain’t dating again so its not as if I cheated on you so why so concerned about who I date
Monday: you belong to me,no one else
Ella: keep shut you shiny fool,a classification of an Economic 3.0.5,look here,look around,does here look like a zoo where monkeys roam about looking for trouble ? she is yours! are you God that made her
Monday: *pointing at her* you no wetin wey dey vex Mr for were you dey? na sake of say I no no wey to touch chewing stick like you
Ella: *lol* see these kind of human being self,why are my wasting my time talking to you when I can call the zoologists to come pick you up back to the zoo *brings out her phone*
Monday: Precious,who is these w—e you are following
Me: are you insane? does she look to you as a w—e?
Monday: Precious even you,even you,you now talk back at me?
Ella: hello,is these the Lagos zoo service? okay,please a donkey just escaped into the university of Lagos causing havoc,yes,thank you,immediately please,the donkey must have escaped from your zoo,thank you *hung up* hey you cryptic fool,stand here and wait,they are coming to pick you back at to the zoo
Monday: as I dey look the both of you make una just flush off before I change my mind
Me: and what would you do?
Ella: anything that makes you change your mind now I promise you,I will change your base,from the zoo to the prison
Monday: these b—h still….*taaaah*
Ella: oyah do your worst!
Monday: nah me you slap,as in you slapped me *I was already holding Ella* I will deal with you in these campus
Me: Ella na let’s go,stop these,leave these guy
Ella: no let him do his worst now *as I was holding Ella,from now where Jerry jumped out followed by James,maybe he thought Monday was beating Ella*
Jerry: guy what’s your problem,you want to show your strength on women?
Monday: *pushing Jerry away* who is these fool?
Ella: imagine these goat,I just asked a simple question who he is and he took offence at it calling me a w—e
Jerry: guy,I am asking you question and you are pushing me away?
Monday: and what would you do,no tel…*he has barely completed it when james landed him a punch on his nose and Jerry brushed his feet off the soil on which it stood,within 3 seconds Monday was seated on the floor with blood zooming off his nose.I got scared and started pleading*
Me: please Jerry, please james,let him go
Monday: you both are fighting me,me Monday,in these campus
James: *slapping him* you still dey talk?
Me: you no no who I be *tried getting up but Jerry returned him to the floor with another brushing*
Jerry: thunder fire you,anything wey you be na for your pocket
Me: *drawing the both of them* please leave him,please
Ella: let them deal with these animal so when next he sees us he would take to his heels
Me: ah Ella,stop these,you want them to kill him?, see students gathered
Ella: is these one alive? these bastardized amoeba!
I managed to pull them off Monday whom at his end stood up and started walking away threatening to be back
James: just dey run anytime you see me because anything wey make you do pakine you don die be that
Me: leave him let’s go nah
Monday is a student of computer science,we use to be lovers back then when I got into university of Lagos newly,he was a 200 level student then who helped me run all my school processing then and was cold headed,he is handsome too and brilliant but the rate at which he changed still surprises me each time his thought comes to my mind.
he actually started misbehaving when he asked for s€× and I turned him down then we were already dating,we broke up before my first semester exams in my 300 level while he was in 400,and ever since we broke up,though in the same school I have never seen him for the past months,about 10months if am not mistaken only to see him today showing off his stupid talent
Ella: you should have left me to deal with that fool
Jerry: bae its ok
Me: I need to inform Richærd
Ella: for what? because of these moimoi case? these donkey you call your ex is too small for me to finish under 5minutes
Me: Ella?
Ella: what,isn’t he a donkey!
James: that guy is just so lucky,you are just his saviour today
Me: please am having headache already,I need to go to the lodge and sleep,if you guys want to kill him,you are free to go back
Jerry: we would be leaving now then
Ella: no,you are coming to my lodge today and now,hope no problem!! *Jerry and James stared at each other for a while*
James: no,no problem,as long as food is involve.
Me: you and food
James: see me see trouble o,I talk my mind na,you nkor? you and Richærd
All: *lol*

Since we didn’t come with my ride to school we all walked to Ella’s lodge.
James and Jerry were really surprised at the kind of lodge Ella stays,on entering in,side Jerry felt cold only James still had a free mind of making jokes and all that
James: these lodge is one in town
Me: you can say that again
James: do you guys have wine?
Me: as beer parlour or bar?
James: you won’t understand, Ella remember your promise
Ella: what promise?
James: food nah
Ella: hahaha ok,we have fried,we also have draw soup,which would you guys prefer?
James: abeg just bring the fried rice come,myself and any kind of draw soup ain’t friendly
Ella: Jerry? *he said nothing* Jerry?
Jerry: ma,sorry what did you say?
Ella: what’s the matter with you,you suddenly turned cold
Jerry: nothing,just thinking
Ella: *sat close to him* you can always talk to me
Jerry: I know dear
Ella: *standing up* okay everyone,I want to inform you all that Jerry is my man
Me: meaning?
Ella: I accept his proposal
All: hhhhheeeeeyy
Jerry: *standing up* you don’t mean it do you?
Ella: of course I do
Jerry: oh my God,thanks,thanks a lot badly *hugged her*
James: wait wait I don’t understand, so now am the only single one here?
Me:*lol* go get a girl
James: Ella please do you have a any younger sister?
Ella: no
James: Precious what of you?
Precious: hahahaha,abeg my sister is not of age biko
James: so Jerry you can’t help your brother?
Jerry: O.Y.O James
Me: hahahaha On Your Own
James: its okay,gave me the fried rices as compensation
All: *lol*
Ella: baby you wish same?
Jerry: yes,but we eat together
Ella: okay no problem
Jerry: just one spoon for us
Ella: yes sir
Me: come Jerry,if you try get me jealous here I will break your head
Ella: hahaha someone is already jealous,abegi let me dish the food.
Everything went down well with us all,no sign of Monday again,we still started our exams smoothly,thank God Richærdpresh wasn’t around,if he was to be around with his everyday surprises I wasn’t sure I would have been able to concentrate on my studies.Thanks to the four of us,we read together every now and then,i.e myself,Ella,James and Jerry.
Jerry and Ella’s love grew so well too though most times I get to pity James and stay around with him just to make sure he doesn’t feel left out.
Two weeks to our examination and we were so cool with each other,as for my self and Richærdpresh, am still doing his assignment always so we really don’t feel the distant between us.
a week to the end of our exams he informed me that his parents would want to meet me and these got Mr really scared and I didn’t hide my fears away from him but he told me there was nothing to fear.
My dad also called to know when our exams was to finish and I lied we have two weeks left and he reminded me to get back as soon as possible and as at then Michael was done with his service and was in delta with them.
My exams didn’t stop me from my driving lessons and being that the guy to get me the learner’s permit had done that I was able to start driving to school in my car just a week to the end of my exams while Ella was enjoying hers with her loverboy Jerry.
Two days to our exams I called Richærd to know if he was still gonna come to school to see me but he said he couldn’t make it but I shouldn’t worry that he would surely be in delta to see me and msybd from there we can drove down to see his parents.
I was really sad he wouldn’t be coming to see me in school but since he promised to be in delta I kept my calm.
After we had our last papers my department hosted a party wish we all attended on Saturday, at the party many girls and guys were trying to make friends with me,I was sensible enough not to give them much audience and these had discouraged them.
Jerry was just all over Ella,making me miss my Richærd like its been years I last saw him.
Three days to the day I was to travel to delta I pleaded with Michael to come down to my school so he can drive me home in my car since i was still learning and being a loving brother he came the next day.
That guy he too like woman,if not that I told him Ella was into a serious relationsh¡p he would have start wooing Ella just for the full 36 hours he spent
Michael: these lodge is cool o
Me: yes,my friend owns it
Michael: shey that fine girl?
Me: yes
Michael: who is she self?
Me: Richærd’s cousin
Michael: chai that girl fine die
Me: Michael?
Michael: ma
Me: Michael?
Michael: ma
Me: Michael?
Michael: aunty easy with the name am your senior
Me: Ella is engaged already
Michael: engaged?
Me: yes
Michael: thank God
Me: meaning?
Michael: thank God na its just engagement and not marriage
Me: you are sick,don’t try what’s in your mind o
Michael: what do you know is in my mind
Me: you know that I know you very well
Michael: okay fine,thank God you know me too
Michael: Ella is no go area
Michael: I know,at lest she would be a post area
Me: don’t say I didn’t tell you o
Michael: so wadup with school
Me: do you know Monday misbehaved
Michael: as as how?
Me: *lol* please don’t make me laugh. Monday confronted me for dating Richærd instead of coming back to him
Michael: he just came and said that or was he having charm in his mouth
Me: I don’t know for him
Michael: and you didn’t abi you couldn’t slap away the 4 years he already spent in these school?
Ella: * entering the room* hello guys
Me: Ella meet my senior brother Michael,Michael meet my school sister Ella
Ella: hi mike
Michael: bae you are gallant, I see you well
Ella: hahaha,Presh is these the luxguy you talked about?
Michael: yes na,the only luxguy you can and would ever meet
Michael: Michael the question was for me not you
Michael: e bad if I answer
Ella: hope you have eaten
Michael: yea I ate in the bus
Ella: bus me,that means you haven’t eaten so let me get you something to eat
Michael: I just need to take a hot shower first!
Elka: hot shower? from a long hot journey you just made?
Michael: that’s what my body needs
Me: let me boil hot water for you then
Ella: no let me do it for him
Michael: preferable
Me: really? okay na shey you think she would go to delta with us?
Michael: bae,these room smell of jealousy why?
Ella: *lol* Presh don’t be jealous jhoor,please come let me show you to your room
Michael: okay thanks *stood up*
Ella lead Michael always to his room.for the rest of that day,it was Ella and Michael,you either see them both seated and laughing on gist or you see them both in the kitchen together and I wasn’t comfortable would that.
well I really don’t blame Ella,Michael is somehow having honey coated mouth,I just feel so concerned for Jerry so I called Michael to order in his room while Ella was in our room bathing
Me: Michael am afraid of you,hope you haven’t wooed Ella
Michael: what sort of question is that
Me: Ella is engaged,please I won’t want you to start playing much around her
Michael: listen Precious,am your elder brother and should be regarded as such okay,that I made a joke of dating her when I arrived here doesn’t mean I wanna do that.
Me: that’s not it
Michael: enough Precious,if you want me to leave first thing in the morning I will,am not here to argue about anything with you
Me: am sorry,just feeling concerned.
I also decided talking to Ella about it so I left to the room and meet her creaming her body,imagine on opening the door what she asked was
Ella: Michael is that you?
I was really becoming irritated
Me: Michael co,I want to talk to you about something
Ella: *facing me* okay go on
Me: Jerry
Ella: please please don’t mention him to me now
Me: what’s wrong?
Ella: we had a fifth about two days ago and he is yet to apologize so please don’t tell me of him
Me: but He…
Ella: *interrupting me* please where is Michael?
Me: Ella?
Ella: don’t tell me you are jealous,I don’t know you to be like these
Me: Ella for crying out loud you are in a relationsh¡p and you know am dating your cousin so ….
Ella: *stopped creaming her body* so its all about you right? its all about yourself and yourself alone?
Me: Ella?
Ella: that’s selfish of you,okay fine if you don’t want me to go close to your brother its fine by me,I won’t,maybe when next I see him we (herself and michael) should start fightingMe: you are taking these too far Ella,you couldn’t even tell me you had a fight with Jerry
Ella: enough,you made your point and I get it so don’t stress these any further
Me: Ella!!
Ella: you can have the room to yourself,I would just go to the other room *started walking out of the room*
I just don’t get it anymore but I think I realized my mistakes now,it was really wrong poke nosing into their affairs and questioning them like they were under my care,I was just feeling concerned for Jerry


I fell weakly to the bed,trying to think out something reasonable but couldn’t,I decided to go plead with Ella,like seriously I wasn’t meaning to hurt Ella’s feeling,I was even thinking I was polite enough with her.
On opening the door of the room she had gone into I met heard her sobbing,she was just on her white towel,just the way she was while leaving the room because then she was creaming her body
Me: Ella,am really sorry,please stop crying *she said nothing,she just kept sobbing,I moved closer and sat on the bed* Ella please am sorry
Ella: *crying* why on earth would you think I will date your brother knowing fully well that you are into a serious relationsh¡p with Richærd, does that mean you don’t trust me. does that mean am so loosed
Me: please am sorry,am really sorry,I don’t know what came over me
Ella: I just admire him because he looks exactly like my dead boyfriend, an as jovial as him *she cried*
Me: you lost a boyfriend? am sorry,please stop crying *wiping her tears with my palm* I don’t like it seeing him cry
Ella: *still crying* Jerry tried to rape me
Me: jerry did what? *shocked* no Ella jerry can’t do such thing * holding her like she was a child and pressing her head against my chest* how can Jerry do such,what happened?
Ella: he tried to rape me,he asked for s€× and I refused,not because I don’t want it just that I was on my period,and you know how painful it is *she cried*
Me: oh my God,I never believe Jerry can do such a thing,baby am sorry,am sorry on his behave please,hope he didn’t succeed ?
Ella: when I refused and wanted to leave because I don’t want him to know I was on my flow,he slapped me and pushed me to his bed,he tried tearing off my gown that was when his brother rushed in and stopped him *she tried wiping her tears* so Jerry is a monster,I will make such Michael deal with him,he won’t go scot free,why didn’t you tell me all these while
Ella: I was ashamed,I love Jerry,I never believe he could such thing,Precious,right now I hate him,I regret ever loving him
Me: stop crying,go wear your cloth,I will go tell Michael about these *I draw her up,leading her out of the room*
I stayed in Michael room pissing around,I don’t know if I was anger or disappointed in Jerry or probably it was a mixed feeling of both regret,anger and disappointment, I never believed Jerry could do such,I was deeply angered in spirit,I trusted Jerry even more than I had trusted my own brother,I thought he was just the best for Ella,who would have told me he was a monster,even if I was told would I have believed,i thought i knew him best,more than anyone
Michael: what happened again,why are you walking up and down,hope you didn’t go to fight Ella,Precious stop taking these too far,i am not dating her,i just like her friendliness and nothing more,please don’t created problems for me. let me even go and check on her *stood up and started walking to the door*
I don’t know if to tell him or let him be,i am the cause of everything, I should never had spoken to Ella on Jerry’s behave *he opened the door and left the room* I don’t know what to really do,Michael is the type that has anger problem,he hærdly gets angry though but once he does,one can hærdly calm him down.
if I tell him he might want to go fight Jerry and i know james won’t stay out of these,he must want to fight for his brother and they might end up inflecting wounds on each other,I just don’t know what to do.
I quickly opened the door probably to stop him from seeing Ella but it was too late,he was already in the room with Ella narrating everything to him *I stood at the door post unnoticed*
Michael: who did you say the jerry of a guy is to you again?
Ella: my boyfriend
Michael: hmmm,Ella am really speechless,I wish it was someone else that would have been different,I would have beaten him to coma but these your guy,if I react now my sister might start thinking we are having a secret affair *Ella notice me* just decide what you want,if you want me to still go fight him for you I will but still try seat and think what came over him,does he react like that before and all that,still think if you still want to continue with the relationsh¡p, remember mistakes are bound to happen in every relationsh¡p and non is perfect,look deep within you and see if you would forgive him if he comes begging now
Ella: I will never forgive Jerry
Michael: you will if you love him
Me: *cleared throat and Michael turned,noticing my presence too* Michael it was all my fault
Michael: stop the blames if not she might never be able to get off the shock
Ella: Jerry slapped me,me Ella,can he slap me on a normal good day if I wasn’t dating him * crying * I will deal with Jerry, he would get to know the kind of family I came from * picking her phone *
Me: who are you calling?
Ella: leave me,I must tell my brothers about these,I will make sure they beat hell out of jerry
Michael: * collecting the phone from her * I will take care of him.come show me were he stays * Ella stood up immediately leading him off the room after grabbing her car keys*
Me: Michael please don’t do anything bad,don’t fight him
Ella: are you coming or not?
Me: I am
We drove down to James and Jerry’s hostel and Ella got down
Precious: Michael please don’t fight
Michael: am not fighting,would just make the guy apologize
Me: thanks *we got down too*
On getting to their door Ella hits it,but no one answered,we knocked and knocked but no answer,a hostel mate came to tell us that they travelled
Ella: let’s go,its already dark,I will meet jerry at the right time
Michael: Ella,forget about everything okay,it was a normal mistake,just take it like that.
The next day I noticed Ella and Michael’s friendsh¡p increased its closeness but I wasn’t bothered,at lest I fully know that the next day myself and Michael would be travelling back to delta and I was certain Ella wasn’t ready for another relationsh¡p.
I was with her when her phone started ringing,first she refused picking up that was when I realized it was Jerry
Me: Ella pick up,that’s Jerry right? so hear him out
she took the call and placed it on speaker
Jerry: hello dear,its me Jerry
Ella: what do you want?
Jerry: please,am so ashamed,I don’t know what came over me,I just had to travel the next day because I was so ashamed of facing you
Ella: are you fone? have a nice day then *hung up*
Me: Ella?
Ella: what?
I wanted to beg on Jerry’s behalf but I remembered he isn’t worth it
Me: nothing
Michael: Precious,mummy called
Mr: what did she say?
Michael: nothing,just asking if you finished your exams today and I said yes and we would be back tomorrow and she said okay
Me: okay
Jerry called for the rest of that day but Ella never took in his calls again and me I never bothered saying anything concerning it again,Jerry had lost my trust for him.
The next morning we left Lagos after biding Ella good bye,she said she would be travelling back to Abuja as soon as she finishes what she is doing in Lagos and she promised visiting me in delta too.
I felt really bad leaving Ella but I had to go.
before we left Richærd called and for the first time he spoke with Michael,they both talked at length before Michael handed back the phone to me,he told me he has pleaded with Michael to drive carefully and we laughed it over,he also promised to call every 15minutes to check on us which he did.
We got to delta early around 3,driving into the compound Juliet ran out to welcome us.
I was glad to be home,with the semester ending well.
Richærd called to know if we had gotten home and I said yes,he said now he could relax his mind and I should also be expecting him in a week’s time.
I was so happy with the news, I never thought anything could go wrong..
I called Ella to tell her we were home not knowing Michael already told her.

To be continued

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