President Son And I



Men and their way of life,they always tend to be so friendly with beautiful women.
after my call to Ella we got in,side and i was faced with my parents
Me: good evening dad,good evening mum * Michael already went in,side before me *
Mum: my daughter,you are welcome
Me: thank you ma
Mum: how was your tripe
Me: fine mom but stressful
Dad: how did your exams go
Me: we thank God
Michael: * coming out from the room * you guys should come and see Precious car
Mum: you don’t mean it * standing up *
Dad: woman,sit down
Michael: dad what’s the matter
Dad: Michael sit down,Precious take your sit also * we all did * Juliet go in,side * she left * I would have allowed you drop your bag and rest and probably bring up these case tomorrow but there is no need,you see my children, there are so many things you don’t know about these life.
Michael: dad I don’t get any thing from all you have said
Dad: listen to me and stop interrupting me
Michael: sorry dad
Dad: better. I and your mother had passed through a lot in these life just to make sure we give the best to our children,there are things I would want to let you know but I can’t but the little I can tell you is that first,you would have to put an end to anything you are doing or having with the president son
Me: daddy!
Dad: kept quiet let me finish
Michael: calm Precious
Dad: secondly you would return that car to him.don’t worry if car is your problem I would get you one
Mum: my husband,you have spoken well and am not against you but I won’t be wrong if I ask you to give us your reason for all these
Michael: exactly father
Dad: I don’t want any body to come after my daughter or my family just to get at the president
Mum: is that the only reason or there is something you are not telling us?
Dad: I believe I have said it all and I was so clear enough
Michael: ah papa,is that why you would want to rain your daughter’s happiness, see papa nothing would happen after all she is both the first person to be marrying a president son,is it not somebody that gave birth to the first lady
Me: papa I love Richærd so much,my happiness with him is not for the things he gets me nor because he is the president son but because I love him so much for who he is,please papa,nothing would happen to me or anyone of us,even Richærd assured me that,all I need now is my family’s support and not condemnation please father
Mum: my husband, I support what Michael and Precious have said,not that am saying you are wrong nor being over protective but all am trying to say is that you see these young man Richærd before deciding on these issue * everywhere was quiet,I was scared already of my father’s next reply but I kept calm waiting for his take in it,he didn’t say a word,he just buried his head in his palm for some mistakes then he stood up taking the news paper that had been lying on that seat with him,then he stared into the eyes of everyone present
Dad: * turning to me * the young man,tell the young man that I would like to have words with him * he walked into his room *
Michael: dont worry,its settled
Mum: come to your mother my daughter * I went to seat with her * God has favoured you and would continue to favour you
Me: Amen
Mum: all your life journey would be a success
Me: Amen
Michael: mom,come and see your daughter’s new car
Mum: *standing* come and show me my son
Very thing kept going smoothly in delta,before I forget Ella called me that she would be travelling back to abuja *that was 4 days after we travelled* but firstly she would come over to delta to meet her brother so both can go see the governor,she said she would come over to our side with her brother after they must had seen the governor,I was so happy and asked her to come quickly,I had missed Ella so much already.
I also informed Richærd that my dad wants to have words with him,he said when he comes the following week he would see father meanwhile Michael took over my driving lessons.
Most times the three of us would drive into asaba just for fun.
My father never disturbed me about Richærd again either did my mother trying reminding me like she would have always done before.
Six days after I had a talk with Ella over the phone she called asking for my house address that she was in delta already with her brother and would like to come over to see myself and Michael, I wasted no time in sending the house address to her and about 3 hours later a jeep drove into our compound,Ella and a young handsome guy came down from the jeep,I rushed to hug her. As in the way in which I shouted out of joy alerted my parents and made them rush out thinking something was wrong
Me: oh my God,Ella you are looking so amazing
Ella: you what are you eating,your beauty is become something else,if Richærd gets to see you now eh he wouldn’t believe his eyes
Me: *whispering into her ears* who is these cutie?
Ella: oh forgive my manners,Jetty,meet Precious,Richar
d’s fiancé,she is my course and flat mate, Richærdpresh meet my junior brother Jetty
Me: wow,Jetty nice meeting you
Jetty: *soft voice* nice meeting you too,I have had a lot about you and I must confess the only fake thing I have seen is the beauty aspect of it because you are more much beautiful than described
Me: and I must confess your handsomeness is charming
Jetty: *lol* I don’t know women to flatter men
Me: am not flattering you c’mon
Jetty: Richærd had made a nice choice I must confess
Mum: Precious,what was the shout for? *standing by the door with my dad*
Me: mom,dad,meet Ella,my course mate and Jetty,her junior bother,they are both Richærd’s cousins
Mum: oooh,my children you are both welcome,come in,side please
Dad: welcome my children,hope locating here wasn’t a problem
Jetty: not at all sir
Mum: you mean you came all the way from Lagos abi abuja just to see your friend
Ella: not at all ma,we actually had a meeting with the governor so we decided to visit and probably return back to to abuja tomorrow or next
Jetty: that’s true ma
Mum: you are both welcome,oyah come in,side *all walking in,side*
Ella: what of Michael?
Me: he went to get something with my little sister
Dad: please don’t mind the look of the house,just manage it
Jetty: *lol* these isn’t something of manage,the house is awesome *got to the sitting room and all sat down
Dad: your parents have houses in delta too?
Jetty: no not at all
Mum: when did you both arrive here
Jetty: let’s say two days ago
Mum: so where have you been staying?
Ella: we lodged in asaba
Dad: she. your friend has a house here,you didn’t do well
Jetty: we are sorry sir
Mum: both of you would stay here till whenever you decide going back to abuja
Ella: oh thank you sir,thank you ma
Jetty: my most gratitude sir,we feel honoured
Me: Ella you are shining
Mum: aunty Ella you are shining can you please show them to a room,so they can take their bath while we cook them something nice
Me: okay mom,please come with me *both followed*
30 minutes later Michael drove back with Juliet,I went to give him the news out side knowing fully well that he would be happy
Me: guess what?
Michael: what? who own these jeep,is Richærd here?
Me: no,Ella is here
Michael: Ella?, you are kidding me right?
Me: no,she came along with her junior brother
Michael: where are they now?
Me: in their room,they would be staying for some time
Michael: father!
Me: he was even the one that asked them to stay
Michael: wow,you should know what that means then
Me: what?
Michael: father has accepted Richærd indirectly
Me: I think so too
Juliet: brother Mike,I packed everything in the car already
Michael: okay thank you
Juliet: sister Precious,a lady is in the kitchen cooking with mother
Me: you don’t mean it
Juliet: who is she?
Me: my friend
Juliet: hmmm,she is pretty too
Me: Michael,abeg we are going to join mother in the kitchen,Juliet let’s go
On entering the kitchen I heard my mom praising Ella
Mum: am really surprised,I thought children of your status don’t cook oh,that was why I got scared when you came in,side the kitchen
Ella: ah ma,that’s not true,we all in our family cook *Juliet wanted to enter the kitchen but I held her back,we stood at the door*
Mum: same with mine just that Michael has started doing shakara to enter kitchen and cook
Ella: *lol* that’s a man for you
Me: *entering with Juliet* wow,hope you won’t start bribing my parents with your cooking
Ella: trust me nah,you know I will,is that Juliet?
Me: yea,my little sis that I told you about
Ella: she is more pretty than you,Juliet hi?
Me: am jealous
Juliet: am fine ma
Ella: I like your voice
Juliet: thank you,I like you,you are looking like an angel
Me: mom,these two has turned your kitchen to rhyme store
Mum: hahaha,you children will not kill me
Michael: *coming into the kitchen*helloooo somebody
Ella: hiiii,where have you been
Michael: can’t believe it,Ella,you are here truly
Mum: now you believe,please leave my kitchen,go and keep jetty company
Michael: allow me greet my baby first these woman
All: *lol*
Ella and Jetty stay in my house really made the house lively,just like Ella got so fond of Michael was the same way Juliet got fond of Jetty,laughter never seized from the house,they spent more days than they had planned because Richærd begged them to stay till he comes so we all can all go back to abuja together,I mean,myself,Richærd,Ella and Jetty.
Jetty was a good crime planner,and that was what my kid sister Juliet really enjoys.
most times when mother would go to the market and buy orange,Jetty would always refuse and playful tell my parents
Jetty: all these fruits gotten from the market are always and never as sweet as stolen ones,I love stolen oranges better
Mum: which one is stolen oranges?
Jetty: Juliet,hafa,any orange tree close?
Juliet: next compound
Jetty: oya let’s go and steal
Mum: Jetty?
Jetty: mama forget ,you will like it o
Dad: oyah let’s go and steal, next compound
We all would always laught till we get tired of laughing,I was really glad they were free with everyone of my family members..

The house was indeed fun filled,I was really hoping it ends no soon.
Something baffles me and that’s the way Jetty is pretty cool with the pidgin English than Ella
Jetty: let’s play these riddle
Juliet: go on
Michael wasn’t around,mum and dad were seated at one corner of the parlour while myself Ella,Juliet and Jetty sat at a corner
Jetty: if you are asked to choose between sense and wealth which would you take?
Me: that’s a question not a riddle
Jetty: you too talk,answer my question
Ella: as for me I will go for sense
Juliet: me too
Me: sense of course
Jetty: chai,sorry guys,its so obvious you guys really need the sense because if it’s to be me I would go for wealth
Ella: and leave sense!,why?
Me: wealth without sense
Jetty: *lol* you are wrong because I have sense that’s why am going for wealth
Juliet: uncle Jetty I don’t understand
Jetty: I have sense and don’t have wealth so I would go for wealth na,its what one lacks he goes after,you guys lack sense and wealth but you decided to take sense,which is nice but me I have sense so I go for wealth
Dad: hahaha Jetty
Mum: these boy is wise,look at you people,Jetty is wiser
Juliet: thank God have not chosen
Mum: ah Juliet,I told u never to lie
Juliet: mum I just said me too,but you guys didn’t ask what the me too was for,of course its for wealth
All: *lol*
Ella: Jetty so I your senior sister don’t have sense that’s what you are meaning?.Jetty: no na,you said that your self that’s why you decided going for sense
By next week Tuesday Richærd was around,it was really a full house
Richærd: *on call* baby am outside your house
Me: Which house
Richærd: the address you gave me now
Me: are you serious!!
Richærd: yea baby,so come out
Me: okay dearie just 5 seconds and I would be out
Richærd: your time starts now
Me: *lol,I rushed outside and met Richærd,he was on our polo,hope you remember my engagement polo* oh my God,Riccchhhærd
Richærd: see my baby love *hugged* you are looking like a new angel on earth
Me: please don’t start making me blush,since you left me in school no one had flattered me
Richærd: oooh,stop these,just take a look at you,you were made just on a Saturday,God’s resting day
Me: you were made on a Sunday *lol* the day God started work
Both: *lol*
Richærd: I must tell my mummy for you
Me: my dear you are in my house don’t forget that so before you get to abuja to report me to the first lady let me first report you to my mum
Richærd: oyah please
Me: no bribe me
Richærd: okay,if that’s what you want,I bribe you with my self
Me: *lol* you are not serious
Richærd: so how is everyone
Me: fine fine fine,trust me
Richærd: Ella and Jetty?
Me: Richærd thank God you came,at lest you would take Jetty along with you before he kills us with his wisdom and laughter
Richærd: that guy?,you haven’t seen anything yet
Me: hahaha,my parents can’t even escape his jokes,he makes everyone laugh like these a comedy house
Richærd: hahaha,you don’t mean it
Me: of course I do
Richærd: how is Michael,Mr. lux
Me: he is hærdly at home these week,always out looking for work
Richad: work! and you couldn’t tell me?
Me: tell you to do what?
Richærd: well ama see him myself
Me: kosi wahala ifem mi
Richærd: how about the little angel of the house,Juliet?
Me: that one!,is she small? she is aunty on her own o. come Mr let’s go in,side before you stay here and ask after every one
Richærd: *lol* after you
We got in,side and I ushered him a seat then I went in,side the room informing the rest of Richærdpresh presence,Juliet took off to the parlour on hearing that,she really had been dreaming to meet Richærd,trust little sisters nah
Ella: Richærd is here?
Me: you nor hear me before?
Jetty: no o,its not Richærd is here,Richærd is there
Ella: if I slap you eh Jetty
Me: hello,he is waiting
Ella: *standing from the bed* please Jetty pack these whots before coming down to the seating room,Preciouse let’s go
Me: okay
Ella: have you informed mum and dad?
Me: not yet
Ella: okay *on seeing Richærd,who already was on a gist with Juliet* heey Richærd
Richærd: wow,indeed Precious is taking care of you
Ella: who said is Precious, its not Precious o it mama and papa
Juliet: and me
Ella: tah,you that is taking Carr of Jetty alone instead of me
Richærd: so its Jetty and Juliet
Juliet: then its brother Michael and aunty Ella
Me: *lol* see casting
Richærd: oh you guys grouped yourself already? so its my Precious and who
Ella & Juliet: Richpresh
Myself & Richærd: *lol*
Richærd: it’s a lie,have been away,so you guys left my angel lonely abi
Me: yes o they did
Ella: *lol*
Richærd: don’t worry,Richærdpresh is here
Juliet: hmmm,my father’s house has become a love garden o
All: *lol*
Dad: *coming out of his room with mom* you people enjoy noise
Juliet: *ran to dad* dad see brother Richærd is here
Richærd: good evening sir,good evening ma
Dad: evening
Mum: evening dear,you are Richærd?
Richærd: yes ma
Me: mom,dad,meet Richærd my fiancé, Richærd,my parents
Dad: you are welcome,feel at home okay
Mum: anything you want,let me know
Richærd: no problem sir,thank you ma *both went back into the room before Jetty came out*
Jetty: bros Rich
Richærd: see my main man *shakes* how had it been
Jetty: well we just here chilling like its no man’s business
Richærd: funny man,met with the governor?
Jetty: leave that man,please bro let’s talk about the living and forget about the dead
Richærd: who died?
Ella: Jetty!!
Jetty: calm down sis,I only spoke of the governor not his son
Me: ah,interesting,so the governor’s son is on board now?
Ella: Jetty if I slap you,governor ko son no
Jetty: these slap you have been keeping for me eh,let me not talk
Richærd: so Ella which of the governor son
Ella: don’t mind Jetty
Jetty: mind me o,is George,that monkey *lol*
Everyone joined his laughter *lol*
About an hour later mum and dad came out
Dad: *seating down* please everyone excuse us apart from Richærd *everyone did but I remained*
Dad: my daughter must have told you I wanted to see you I believe
Richærd: yes sir
Dad: good,I want us to have an important discussion
Mum: Precious,your father asked you to excuse him but you stayed,oyah follow the rest
Me: *frown* mummy
Mum: oyah my friend,follow them
I walked out of the room angrily,about an hour later I was called on in the parlour so I went join them
Dad: *to me* seat down *I did* I have spoken with Richærd here and I must confess he is understanding *I looked at Richærd,he wasn’t smiling nor was he frowning,I got even scared*
Me: I don’t understand dad
Mum: then listen,at lest he is still talking
Me: soory mum
Dad: am only allowing these relationsh¡p because of the promise Richærd here made me and that is to ensure of your safety always and I have seen he is a perfect gentle man
Me: ah,thanks dad,thanks a lot,thanks mum am so elated
Dad: but you must be careful on your own,make no quarrel with any man or woman okay?
Me: yes father
Mum: not just yes father without duinh as instructed
Me: mama I will,trust me
Richærd: please sir,I will like to plead that Precious return to the presidential villa with me,my parents wish to see her
I sensed father felt uncomfortable with that but before he could reply mum already did
Mum: no problem,you have our permission, just bring her home at the right time and unharmed
Richærd: sure ma I will
Haven’t gained my parents support I was so happy,Richærd also spoke to Michael about work when he returned from his job seek.
the next day,myself,Richærd,Ella and Jetty were set to leave for abuja,Juliet couldn’t help but cry,Richærd promise to visit soon so also did Jetty,I knew my parents were gonna miss them a lot,I mean Ella and Jetty.
We got into the car,Ella and Jetty to the jeep while myself and Richærd to Richærd’s car,ready to meet the president!


The journey was a very long one,we had to stop at lokoji to refresh our stomach and took photos together before continuing the journey,we got to Abuja Early thought because Jetty and Richærd were busy competing on “I know speed better”.
I really thank God who got to abuja safely because at a time I got so scared of the speed.
driving to the presidential villa I was so curious to know how it looks like but Richærd refused telling me a thing about it
Me: how does aso rock look like
Richærd: you would see things for yourself sweedy
Me: tell me na
Richærd: no no.
I kept mute and watch him drive while Jetty followed behind at these time.
the entrance of the Villa is so wide,conveying white paints,all these flowering palm tress alike were planted both sides which adds a pure beauty to it with its green palms
Me: wow
Richærd: calm down,you have seen nothing
Me: just brief me a little please
Richærd: okay, The Aso Rock presidential villa
encompasses the 400 meter nonolith Aso
Rock and is located within the Three Arms
Zone of the Abuja Metropolis.
Me: so here is the three arms zone of Abuja metropolis?
Richærd: exactly
Me: wow
I got so curious watching around as Richærd drove in,every soldier we come across greeted and Richærd responded
Me: why don’t you walk with esc-rts?
Richærd: why?
Me: so you won’t be kidnapped
Richærd: *lol* I can sure protect myself,I don’t want to show around attracting attentions to myself always
Me: okay o if you say so
Richærd: look over there,that’s Aso rock villa banquet hall
Me: wow,I love these,those flowers are ever green,those are really strong pillars
Richærd: when do you start building
Me: *lol*
He got to a car garage and parked,we came down,Jetty parked also and came down with Ella
Ella: wow,Jetty call mom or dad,tell them we are at aso rock already and would be home soon
Jetty: okay *am really impressed with the way Jetty respects Ella,am certain he is up to 22 or 23*
Richærd: *touching me* hello,didn’t you hear me telling you to follow me in,side since
Me: please don’t blame me,am so carried away by the beauty of these house,its indeed big
Richærd: over there is One of the meeting rooms,in there is the presidents office,over that side is Aso rock reception for
the Super Eagles
Me: you don’t mean it
Richærd: of course I do
Me: I really need to go for presidency election soon
Richærd: don’t try it,you would only grow white bears because Nigeria as a wh0le isn’t ready for female leaders
Me: I can make a difference
Richærd: please let’s go in,Jetty and Ella are already in
Me: after you
we entered in,side,indeed the in,side was something else to write about,if I were really from the bush I would have fainted like 12 times without apology because its the most beautiful house I had ever been
Richærd: here is the sitting room,sit there,Jetty where is Ella
Jetty: she has gone to Sharon’s room
Richærd: okay,keep Presh busy while I get my parents
Jetty: trust me on that*Richærd left us climbing through the heavenly stairs of the house
Me: Jetty,is these part on earth?
Jetty: no o,can’t you see angels standing all over,we are in heaven
Me: you won’t understand *Ella surfaced with a girl of about our age (24) I guess that’s Sharon,she looks extra beautiful,what do you expect,she is swimming in money
Ella: Precious these Sharon
Me: hi
Sharon: hi Precious, oh sorry,hi Richærdpresh
Me: *lol,shy* nice meeting you
Sharon: *seating down* I heard so much about you already
Me: really? hope good?
Sharon: sure
Jetty: come Sharon where is my laptop
Sharon: in my room,go get it
Ella: where is Richærd?
Me: he went in to call his dad and mom
Sharon: ooops my mom isn’t around and dad is in meeting
Ella: we wait for him,before leaving
Sharon: before nkor
Me: how is your study?
Sharon: graduated these year
Me: what course?
Sharon: accountancy
Me: same course as my brother
Sharon: wow nice,Ella told me you are her course mate
Me: yea
Sharon: what course again?
Me: economics
Ella: you and Richærd ate same,always forgetful
Sharon: jealousy,were you Precious that I was asking?
Richærd: *climbing down the stairs* Sharon were did mom and dad go to?
Sharon: mom went out but would soon be back,dad is in the meeting room,by six pm he should be out
Richærd: *down already,checked his watch* hmmm,after five
Sharon: you guys were f—–g fast
Richærd: hey? what’s your problem?
Sharon: am sorry,its a mistake
Richærd: don’t let me warn you again about these “f—–g” of a world you enjoy using
Sharon: I said am sorry nah
Ella: what’s wrong with the word?
Richærd: everything,I hate that word
Me: please am pressed
Richærd: Sharon,show her the rest room
Sharon: okay.
She lead me to the rest room,in there I almost lied down on the floor,it was so wide and beautiful,the kind of smell it has was just too sweet,if not that I suspected cameras to be planted in there I wouldn’t have been able to a sure you that I didn’t lie on the shining ties of the rest room,after I was done using the toilet I came out but got confused to which way to take back to the large seating room,I tried to be sure of one of the ways but my brain failed me so I just rested on the wall stylishly hoping someone comes to pick me soon before I would end up busting into Mr president private room and as God may have it Sharon came back for me
Sharon: done?
Me: yes
Sharon: you should had come back to the seating room
Me: I thought you were still around so I decided waiting for you
Sharon: okay let’s go.
chai sometimes its best to lie o to prevent unnecessary mockery. on getting to the living room I sat down,just then the president walked in with some armed men leading him,my heart nearly jumped into my mouth on seeing him,not that I haven’t seen him before but I had never thought of standing in his presence.
on seeing the full living room he halt and I jumped to my feet immediately..

Me: morning his excellence
Mr.President: good evening young woman * I felt embarrassed*
Ella & Co: good evening sir
Mr President: * went to take a seat * hmmm you all finally decided to come back
Ella: your excellence is not like that
Mr.President: Your father told me he sent yourself * Ella * and Jetty to governor James and since then you both decide to start leaving there
Ella: father said such?
Mr President: *to me* seat down young lady,while stand
Me: oh sorry sir * I seem to had been carried away *
Mr President: Jetty what happened
Jetty: nothing actually,just felt bored of the house so decided to look around delta state for a while
Richærd: dad,these is Precious,the girl I told you about
Mr.President: oh,I see,what a beauty,son I must confess you have good eyes so young lady introduce yourself
Me: * my heart was beating faster but I decided to calm down myself within me after all he is human* sir am Precious Oyege,am from delta state,a final year student of Economics in the university of Lagos
Mr.Precious: that’s a good course,that means you are Ella’s course mate?
Me: yes sir
Mr.President: well let me not question you further we would get to know much better as time goes on * standing up * children as you can see I am just coming out of the meeting room,I need to rest a little before dinner is served
All: okay sir
Mr.President: what about your mother Sharon?
Sharon: she’s out
Mr.President: okay,and you Richærd make sure you take good care of our visitor
Richærd: no problem dad * the president climbed the stairs after waving his security men to go back to their duty post,my mind calm a little*
Me: your father must be nice
Richærd: not really,politicians are never nice
Jetty: ah Richærd see what you are saying of your dad
Richærd: no I didn’t say just my dad
Ella: Jetty its 6 pm already let’s start driving home
Sharon: no with for dinner
Ella: abeg we can’t
Richærd: why?
Ella: home calls
Richærd: okay my regards to mom and dad,ama check up on you guys tomorrow
Jetty: sure? these one you have Precious here are you sure you would be able to go out again?
Richærd: if I dash you hand eh
Me: *lol* Jetty don’t start,am tired of laughing
Jetty: okay
Ella: Precious try visit us o but sha we would always come around
Me: I will miss you both
Jetty: sister Sharon keep her company oh
Sharon: sure I will
Soon enough dinner was served and we ate but with the President’s presence and that of the first lady.
Shortly after dinner the first lady came in,Sharon ran to her like a little girl
Sharon: welcome mom
First Lady: where I’d your father
Sharon: in,side his room *she walked closer to myself and Richærd*
Me: good evening ma
First Lady: event and how are you?
Me: find ma
Richærd: mom these precious the girl I told you about
Fitstlady: hmmm I srr,Precious who?
Me: oyege ma
Firstlady: sounds familiar,well relax yourself,Richærd can I see you in my room?
Richærd: okay mom
she left with Richærd while Sharon sat with me,gisting me about how school. now I have gotten to understand where Sharon’s beauty came from,she’s a typical resemblance of her mother the first lady,its really interesting knowing,soon Richærd was in the living room looking so angry
Me: what’s wrong?
Richærd: nothing
Sharon: you and I know that’s a lie,did mom say anything to you
First lady: * just then she came out shouting * am talking to you and you are walking away,you walked out on me Richærd,you have grown wings I can see
Richærd: what you ask of me is impossible mother
Firstlady: oh really,I see,I would handle these my way
Sharon: mom what’s the problem?
Firstlady: keep shut you,birds of same feather * she angrily walked into her room climbing the stairs
Me: Richærd what’s the problem * he said nothing*
Sharon: talk na?
Richærd: imagine mother asking me to go apologize to Clara and her family after what she did
Sharon: rubbish,is it Clara or Zara abi what’s she called you ain’t gonna be apologizing to any Hausa cow in form of a woman
Me: who is Clara?
Sharon: Richærd’s ex,the daughter of the vice president,don’t you know about her?
Me: I do but just hearing her name
Sharon: in fact I must tell father about these* started climbing the stairs*
Richærd: what kind of mother is these
Me: don’t say that,if she wants you to apologize then do
Richærd: quiet,don’t you ever tell me that okay?
Me: sorry
The house became a little hot for the days I spent there,Mr President seem to be so fond of me but the Firstlady was something else,maybe she thought I was advising Richærd against apologizing to Clara and her family.
I didn’t wast time relating everything to Ella when she came around but she said I shouldn’t mind the first lady that she’s always like that and she asked me never to advice Richærd on apologizing to the isah family but it seem everyday I spent at the villa makes the cloud unleash hotter suns so I told Richærd I wanted to go back but he refused,instead he took me to Ella’s house to stay,I was well accepted there by her parents who promised talking sense in to the first lady.
I felt at home again till one day I received a text message from an unknown number threatening to kill me if I don’t leave Richærd for her,I got so scared and regretted ever coming to the villa to see Richærd’s family.
I showed Ella the text,she deleted it and told me not to worry,that it was Clara threatening but I shouldn’t mind her,I got alarmed,how has she gotten my number.
Since Ella’s dad was out for business Ella insisted we tell her mom once she comes back from work.
then I was just him with Ella and Jetty,I haven’t met with her other brother yet because I learnt he was out of the country.
When Ella’s mum got back we reported to her,she got so angry with Ella for deleting the text
Ella’s Mum: I would have shown it to the president so that if anything happens to her Clara would be held responsible.
by these time I was so scared so I called Richærd and informed him of the text but he just assured me it was an Pty threat from a drugger
All these while I never tried informing my parents,not even Michael because I know once my father hear of it the next thing would be I should put a stop to my relationsh¡p with Richærd and no one can make him turn his mind again not even my mother nor Michael my brother.
I never thought there could be more to everything than I had thought….

My stay in Abuja became so uncomfortable because the threat on my life and everyone dear to me became constant.
I told Richærd of my intentions to go back to Delta since I had spent a reason time in abuja and being that school would soon resume,Richærd asked me to spend one more week in Abuja but I insisted so he stopped objecting,I decided to inform Ella’s family about my plans to go back and they welcomed it,so i made up my mind to leave abuja in two days time.
Ella’s mom advised me to inform my parents about the happenings which i promised her to tell them but really I had no intentions of letting them know about it.
When i got ready to leave the second day I was really surprised with the gifts Ella’s parents showered me with.
Ella’s Mum: my daughter I wish you wouldn’t leave us
Me: ah mama i wish same but you know the condition of things
Ella’s Mum: yes my daughter,just be careful now,you really have to put your head down now and be careful with people you associate with now,please my daughter avoid night movements now
Me: thank you ma,am really grateful
Ella’s Mum: those wrappers are for you mother,tell her I would be meeting with them soon once i take my leaves at work
Me: okay ma
Ella’s Dad: my dear you have heard what my wife said to you,she has said it all but I would like you to know that as long as Richærd still loves and want you in his life and you do feel same,i,myself and me would solidly stand behind you
Me: thank you sir
Ella’s Mum: which one is i,myself and me?
Ella’s Dad: its means me and my family
Ella: mom like seriously Jetty and dad have same funny character
All: hahaha
Ella’s Dad: my daughter,let’s not keep you waiting, just like my wife here had said,we would visit your family once the time presents its self but i promise you that before these week runs out I would pay my brother a visit in the villa,Richærd is old enough to take decisions for himself
Me: sir,am very grateful,I must confess your family is a very accommodating one,thanks a lot sir
Jetty: Ella call Richærd let’s know where he is,its almost 7.
just then Richærd entered the sitting room
Richærd: greetings here
Ella: Richærd we have been waiting
Richærd: who are the we,are you precious or you travelling with her!
Ella’s Dad: Richærd make sure you come back here once you drop Precious at the park,thanks are getting out of hand and the earlier we start tackling it the better for us all
Richærd: okay sir
I got to Delta and shared every gifts given to me in abuja by Ella’s parents including the once Richærd give me when he dropped me off at the park. My parents called Ella’s parents to thank them,men must be men,can you imagine what my father said over the phone ” you people shouldn’t have bother of the gifts ” *lol*. the still spoke with the president who was surprised hearing I was in delta already without informing him,he asked me to call him later with my line so he would have my line should he by any means have any reason to call me.
Everything went back to normal in Delta,I never told my parents about the threat of a thing from Clara Richærd’s ex,i found it not necessary after all I don’t even know her one on one,I don’t know if she’s black or fair,tall or short or even fat or slim so I really take it to be empty threats though at times when I remember those threats my heart skips.
I wouldn’t want to waste much of your time telling you these life experience of mine bit by bit although every part of it would surely interest you but let’s save time.
school resumed its first semester just a month to Christmas,but before that our results were out and i did pretty well and had no carryover on any of my course,my G.P was so impressive,my mom wanted me to stay till next year before returning to school but my father insisted on my going back
Dad: you should know you have come a long way to start dragging yourself back,you are now in 400 level,play less and read more,prepare yourself,you would return to school next week Monday.
Well I started preparing my things,my father is right after all,you know these lectures,they can be very mean,seeing that students ain’t much in school they might just start giving test anyhow.
I put a call across to Ella and informed her that I would be returning to school on Monday because my father insisted,she also told me she would be returning on Monday too,that her dad had insisted too.
All these while my communication with Richærd had become very tight even much more than before,we talk over the phone nearly every hour,even text messaging had become so common among us both.
I travelled down to school to resume classes,before I even got Lagos Ella was already in school,sorry to say but its just the simple truth that I never thought of Jerry and James all these while,I only remembered them on getting into school again.
Ella told me she came on flight and from the way we welcomed each other one could easily tell we missed each other a lot.
Ella and Jerry got back together again after he apologised and we all celebrated our Christmas in school,Richærd was present too. funny enough we had three test on the 24th of December.
University of Lagos became Richærd’s second home.
February 26th,after Richærd returned back to aso rock on the 25th same month because he came on the 12th regarding to th14 February day which is valentine.
it was indeed a great day,it was just myself,Richpresh, Ella,Jerry and James celebrating,we turned the city multiple colours that valentine night. in fact that night I almost forgot I came to Lagos for the sake of school.
On the 15th Richærd told me he had related Michael’s job issue to Ella’s dad and as God may have it during the evening of that same day Michael called informing me he has been offered a job in one of the oil company in PH,I was so happy for him.
As i was saying, on the 26th after Richærd left on the 25th I received a message from an unknown number,it reads ” you must be very stubborn, I asked you to keep away from Richærd but you refused,don’t blame me on the misfortune you have laid down for yourself”
immediately after reading I began sweating unnecessarily, I called Ella to come read the text,she did and got angry with the text,she tried calling the number but it was invalid number,she forwarded the text to her dad and Richærd then she took her phone dialing her father’s number,as she was on phone with her dad relating things to him my phone began ringing,it was my dad calling,I took in the call but instead of hearing my dad’s voice it was Juliet’s voice,she was seriously crying over the phone
Juliet: sister Precious,sister Precious
Me: I can hear you Juliet,stop crying please and answer me,talk to me
Juliet: please come home,some unknown gun men just adopted mom and dad
Me: eh? what did you say,adopted who,talk to me,mom and dad kidnapped? how,where,when?
Juliet: just now,please come home
Me: *the sweats increased* just stop crying,I am coming down to delta as soon as possible now..

As soon as I ended the call,all that could escape my mouth was
Me: Ella! Ella! Ella my parents,my parents oh Ella *tears welled down*
Ella: oh my God,who adopted them,why,how did these happen
Me: Ellah ooooh,I don’t know I don’t know,my parents had been kidnapped
Ella: * get her phone back on her ear * dad did you hear that,Precious parents had just been kidnapped * handing the phone over to me * take my dad wants to speak with you
Me: *i collected the phone from her* hello sir
Ella’s Dad: how did these happen
Me: *crying* sir I don’t know,my sister just called to inform me
Ella’s Dad: when did she say these happened
Me: just now sir
Ella’s Dad: stop crying,put yourself together, am assuring you nothing would happen to your parents okay, let me put a cross to the president immediately, an immediate action needs to be taken
Me: thank you sir * I answered all in tears,then hung up *
Ella: i swear to God I will kill Clara,I will kill her and go to jail for it that is if I would actually go to prison
Me: I need to be in delta now * immediately my phone started ringing,it was Richærd’s dad,I took in the call” hello sir
Mr.President: I need you to come down to the villa now
Me: sir,my parents had just been kidnapped, I need to be in delta
Mr.President: I know,just come down to abuja immediately, these is regarding to your parents adoption,take the next flight to abuja,I will be waiting for you, I will book you a flight now so get down to the airport
Me: okay sir * hung up *
Ella: what did he say?
Me: I should be in abuja now* phone rings,it was Michael* hello Michael * still in tears *
Michael: what’s happening to your line,I have been calling your line but busy,Juliet just called me that mom and dad has been kidnapped
Me: she told me so too
Michael: stop crying,am on my way to delta now so meet me there
Me: okay
Michael: I will call you later,let me attend to something * hung up *
Ella: oh God,what’s happening
Me: my parents Ella,please nothing should happen to them * phone rings,its Richærd *
Richærd: hello sweedy,I just saw the text message you forwarded to me
Me: Richærd my parents had been kidnapped
Richærd: what? by who,why,where, when?
Me: I don’t know *cried out*
Richærd: stop crying,don’t worry I would do everything to make sure your parents ain’t harmed
Me: thank you
Richærd: don’t thank me,all these are happening because of me,just calm down I am taking the next available flight down to Lagos
Me: its not necessary, your father asked me already to take the next available flight down to abuja
Richærd: come quickly then,I will be waiting for…*Ella snatched the phone from me*
Ella: your parents life is in danger and you are busy with call,look I have packed your bag,take it let me drop you off at the airport
I didn’t respond to anything she said again,I just picked up my bag without even a thank you,I was lost in thought of my parents well being,I thought of where they are presently,what are they doing to them now,how is Juliet fairing,who is consoling her,hope Michael is in delta already… all these thought occupied my brain, I didn’t even know when we got to the airport
Ella: Precious we are at the airport already,get down
Me: *that was when I regained consciousness* oh sorry,thanks
Ella: here is your phone
I got down and we entered the airport,Ella helped me check if the president had booked me and all other stuff,I just wasn’t in my sane state of mind to go about it with her.
Soon my flight left Lagos and before 55 minutes we were in Abuja’s airport,I was surprised seeing Richærd at the airport awaiting my arrival,he welcomed me and lead me to where he had parked his car,I noticed armed soldiers following us,I guess they were Richærd’s security but I never bothered asking,I had enough to think about.
I got into the car and Richærd drove off with the securities driving behind us,all Richærd said to me in the car I didn’t even hear a single thing,so sorry to say these but I wasn’t even sure some one was talking,all my mind set were based on my parents present condition,I regret not telling them about everything at first,maybe they would have been more careful.
We drove into the villa and I came down,we walked into the living room and met the president standing and looking pissed up,immediately he saw us he signaled the men guiding him to go out,then turned to Richærd
Mr.President: Richærd,go to my brother,tell him I want to see him immediately,if he is not home,wait till he returns,you must come back here with him
Richærd: yes dad,baby am coming *he went off*
I was left with the president
Mr.President: hmmm,Precious,if you look around you would realize we are the only souls in these living room
These story is owned by Michael Luxguy Augustine beware
Me: yes sir
Mr.President: I intentional sent Richærd away because I want whatever we discuss here to remain between us and no one else must hear of it,not even Richærd
Me: please sir you are scaring me
Mr.President: don’t be scared,read these message *handing his phone over to me,I collected it and read through it*
it Reads:
Mr Williams,President of our time,it is very nice having you in my palms now,I have the parents of your son’s fiancé and the video records of your past and present crimes just waiting to go public once you do otherwise to my instructions. go through your whatsapp messages to watch just but few of you past crime videos,and am assuring you I have more of it then you would ever imagine,here is a quick one,you must send Precious,the so called girlfriend of your son Richærd outside the walls of these country and never for her to return, only then would I release her parents and keep your dirty secret safe but if you do anything contrary to my order,first I will kill both parents and distribute these videos to every news house in these country and international and I shouldn’t be telling you what the consequences of these would be. you have 24hours to send her out of these country and never for her to return or await the consequences. my eyes are fixed on you,its either you play safe or risk the game and face the consequences.
After reading I was shivering as I handed back his phone to him,I wanted to ask questions but couldn’t, him his self was looking displeased and so uncomfortable
Mr.President: *in a shallow voice* I won’t force you in your decision but what is your decision in these
Me: *with a heavy heart* sir,I love Richærd so much that I don’t know if I can leave a minute without him but I must save my parents lives,they are all I have got in these wh0le world as parents,they can’t die for what they know not,so I would leave for the safety of my family,if it so pleases God my self and Richærd would surely end up together
Mr.President: am touched,I swear with the spirits guiding these country that I will ensure your parents safety,I would take care of them till you return and my son Richærd would wait for you,its a golden promise I make you
Me: sir my parents
Mr.President: *walked close,holding up my both hands* election is few months away,I promise you that once am elected and sworn in for a second tenor I would send back for you,I swear these on my staff of office *he let go of my hands,I just couldn’t stop crying*
Me: sir please can I make a last request?
Mr.President: go on
Me: can I have few hours with Richærd at lest for the very last time,I promise I won’t tell him anything we have discussed nor make him suspect
Mr.President: as long as you keep your promise you can have the wh0le night with him
Me: thank you sir
Mr.President: I know you are in your final year in school,I would make make sure you get the best result ever,am working toward that already so before today runs out you would get it *walked back to his seating position,opened his briefcase and brought out a visa* these is your visa,you passport and the rest of your travelling doc-ments are ready,by morning tomo you leave for England till I send back for you,not to worry,a good job awaits you over there.
Richærd came back in the evening but without Ella’s dad,he said he is in calabar on a business deal
Mr.President: that’s okay,I need you to take Precious to your room,stay with her and comfort her,by morning tomorrow she would be travelling
Richærd: okay dad
He took me to his room trying all he could to comfort me,i learnt Sharon had travelled out with the first lady.
I couldn’t eat,I couldn’t tell Richærd I was leaving,the thought of not getting to see my parents again made me cry out loud but Richærd couldn’t understand, he only comforted me that my parents would be fine
Me: Richærd please make love to me tonight,take my V-rginity
Richærd: why? thought you said till our wedding night?
Me: just do it,that’s the only thing that would make me happy now *I stood up and went completely nude*
Richærd held me close,our l-ips met and our tongues cling,he car-ss all over my body,laid me on his bed and forced his manh-od into me,I felt the sharp pain as he started digging me,I was bleeding already and maybe badly. the feeling ran deep in my head,it was a feeling of both pains and pleasure,my legs were on fire as he pounded me,my V-rginia hurts so bad. he removed his d–k and cleaned up the bleeding with tissue paper before he continued,each ins**t he makes cause me pain but I didn’t stop him.
The next morning Richærd didn’t wake up,I tired waking him but he didn’t,the president came into the room and asked me to live him that he would wake only when I must had gone,I was puzzled.
I took my bath,the president handed me all he had promised me including a first class result with distinctions and by 8 i was set to leave with Richærd still sleeping in his room.
I left the villa with my bag but the president gave me a new sim and took my old sims.
I got a taxi outside the villa to the airport but got kidnapped on the way by some unknown gun men.
I was blind folded and taken to a building somewhere in abuja,I was made to seat on a chair while I begged for my life
Voice: interesting,the pretty Precious is here,the gold digger
Me: please,what have I done
Voice: have you seen Clara before?
Me: no ma,please spare me
Voice: take off her blind fold
The blind fold was removed,it was an uncompleted building, I saw armed men standing all over,the girl talking to me was backing me,she was smoking,I got real scared and continuously begged for my life,she turned and faced me puffing out smoke from her mouth
Voice: so you don’t know me,amm Clara,the girl you decided to mess around with,but you messed with the wrong girl,you can’t steal my man and go scot free,never
Me: please,spare my life,I didn’t steal Richærd from you,I was leaving the country away from Richærd
Clara: *lol* I knew that,well I kept to my words,your parents had been released but what about you?
Me: *heart skips* ah please don’t kill me
Clara: kill,kill? hell no,I won’t kill you,I would had done that since if I had wanted to,but I want you to suffer and beg for death,I want to show you what power and money can do in these country,I have sentenced you to life imprisonment without court hearing with hærd labour,whoever talks to you would die
Me: ah please,don’t do these to me,allow me live the country please and I would never return
Clara: oh sorry dear,even the president can’t save you now. Tanko take her to the prison were she belongs
They roughly pulled me up leading me out of the building not listening to my plead,am not even sure they saw my tears,those men were wicked to the core.
THE END..Thanks
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