President Son And I

President Son And I – Last Batch

President Son And I – Last Batch

Me: everything,James is fully aware I am engaged to Richærd and had kids for him
Vero: as a good friend I would tell you the truth,it doesn’t matter what he already knows about you,its good he let out his feelings for you and now its left for you to accept or decline
Alice: simple
Me: am just so confused now
Alice: no don’t be,I don’t want to tell you what you should do because I believe you are old enough to take you decisions
Vero: exactly
Me: right now I don’t know what to do
Vero: then give yourself time to think
Me: thanks,where is he now?
Alice: he left already
Me: okay then
as at 3pm Ella,her parents,Richærd and Sharon were at our home,it was indeed a full house,after we welcomed them and we all sat at the parlour with Vero,Alice and Warder Bisi excusing us after i had introduced the to Ella’s parents.
Ella,Sharon and especially Richærd were looking like a shadow of themselves
Ella’s Dad: once again let me greet these noble home
Dad: you are welcome
Ella’s Dad: am here on behave of myself and my brother the president
Dad: once again you are welcome
Ella’s Dad: hmmm,what do I say,it is really a thing of shame when I had that a wife we married turned out to be the devil,I was really disappointed when I heard that but the truth of the issue is that it has happened already so we shouldn’t let that keep weighing us down,no don’t mistake my words,I don’t mean she won’t pay for her sins but let’s concentrate more on how to find the babies because they are ours because the story has taken a new turn*my mom was seated on a
Dad: *clears his throat* hmmm,you have spoken well my dear,but I must confess that I don’t understand what you mean by things taking a new turn
Ella’s Dad: okay sir,what am trying to say is that the Firstlady has claimed not knowing the whereabout of those babies and the kidnappers caught after much interrogation has confessed to had sold the babies to an ajiah but when the news got on papers they said they learnt the ajiah had left the kids and ran away and presently they can’t tell the whereabout of the babies
Me: are my babies dead*crying* please tell me if they are dead please
Ella’s Mum: my daughter,stop crying,myself and my husband hadn’t forgotten our promises to you to find these babies and bring them back to you so please we need a little time*Ella stood from where she sat earlier and came to join me,consoling me
Dad: well I have heard,its not that I don’t know what to do,am only keeping quiet because of my daughter’s relationsh¡p with the son and as you can see it was these same issue that kept my wife in these condition now
Ella’s Mum: sorry madam,sorry,you will be well again
Mum: the Firstlady is just so lucky I was in these condition before now if not only God knows what would had happened,she has the mind to send an innocent girl to prison all because she accepted to be with her son but my God will surely judge her and place her in a condition where only sorrow and pains would be her comfort
Richærd: ma,am really sorry for my mother’s atrocities to these family and I am willing to make everything back to normal
Me: you ain’t sorry for anything,if you were you would had found my babies,I hate you Richærd I hate you *crying*
Richærd: why speak in such manner,are those kids not mine! do you think I don’t want them back?
Me: who knows when your family are the best pretenders I had ever come across
Dad: Precious,have you lost your manners?.Mum: what has come I’ve you,don’t tell me you have thrown away all the home training I gave u
Ella’s Dad: am really disappointed Precious,you insulted me indirectly
Ella’s Mum: am just so speechless,I still find it heard to believe you just vomited those insults now. yes I know you have been wronged greatly but you shouldn’t turn blind eyes to our apologies because we care that’s why we are doing everything humanly possible to find these babies
Richærd: *now crying* do you think you bear or pass through these pains alone,its even much more worst on my own side getting to find out my mother had been the devil living within,do you no how it feels like*Ella walked to him trying to comfort him while in tears also* do you even know how much the family’s name had been dragged to the mud? I wanna find my babies out there,I need to find them dead or alive because I wanna see how they look like at lest and if I don’t find them let me die looking for them. we shouldn’t be here fighting,we should put our heads together and think on how and where to find our babies
Me: *heavy heart* you and your family should go look for my babies,you have just till tomorrow or else…
Ella: Precious?
Me: don’t call me,do you know what his family has caused me? my graduation,my life,my time,I suffered in jail for no cause,on getting out the suffering continues on a heavy pregnancy, you are here calling my name *tears dropping seriously* I looked for help but couldn’t find,I prayed for death but it was far away,how would you Ella feel if it were you that after all these suffering on pregnancy, you gave birth only for those babies to be taken away from you,not one,not two,all three
Ella: *crying and stammering* I know,if I were to be you I might react worst than you are reacting but remember how you both started,remember what you guys shared already,if not for anything for the sake of your babies please,when your kids are found would you continue like these?
Me: I should forgive him for the sake of what we shared and for the…
Ella: *interrupting* he was really the one that wronged you
Me: you know what Richærd,find my babies,you have till tomorrow and for your information whatsoever it is that we had shared was in the past and should remain in the past because its over between us!
Ella’s Dad&Mom&Ella: what!!
Richærd and Sharon just looked in shock
Ella’s Mom: no no no Precious,you are taking these too far,you should respect if not my presence but that of my husband,we feel your pain that’s why we left all it is that we were doing just to get down here to speak with you and your family
Ella’s Dad: you changed so much
Dad: why that Precious
Ella: you mean you are throwing away our friendsh¡p just like these?.
Michael came to console me
Michael: it hasn’t gotten to these,don’t let your anger get mixed with your emotions.
my heart was so heavy,I couldn’t think anymore,maybe my conscience were hitting on me,I heard Sharon cried in tears “don’t so these to my brother,he truly loves you” it sounded so hærd to my hearing that I had to run off to my room in tears,I hit the room’s door open falling on the bed in deep sorrow
Warder Bisi: what’s the problem *they all looked so surprised*
Alice: why are you crying,why are you these way* I just cried even the more*
Vero: talk to us,you are killing us by keeping silence *Richærd entered,he was in tears too,immediately Alice and co saw him they excused us,we cried for some time before he sat close to me on the bed
Richærd:am really sorry for everything,I wish I could had prevented it,I take the blames so just forgive me
Me: leave my room now
Richærd: please
Me: I said you should leave *shouted*
he just should silently in tears,walked to the door,turned back staring at every part of the room in tears,he came back,walked to the small table in my room,there was a a pen on it and some books,he probably started writing in tears,I was busy crying and sobbing too,when he was done,he dropped the pen and left the room without turning back,immediately Michael entered
Michael: that was wrong Precious,you should had listened to him,that guy truly loves you,he wasn’t the one who wronged you,something would had happened to him and am sure he would had forgiven you on first plead,you just have to go see that guy and tell him you are sorry too,let me see what he wrote to you *he walked to the table and picked the book then shouted* Jesus!!! Precious read these *he handed it to me while I struggled to read in tears and on broken heart,my eyes beheld something,out of shock I had to read again and it reads*
Maybe you will miss me when I am gone. My
presence was
useless to you but maybe my
absence will make you feel the
kind of love I felt for you. You will
miss me when I am gone forever.
You will miss all those fights I put
up with you just to make our relationsh¡p
stronger. You will
miss all the tantrums I used to
throw to get your attention. You
will miss all those random silly
love poems I used to write for
you. You will miss all those
arguments which you thought
were silly but they just meant that
I loved you and I could not share
you with anyone else. You will
miss my jealousy, my mood
swings, my childish behavior, my
possessiveness,my insecurities
and my random boring
conversations. You will miss me
for the way I doted on you and
cared for you. But most of all you
will miss the undying love I had
for you and the fact that there
was a time when I could trade
both the worlds to get your love…
bear it in mind that I love you so much,see you in the next world,don’t cry for me
signed Richærd.
sudden fear gripped me,my tears dried off immediately and sudden sweat overwhelmed me,Richærd is going to kill himself,oh my God,what have I done….

FINALE Episode..
I jumped down from the bed and rushed to the parlour,only mother,Alice,Vero and Warder Bisi were in the parlour,I needed no seer to tell me that Richærd and co had left or were on their way out,I rushed out to the compound and saw him already entering his car and shouted out his name “Richærd!!” he turned and saw me,we stood staring at each other for some seconds in tears before I ran to him throwing my arms round his neck and we engaged in a passionate k-ss,by the time I realized what was happening everyone was outside staring at us,they applauding brought us back to earth
Mother: wow,these is a rom-ntic reconciliation
Ella’s Dad: *to her husband* can we k-ss ours please
Ella’s Dad: k-ss ko,wooh Precious am proud of you,come over her.
My dad just watched speechlessly while Ella,Sharon,Mic
hael,Alice,Vero and Warder Bisi just stood still giving us some sheepish smiles,Richærd used his palm to wipe my tears before I walked close to Ella’s dad who cuddled me
Ella’s Dad: I wish it was one of my boys that had you,you are the best anyman could have
Ella’s Mum: ah daddy what of me *made some jealous face*
Ella’s Dad: oh darling come over here,you know you are the queen of all,the best woman for daddy
Ella’s Mum: better
Dad: have you all come here to make myself and wife jealous! *walked to my mom who was seated on her wheels*baby,you had been the best all the way,the most caring and loving woman I had ever loved
Mum: honey,you know we don’t need competition, so let them be because even the skies can tell we are the best couples
Alice: supported
Vero: supported
Warder Bisi: me too
Ella: I support my dad jhoor
Sharon: and I support what you support Ella
Co: *lol*
Dad: don’t stress your self,you should know majority carries the vote,so myself and wife won
Ella’s Dad: Igbo men and ojoro
Dad: no ojoro here,you can not come to my house and win me
Ella’s Dad: I will only accept these your winning just because we are marrying you daughter.
And I didn’t see it coming,all I saw was Richærd kneeling in front of me with a golden ring,Ella’s dad carefully let go of me while I stared at Richærd and the ring
Richærd: Richærdpresh, we had spent the best moments of our life’s together and spent the worst moments apart but with one mind,I can’t see myself leaving without you,Richærdpresh I had spent sleepless nights in your love,I don’t want my son to go through same pains for your daughter,so u came up with an idea and decided to ask you,please can we make them brother and sister?
I was so surprised, the last minutes we were fighting and the next minute here we are professing love
Me: Richpresh, Richærdpresh wouldn’t want her daughter to pass through these pains for your son so let’s make them brother and sister
All: applauding *as Richærd took off his old engagement ring from my fingers and ins**ted the gold ring,just then James opened the gate and bump in on us,I saw disappointment written on his face as Richærd drew me up*
Richærd: now we need to find our babies
James: they are here,am certain they are your missing triplets*immediately a woman opened the gate carrying two babies and a girl of abt 16 years followed suit carrying one,I rushed to her,inspecting the babies,oh my God,I sighted the ink on the first born nail which the doctor had used so the identification of the first baby would be easily know after birth,what surprises me most was how the ink got to stay that long still fresh*
Me: *in shock*they are my kids,they are my kids,Richærd our babies*shouted* my babies,its Flourish,Flora and Flex.
everyone rushed in jubilation, I carried one while Richærd carried the boy and Ella rushed the other,I realized the babies smiling even with the noise,I gave the one with me to Vero while I go right on my kneel thanking God
Ella’s Dad: how did you find them*he finally asked*
James: my sister Mary here found them dumped at her gate two days back but only alerted me last night so I thought it might be her missing babies
Dad: thank you so much my son,God would surely complete your joy too
James: Amen sir
Mum: bring my grandchildren for grandma to carry them.
Ella carried Flora to her
Richærd: these boy looks very much like me,he should be called Richærd jnr. too
All: hahaha
Dad: please let’s get in,side,these calls for a great celebration
Ella’s Dad: indeed it does.
My joy was completed, I felt anew b—-t feeding my babies,Richærd refused to leave my side,the turn of things were really great,with the turn of things I had to beg Richærd for Gentle’s release from the police net,on getting the news of things the president visited my father’s home in Delta all the way from Abuja,security agencies filled the in and out of our compound
Mr.President: am so happy to be sharing in these joy,I had made new school certificate for you and I am promising you that my wife would face the law
Me: no sir,I have forgiven her,after all she is my to be mother in law
Mr.President: too late,she is been charged to court already,the law must take its due cause
Sharon: dad,don’t expect me home yet o,I might even be spending a month here with Precious and co
Mr.President: if you like spend one year here,are you doing anything for me in the Villa!
All: *lol*
Mr.President: Ella how about your parents
Ella: they left yesterday
Mr.President: okay,I need to see the people that found the kids,they must be rewarded accordingly
Me: sure I will inform him
on saying that James words to me the previous day echoed in my ears “am happy for you,I don’t need any reward from you,the president or his son,all I need as reward is for you to always be happy” I felt a little cold be got and idea,I will simply veg the president to give him and his sister a more paying job with less stress.
Richærd: dad,I will be in abuja next tomorrow so we discuss on the next step concerning my marriage so we know when to come do introduction
Mr.President: that’s a good news,but why not next week
Dad: no no,let it be next two weeks,I believe with the way my wife is responding to treatment she would had been well by then
Richærd: okay then next two weeks
Mr.President: where are my grand children
Me: with my friends in the room
Mr.President: let me see them
Me: Juliet,tell them to bring the babies for the president
Juliet: okay sister *left*
Mr.President’: call me daddy next time,by the way why is she not in school
Dad: oh Juliet? she finished her exams last year and would had gotten into the university these year if not for the earlier occurance
Mr.President: I don’t want her to school in Nigeria anyone so by next year she would be leaving you and your wife to further her education abroad
Dad: that’s a good news
Me: thank you sir
Mr.President: where is your mother
Me: she is in her room
Mr.President: okay let me see my children first then go see her*Vero,Alice and Warder Bisi brought the children out with Juliet following behind,I can’t wait to break the good news to her* wow,cute babies,my son Richærd is a triple shooter
Richærd: *lol* dad you trust me na
Mr.President: isn’t these warder Bisi?
Me: yes sir,and here is Vero and Alice who so much helped me in prison
Mr.President: oh that’s good,after the wedding come to me,I have new jobs for you three
Vero,Alice,Warder Bisi: thank you sir.
The president drop some notes on each of the babies before going in,side to see my mom
Me: Juliet,you are going aboard to further your education next year says the president
Juliet: its a lie
Dad: its true.
Juliet went crazy with shouts of joy
The next week Richærd got me a new car and gave my other car to Juliet but dad refused her using it till she clocks 18,I pleaded to Richærd to speak with his mom which he granted,he called his father who give the phone to his mom
Firstlady: ah Precious my daughter,am really sorry for everything I had don’t to you,I wish I can turn back the hands of the clock
Me: mom its okay,every one makes makes,I just called to tell you how much I love you.
4days to my introduction mother could walk again though with the support of walking stick.
my introduction seem like a wedding with enough to eat and drink,it was like one of the happiest day of my life knowing fully well am no longer among the unmarried women.
our wedding was fixed for Christmas day
Richærd: bae,you be my wife on Christmas day?
Me: *smiles* put the wedding ring on Christmas then
Michael: am jealous,I think I really need to get married too
Me: you better do oh,emm Michael,since you are a writer,I need you to share my story to friends and the world
Michael: wow,it would be my pleasure
Me: get me a pen and two 80leaves,let me jot them down for you
Michael: ok,what would the title be?
Me: My Pains of courae
Michael: mba nu,why not War Against Love
Richærd: nice name but I would prefer THE PRESIDENT’S SON AND I
Richærd: you are correct
The Three Of Us: lol
Michael: I learnt your mom is already been charged to court
Richærd: I know,judgement would be prolong till my dad leaves seat
Michael: I feel for her
Richærd: well I have forgiven her but let her face the consequences of her actions
Michael: why fix the wedding on Christmas?
Me&Richærd: because we had to Always Be Careful of Dating Even though we Fight,Insult,Just Know our Love is the Mightiest,No matter how much Our anger grows People try to make us Quarrel Rather we fight and Settle because we know we would always be Together and United and I Vividly remember We hoped to get Married on X-mas day ridding a Young horse with all the Zeal I the world
Michael: thief,that’s my A-Z creativity you both stole and even memorized
Richærd: cool down for Jesus
Michael: see as e sweet for una mouth,who go know say una thief am
Richærd: Michael Luxguy Augustine,go share my wife’s story to the world
Michael: sure I will share my sister story
Richærd: point of correction I said my wife
Michael: no be me give you wife?
Ella: over here guys,food is ready
Michael: mehn.Ella is indeed a beauty queen,I wanna marry her
Richærd: we no go give you wife
Michael: president pikin dey blow pidgin so o
Richærd: no be pidgin I speak na Nigerian English
we laughed as we walked to join Ella.
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