Price of Virginity



After the incident that happened between me and mike,
i decided never to talk to mike again, i will not continue
with this relationsh¡p. [Talking to my self].
The next day, mike came to our lodge and was begging me to
forgive him, he said he didn’t know what came over him, he
promised never to try such again, as he was begging me, bekky
my room mate also joined him and both of them was begging me asif
am God. After much begging and pleading, i said ok and i accepted
mike back, we became more close than before.
After my first semester exam, the result was out, and when i checked it,
i performed excellently well, i cleared all my course, i had no carry over,
i was very happy about this, i called my parents and told them,
they were very happy aswell.
In the evening when bekky came back, she was not happy, i approached her and asked
her whats the problem all about, she told me that she failed one course, i told her
never to worry about it, that she should try and read hærd next coming semester.
After our conversation, she was still angry, she said she must go and see the lecturer to
know why she failed the course.
The next day, bekky dressed up and went to meet with the lecturer while i stayed back in
the lodge reading my books.
After 6 hours, bekky came back smiling, i was happy to see her smiling because i knew there
must be a good news, so i asked her what really happened, she said that the lecturer have credited
her on that course, i was surprised and i asked again, how did that happened? she now narrated the story
to me.
[BEkky Talking]……..When i met the lecturer, he told me that it was an error, but there is nothing he can
do about it, i pleaded with him, he now said ok that he will help me but under one condition, i asked, what condition
sir? she said i should sleep with him, i have no other option than to do it.
Ann taking]…… Bekky you mean you had s*x with the lecturer? oh! my God, how can you do such a thing.
bekky replied and said:…..Use what you have to get what you want, then she left.
I was shocked and i said to my self….so this is what many girls are doing to pass their exams, i will never do such.
After some weeks, another thing happened again, i was coming back from lecture one hot afternoon, everywhere was very
hot that day because the sun was too-much, when i got home and about to enter our room, i heard some noise coming out from
the room, i put my ears close to the door, i was hearing bekky’s voice and a man’s voice, bekky was shouting>>…….
……”take it easy baby, ahhh! ahh! ahhhh!”
I thought maybe something is happening to her, i pushed the door immediately, lo and behold i saw emeka and bekky having
s*x right in,side our room. i shouted and i ran outside.
Both of them stood up immediately and came outside also, then emeka left. i was angry with bekky, i told her even-though
she want to have s*x with her boyfriend, it shouldn’t be in our room, she got provoked and we had a serious problem that
very day.
We started keeping malice, i dont feel like living in that house anymore with Bekky, so i decided to visit mike that very day,
its was in the afternoon and i know mike will not be lonely unlike the other day, i know his friends will be around with him,
i dressed up and went to mike’s house. when i got there, i saw mike with one of his friend watching a movie, thank God his is
not lonely today…[i said this rite in,side my mind].
i joined them watching the movie, it was so interesting, at a point, Mike’s friend left the house, he said he had an important
thing to do in his own house, so he went home. its now left only me and mike in the room, we are siting close together on one
chair watching the movie.
i was not thinking of anything because the movie was so interesting, as we were watching, it came to a part where a boy was holding
his girlfriend, they started k-ssing their self and from there, they began to have s*x. my body mood changed immediately, Mike whom
was siting close to me, he held me and was touching my body slowly, i was feeling it, he starting rom-ncing and k-ssing me, at this
point, i cant resist him, he pulled his clothes and jumped on me, i pleaded with him not to do this, he said no and insisted, i dont
really know what to do, he was already on me, Finally Mike had s*x with me and broke my V-rginity.
he never knew i was a V-rgin until when he saw blood coming out.
I cried like a baby……”oh! what have i done to myself” i was very angry, i took my belongings and went home.
it was when i got home and now knew that am no longer a V-rgin.
many thoughts started rolling on my mind.
…..What will i tell my mum?
……My dad will kill me if he notice this.
……So Ann is no longer a V-rgin?.
All this thoughts was flowing right in,side my mind, immediate i picked up my phone to call mike, i was calling him, his phone was ringing but
he was not picking up my calls, i called him until my battery went off.
The next day, i started calling mike again, his phone was ringing and sometimes he will put the call on hold.
So this was his plans, so he just wanted to sleep with me and go, immediately i sent him a message which reads…….
….”you took my V-rginity mike, so this has been your plans all this while, God must punish you all the days of your life, it shall not be
well with you mike….”
I sent the message and it was delivered but mike did not even reply the message.
Some men are very wicked, they can really destroy someones destiny and future, i hate men now.
i was talking to my self and all of a sudden, a call entered my phone.

To be continued

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