Pride – episode 3


Fred- yeah so are you busy right now because
you look occupied
Me- yeah am having a meeting later with
microtel groups preparing for it
Fred- yeah dad told me about the deal actually
am a footballer and I should be leaving the
country by Friday am signing a deal with a club
at Portugal
Me- wow well as you see am the head of the
production and marketing department of this
Fred- ok will you be free later like to take you
out for dinner
Me- let see if I will be I will inform you
Fred- ok I will be going right now cause my
mama will need me
Me- ok take care
Later that day I had the meeting with microtel
and it was a success as they accept the deal
After the meeting kunle asked me a question
that made my heart ringing
Me- Matthew you look silent since we got into
the car why
Matthew ;- well a question is disturbing my
mind ma
Me- is it what you can share
Matthew – yeah sure how can a junior colleague
fall in love with his boss at work
Me- ughhhhh why did you ask
Matthew- well hmmmm
Me- are you in love with someone at the office
Matthew – somehow but the person seems to
think less of me
Me- who is that to be precise
Matthew- well ma it you ever since the day I
got into this company I have fallen for you your
beauty is one of a kind
Me- are you
I could complete that statement because am
falling for him also but he is my secretary
Through out the journey I did not say anything
I dropped him at the junction of his street
I got home that day feeling surprised and
confused about the question he asked me
I could not prepare my meal just slept off right
in,side parlor only to be woken up by a call from
Me- hello
Fred- hi beautiful one why is your voice cranky
Me- your call brought me back to life that why
Fred- ok so how about the invitation
Me- hmmmm let me see not sure yet
Fred- ok take care once you have decide let me
Me- ok
I prepared some noodles for myself as I feel
kind of pretty hungry
I decided to call my mum long time I talked to
Me- hello mum
Mum- hello sade how is work hope you are not
stressing yourself out
Me- no ma how is everyone one at home
Mum- they are fine actually I was planning on
calling you when your call came in
Me- ok anything wrong
Mum- nothing just that my sister lolade her son
is coming over to Lagos for his post utme
Me- OK
Mum- he did not have where to stay can he stay
at your place during his exam
Me- yeah sure when is he coming
Mum- by next week he will be spending close to
2 months
Me- that is good at least somebody will keep my
We discussed other issues before hanging up the
I did not meet with Fred dont know why but
seems I dont like him
Matthew called me later that night
Me- hi
Matthew – good evening
Me- why did you call
Matthew – nothing just want to check how you
are doing
Me- ok am fine can we meet right now like right
Matthew – yeah sure
Me- OK meet me at the legas club
Matthew –
I got to the club and meet Matthew already
Me- hi
Matthew – you said we need to talk
Me- yes look Matthew am here to clear things
up with you I can’t date you just look at you am
way richer than you just let today be the last
time you say such a thing to me
Matthew – but am in love with you
I slapped him
Me- never are you sick
Matthew – look no matter what I still love you
I left him over there but I was wondering I love
him I am in love with him but I just don’t get it
The next morning I got to office to meet my
greatest surprise.
Yetunde- babe you dey dull yourself ohh
Me- like
Yetunde- you get big fish for house still dey look
for ordinary hen outside
Me- madam seems you don shayo
Yetunde- me and your cousin dey bleep
Me- play or watin.
Yetunde- look at this
She showed me videos of she and ola having s€×
which really got me turned on and mad
I left the club really angry ready to ask
questions from ola
Me- mr man come here
He look really surprised first time I talk to him
that way
Ola- anything up
Me- what between you and my friend Yetunde
Ola- she is my s€×mate anything wrong
Me- you sound like it good bleeping my best
Ola- is it a bad idea
Me- this should be the last time I see you two
Ola- ok
He walked out of me
Me- ola ola come here
I head off to bed feeling angry but why self why
am I angry are they doing anything wrong nii
Waking up quite early the next day I prepared
the meal for me and ola before heading upstairs
to call him
Me- ola you awake
Ola- coming the door is open
I got in,side to see his stuffs all arranged in his
traveling box
Me- where are you taking this to
Ola- somewhere I will be accepted loved and
free to live life the way I love
Me- why you not loved here or what
Ola- that the iPad you got me thanks for
everything big cousin
Me- ola look let forget all this I only got angry
never knew it will get you angry
His phone started ringing
ola- hello yeah ok meet you up in 10 minutes
am heading to Surulere yeah cash ok
Me- you already made an order for a cab
Ola- am leaving
I moved closer to him
Me- ola am sorry I made you angry I was really
drunk last night just saying those things from
nowhere I care and love you if you need your
privacy a freedom I will assure you that it
Ola- hmmmm
Me- should I kneel for you
Making a move to
Ola- no no am sorry sis am not leaving again
Me- thanks my baby
I quickly prepared for office as I already got
I dropped ola at his tutorial center before
heading for office
I got to my office to see my office is occupied
Me- hmmm Lola why is my office occupied
Lola- the general manager ask me to tell you
that you should see him immediately you arrive
Me- ok
Felt kind of scared am I sacked
Me- good morning Sir
Gm- hey sade how was your night
Me- cool got to my office right now to see
someone else is in my post
Gm- yeah the board of directors have all
decided to promote you from your position as
the head of production and marketing unit to
the vice president of Natco beverages
Me- are you kidding me sir
Gm- well ma your office is ready the other
details of the promotion should be sent to you
Me- ohh my God
He called his secretary
Gm- call everybody right now we are having a
meeting with the new vice president
After the meeting with the other workers I
resort to my office for rest
My office has a room included where I can rest
lot of things like a fridge included with a PA
apart from the secretary
Me- hello babe guess what
Yetunde- you got a bf
Me- no no am now the vice president of NATCO
Yetunde- like seriously
Me- where you
Yetunde- come over to my house today make we
celebrate am
I had some meetings with a foreign investor
before closing up for the day on my way home
Fred called
Me- hi
Fred- babe can I see you like I wanna tell you
Me- hmm well well tomorrow come over to the
office by noon we can talk then
Fred- ok how is the day
Me- fantastic
Fred- well got to go
Something caught my attention as  I saw
Matthew riding a Lexus jeep
I just drove pass him but with what I see he is
making a better life sure not up to my level
right now
Wait ohh what is Fred gonna tell me,


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