Pride – episode 5


Me- you hit a jackpot
Yetunde- jax finally proposed to me
Me- you serious
Yetunde- yeah you need to see how he did it
Me- where are you right now
Yetunde- Vegas suites at ajah
Me- hmmmm make he no destroy your punnami
Yetunde- bad girl na him get am
Me- OK now congratulations
Yetunde- thanks my baby.
I got home really excited but angry with jax. He
took advantage of me now he is marrying my
Mum- my daughter when did you come in
Me- few minutes ago where is ola
Mum- he went out to play football
Me- ok what did you cook
Mum- spaghetti
Me- wow let me go and check up then come and
eat and mum I might travel over to OGUN state
Mum- ok the lord will be your guardian
Me- amen ohh
I took my shower before taking my lunch
Later that night Fred called me
Fred- hello sweetheart
Me- hubby
Fred- thanks for making my day great
Me- you welcome
Fred- you home
Me- yeah in my room
Fred- can I come over
Me- well you free
Fred- ok next 25 minutes I should be
I changed up into a more s€×y cloth before
heading downstairs
Gateman- madam your friend miss Yetunde and
one guy is here ohh
Me- let them in
Yetunde and jax comes in
I hugged yetunde but shake jax
Me- congratulations to you two
Jax- well sade next week Saturday is the
Me- ok I can’t miss that day
Yetunde- babe when will we go and get clothes
for the introduction
Me- this weekend now we should contact
Ayoranking designs them get better for there
Yetunde- na u sabi
Gateman- madam you get another visitor
Me- Fred
Gateman- yes
Me- let him in
Fred comes in and hug me before greeting
Yetunde and jax
Me- bestie meet my boyfriend Fred Fred meet
my best friend Yetunde and her fiance jax
Fred shake the both of them
Yetunde- so you know wan tell me before
Me- want to but your news made me forgot
We all chat chat before Yetunde and jax left.
Me- where is the boy self
I tried calling ola but he is not picking up
Me- emmn Fred can we go to the football
ground I need to check on my cousin
Fred- yeah let go
We were walking over to the field holding hands
Fred- sade I will miss you
Me- what wrong
Fred- hmmm I am leaving the country
Me- what are you
Fred k-ssed me
Fred- don’t worry it won’t before long I promise
The next thing I heard was a gunshot
Fred has been shot..
Me- what
Just then the car speed off I could not
I could not see the person who shot Fred
Me- hello hello ambulance please at onikan
Ten minutes later the ambulance and police
arrived. I was taken to the police station for
Everything was like a movie to me Fred was
k-ssing me and then bang
I got home really late that night
Mum- dear what really happened
Me- I don’t know I can’t say it all I can
remember is he was k-ssing me and then bang
Just then my phone started ringing
Me- hello
Caller- it frank
Me- how did you get my number
Frank- look the next time a guy do that with you
am gonna kill you and him that is just a lesson
Me- you you aaa beast how could you
Call ends
I was just crying and mum was petting me.
The next day I went to office just to request for
a week off and it was granted because of my
I drive to the hospital
Me- good morning nurse
Nurse – good morning ma how can I help you
Me- am here to see a patient named Frank
gunshot attack
Nurse- ohhh ward9 exclusive
Me- thank you
I got to his ward
Me- good morning thank Goodness you awake
Fred- hi love
Me- hope you not hurting much again
Just then the doctor comes in
Me- doc good morning
Doctor- good morning miss sade
Me- how is he doing
Doctor- good he would be discharged by
Me- thank God
Fred- sade any information about what
Me- hmmm
Fred- what wrong
Me- I caused this
Fred- how
Me- there is this guy I met recently trying to ask
me out but I just waved him off he shot you
Fred- you saw him
Me- no he called
Fred- ok don’t you worry much I can sort this
Me- what should I get you food
Fred- just snacks
Me- ok am coming I will be back
I quickly get some snacks and drink for him
Me- darling take this
Fred- ok thank you so why don’t you go to
Me- I can go to work this week you more
important to me than any work
Fred held my hands and k-ssed them
Fred- thank you
Me- what
Fred- you made me happy for accepting me in
your life
Me- hmmm ok oya eat your food fast fast
After he was done eating I cleared the plates
and bottle away
Just then his mom came in
Fred – mum good morning
Mum- where is that girl sade
Fred- what wrong
Me- good morning ma
Fred mum- what good in this morning am here
to warn you stay clear off my son can you hear
Me- ma am
She slaps me
Fred mum- get out of here get out
I quickly got away from the hospital and drive
straight to jax house
Jax- hey babe why the tears
I just hugged him couldn’t say anything
Just then Yetunde walks in seeing the both of us
k-ssing each other,


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