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Pussymania episode 14 & 15



Episode 14&15
As the weeks when by, I continued doing my job, Carol too went to her usual stuff, we never talked about what happened between us, I spent my time with Sandra, whenever Carol wasn’t around, we have fun with each other, I even took her to my own house and sometimes have s£x with each other and so it continued that way, One Friday evening, after Carol had came back from work, She asked me to prepare some food for her, I did as she asked, as usual she came close looking at what I was doing, I could feel her eyes looking at straight mine, Well I don’t have interested in her anymore, besides only a fool would dream of dating a lady like Carol, it was always an impossible mission! She continued staring at me like she wanted to tell me something, but she didn’t after I was done with the meal, I served her, gave her the control to the gate and went home.

(Carol P. O. V)
Poor Alex, I wanted to tell him that I loved him but I still couldn’t, from the look on his face, it seems he was no interested in the issue, I can’t lose him, I need time to face him and tell him, I just fill nervous, I hope it isn’t too late.

Saturday morning had came, and i wasn’t feeling to well it was like my body was on fire, I felt terribly weak to move, I called mike to come and take me to the hospital, but he didn’t arrive on time cause he was at work later, He came and took me to the hospital, the doctor said I needed to rest for a while that I was under a lot of stress and I needed to time my time and relax!
He gave me some drugs and we went our way, My condition didn’t improve till on Monday when I was supposed to work, Mike suggested that I needed to rest, I called him to text Carol that I wouldn’t be coming to work cause I was sick, I even texted Sandra to let her know I was sick, I rested fully and I was well fell with Chicken soup, thanks to my friendly nympho neighbors, Susan and Jennifer!
They pampered me when their husbands werCar o around but we didn’t have s£x, I didn’t give them the opportunity to, I waited for Sandra but she didn’t call or texted, nothing, I just couldn’t believe it, I would risk my job to be with her but now that I’m sick, she couldn’t even bother to come, I was angry! Just when I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world, now I felt like the most a big loser, A bit later, Sandra texted me saying ;

Sorry baby, I saw ur text when I was in a teachers meeting so after we were done, I completely forget about it till now, I’m sorry, I hope you get better soon, I wish I could come to ur place but I’m really tired, Bye”

I couldn’t believe it, was this b—h for real? She forget that’s fine but that won’t happen again, it was my fault for always appearing before her when she calls me, next time, she would be the one coming!
The next day, I felt more better, I washed my clothes, swept my room and cleaned my stuff, after that, I bathe and rested on my couch, thank goodness my things were small and not much if not, it would have been a difficult task cleaning them! As I was resting in my room, A big jeep parked on my front down, it was brand new! I was surprised and so were the neighbors, nobody in the house had the money to buy that kind of Car, as the car stopped, the person from the car, emerged from it, my mouth dropped when I saw who it was; Carol.
She dressed s£xually and attractive as always, even the neighbors opened their mouths when they saw Carol, they were looking at her with eyes full of lust, F—–g pigs🐷, She knocked at the door and I quickly opened, She walked in majestically swaying her hips, Her eyes were all over my room, Thank goodness, I had cleaned it earlier if not…..
I offered her a sit and brought a bottle of Coke, it was the best I could offer, She sat with her legs crossed, D–n! See s£xy legs oo, so smooth and neat, This woman is just too much, After some minutes of staring and silence, she talked.

Carol➡ How are you feeling, Alex?

Alex➡ I’m fyn, Mrs Lovette, I wanted to come yesterday but the door suggested that I took a rest.

Carol➡ Don’t worry, you deserve it, you’ve worked hard, have you eaten?

Alex➡ Yes, but Mrs Lovette, aren’t you supposed to be at work?

Carol➡ Yes, in fact I have business contracts to sign at this moment but I choose to come and see you, is that a problem?

Alex➡ No Mrs Lovette, thank you for coming!

Suddenly she came towards me and hugged me tight, Like she never wanted to let go.

Carol➡ I was worried that you had died, I saw ur text just this morning, Don’t you ever get sick again understand?

Alex➡ Yes, Mrs Lovette

Carol➡ Alex, I want to tell you something!

Alex➡ What is it, Mrs Lovette?

Carol➡ You see ever since we kissed, I couldn’t stop thinking about you, I was afraid you would betray like me like my Ex, but now I’ve made my decision, I love you, Alex💞

What? After all this time, is she serious? I thought she never wanted to be with me, and to make things worse, she sacrificed a business deal just to see me! This carol! I love her so much, but I need to tell her what happened between Sandra and I before I blows up in the near future.

Alex➡ I love you too, Mrs Lovette but I need to tell, you something I met a lady during this week and we had s£x, I thought you didn’t want to be with me so I had to…

Before, I could finish, a resounding slap landed on my face! Her eyes looked like death, I became scared and speechless.

Carol➡ That’s for sleeping with the lady, but since this was before we got official, I forgive you but next time, I’ll cut out ur balls, got it?

Alex➡ Yes

She hugged me again apologizing for taking too long to confess her feelings, and now since we’re on the same page, I wrapped my hands on her waist and kissed her, she didn’t stop me, she gave me access, to do as I please, her kiss was blissful, her mouth warm, we kissed like real lovers, I groped her melons, massaging them, D–n! They were so soft, I kissed her neck and she m0aned, I rubbed her long natural hair, so silky, I pinned her down on the sofa and we continued kissing, just as I was about to reach her skirt, she held my hands.

Carol➡ Alex pls no s£x, I’m a Virgin and I want to stay that way till I’m married! You can have my body but not my virginity.

Alex➡ Okay, no problem, just as long as we love eachother that’s fyn!

I was surprised! No s£x? Just when window of opportunity has opened, she closed it, and if I remember closely enough, it was because of this, She and her ex separated, well its fyn with me, I just don’t want to lose her at all, never. I picked her up in my arms and entered the bedroom, I removed her clothes except her skirt, and s—-d her b00bs and also kissing her, her body was warm, I could feel the heat radiating from her body, She m0aned as I s—-d her b00bs, I bit her n!poles softly making her m0an even more, Her body twitched as I s—-d her, her hands were shaking like she was being shocked! I entangled her hands with mine, She m0aned louder and louder, I could swear the neighbors heard us, Soon enough, Her twitched like crazy and finally it went limp, she had came hard! We slept together on my bed, with our arms around each other, we kissed and kissed like tomorrow was the last day, I played with her n!poles as we kissed, but she didn’t mind, but she made some remarks.

Carol➡ come on stop, why do men like bre@st so much?

Alex➡ Are you kidding? Its the best food man ever tasted and its nutritious Mrs Lovette.

Carol➡ And stop calling me, Mrs Lovette call me Carol.
You’re my boyfriend but call me when there are people in the house, it would be weird, if that happens.

Alex➡ Okay, Carol

Carol➡ Thanks Alex.

Alex➡ Besides where’s ur dad? I’ve never seen him before!

Carol➡ Don’t worry, believe me, you don’t want to, he wants me to marry some rich pig!..

Alex➡ So?

Carol➡ I refused, look let’s change the subject, what can we do today?..

Alex➡ Hmm, I thought we were going to work after this!

Carol ➡ Pls, the contract can come any time, I want to spend the day with you!

Alex➡ Okay let’s play tickle-tickle

Carol➡ What’s that?

Before she noticed, I tickled her stomach, she jumped instantly laughing, that was her weak spot, I followed her around the room, tickling her, She laughed so hard begging me to stop, it was fun, seeing her laugh filled my heart with joy, I continued tickling her, and when she saw I was not going to stop, She did something unexpected, She kicked me in the balls, but not hard to feel the pain she laughed when she saw me on the floor.

Carol➡ Sorry Alex, but you asked for it!

Alex➡ Okay, let’s stop this and go watch some TV.

Carol➡ Okay lead the way!..

She checked my wardrobe and took one of my oversized T-shirt and wore it, we went to the parlor and watched some Shows, she sat close to me with my arms around her, she laughed at some movies that were meant to make people cry, she kept on laughing enjoying her self, Soon when we got bored of the TV, we started kissing, just then a knock came at my door, I went to see who it was and It was Susan.

Susan➡ Alex, I hope everything is okay?

Alex➡ Yes, what’s wrong?

Susan ➡ No, I decided to check on you, no besides who’s that woman?

I didn’t let her finish, I shut the door on her face, Gossip and besides what’s her business? Some people won’t let you rest for once, I went back to Carol and continued kissing.

Carol➡ Who’s that?

Alex➡ Nobody important!..

We continued ur kiss, till we slept on each other’s arm on the couch, Later, we woke up, it was already evening and Carol wanted to go home, she insisted I rest but I refused after she got ready and dressed, I took a few things and we entered the car and drove straight to her house.

Episode 🔞 (15]

Carol and I enjoyed ourselves during the week, we spent so much time together whenever she came back from work, we would cook together, eat together and sometimes enjoy ourselves kissing and touching each other but no s£x. Whenever she came out swimming, she would call me out and invite me to join her, I’m not that good at swimming but she showed me how to.
Sometimes we played board games like chess and ludo, and she always beat me at it, She even bought a PlayStation 🕹 of football, that’s where I excelled at, but she was also good at it too, Jessy also join us in playing, she was excited about our relationship, During those times, Carol and I were having fun, Sandra never called me to say and so did I, but I sent her texts, wheather she sees it or not, I don’t care.
When the weekends arrived, I decided to go to the market to buy some food stuff, but I also forced Carol to follow me shopping, ghetto style.

Alex➡ Okay, Carol let’s go to the market!

Carol➡ Market? In this weather? Nope

Alex➡ Come on, sugar! You’ll enjoy it, pls.

Carol➡ Okay, I’ll go but I don’t have the clothes to follow you there so..

Alex➡ Don’t worry I have something that will fit you.

I quickly ran into my quarters and and found one of my T-shirt, I returned and gave her one of my old Barcelona T-shirt, she wore it and it fit her perfectly, she had a small jeans which she wore, Even dressed in ordinary clothes, she looked so gorgeous, After that we went to the market, as we arrived the place was crowded, and as we entered all eyes were on Carol, She was totally different from the rest of the crowd, she was like a light in the dark, She didn’t mind with the way people were staring at her, she held my hands as we went into the market, we went from shop to shop buying food stuff, Carol was amazed, she had never entered a public market before except stores, She stood close to me So she won’t get lost, though the place was crowded, she loved what she saw, it was like she was seeing something new!

Carol➡So this is a public market, its so crowded but the things here are lovely.

Alex➡ Yes, this is where local people like us buy our food stuffs from! And the price here are cheap!

Carol➡ No wonder, I’m seeing new things today. By the way, I’m hungry and tired, why can we eat?

Alex➡ There’s a food joint ahead, let’s go!

We reached at the food joint and ordered moi-moi, the moi-moi was served for us, it was covered in pepper and palm oil. Carol glared at it and asked what it was!

Carol➡ Alex, what’s this?

Alex➡ Its called moi-moi, Haven’t you ate it before?

Carol➡ Nope, never.

Alex➡ Wow, here try it, its delicious!

Carol➡ Okay!

She ate the moi-moi, licking her lips sweetly, she enjoyed the taste very well and ate it all, she ordered foe another and still ate it again, After we were done, she bought some ice-cream to cool the pepper in her mouth.

Alex➡ Why did you buy ice-cream?

Carol➡ What? The pepper in my mouth was too much, so I had to buy one to cool the heat.

Alex➡ But water is more better!

Carol➡ No! Ice cream 🍦 is way better, water only spreads the heat to other parts of the mouth!

We argued about the issue as we were about to walk out of the market, as we went busy arguing, We clashed face to face with Sandra and her friend! As I saw Sandra, my body froze, she too was also surprised to see me with my boss!
I immediately shook myself and exchanged pleasantries with Sandra!

Alex➡ Afternoon Sandra

Alex➡ Afternoon Alex, this is my friend, Stella

Stella ➡ Hi

Alex➡ Nice to meet you stella, Uhm, Sandra this is Carol my….

Carol➡ Afternoon ladies, I’m his girlfriend!

Sandra➡ What!? Excuse me? Who’s girlfriend? Lady, you’re mistaken, I’m his girlfriend and he’s mine.

Carol➡ Really? Well, I don’t see ur name on him! So now he’s my property and he’s off limits to anyone, so back off.

Alex➡ Pls ladies, let’s calm down and……

Sandra➡ Alex, she’s ur boss, how could you?

Alex➡ How could I? What do you mean by that?

Carol➡ So your name is Sandra, right? So you’re the lady trying to steal my Alex, and Ohh, I remember you you’re the swine I almost knocked down with my car the day Alex started his job as my gateman! Maybe I should have knocked you down dead!

Alex➡ Carol stop this!

Sandra➡ Listen, you b—h, Alex is mine and mine alone.

Carol➡ Hmph, Really? Let see you try! Come on Alex, let’s go!

Carol dragged me with her, leaving Sandra speechless and angry, I didn’t know what to do, I just hope, I’m doing the right thing.

(Sandra P. O. V)
What? Alex and carol? What was happening? I thought he told me nothing was going on between them, That Carol is no ordinary person, its impossible for one woman to be too beautiful, she must have bewitched Alex, I won’t lose to her.

Stella➡ Cheii, w€tin i tell you? Now she has snatched him!

Sandra➡ She must have used witchcraft!

Stella➡ Witch -w€tin? Sandra, a woman like Carol doesn’t need witchcraft or charm, her looks alone can cause world war 3. besides when was the last time you called him or talked.

Sandra➡ A week ago! Why?

Stella➡ You’re the cause, you shouldn’t have given him any space to allow another woman to snatch him, you didn’t bother to call or check on him, and you expect nothing to happen? My dear take my advice, find another man, you’ve lost this one.

Sandra➡ What? I won’t oo, i love him, i even gave him my Virginity, so that counts for something!

Stella ➡ did he force himself on you or ask you for s£x?

Sandra➡ No but…

Stella➡ Sandra, it doesn’t matter,! You’ve lost.

Sandra➡ I won’t give up, I’ll keep trying till he forgets about her.

Stella➡ Well good luck, but that’s a mission impossible, even in ur dreams.

(Carol P. O. V)
So that’s Sandra huh? To think that she slept with Alex, well no matter, I won’t give up Alex to her, What’s even funny is that, I almost knocked her down, let’s see if she can keep up! I love Alex, and that’s all the matters.

We arrived home sooner later, going to the market with Alex was fun and that moi-moi was really delicious, I need to taste it again! Alex and I entered the house and dropped the goods, I saw Alex’s face and he was worried, I went straight to him and see what’s wrong!

Carol ➡ Whats wrong, Alex?

Alex➡ Carol, I’m sorry for what happened at..

Carol➡ Shussh, Don’t worry about that, just as long as we are in love and together, I don’t care but any lady that comes after you but don’t you even dare about cheating on me!

Alex➡ Don’t worry, but you should also not cheat on me.

Carol➡ Baby, I’m all urs! 💞

We kissed each other, wildly, Alex took me on his arms as we kissed, he took me to the sofa and dropped me, we continued kissing and touching eachother, We were so engrossed in ourselves that we didn’t notice, Someone came in, As I saw who it was, I gasped! 😨

Mr. Lovette ➡ Caroline

Carol➡ Dad??

To be continued

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