R-pe by seven episode 10 – 11

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)🔞🌹🔞



While all the discussions was going on, one of the nurses that was about coming to get her things ready for her to be discharged stood at the door and listened to all their conversation…

Eric was about leaving after their discussion when he accosted the nurse by the door, she’s been standing there listening to all they said. She then walked in to get Stephanie ready for discharge.

While she was getting her things ready, she Stephnie asked if she heard her conversation with Eric…

Stephanie: “Nurse”.

Nurse: “Yes aunty”.

Stephanie: “How long have you been standing by the door, seems you heard my discussion with my friend”.

Nurse: “Yes I did, I heard everything you guys discussed and I also heard when you narrated your odeals to the doctor. How you were RAPED BY SEVEN. I feel for you, I can imagine what it was to be raped as a virgin. Whoever arranged for the rape must be heartless. And the woman I heard you call your aunt is one very dangerous woman everyone knows very well in this town. Highly connected with prominent men and women in the society. Including some top government personnel. You guys have to be really careful with your plans, because that woman that I know is deadly”.

Stephanie: “I have heard such as well, I can’t let my aunt go away with this, she actually arranged the rape and the guy you heard me discussing with is one among those that were arranged to rape me. He is my aunt’s boyfriend, but he refused to join in the rape because he heard me pleaded with them not to do it, because I was a virgin at the time. They came eight in number, but he refused joining in the rape, so I was RAPED BY SEVEN”.

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Nurse: “Hmmmm! If your aunty arranged for you to be gang raped, then she can kill you. This is pure wickedness. I even learnt she used most girls that have worked for her to gain more fame and popularity and even make more wealth. She works hand in hand with some men in government to use most of those girls for power and fame. Most of them have died in this hospital as a result of internal bleeding which after running series of tests, the course of the bleeding will not be discovered”.

Stephanie: “I know that this continuous bleeding I keep having is not normal, something is definitely wrong”.

Nurse: “My dear, you just have to be very prayerful. Because it is against the ethics of my profession to tell you if it is normal or not. The doctor alone reserves the right to do so, please, let me get your things together”.

Stephanie: “Nurse, are you sure I will survive this?”


Stephanie: “Nurse, you didn’t say anything”.

Nurse: “The doctor will tell you what to do when he comes to discharge you. But you have to be very prayerful”.

the nurse gathered all her belongings and went out to get the doctor. Few minutes later, the doctor arrived.

Doctor: (Ran some checks on her). “My dear, you are good to go. But remember all I told you, no hard labour for now until you are fully recovered. In any case you notice the bleeding, come back to the hospital as soon as you can. Because you have lost so much blood as a result of the rape and we have done our best to get you stabilized by transfusing so much blood to your body system”.

Stephanie: “Doctor, are you sure I will survive this? I’m just scared, my body system has not been what it used to be since after I was raped”.

Doctor: (ANSWERED RELUCTANTLY). “Sure you will survive it, there’s nothing to fear. LIFE and DEATH are in the hands of God, so you have to be very prayerful. God has the final say whether you will survive it or not but I know you will because we have done our best”.

The words of the doctor gave Stephanie so much concern, but she was discharged later that evening and went home straight and not to the restaurant. She waited outside until the aunt was back from the restaurant late at night and that was when she got inside.

The next morning being Thursday, the aunt forced her to do some chores which she couldn’t refuse and the bleeding started again. She left everything and rushed back to the hospital and was readmitted again. She called Eric to come back to the hospital in order for her to tell him how they can gain access to the house since she might not be around when they will come for the operation.

Eric arrived about an hour later in company of about seven of the guys that will be part of the mission, when they came and saw the condition of Stephnie, the guys had pity on her and vowed to take a dangerous revenge on Madam Bella and her daughters….. The next day was Friday for the operation.

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)🔞🌹🔞



Eric arrived about an hour later in company of about seven of the guys that will be part of the mission, when they came and saw the condition of Stephnie, the guys had pity on her and vowed to take a dangerous revenge on Madam Bella and her daughters….. The next day was the Friday for the operation…..

Stephanie’s bleeding persisted this time and she was placed on blood drip for several hours. But before she went into coma, she had told Eric and his gang how to gain access to the house.

Her condition grew worst because of the so much loss of blood and the hospital did all they could to handle the situation. She was later referred to another higher hospital for proper treatment. Eric asked when he saw a nurse with a wheelchair…

Eric: “Nurse, what’s that wheelchair for?”

Nurse: “The doctor asked that she be transferred to another hospital, the situation is getting beyond our control”.

Eric: “Are you sure she will make it”.

Nurse: “All she needs now is prayers”.

She was wheeled to an ambulance 🚑 unconscious….

Eric and his friends then had to hold an emergency meeting outside the hospital.

Eric: “I swear with my life, if this girl dies, then that woman and her daughters including her sons will be dead people in one night”.

Guy One: “Honestly, I didn’t know this will get to this, but if she doesn’t make as a result of what we did through that monster called Bella, then I would show her what the real RAPE is all about”.

Guy Two: (With tears in his eyes). “Only if I can turn back the hands of time. Now I know what my mum often told me when she was alive. She would always say to me “Samuel, don’t ever involve yourself in a rape case, it is a big crime before God and man. And don’t you ever take anyone’s virginity forcefully from her, because whatever she say must happen to you. Be it good or bad, but I will be ready to face one more punishment if that girl dies. I will damn whatever the consequence is and have my pound of flesh from thet demon called Bella”.

All other guys expressed sadness and voiced out their threats at Madam Bella.

While all these lasted, Madam Bella didn’t show up even when she was called and told that her niece had gone into coma and about to be taken to another hospital…..

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Eric: (Dialled Madam Bella’s line and she answered). Hello Iron Lady..

Bella: “What is it Eric? You have been acting funny lately”.

Eric: “I didn’t call you for this, your niece has gone into coma and is about to be taken to the State Specialist Hospital”.

Bella: “And how is that my business?”

Eric: “For real? You are heartless”. (HE THEN ENDED THE CALL AFTER THAT WORD).

They followed the ambulance 🚑 to the next hospital as they watched Stephanie been wheeled to the emergency ward lifeless. Most of them wept bitterly for her because she was gradually loosing her life.

Eric called Desmond to inform him of the latest development and he showed up almost immediately after about thirty (30) minutes he received the call.

Desmond: “Eric, how’s she doing?”

Eric: “My brother, na only prayers we dey now oooo. Her condition is not getting any better. She was wheeled in unconscious, she’s lost so much blood. I just pray she survives this”.

Desmond: “If anything happens to this lady, that woman will know no peace. I will make sure she pays dearly for it”.

Eric: (PRETENDED THEY HADN’T NO PLANS) “I pray nothing happens to her ooo, she just have to live”.

The doctor came out after several hours, Desmond and Eric rushed to him to find out the situation at hand…

Desmond: “Doctor, how is she?”

Doctor: “We are doing all we can to revive her, she’s still in coma though. But we hope she will be restored back to life”.


While the doctor walked towards his car, a nurse ran after him calling…

Nurse: “Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!!….