R-pe by seven episode 12 – end

R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)



Doctor: “We are doing all we can to revive her, she’s still in coma though. But we hope she will be restored back to life”.


While the doctor walked towards his car, a nurse ran after him calling…

Nurse: “Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!!….


The doctor turned around to know What it was…

Doctor: “What is it nurse Ibinabo?”

Nurse: “Your attention is needed sir, the lady that was just brought is……..”

She ran back as the doctor ran after her as fast as he could. Eric and Desmond followed them closely, while the other guys stood outside waiting to know what actually happened.

It was another several hours of wait as the doctors that were taking care of her spent almost all day locked in the emergency room trying to restore her back to life.

All the doctors and nurses that came out at intervals didn’t say a word to Eric and Desmond even when they asked to know the situation of things.

It was 2am Friday early morning, Desmond looked exhausted having spent all day with Eric and others at the hospital. He decided to drive home because he must be at work first thing the next morning as a banker.

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Desmond: (TO ERIC): “I think I should drive home now. Whatever the case is, don’t hesitate to let me know”.

Eric: “It’s ok bro, do you need some of the guys to accompany you?”

Desmond: “No, don’t worry about that. I will be fine, I am here with my ID Card”.

Eric: “Alright brother, drive safe”.

Desmond: “Thank you Eric, you are a very nice guy and God will reward you for your good deeds”.

Eric: “Amen ooo, and reward you as well. You are a nice guy too. Please, be careful as you drive home”.

Desmond: “I will, call me if there’s any new development”.

Eric: “I sure will do so”.

Eric walked him to his car alongside some of the guys as he drove off.

Eric with his friends waited all night for a word from the doctors, but none was forth coming.

They waited into the morning until 4pm the Friday evening, no one said anything to them and they must act that night. So Eric called his friends together to brief them on how to gain access to the house because he had to stay back and know how it is going with Stephanie.

Eric: (TO THE GUYS) “We have all seen how things are panning out, and we must act tonight. According to what she told me, they live at no 5 Cross Street. The gate to house is dark blue in color. But she said we should use the small gate at the back of the house. That one is not that hard to force open and they hardly use it. So she unbolted it when she got home yesterday before she was rushed back to the hospital. The door at the back once you have entered the compound is the kitchen door. Force it open, the door adjacent to it is Madam Bella’s room and the one opposite is that of her daughters. Please guys, trade with caution, you must not make any mistakes”.

One of the guys raised a very vital point which was adhered to.

Guy: “Eric, don’t you think it would be good if you follow us and give us direction on what to do. You can leave as soon as we have gained access into the house?”

Another: “I think that’s a brilliant idea, or better still. Some of us should drink at her restaurant tonight while others hang around her house to know when they will be back home and possibly follow them in as they open the gate at gun point.

Eric: “This is a brilliant idea, and we have to act base on this. Guys, are we together!”

They all echoed yes in affirmation…

Eric: “In that case, I don’t have to go with you guys since this idea is perfect. I just have to be around to know what’s up with Stephanie”.

Samuel: “It’s ok Eric, we wish her a quick recovery”.

Eric: “Get others informed of the plans Samuel and please, tell them it is business and not pleasure. Tell them the condition the lady is into that her life is being threatened as a result of what we all did to her. We can’t afford to mess up”.

Samuel: “We will thread with caution and I will let them know what her condition is like”.

Eric sighted one of the doctors coming out and he rushed to him….

Eric: “Doctor, how is she?”

The doctor still didn’t give him any response, but wore a very worried face. Rather he asked….

Doctor: “Are you her relative?”

Eric: “Not really, just a family friend”.

Doctor: “We will need to see any of her direct relative”.

The doctor then left him and walked away…..

Eric quickly put a call across to Desmond to come as soon as he can to come and stand in as Stephanie’s relative. It was not a pleasant news when Desmond arrived and the guys had gone for the operation…..

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Eric quickly put a call across to Desmond to come as soon as he can to come and stand in as Stephanie’s relative. It was not a pleasant news when Desmond arrived and the guys had gone for the operation…..

They divided themselves into two groups, some drank in the restaurant and some hung around her house waiting. Since Eric was not in company of that went for the operation, another person was added to make up the number twenty eight.

Remember my name is Lucy and I am narrating the story based on what my friend Stephanie told me and where I started following the story myself to the very end of it. I wrote everything down in good sequence because my friend went through a lot. I always visited whenever I was chanced and was there at the State Specialist Hospital when I was called by Eric to also come around as a family member.

It was a long battle with life with Stephanie who was with the doctors for several hours, we were not allowed in and the doctors didn’t say anything to us even when we stood in as family members

The night came, at about 12 midnight, one of the nurses to tell myself, Eric and Desmond that Stephanie requested our presence. That she would like to tell us something. We were allowed briefly by the doctors to see her.

The guys that went for the operation had gotten access into the building and about to start their assignment when Stephanie requested our presence.

Stephanie: (SPOKE VERY FAINTLY). “Eric, I want to thank you very earnestly for your honesty. If I am to come back to this world again, I would pray to have you as a brother. I had known right from the day I was raped that I was not going to survive it. It is so painful that my life would be cut short in such a manner, but God knows it all because what I saw where I was just coming back from showed to be peaceful. I was allowed to come back and give you guys this message. What about your friends Eric?”

Eric: (Weeping) “They have gone for the operation as we agreed”. (THERE WAS SURPRISED LOOKS FROM DESMOND AND LUCY).

Stephanie: “Please, call them not to carry on with the act. I was told in the world just like my mum had always told me when she was alive that “There would never be peace for the wicked”. Tell your friends to let go, I have forgiven my aunt and siblings. I am going to have a peaceful rest after my brief stay on earth. (SHE TURNED TO DESMOND AND LUCY WHO WERE ALL SOBBING BITTERLY). I thank you all for being there for me all these long period. You proved to be friends indeed, try and live a good life and be at peace with everyone. (SHE TURNED BACK TO ERIC). Please, make sure you call my dad and siblings like I told you. Tell them all that happened and also tell them that I love them all, tell my dad to use all the money I sent to him to start something good for himself. And Eric, please, call your friends and ask them to stop. Looks like they are on the act already”.

Eric brought out his cell phone and dialed Samuel…..

Samuel: (Answering the phone). Hello Eric…

Eric: “Please, can you guys pause the operation and find your way to the hospital?”.

Samuel: My brother, it is already late, as I speak with you, her daughters have been raped to death and all twenty eight guys are on her making life miserable for her. She’s been raped two in one, there’s no way she would survive it. Why the change of mind?”

Eric: “Stephanie is dying, she asked that we stop”.

Samuel: “Too late bro, as we speak, madam Bella is no longer breathing, she’s dead and all men are finding their way out of the house”.

While they spoke, Stephanie’s eyes turned white as the black ball disappeared. We called on the doctor who came and confirmed her dead. My friend breath her last, but I was glad she forgave her aunt.

We all wept bitterly and uncomfortably because she suffered before dying.

Life is full of ups and downs, trust no one to leave your children in their care. No one can love your child more than you do, that is the reason we all need to always pray for good health and long life in order to take care of our children.

Eric later put a call across to Stephanie’s dad to inform him of what happened, he couldn’t speak for a long period of time. It was one of his daughters that later took the phone and Eric explained everything to her. The dad suffered stroke as a result of the shock.

My friend Stephanie was buried few weeks after including madam Bella and her daughters.


This could be someone’s true life story…


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