R-ped by seven episode 4 – 5

R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)



Guy: Try and call me, I will explain everything to you. You are not safe living with your aunty….

She collected the piece of paper from him without saying anything, then he left her……

She got home, cleaned herself up and went to the nearby pharmaceutical store to get some pain relief medicine. She couldn’t summon the courage to tell the pharmacist what exactly happened, she only told him that she needed some pain killers. She was given the pain killer and she left.

She was told by her aunt not to take too long cleaning herself up. That she should really return back to the restaurant in less than an hour. She hurried whatever it was she did and went back to the restaurant.

On her way back to the restaurant, she decided to put a call across to the guy that told her to call him. She went to a recharge card vendor and pleaded with him to spare her a minute to make a call that she just lost her phone and will pay for the call. The vendor gave her his phone then she dialed the number….

Guy: (Answering the phone): “Hello, whose this??”

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Stephanie: “This is Stephanie, the lady you gave your number few minutes ago. I called to thank you for the information you gave me and plead with you to avail me more if there is any”.

Guy: “I am your aunt’s boyfriend, she told me to help her arrange some guys to rape you. That you are evil, she said you have come to take over her luck and that of her children…..”

Stephanie: “Did she tell you what exactly I did?”

Guy: “She said you have snatched most of her daughters’ boyfriends and have been stealing her money. I have been to the restaurant on several occasions, I know you may not place my face too well. But I’ve seen how hardworking, truthful and honest you are. I’ve given you money once, though it was night, you may not recognize me again. But I felt bad that I had to even listen to her and arrange my guys for the rape. I felt more bad when you pleaded and said you were a virgin, which shows you have been a very responsible lady. There was little or nothing I could do to stop them, rather I opted out not to partake in the rape. But I promise to help you get justice, I won’t allow your aunt go unpunished”.

Stephanie: (Sobs quietly and bitterly) “I thank you so much, God will bless you. I know that I have no one to fight for me, but my God will do so. But please, do not let her know about this conversation”.

Guy: “I should be the one saying that to you, just keep this a secret between us, try and call me as often as you can let me update on the plans I have”.

Stephanie: “It’s ok, I will do so. Just that she doesn’t allow me go out at all, but I will try whenever I have the opportunity”.

Guy: “It’s ok, just try and get some pain relief drugs and some antibiotics and take. If possible, some drugs to wash off pregnancy”.

Stephanie: “I have taken some pain killer and I’ll do as you’ve just said. Thank you so much, God bless you”.

She ended the call and gave the vendor his phone. She gave him N500 for the call, but the vendor refused the money and asked her to go out of pity hearing the conversation that ensued and how she sobbed bitterly while on call. She thanked him and made her way to the restaurant.

She was welcomed with a thunderous slap when she got to the restaurant. Not minding the number of customers, her aunt landed her a dirty slap that fell her to the ground. Most of the customers were not happy with what they saw, she was blamed for hitting her that hard. She remained on the ground crying and was truly in pains as a result of the rape…..

It was at that spot she decided not to be soft again, but act on what she heard from the aunt’s boyfriend and she acted dangerously in silence……

🔞🌹🔞R-PED BY SEVEN(By Alfred Obioma)🔞🌹🔞



It was at that spot she decided not to be soft again, but act on what she heard from the aunt’s boyfriend and she acted dangerously in silence……

She pretended for many months not to know her aunt was responsible for her RAPE. She kept communicating with the guy that gave her the information and to strategize on how to pay her aunt back in a bitter way.

She did everything as normal as it had always been both at the restaurant and at home. In order not to leave any room for suspicion. She got herself a phone which she used in communicating with the guy as often as possible. She took ill as a result of the gang RAPE, yet the aunt didn’t allow her take proper treatment for it.

While working at the restaurant one afternoon, she fainted and collapsed. Her phone was always in a small nicker she wore inside always and was always on silence. She was rushed to a nearby clinic by some customers who had noticed the ill treatment meted on her by the aunt. Her aunt Bella showed little or no concern as she fainted.

While all these were going on, she had refused to let her father and siblings know about what she was going through. The reason was that her brothers wouldn’t take it lightly if they were told about all that had happened to her. She was given proper medication and the man who once asked for her hand in marriage before her planned RAPE was there to foot the bills.

She regained consciousness and strength after the treatment and decided to put a call across to the guy, her aunt’s boyfriend… She dialed the number and he answered the phone….

Guy: “How are you Stephanie?”

Stephanie: “I’m not fine, I’m in the hospital as I speak with you now”.

Guy: “What happened?”

Stephanie: “Can you come to the hospital? The one close to my aunt’s restaurant”.

Guy: “Ok, I’ll be there in two hours time. Let me round up with what I’m doing in the office”.

Stephanie: “It’s ok, sorry to bother you. I just need to speak with you”.

Guy: “It’s ok Stephanie, you are not bothering me. I should be around for you at all times, because I allowed myself to be used wrongly and that led to what you are going through right now. But I promise I’ll make it up to you. I will be there in a short while”.

Stephanie: “Alright then, I will be waiting”.

She ended the call, just few minutes after the call. Her aunt Bella walked in and she hid the phone under the pillow.

Isabella: “How are you feeling now?”

Stephanie: “I’m fine aunty, the doctor said I need more rest”.
Bella: “There’s no need for the rest, who will wash those plates piled there? Are you expecting me to wash them or my daughters when they come back from school exhausted? Better hurry up and come back to the restaurant and do your duties”…

She left after those words, then few minutes later, the guy walked in.

Guy: “I just saw your aunty walking out”.

Stephanie: “Did she see you?”

Guy: “Nope, I didn’t allow her to”.

Stephanie: “Better. All these period I’ve been talking with you, I don’t even know your name”.

Guy: ” (smiled), oh! Sorry about that, I ought to have told you my name all the while. I am Eric, but my friends call me “Single Soul”. I am a quiet guy, but dangerous when pushed to be. I regret ever allowing myself to be used by your aunty against you. It’s all because of the financial support I get from her”.

Stephanie: “But you are working”.

Eric: “How much is my salary? But what she did to you proved to me that I am not even safe with her, she can decide to waste me if she finds someone better”.

Stephanie: “I want a pay back on my aunt, her daughters inclusive. I want them all to experience the pains I’ve been through in their hands”.

Eric: “That’s the sort of spirit I love. What would you want me to do?”

Stephanie: “I was RAPED BY SEVEN, I want them each to be RAPED BY FOURTEEN same time, same place in the presence of each other. Let them feel what it is like to be RAPED”.

Eric: “Consider it done, I will get the guys arranged. Twenty One (21) of them. You can trust me on that”.

Stephanie: “Please, let this be between you and I for now, until I’m done with them, then I will let them know I did it”.

Eric: “I am called Single Soul, because I do my things myself and my own way. You have nothing to worry about, your secrets are safe with me”.

Stephanie: “Thank you so much Eric, I promise to pay you back handsomely”.

Eric: “You don’t have to pay me back, I should remain apologetic to you for the rest of my life for allowing myself used against you. I should be on my way back to the office now, try and call me if there’s any new development”.

Stephanie: “I will Eric, God bless you, I’ve forgiven you and bear no grudges against you or the guys that RAPED me. It wasn’t your fault, but my aunt’s and they will pay dearly for it”.

Eric left her after the discussion and she continued her rest not minding her aunt’s threat to her to come back to the restaurant and continue her duties……

To be continued….