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Rape episode 1 – end


(Crying) My name is a shame to me this world is such a bad place to stay, live is useless, life should have been destroyed by God, we human beings should never had been made, all men are evil, all men are demons, I wish God destroy all of them(ah God you left me when I needed you to save me).
I wish for all men to die in pain, I wish the world was without men, They are the root of evil, they are liars, they cheat, they kill and destroy, they are best definition of the devil, evil rules in their hearts, they are so deadly, they are home breakers, life would have been good without them, they are useless..(crying).. If you know what they did to my little sister and I—Crying harder– you will hate them, you will curse them, you will stand against them, they should all be hanged, their bodies should be dragged on the ground, pains should be what they faced every single seconds of their miserable lives.
I hate human nature because they always turn their backs on you, even your own family will turn their backs on you, they will treat you like a proustite, even the last person on earth that you think will stand by you and protect you that same person will use you as a s** toy even my own sis(crying).
My name is Esther and my story might not change your life or make you feel sorry for me but surely it will make see the evil that lies in the wicked world of mankind.
My home wasn’t like every other persons home, we were five in my family (me, my dad, mum, elder sister and my little sister) I have always wished for an elder brother but that never happened. We leaved in a compound filled with boys.
My parents were always busy with their jobs, As time went by my parents started fighting, my dad was fighting so that my mum could give us attention, my mum never understood or cared.
They both separated after years of being together, my mum after months of separation from my dad got married to another man.
One day when my dad went out, my elder sister went to the landlord house to see his son, I had no idea why she went there.
After ten minutes she came back and told us she was going out and we are going to stay in the landlord’s house. She took us there and said this word to the landlord’s son “Take very good care of them, don’t let them go out, hold them very well.” He smiled as I and my younger sister went into his house while my Big sis went out.
I never understood what she meant until…Crying. ..
He locked the door as soon as we entered, he was acting funny and strange as if he wanted to use us for something, he took us to his room which was upstairs, he asked if we wanted something and we replied “yes uncle we want juice” he went to his refrigerator and brought out two fruit juice in a plastic bottle, he gave it to me and my little sis.
After drinking the juice I felt like going to the toilet to urinate, he directed me downstairs to were the toilet was, he had a toilet in his room but he didn’t want me to use it I don’t know why.
I went downstairs as I was urinating I heard my sister shouting then it stopped, I quickly jumped out of the toilet without washing my hands.
I ran upstairs as I was approaching the room I heard my little sis crying and trying to shout it was as if something was holding her voice. I quickly opened the door and I saw the landlord son raping my sister and his hands were covering her mouth, immediately he saw me he stopped and chased me, he almost caught me on my way downstairs but he missed a step and fell while I used the opportunity to ran outside, I ran to my house to check whether my sister was back to report to her what was happening, when I got home I heard music playing very loud, I knocked but my sister refused to open that was when I knew she sold us to the landlord son, so that he could use us as he wish, my elder sister is pure evil. I waited outside the compound for my dad to come. When my dad came back he asked me why I was outside but I was scared to talk.
After that day my life became a living hell.
One week later my little sister was trying to recover from what happened to her, I couldn’t explained things to her at that age(I was 8yrs) because I was too afraid to talk about it.
When I went to the sitting room, I saw my elder sister and the landlord’s son talking, I was so angry seeing him in our house. I took my little sister by her arm and entered our room.
After some minutes I went out to buy something in the next street, when I got there the person was not there so I had to wait.
When I got back home I could not find the landlord son but my elder sister was reading novel, I saw money on the table which was not there when I went out.
I went to my room and saw my little sister half [email protected] crying, I was so angry but I couldn’t do anything my little sister was in pain..Crying.. I cried. I had to carry her, bath and cleaned her up.
After three years life became cool and okay for me and blessing because my evil sister Ruth went to the university. On the 18th of June I lost my dad(cries).
After three months of mourning my dad, we all went to live with my mum and step dad, I didn’t like the fact that we were going to stay with my mum because of the man she married(I hate him).
There came a day, my mum had gone to the shop at usual, Ruth had taken blessing to the saloon, I was alone at home with my step dad who was on his off day. I was in the parlour watching cartoon when my step dad came, he started looking at me with the eyes of a man in lust, he came and sat close to me.
I quickly knew that something was off so I adjusted myself, he started coming closer to me, I was about to run(crying), he caught me and pushed me to the ground, I couldn’t overpower him because he was stronger than me, I tried my best but nothing that I did set me could set me free.
I screamed but he held my mouth with his left hand, then he used his right hand to hold my two hands above. He was about to remove his belt with his right hand when I used the chance to bite him in his hand which held my mouth, I bit him so hard, I pushed myself out of his hold and ran, I was close to the door when he…(crying).. He grabbed my hand and pushed me back to the ground and he..(crying).. I don’t think I have the mind to say this..(crying).. RAPED ME..(crying)..
That was my first time of being raped I now fully understand how blessing felt when she was raped. I hate God for allowing this to happen to me and I hate that stupid man for doing this to me.
After he RAPED me..(crying).. I felt so empty, I felt like a used object..(crying).. O God!
That day was a living hell for me, I laid on the floor crying, I managed to pick up myself and entered my room.
My mum, Ruth and blessing came by 6pm, when they came back they saw me crying in my room, they started asking me why I was crying, I was about telling them when that idiot that calls himself my step dad came into my room.
When I saw him fear took over me, I was totally afraid and wanted to run away from my room, I just stylishly told my mum that one of my friend in school died, my mum looked at me and said “Sorry.” My step dad said “Sorry dear,” but his eyes were looking into mine with a warning of ” don’t say anything about what happened”
Days turned into week and week into months, I never found the courage to tell my mum what happened
There came a day my mum went to her shop leaving I and my sisters at home, my step dad was not at home, so I was free to move around, my sisters and I was watching movie in the sitting room when I fell asleep.
When I woke up I couldn’t find my sisters, I guess they went to visit my dad’s grave.
I stood up and went to the bathroom to take my bath, I was about to bath when I heard footsteps coming to the bathroom I thought maybe it is my imagination but I was wrong. The footsteps became louder, I wanted to lock the door of the bathroom but the key wasn’t there it was at the other side, I was totally confused because the person that came to the house didn’t knock, the person could be a robber or maybe a killer, I was afraid. I tried as much as possible not to shout. The person finally got his hands on the door handle as I saw the handle moving down I wanted to scream but I managed to hold my mouth.
As the door was opening I quickly stayed at the back of the door to avoid seeing by the person, the person opened the door half way and they closed it back. I felt calm and okay at that moment but the funny thing is that I didn’t hear the footsteps of the person leaving. I turned and the next thing was the door opening with full force and the person jumped into the bathroom like a monkey, I was shocked to hear a sudden sound as I turned, I saw my stupid idiot step dad, he was laughing and smiling, he was on boxers, I saw his clothes on the entrace I wonder how he got inside the house without me knowing.
The next thing he said was “You think I don’t know that there is no one at home except you, when I came home you were sleeping I saw the shadow of your sweet body when I opened the bathroom, I am here to bath you” I was about to run when he said “Don’t even think of running” I ignore him and ran to the door of the bathroom where he stood, before I could run outside my bastard step dad pushed me down then he said “You think you are smart? You think you can run away from me like you always do? You better behave yourself and do as I say”
I moved back as he came closer, my back finally met with the bath, I had nowhere to run to(crying) The bastard raped me again for the second time and the pain I felt came back again this time worst than before.
When my idiot step dad was done with me he turned on the shower and left me there while he cleaned up the mess he made out of me.
(Crying)”O God why have you deserted me how can you let this bastard Rape me?”
After some month my mum divorced my step dad because she caught him with five different women in the house, I was so happy it happened because I was finally free from all what he was further planning to do to me.
We moved out of that bastard house to a new place.
Four years later my life started becoming complicated for me, the trauma of my past started hunting me, I started having this nightmares that my step dad was trying to rape me but each time he wanted to have his way with me I always wake up.
As time went on my situation became worst there was a day I was in the sitting room watching TV when mind flashed back to what my bastard ex step dad did to me, I cried so hard that my eyes became red
My past kept on hunting me for years, I was 17years old now, I started to understand life bit by bit.
There came a time when I met someone on Facebook her name is Juliet, she is the same age with me, one thing led to another and I told her everything about my past, she was surprised and asked that we meet the next day because we stayed in the same town, she gave me her address which made it easier for me to locate her house.
When I went to her house, she introduced me to her family members, after all the pleasantries she took me to her room.
After we went to her room Juliet went to the kitchen to get some juice leaving me alone in the room, I saw a diary on the floor, I bent down and picked the diary, I was about to open it when Juliet came in,
And asked me not to open it that she will tell me what is inside
Juliet POV
“During one of the holidays my cousins came around to stay, I was 13 years then, there were Joy, Solomon and Jude, Solomon was the elderly one and he was 6years older than me, there was a day that Joy who was asthmatic collapsed, my both parents rushed her to the hospital leaving I and my cousins at home, After my parents went out Solomon sent Jude on an errand, he came to my room and started romancing me, (crying)I begging him to stop but he refused, he dragged my skirt downward and he raped(crying) I didn’t have the courage to tell anyone, I was scared that no one will believed me, Solomon kept on raping me whenever no one is at home(crying). I finally picked up the courage to tell my parents but they didn’t believed me, they said Solomon can’t do such a thing. I am free that I told them the truth even if they don’t believe me” she finally said.
“Esther set yourself free by telling your mum the RAPE Final EPISODE
When I got home I saw my mom Ruth and blessing watching TV. I stood at the front of the TV, my mum asked why I was blocking the TV
“Mum I want to tell you something
I told my mom everything from how we were sold to the landlord’s son and how her ex husband raped me, my mum couldn’t believe how Ruth could do this to us. Ruth begged us she told us that it was the handwork of the devil and the landlord son who was a junkie threatened her. My mum apologized to us for not being a good mother, blessing(who was 16years, I am older than her with 1years) told Ruth that she was wicked. We later forgave Ruth after much plea from her
After that day my life became settled and I found inner peace
I later gained admission into the university to study law. Few years later I graduated and I became a human right activists who help rape victims to find justice
To all my fellow rape victims out there don’t let the trauma of your past to bring you down, don’t be afraid to tell someone about your past, someone out there will listen to you, stand up and make good use of yourself like I did. I hope and pray you find your inner peace like I did
THE END….”..”

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