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Rape or cape batch 1

Rape or cape
(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 1
My name is Janet Eke… Born into a peaceful and hardworking family but poor.. I am the first daughter of my poor parents.. Well Eke is my Father’s name, I am married…
Before you ask “why isn’t she bearing her husband’s name?” Let me brief you a little about my deceiving and lustful type of husband..
I was actually an undergraduate, studying to be a Lawyer but fate twisted it all.
Out of poverty… My poor parents were forced to marry me off to a Northerner Mr. Abubakar Alaska ..

Just because he was a wealthy man.. I did all that out of love for my parents and siblings.. But i shouldn’t have agreed, i shouldn’t have started this mess but i had no choice… Abubakar even stopped me from schooling(crying)
All this started One fateful evening when Abubakar came home drunk.. I was done preparing dinner.. As a caring and understanding wife .. I politely asked him to join in dinner since he came back earlier than expected..
“My husband please i have prepared dinner.. Please come and eat” said Janet
After much standing and requesting
All he did was looked at me in a filthy way
“What did you put inside that food?” Abubakar asked
“How? My husband.. I prepar-ed”
“Poison?…Shut up woman.. You look so wretched and disgusting…acting as if you and your parents are helpful… Gold diggers!!” Shouted Abubakar
“Am so-rr…y”
“The more you say sorry.. The more you look like a witch!..”
“Am so sorr-”
Before i knew it.. He dragged me from my clothes.. Threw me unto the wooden armless chair.. Ripped my clothes.. Slapped , strangled and raped me!
This went on for days, weeks, months and years…. My face was bruised that i had to cover up from people saying “It was just a fall”
Whenever i came with the news of pregnancy… He quickly dragged me like a thief to the homes of native drugs( a popular place around that area).. Forced the child out! My poor parents never
knew what i was passing through.. Oh God!
Episode 2
Every night i was forced to stand unclad in front of his friends who visited.. They took turns to rape me!
I had no choice..
One Saturday Evening .. While i was waiting for my husband to return home as usual..at the same time I was preparing my body for battery..
I heard a knock at the door… I peeped through the Window.. It was Marian.. The girl whom Abubakar sleeps with most times he was happy..
I was wondering what she wanted.. I opened the door
“Marian how are you?”
“Save the greetings.. Anyways where is Abubakar?”
“He isn’t home yet”
“Okay… I will be back”
“Hope there is no problem?”
“Does it bother you?” Marian fired back
“Not at all”
She quickly gave me a wicked look, sighed and walked away
I was speechless .. Totally hopeless
I went back inside when i heard another knock at the door.. I said to myself “I think Abubakar is home!”
I ran to get the door on getting there.. I saw Mr Aliyu (Abubakar’s colleague) standing with a big grin on his face
I was wondering
Next thing i could remember was my head being banged to the door .. He slapped, kicked, ripping out my undies and raped me countlessly.. I was wounded beneath.. I cried as if the heavens could hear me
It got to an extent.. He removed his belt and used it on me ruthlessly.. I was abused not from my husband but from a total stranger.. Marks all over my face.. Was i used because i was a Christian??
I cried and pleaded but Mr Aliyu hit me more harder.. When
he was done.. He explained to me why he did it.. Because his wife made him angry .. That was all!!
Another man’s wife was used as the bait.. He promised to come back the next day..because he enjoyed every bit of me!
I cried! … I was spitted on before he left
I just went to my room looking haggard and pale.. I quickly changed and hid the torn clothes before Abubakar returns and another round of battery occurs
I waited till night fall then Abubakar returned home ..
Say next..

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