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Rape or cape batch 5 – finale


Rape or Cape

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)

Episode 10

“Rose! What are you doing?” I shouted

“Jane what do you think we are doing?..” Fired Fayisat

Rose paused and came close to me… She looked and me and said

“This is what life turned us to.. We are trying to satisfy ourselves at night because those older men and just too brutal and heartless with no feelings” said Rose

Fayisat was just fondling her n!poles and touching her cl!t on her own bed space.. Bitting her lips and begging Rose to come back to bed

I looked terrified

“Come join us.. You will enjoy it!” Rose said

I never knew such enchanting and evil word drew me towards Fayisat

I went straight to Fayisat’s bed ..sat on it .. Rose quickly locked her lips to mine.. We started kissing.. I was enjoying every bit of it!

Rose pulled off my clothes while Fayisat stroked my hair.. Rose later went down towards my b00bs and licked my red hot n!poles.. I felt like dying.. I said to myself.. “Never will i take any man serious.. Women are great lovers!”


My undies were removed and Fayisat inserted her two long fingers inside me.. I felt floating.. Yea we f**ked each other!

And i loved it.. Am proud to say that over and over again(laughs)

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Days, weeks, months and years passed.. Rose and Fayisat became my best buddies and also my f**k mates.. We were sent on killings and i became more brutal and seductive!

I forgot were i came from.. Christianity doesn’t matter anymore.. Am happy living my best life.. I took hard drugs not to talk of aborting my babies..

Peter later sent us to Togo.. For an important killing assignment.. I was glad to taste blood again..

Whenever i was sent on such job.. I made sure i f**ked the hell out of the man.. Then drug him before he could realize it.. I used his own knife against him..stabbing him to death then cut out his d*ck, out of trauma i remember being raped countlessly in the past.. I just cried

I am no more Janet Eke.. I am a Monster!!!

Rape or cape

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)

Episode 11

Ziiimmmm .. My phone rang, it was Peter!

“Hi baby” i said quickly

“I need you back to Nigeria since the job was successful.. There’s another case at hand!”

“Okay love”

Call ended


I flew back to Nigeria.. On getting home i went straight to Peter’s room to inform him i was back.. Opening the door.. I saw Sarah the detective on top his table, her legs were widely opened and Peter was busy licking her beneath.. I felt disgusted

“Hmmmmm” clearing my throat

They paused while Sarah trying to wear back her panties

“Yes Jane.. You are back” said Peter


“Good!.. I have another busy assignment for you.. I heard about a very wealthy popular young man in the Eastern part of Nigeria.. I guess he bears Eke like you.. I want you to go there and show us you are our Sweetheart.. Rob him of everything!”

Immediately i heard my surname “Eke” could it be someone related to me?


I was silent

“Jane!..” Peter snapped me back

“Yes love.. I will do just that”

I left his room

Getting to my room i found Fayisat lying in her own pool of blood

I was confused


No one was in

“O my God .. Fayisat please wake up!”

Fayisat opened her eyes a little and said


I couldn’t understand her


“Run Jane .. Pleas–e”

She died

I was shattered.. I had to leave but to where??

To my former house? Or to my parents home? Who did this to Fayisat?

I wept .. Preparing to leave just then Sarah the detective held me from my back and Kingsley (Peter’s steward) punched my tummy.. I screamed ..

“I waited for this day!” Sarah laughed wickedly

Just then an unknown voice was heard.. I looked up .. It was . . . ..

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One love

Rape or Cape

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)

Episode 12

MARIAN… It was Marian!!

“Marian?” I said struggling

“Yes dear.. Surprised??” Marian laughed

“I thought–”

“You thought what?.. I’d let you be?..after you discarded Abubakar.. You think you could hide forever?.. For years now i had eyes watching over you.. Poor you!” Marian laughed

“Please let me go Marian.. I have suffered so much in my husband’s house.. I just want to be happy”

“Happy?? You will never be happy idiot! But before i deal with you .. You have to complete a mission for me”

“Which is?”

“Rob that Igbo man and get me my money!!” Marian shouted

“I will.. Please let me go”

“Release her!”

Sarah let go of me.. And i was left with no option than to visit the Igbo guy and get back the money..

I set off the next day to Akwa in Anambra State..

Lodged in an hotel and got the guy’s address, workplace .. And i was prepared to invade him at the club where he visits..


At night i dressed up and headed to the club.. I noticed him from afar .. Wow he looks astonishing!

I quickly raised my gown a bit and sat down next to him

“Hi” i smiled seductively

“Hi young woman” he said bowing his face down

“You look familiar” hoping to get a glimpse of his cute face

Then he looked up

I was shocked

“OBINNA!” I shouted.. Obinna was my only elder brother

He was shocked too


I felt so happy to see my biological brother after so many years of torture .. We both hugged each other..

“You have to leave here”


“Yes in fact this goddamn country!!”


“I will explain later.. Pls take our parents and Sophia out”

“Parents??.. They died few months ago after the news of your death”


“Yes … Abubakar came home with a lady to announce it”

“A lady?? Hmm that must be Marian!”

“Who is Marian?”

“Nevermind just leave!”

“What about you!!”

“Forget about me.. If i live..I’ll come home..but if i don’t please keep Sophia safe… I have to go now, leave this club right now! ”


Just then there was a shoot out..

Rape or Cape

(Story by Prisca Ezeh)

Episode 13


“Kill her!” Shouted Marian

I had no where to run to.. I saw large bullets flying around.. The club was in chaos.. People ran helter skelter


“Janet come out!”

I kept quiet

I saw a dragger close by and slide it to my side.. I was waiting for the worst.. Just then Marian came close trying to scare me

I used the dragger straight to her eyes.. I continued puncturing her eyes..

“This is for all the years you f**ked my husband… For all the years you insulted my personality, defiled my home!!”

I paused for a while and noticed Marian was dead!

I ran out of the club.. Just then the police arrived

“Put your hands in the air!”

I was left without options because i was soaked in Marian’s blood..

I quickly raised my hands up..

The police handcuffed me and charged me for murder of alot of people and most especially Marian

I was sentenced to serve for 55years with death by hanging

I waited for this day! It was too late to cry

Abubakar was arrested for drug trafficking..

Peter committed suicide

Rose flew to Brazil and met a lady whom she loved

Kingsley was caught sleeping with Fayisat’s dead lifeless body and was taken to a psychiatrist hospital

Sarah the detective was arrested for fake id and impersonation


Obinna and Sophia travelled to America and hoped on my return

I was in jail serving… God help me! After all i was living a Cape life!


Thank you for reading!

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