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We kept on going out till one day, we were in my house watching a movie. When she looks me in my eyes and says she loves me. I give her a peck in acknowledgement and she asks if I love her. I had notice she has been making conscious effort to get rid of those traits which I admire but don’t want in my ideal woman and to create a balance she had begun to get more creative in bed to keep the attraction. Deep down within my heart I had loads of affections for her but it still wasn’t love. The only purpose I felt she could serve to me was rebound. Her duty is to help me get back to my feet and nurse my heart injuries whenever I get a love accident. I tell her I am sorry, She says she understand but I was sure she didn’t she ripped her clothes off and we start to make out but as soon as I spread her legs apart to taste from her honey pot she begins to cry I stop but she tells me to continue that she is fine then she cries louder telling me she is willing to sacrifice her all for me but she is sure that all I am interested in is her body. She tells me she feels I think she would always be there forever that’s why I don’t want to show my love for her. There was no way for me to explain myself. She dries up her tears dresses up gives me a hug and was about to leave. I hold her hands telling her I can’t allow her leave. She sits down and asks me to tell her what I have to say . in confusion I kept on repeating the phrase “you won’t understand” she shakes her head in disappointment and left.

I call her a couple of times she either doesn’t pick or even when she does she always acted as if she was in a hurry all effort made to see her proofed abortive I missed her a bit, you know that feeling you get when you leave your girl home alone and go to hang out with the boys that’s how I felt but I couldn’t be bothered because her job was done she had healed my heart, she is my Rebound girl she just needs a little time but would be back again to treat my wounds when my next my heart bleeds.

With time I meet this new girl she everything I want in my ideal woman. We start a relationsh¡p and it’s going on fine. One day from the blues my rebound girl calls me to tell me about a guy she just started dating, telling me how nice cute and lovely he is. I share my gratitude with her and from then all we start calling each other randomly just to say hi and keep in touch. She calls me up one day telling me she wants me to meet her boy friend by I decline she asks me why but I just tell her I can’t, although I couldn’t tell her but it just didn’t feel right going to meet up with the boyfriend of a girl who I had banged severally I saw it as this respect to the guy. She tells me her boyfriends say she talks about me a lot and I advise her to stop it that it might get the guy worried but she says he is a very matured and understanding guy. My girlfriend gets a bit suspicious because of our calls but I explain to her that she is just a friend and I put the phone on speaker a couple of time so that she can hear our conversation.

One night three months latter rebound girl calls me crying and saying she wants to talk to me, I ask her to tell me the problem but she says she wants us to meet in person. I suggest we meet in a fast food the next day but she insists she wants to come to my house that she doesn’t want to burst into tears in public.

The next day she comes looking messed up and she tells me how her boyfriend turned out to be a jerk just like the others I console her hugging her and telling her nice words.

She dries her tears and asks me why is it that guys like me don’t come for her, I keep quiet then she looks me in the eye and says I am her joy what would she do without me. I give her a peak on her forehead to show respect and she k-sses me. I don’t struggle because I didn’t mind sparing her just a k-ss to make her feel good but she holds me close and I can feel the warm tenderness of her body. I look into her eye and I see lust but I still do nothing after all it’s nothing but a tight hug. She rubs my back with her palms and she takes my hand and place it on her a-s, the feel of it left me helpless and every atom of me wanted her except my heart.

I didn’t want to take advantage of her because I knew she was in pain and also I have a girl friend which I love and respect. I take my hands off her and tell her she needs to take it easy but she removes her top. Her n—–s pointed out of her nice bosom and immediately memories flashed in my head of all the fun I’ve had with them in the past, the urged to grab them was there but I stood watching them helpless and did nothing and she went on to take off her jeans. Viewing her body was the greatest temptation I had ever had for I knew the pleasures they could offer, next thing I know her l-ips are on mine and I am k-ssing her back strongly while squeezing her soft a-s. She takes a break from k-ssing take a deep breath and pushes me flat on the bed comes on top of me and puts her b—-t in my mouth. As I nibble them hungrily I couldn’t help but wonder what on earth I was doing. She starts taking off my shirt and I tell her to stop but without putting any resistance so she takes it off and licks all over my chest. She take her hand and rubs over the surface of my trousers feeling the hærd fleshed underneath and attempts to remove my trousers and I push her off put on my shirt and beg her to dress up.

[]She comes towards me and holds me very close and tells me she knows I respect her and I don’t want to take advantage of her but she need me in her. I tell her I can’t and she starts to sob still holding me close and she says it’s because of her right. I don’t reply because the truth be told I love my girlfriend and I respect her so despite the fact that my rebound girl is more attractive than her I didn’t want to cheat and also I know I feel something for rebound girl and even though it wasn’t as strong as love it was something real I couldn’t deny.

I tell her it’s not that and she try’s k-ssing me again and I move my mouth away then she laughs and says she never knew a day would come when I would be able to resist her and bring up a theory that all my telling her that i like her as a friend but i cant resist getting intimate with her was false. I tell her I am not resisting her but respecting her she tells me I am lying that she can see it in my eyes that I really love my girlfriend. I say nothing she tells me not to worry then sits on my bed I give her, her cloths to put on but she doesn’t. I sit far away from her and she gets up and tries to sit on my leg I tell her not to and she gets angry telling me what’s wrong with me that she only wants to sit on my leg. I tell her I am sorry and she sits on my leg. I could feel my heart beat she holds me close tell me she regrets the fact that she started acting up when I refuse to tell her that I love her. Telling me that unlike other guys who lie to her just to get into her p-nts I have always been blunt with her. She tells me that those moments we spent together the last time I was single were her best then she k-sses me again.

The words she said to me crept up my soul and I could see a thin line breaking between Affection and love. My heart had been won but not completely for I now have a girlfriend who makes my world go round. She stops k-ssing me gets up and dresses up then comes back to sit on my leg. I feel tensed and I pull her close and tell her words which would not dare escape from my mouth but were true. Yes I tell her those moments where my happiest days also I tell her that I think of her always and I miss her. She stays a little longer then gives me a k-ss and leaves.

When she goes I spend hours alone with my thoughts, comparing her to my girlfriend but needless to say my girlfriend was perfect there was nothing I wanted in a woman that she didn’t have although my rebound girl was more attractive and s€×y but girls like that only appear in fantasy land for her to be mine and mine alone would be a fools dreams that aside she had a weak will power and could easily be manipulated by words I know this is typical of most ladies but her case was far. I call her to find out if she is alright and she thanks me for been there and promises she would always be there for me.

All of a sudden our communication increases, she sends me text messages everyday and I reply. My girl friend see them and ask me to explain I tell her bluntly that Rebound girl is a friend who is dear to the heart and my girl friend ask me if I had slept with her before. I hærdly lie to my girl friend because I’ve never really had a reason to so I told her truth which was yes but that was a long time ago. She doesn’t take it personal but tells me that’s she not comfortable with me sending text messages to a girl I have slept with. I ask her if she doesn’t trust me she say she does but that doesn’t prevent her been jealous and uncomfortable I tell her I understand.

I and rebound girl keep communicating she request that we should see several time but I turned her down severally. Till one day she calls me and ask where I am I tell her I am at home she asks who I was with I tell her I am alone and she says she is in my area so she would see me briefly before she goes. When she came I took one look at her and felt weak in my knees her charm captivated me. I told her she looks great and she replied that it’s all for me. Then she k-sses me I tell her to stop but she pleads with me not to tell her to stop and it turns into a wild frenzy. We are grabbing at each other and pulling each other’s cloths and when we were done I didn’t know when the words I love you came out of my mouth. I am not a fool who doesn’t know what love is but to me love is caring for someone so much you wouldn’t want to hurt the person and vice versa. She smiles and replied that she loves me to. I didn’t want her to get too excited because remember I have a girlfriend who I also love, believe me you can love two people at this same time but ones love would be greater than the other. So I tell rebound girl the ultimate truth which was my girlfriend is a good, nice ,loving caring girl I can’t find any fault in her and I am not heartless enough to do that to her. She smiles k-sses me and say so what’s going to happen I tell her the only truth that comes out from my heart that, once I find fault in my girl I would dump her for my rebound girl for she had won my heart in totality. My rebound girl k-ssed me.

I keep dating my girlfriend looking for fault but I couldn’t find any and even when I found some she came begging and made sure she made amends. I intentionally left text messages me and rebound girl exchange on my phone so as to piss her off but she only get pissed tell me I take her for granted but still does nothing about it.

[]My rebound girl puts pressure me telling me that if she was the one she would dump her boyfriend for me but I stand on my words that I won’t. I tell her I want to spend time with her but she refuses telling me she has made up her mind to keep her distance till I become single and till she is fully mine I accept it’s not like I wanted to see her because I was h—y but because I cared.
One day I call my rebound girl and she is acting funny and she finally tells me she was back with her boyfriend I get surprised and I ask why reminding her she said he was a jerk and she replies that since I refused to break up with my girl she had decided to hang on to him till I do even though to her he still remains a complete idiot. I try to talk her out of it but I had no point so I made up my mind to get rid of my girlfriend as soon as possible I became as annoying as possible, disrespectful and lousy and in all that my Girlfriend had a way of making amends. Me and rebound girl stop seeing and reduced communication.

One day I sat my girl friend down and confessed to her how I cheated on her with rebound girl and she goes crazy raining curses at me and crying I try to console but it doesn’t work out she breaks up with me. Although I felt bad because every part of me didn’t want her to go but there was this part itching waiting and craving for Rebounds girls love. So I call rebound girl and give her the good news but she shows no excitement I tell her I want to see her but she acts nonchalant. I ask her if the Jerk has started treating her right but she says no so I ask why she is acting up doesn’t she still love me she says she loves me but she wants to be sure that I do. I tell her I just ended my relationsh¡p with a girl who did nothing to hurt me and this is all you can say. She tells me she had put a lot of effort into loving me in the past and she always ended up feeling stupid. I tell her I know she is scared but that right now am ready buts she still acts up. I remind her that she said if i ever show interest in dating her she would dump whoever she is for me and i asked her if she said all that just to make me dump my girl but she didnt respond.

For a month I waited nothing changed it was then I thought to myself so I called my Girlfriend and we had a chat at the end of the chat I ask her if she still loves me she says yes and I ask why. She says because everything about me makes her love me more. Her statement weakens my soul and revives the heart from the pain it had been through we reconcile and our relationsh¡p flourished.
A week latter my Rebound girl calls me and tells me she heard me and my girl had reconciled, she said it in a harsh and pompous tone. I replied her yes and she mumbles some stuff saying she knew I can never truly love her and had obviously concocted the breakup just to get a fill of her again. I tell her I was willing to give it a try but she didn’t reciprocate, i actually used the word Shakara a Nigerian term for playing hærd to get or feeling fly then in anger she tells me that I am not the kind of guy she wants to get married to so I should stop acting childish. I am stung by her words, a girl who claimed I was her world was telling me this it was then I concluded that I am not going to have a Rebound I would never stop trying to make things work with any Girl I date and this was the END of me and her. Although deep down in my heart i often wondered how things would have been if we actually dated, but you see i held my own part of the bargain to the end but she didnt, watching me and making me chase after wasn’t part of the deal so at least i have a clear conscience and i believe the Jerk has started making her happy thats why she didn’t want to leave him and i am back with my girl so i don’t need the services of a REBOUND GIRL.

I remain JT the lovable John Thomas a fictional character who remains a s-cker for love…… fairy tales always have happy ending but reality creates a balance. love isn’t love if it isn’t reciprocal and if it has to be proved, love is not a test its a risk and only those who dare to place their fragile hearts astake for the thrill of it deserve it but remember, a broken heart can be mended but it would always have it scars. This scars remind us that we need to bet wisely when we enter the love casino for he who bares the greatest risk has a chance of getting the greatest reward or losing it all.

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