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Regret batch 10


Regret season 2

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Escape and Revenge

By Stonez


Warden:hey daniel,you have a visitor

Daniel:a vistor,ok open the cell

He opened and they both walked to the visiting room
Daniel got there and he saw Humpty waiting for him

Humpty is a friend of Daniel,he was the one who introduced Daniel into drugd back in the States,they went their seperate ways when daniel quitted drugs….

Daniel:(shocked) humpty,what are u doing here

Humpty:is that how to greet a friend who you have not seen for a long time

Daniel:sorry bro,hw have u been

Humpty:good,i heard that you are back into the business

Daniel:yeah bro,i need to leave this place

Humpty:that why am here

Daniel:so how will you get me out

Humpty:it very simple,i already have everything planned out


Humpty:here is the game plan,(he gave him a tablet) take this tomorrow morning and you will be out of here

Daniel:why are u helping me

Humpty:cuz u also helped me in the states,take the drug tomorrow as i have said,he said and he exited the building……

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The next day,daniel took the drug as he was instructed,but nothing happened until later in the evening when he started vomitting blood while they were playing basketball,he fell down and passed out,his fellow inmates gathered round his as the prison nurse started treating him

Nurse:he was poisoned,we need to take him to the hospital

Warder:it against the prison rule,we cant take him to the hospital

Nurse:if you dont,he will die

Warder:ok,i’ll call an ambulance

Nurse:be fast with it,we dont have much time

An ambulance arrived immediaty and they took him to the hospital……

On their way,they had an accident,a boy ran across the road not caring to look before crossing,the driver quickly manovered so he wont hit the boy,the ambulance skidded off the road and went up in flames……..

Episode 2

By Stonez

Daniel Pov

I open my eyes slowly and i look round the room,i was in a strange place,i remembered i was playing basketball when i slumped,i dont know what happened and how i got here

i tried to sit down that was when i studied my environment well,i was in a bedroom

i noticed that i was on a drip,i laid on the bed and was about sleeping when someone opened the door,it was Humpty,he came in and sat down on the bed beside me smiling

Humpty:Finally you are awake

Daniel:how did i get here,what happened,why am i on drip

Humpty:finally,you are now free,i told you that you are gonna leave the prison

Daniel:how did it happened bro,hw did you do it

Humpty:you remember that i gave you a drug to take


Humpty:Actually the drug na poison

Daniel:what did u want to kill me

Humpty:actually it a weak poison,it is not really strong,it dosent kill…..I gave you the poison because i cant attack the prison or break into the prison to release you,so i decided to give you the poison to lure u guys out because i knew that they will take you to the hospital once they noticedd that you have been poisoned….You slumped when the drug took effect,and they rushed you to the hospital,on their way,an accident occured and everyone in the ambulance died…Actually,it was a planned accident,i and my boys caused the accident when we attacked the ambulance,we killed everyone and we rescued you….we also set the ambulance up on fire,so now we made everyone believe that none of you survived….

Daniel:wow,you are a genius

Humpty:since the government and people already believed that you died in the accident,you need to leave the country

Daniel:ok,i will but that will be after my revenge

Humpty:you really wanna revenge


Humpty:ok,i need to be somewhere now,did u need anything

Daniel:yeah,i need my daughter,kidnapp her and bring her to me


Later in the evening,daniel decided to look around the house since he is now feeling better…he got out of the room,on opening the door,he saw four gaurds at the door,they bowed as he walked past them,he went outside the building that was when he realised that it is one of the house he just bought,guards were everywhere,he retired back into his room after he was through…….

Season 2

Escape and Revenge

Episode 3

I went back inside after checking my house,i sat and i turned on the television when i saw the news headline “POPULAR BUSINESS TYCOON WHO WAS IMPRISONED HAS BEEN REPORTED DEAD AFTER HE WAS INVOLVED IN A FATAL ACCIDENT”….

I smiled when i saw the news,everyone now believed that i am dead,it will make my revenge easier….

i was still lost in my thought when i heard someone calling daddy,i looked up and i saw my daughter smiling and running towards me to hug me,she look lean and malnourished…..

I was so happy,seeing my daughter after two years,she is already ten and i saw her last when she was eight…..

Words could not describe how happy i am,i ordered the maids to bath her and dress her up….

Now that i have my daughter right with me,there is nothing that can make me lose this battle of revenge,because she is my only weakness and the only weapon in which the enemy can use to pull me down…..

I bagan planning for my revenge,Humpty already returned to the state because of he is the man controlling drugs in los angeles…..

I recuited my own men because the fight against roberto is gonna be a hard one… ..

Firstly let me begin with Ryan….you know as a businessman i must not record any loss,i still remember i paid my three ingrate friends off with $5million each which makes it $15million and i must get my money back first……..

Now let the game begin,i decided to send EVA abroad to stay with Humpty till my revenge game is over……

What suprised me most is that since the day my boys took my daughter away,katarina did not even look for her,i wonder the type of mother she is,i did not know when she became a monster…..

Three days later,my daughter travelled to the state,now i can fully concentrate and carry on with my revenge……

Firstly my main aim is to get my $15million dollars back…
I have a feeling that callum is also involved in it because he is also my granny’s lawyer….

I sent my boys to bring ryan for me,they searched and searched but they could not find him,i want to start with him because he was the one who sold the video to my granny and he also testified against me…….

After searching for 3weeks,they finally found him,he already fled to mexico,the found him and they brought him back to the phillipines…

He will be my bait,i will use him to get my money back and he will tell me where brian and ray are……

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The real game begin in the next episode

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