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Regret batch 11



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Escape and revenge
Episode 4

By Stonez

I smiled as i entered into my safe house,my guards led the way and they opened a door,i entered and i saw Ryan tied to a chair,my boys brought a chair for me and i sat down….

I ordered them to remove the blindfold…..when he saw me,he was shocked and he look scared,i cleared my throat and said “long time bro”

Ryan:but you are dead

Me:no bro,that a false story,am alive and free…

Ryan:pls dont kill me

Me:i wont kill you as long as you return my money

Ryan:which money

Me:i can still remember i gave you money so you would keep the secret but u betrayed me,so i want my money back….

Ryan:you wont get a dime

Me:if you say so

I stood up and i said to my boys “guys,u know what to do,i want the money before 8pm after that,send him forth” with that i left with my guards…..

Around 8pm at night,my boys called me that he already transferred the money to my acct and they already know where byran and ray are ….

I ordered him to bring Ryan to my house,i want to kill him myself…

They brought him and i personally put a bullet into his head …

I ordered my boys to send his head to ray and with a letter to inform him that he is the next….With ryan out of my way,i only have three more people to kill but before that,i wanna see my lovely ex-wife……

I was chilling in my house when i got a call from one of my boys that they could not find ray again after they delivered my letter to him…
I smiled and told him not to worry that i will get back to him when i figure out a plan.

I was lost in thought,thinking of every possible way to finish the game so i could leave the country quickly before the i get caught…..i smiled as i remembered that ray has a daughter,he got a girl pregnant 16years ago and kept her away from everyone…..

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I called hammed(one of my boys),i gave him the location of where ray’s daughter is living and ask them to kidnap her….He later called me back to inform me that they already kidnapp the girl…..

I know ray will call my boys
once he find out that his daughter is missing,like i expected he called later at night and he was asked to bring $10 million dollars to a specific location as ransom for his daugher….I ordered my boys to abduct him once he bring the money….

Fortunately and unfortunately for me,bryan also came with him,both of them the money to the location i gave them but they cane with the police,a gun battle ensued between my boys and the cops,my boys won but i lost 10 out of 15 boys…..

I came down from my car after the gun battle and walked up to where they tied the both of them and i killed them……..

Only Roberto is remaining on my list,i knew killing him will be very hard,especially now that i only have 5men left….

I contacted humpty if i could get more boys but he said he does not have any…..That means that i have to fight with the little men i have left,my chance of winning is slim because the cops are on roberto’s side…..

Episode 5

By Stonez

I got back home,i was so tired and worried,i did not know where i will get more boys…..

I placed a call to Humpty

Humpty:hey bro,hw are u

Me:Am not fine ooo

Humpty:am sorry i cant help,i dont have much men again

Me:ok,is there any top politician in the phillipines that is buying drugs from us

Humpty:Yes,the minister for foreign affairs and the minister for education,they are our good client

Me: That good

Humpty:why asking

Me:contact them and tell them that you need 5 boys from each of them to transport drugs

Humpty: they wont agree

Me: Send me their private line,i will talk to them myself…


Me:How is my daughter doing

Humpty:she is fine

Me:Good,pls thighten her security,i dont want to hear stories ooo

Humpty:ok,no problem,he said

Few minutes,i recieved a text containing the number i asked for from humpty…..

I called the minister of education first


Voice:who is on the line

Me:i want to speak with the minister

Voice:your pass code

Me:i dont have any pass code,tell him it is humpty

Voice:give me a minute…..i will go give him the phone

After some seconds,he gave the phone to the minister

Minister:hello humpty

Me:This is not humpty,am his boss

Minister:how can i help you

Me:i need 5boys from you,a package(coke) which is meant for you got missing,i need five of your trusted men to search for it……
I will send you a location now,send your boys to meet me there tomorrow….if you fail to do so,i’ll expose you…i said and i hung up..

I also called the other minister and i threatened him….

The next day,both of them send me five boys each to the location i gave them,i sent my boys to pick them up….

I now have 15boys in total,i will launch my attack very soon but first i want to go see my granny…

The next,i drove to my granny’s office with 7 of my boys,we got to the gate and the company,the securities at the gate refused to let us in and i ordered my boys to shut them up,they beat and tied them up…

Two stayed at the gate while five followed me inside,i put on my mask as we were about to enter,we got to her office without any form of disturbance…

Her office is on the fifth floor,i took the elevator and two guards stayed while the remaining three followed me to her office…..

Getting to her officei ,i destroyed all the cameras with my gun and i removed my mask ,i smiled as i opened the door,i webnt in while my guard stoodfff,, outside,granny was busy signing some docvments she did not raise her head up,i sat down on the couch waiting patiently for her to finish what she was doing…

She looked up some seconds later and she was shocked and i could see that
“Hello granny ” i said

She picked her intercom,she want to call her securities

Me:no need of doing that granny,am sure they are all sleeping as my boys already took care of them

Granny:pls dont harm me,she said stammering

Me:so you dont want to die,u dont want me to hurt you


Me:am not here to kill you,it has been since i have seen you,i just wanna say hello and i want you to pass a message to Roberto,tell him that i am coming for him…..i killed byran,ryan and ray and he is the next and after him i will kill you …..Goodbye gran,ensure u pass my message across to him…i said and i left her office….


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