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Regret batch 2



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Episode 3

By Stonez

I was shocked and i,i asked the doctor again to be sure if my ear is functioning well,the doctor confirmed that she is pregnant…I was on a cross-road,i dont know which decision to make,should i confess or conceal the truth..I was lost in my thought not knowing her mother was talking me,she tapped me and asked what was wrong,i told her nothing,i took my key and left the house,i wanted to got to a club to chill out but decided against it….I got to my granny house,i met her in the sitting-room,i greeted her and went to my room,i sat down to make a choice,after considering all option,i decided not to tell her,i decided to keep it as a secret…..I also concluded to send my friends to the state because i know the three fools will let the cat out of the bag if i dont get rid of them….I called a travel agency and told him to prepare visas for my friends…….I woke up the next day and went to my friend house(they all live together),i met them by the poolside and they all started laughing immediately they saw me

Byran:see who we have here

Ray:he has finally gotten his sense back,common boy let have fun

Ryan:i know he can do without us

Me:cut the crap and shut the f–k up,i said angrily


Me:guys,i’ve got a job for u in the states

Ryan:are u trying to send us away so we wont expose you

Me:(shocked)no,why would i do that

Ray:u know brain,i love it here in phillipines

Me:if u work for my company in the states,u will earn $500,000 per week and i will pay you $25million each if u guy work for the company for 5years,think about it,i said and left…….

I already laid the bait,i know they will call me soon,i need to get rid of them before they start blackmailing me…
I got to my office,i told my PA to cancel all my schedule for the day,i need to see katarina,she is depressed and i dont want anything to happen to my baby,i called a childhood friend of mine who is a psychologist,i told her about katarina’s plight and she told me to pick her up at her office so she could go and see her……I picked her up and we went home together,i told ann(katarina’s mom) that Emily(the psychologist) would be coming to attend to katarina……my friends called me later in the evening and they agreed to go to the states,i know they will agree because of the money i offered them……
Within few weeks,katarina is back to her old self,the usual happy and jovial person,she has recovered thanks to Emily and both of them are now close friends……..
I am already developing feelings for katarina,actually she is a pretty lady,down to earth and she is caring but am not sure if she is also feeling the same…we always go out together,from cinema to the mall and to other places….Itook her out for a date and i confessed my feeling for her,promised her to take care of the baby and she accepted to be my girlfriend………My friend travelled to the state a week later………

Episode 4


She accepted my proposal and we started dating,everything was going well and our love for each other is increasing day by day….After two month,her pregnancy is already visible..
I took her out for dinner a particular evening,after eating, “katarina will u marry me” i asked kneeling down and holding a diamond ring in my hand,she was shocked and wasnt expecting me marry her,”yes,i will marry you”she finally said after a long silence………
News spread so fast,when i got to my office the next day,everyone started congratulating me,i wondered how they got to know….i was signing some docvments when my granny suddenly barge into my office

Granny:is it true


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Granny:that you proposed to a girl yesterday,are u out of your mind

Me:granny,nothing is wrong with me,am alright and yes i proposed to katarina and she is the woman i love and i am to marry her

Granny:you mean u want to marry a girl that was raped,a rape victim

Me:i dont care if she was raped or not,i love her

Granny:Mr Alcantara,i mean his company withdrew their partnership with our compant all because u want to marry that thing

Granny:i wont let u insult my wife,what does me getting married has to do with business

Granny:shut up fool,dont u know that our three major partners joined our company because they thought u will marry their daughters

Me:i did not promise that i will marry them,this is why i have been telling u not to set me up on a date with them…u dont care about me,u only care about the company

Granny:(She slapped me),dont u dare talk to me like that,with all what i have done for u,i this how u will repay me…..she hissed and left my office…

After she left,my PA informed that there is an emergecy board meeting….
I left for the board to see all board sitted including my granny,i sat down and the man at the far end spoke….

Man 1:welcome everyone,we called this emergency meeting because we lost 7 of our major partner and the contract awarded to us by PINGPONG has been withdrew
(Everyone in the room was shocked)

Me:who withdrew the PINGPONG contract from us

Man 2:the CEO daughter

Me:u mean karia cancelled the contract

Granny:u see,ur decision is now affecting the company negatively

Me:what does my private life has to do with business

Man 3:we all know that we got all the partnership and contract because of they want u to marry their daughter…

Man 1:i just got a mail from the GLAZZERS,theu also withdrew their partnership

Granny:we have finally lost our partners,Daniel u have 72hours to set things right or i am going to fire u

Me:no need to do that,i resign(i dropped my resignation letter on the table and left the boardroom…..

I got to my office,pack my things and i gave the key to the office and that of my official car to my PA “give it to the new CEO” i said and left the office……..
I drove home and i told katarina and her mother to pack that we are living the house….we packed and left to the new house i just bought,i went home to return the keys and docvment of thr house she bought for me……..i want to start a new life,a family…katarina and my unborn child are my only happiness,i will protect them at all cost even if it is to sacrifice my life for then…..we choose our wedding day,i want us to get married before she give birth…A day to the wedding,i went to make arrangement concerning the church we are gonna use,as i was coming back,a car stopped at my front and my granny came out of the car with two armed men with a gun in her hand

Granny:son,so u are finally getting married tomorrow,u disobeyed me and u repay all what i did for u disobeying me,no problem u will pay the price of disobedient…she raised the gun and pulled the triger


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