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Regret batch 3



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Episode 5

By Stonez

Boom,i started hearing my name,seems like someone is calling me but the voice is not clear enough…..i opened my eyes to see my maid calling me,so it was a dream and it was my maid that was calling me…..she told me my granny want to see me and she is waiting for me outside my house,i went outside and behold i saw her waiting outside with the two armed men i saw in my dream,she was even wearing the cloth she wore in my dream….

Granny:grandson,hw have u been

Me:as if you care

Granny:common son,dont talk like that i cared for u,i started taking care of u since you were 5years,when your parent died in plane crash so dont say that

Me:u said it a thousand time,why are u here

Granny:why did u want to do this

Me:love,am doing all this for love

Granny:so this is how u want to repay me for all what i’ve done for u

Me:try to understand mom

Granny:understand what,the company has lost all it major partners and all our major contract because of u

Me:granny,i told u not to use me to get partners from the onset,u promised them that i will marry their daughter if they partner with your company,i told u not to set me up on a date with their daughters,u gave them hope of marriage and now see the outcome

Granny:(she slapped me),how dare u,u know that u are not going to marry any of them and u had s£x with them

Me:concerning the s£x,they also enjoyed it and u are even the cause

Granny:i am not suprised that you want to marry a rape victim because u are also a product of rape

Me:what did u mean

Granny:i want you to re-think and give me answer tomorrow or u will have yourself to blame,she said and left angrilly

I went back inside and what she said kept replaying on my mind…i wondered whar she meant about me being a victim of rape……
After two month my wedding day finally arrived,i have not heard from my granny since the day she left my house and i know she had a plan…i employed a bodyguard for katarina and her mom…on my wedding day,i ensured adequate security and i ordered the guard not to let anyone acting suspicious into the church premises….
The service started and the priest finally joined us together…she was scared when the priest asked if i accept her as my bride,she thought i was going to say no…when i looked back as everyone started congratulating me,i saw my granny and my three so called friends smiling at me..
I was shocked when i saw them,i knew they were up to something because i was expecting to see them……
My granny walked up to me and my wife and she said “congratulation son on your wedding,i would like to see u tomorrow at my office,i have some lovely video clips i would like to show u and am sure u are gonna like them…

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Me:what videos

Granny:actually,your friends gave them to me after giving them a decent amount of money……
I knew my friends had finally betarayed me,so they had the rape videos and they already sold it to my granny..

Episode 6

By Stonez

I went home with my wife after the ceremony,i wasnt my self at all,i was just thinking about the video my granny was talking about….

katarina noticed my foul mood and she ask me of there is any problem,i told her there is no problem that i was just stressed up….

as we were talking i stylishly ask her what she is gonna do if she know the person that rape her,”i will personally put a bullet into the motherfvcker head” she said…when she said that i knew there is gonna be a problem if she get to know that am one that rape her..

I pressed futher and said what if the person is someone very close to you..

Katarina:i dont care who the person is,and i will ensure that the person will not go unpunished….

She said and gave me a kiss as we engage in a hot romance and we end up going four round…..

I woke up before her the next and serve her breakfast on bed before leaving for my grandma office…i got to her office and her secetary told me i would have to wait till she is ready to see me,i was allowed to see her after an hour,i entered into her office

Granny:wow,see my newly wed son,how is your wife doing

Me:just tell me the reason why am here

Granny:relax son,i would like you to see some lovely videos before u i say anything,
She played the video for me on her laptop and it was the rape video which show my face clearly…

Granny:i never knew my son could stoop so low to raping a lady,when rich girls are dying to have you on their bed

Me:what did u want,pls dont show her the videos,i will do anything pls dont jeopardise our marriage i beg u

Granny:good what i want is simple,i want you to divorce her and i dont want u to have anything to do with her and get all our investors back

Me:pls i will do any other thing but i cant divorce her,we just got married for crying out loud,pls dont be heartlesd,what did u start to gain from all these

Granny:i will gain a lot,if u do as i say,all our partners and investors who left will come back and i will be finally be able to pursue my political dreams

Me:political dreams!!!

Granny:yes,i want to contest for the next ambassador of the phillipines

Me:and what does that have to do with me marrying kate

Granny:it has a lot to do,the president promised to help me win if u would marry his daughter

Me:u promised a lot of people that i will marry their daughters without my consent

Granny:did u know how much the company lost this week,infact this discussion is over,i give you 48 hours to part ways with your wife…gey out of my office

She called her security to send me out of her office….

I was so annoyed,how will my friend betray me with all what i have done for them,and katarina promised to punish the person that rape her…..

Am on a crossroad,i dont know which way to go,i dont know what to do…My life is really f—-d up..

I drove to nearby bar and took a drink in order to increase my thinking faculty,i smiled to myself as l got a solution to my problem…..

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