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Regret batch 7



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Episode 14

By Stonez

Her temprature stopped and she stopped breathing

I immediately connect her to a ventilator to aid the flow of blood as i was about to remove the heart,i removec the heart and replaced it with the healthy one…..i connected the vien and arteries after giving her a anti-rejection injection so that her system will not reject the heart……i disconnect the ventilator and the heart started pumping and distributing blood….

i placed her on a heart activoty monitoring machine and i stitch the incision/cut i made when i wanted to operate her,i placed her on drip and i told the nurses to dress her cuts well……i went to check on my baby in the incubator…….

We waited for three hours and she is not still awake,i checked on her and one of the nurses told me she has drifted into coma and all she need now is prayer…….

we continue to monitor her heart beat and everything seems normal until the seventh day when we noticed that her arteries are blocked and she needs another surgery……..

I did the surgery and it was sucessful……

She woke up after 3month,by then the baby is already matured and developed….

We went home,she named her EVA,i did not tell her about her mother death because she has not recovered fully……

I decided to start building my own business empire,we planed to start it abroad but we could not travel out of the country due to some reasons……..

I ventured and start the same business that my granny is into which is importing & exporting….i invested 20billion dollars in the business and i used my connection to pull some deals and my business is fast growing……

my company made it big within few month and everything was going well,my granny and i became busuness rivals….

My company became popular than that of my granny,i became rich and very powerful and i employed bodyguards for my wife and daughter

My love between wife and i grew up day by day….my daughter is a beautiful like her mother,she is lovely and a good girl………

I became one of the biggest and richest businessman in the phillipines,we established branches all over the country and outside the country,i snatched all my granny business partners and my company is really making it big…..

We were living fine until roberto which lead to a big problem

Episode 15

By stonez

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we were living peacefully until katarina ex-husband showed up….

i went on a dinner date with my wife,i took her to a fancy resturant outside town…

we placed our orders and we were about eating when Roberto came out of nowhere to ruin our date….

he came to where we sat and said “my dear katarina,it been while…
it quite a pity we did not end up together,i know u still love me and i promise you that i will get back what belong to me…..he left the resturant afterwards

I drove my wife home,i felt like killing the idiot that ruined our date,i pulled over in front of my house,she got out of the car without uttering a word…….

Later in the night,i laid beside her on the bed as we slept in each other arms……

Katarina:my love am scared

Me:of what

Katarina:concerning roberto’s threat,he dosent make empty threat

Me: relax,nothing is gonna happen,i wont let him come near u…….i consoled her and she slept off not long after….
I picked my phone and i called one of my friend

Me:hey bro

Friend:yes boss

Me:i have a job for u,i need you to follow my wife and protect her without she knowing

Friend:ok,that is not a problem

Me:just be her bodyguard,keep an eye on,follow her everywhere she goes and dont hesitate to kill anyone if you need to,someone threatened her and i have to keep her save


Me: and i also need one of your boys to monitor a guy,i will send money and the details of the guy to you…pls dont disappiont friend:ok.we will get to work….

i felt relieved after the call,i know they will work on it…….

about a week later,it was on a saturday,Eva instited that i should take her and my wife to the park,i tried to turn down her request but my smart daughter wont take no for an awnser….

i agreed and i took them to a park not knowing that something bad awaits us at the park……..

Episode 16

By Stonez

I took them to the park,
i sat and watch as my wife and daughter were having fun going on the roller coaster,
i looked around and i saw Greg(my friend whom i paid to watch over my wife) sitting on a bench not too far from where i sat….

i stood up and i went to sit beside him, “my boys have been keeping tabs on the guy…

there is nothing suspicious about him,but he met with your granny twice this week…seems like they are planning something big against you,be careful bro” he said and left…

i was shocked,could my granny be working with Roberto….

i was still deep in my thought when i heard gushots and my wife scream my name……..

I stood up and ran towards where my wife was only to see my daughter lying unconscious in a pool of blood,and a young girl was also on the floor…

i saw greg and his men chasing some guys chasing someone with two of his boys….

for the first time in my life,i was scared,my daughter must not die….

i carried her and the other girl into my car and i rushed her to the hospital…….

She was immediaty rushed to the emergency ward for treatment

The doctor came out hours later looking sober and tired and said “am sorry ”

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