Reincarnation of blue episode 1 – 2




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blossom wake up and squint her eye before rubbing them ,she look around and blink twice ,

Where am I ? Blossom mutter and sit up.

You’re awake ! Someone says

Who are …. ? Blossom ask but pause and stare at him .

My prince , aren’t you the one I saw at the school or I’m I dreaming ? Blossom ask” yummy what’s this smell.

Mate ! Mate ! Mate .Blossom wolf chants in her head

Are you my mate ? Blossom ask ” staring at the handsome guy Infront of her ,but he wasn’t replying

Are you okay ,you look so handsome and your voice earlier was so angelic ,my heart flutter just by your look what’s this feeling? Blossom ask but he didn’t reply he continue staring at her.

Blossom stand up and come closer to the prince.

Atleast can I know your name and what exactly are we doing here , blossom ask trying to touch him but he flinch but didn’t cut the eye contact .

Hmmm.blossom sigh and stare around the place there are in ,

Ooh my goodness ,hey talk where are we ? Blossom ask.

My name is blueberry I’m your mate , and the future alpha king of this kingdom ,The prince says.

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You’re my mate ! Are you his wolf , blossom ask because the voice that she heard has a loud echo .

Yes I’m his wolf , and his my human form ,we are one ,his name is blue forgive his manner dear mate . Blueberry says.

Written by Chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya !

Wow blue ! Blossom murmur .

Ok my heart feel so happy meeting you mate ! I
Blossom says ”

Me too mate ! It has been a thousand years ! Blueberry mutter ”

Huh ? What do you say ? Blossom ask obviously confuse

Nothing ,I’m so glad to see you . blueberry murmur.

I miss you Blueberry I’m your mate , Blossom wolf , blossoming says

My mate ! Blueberry chants and growl hugging , blossom so close.

Hey you’re suffocating me ! Blossom suddenly says and blueberry disengage from the hug knowing that her human form has taken over .

Why isn’t he talking to me earlier ,is he okay ,or maybe has my mate suddenly gone dumb ? Blossom ask

Who are you Calling dumb ? Blue ask

So you’re back ? I ask

I didn’t go anywhere I was here ,just that my wolf form took over me .Blue says and look away standing a bit distance from me .

Your wife is nice I love him. blossom says.

Ooh you don’t love me ? Blue ask with an unexplainable expression on his face.

Why would I love you , you’re not nice at all. Blossom scoff

Our mate love me more , Blueberry rejoice happily inside blue.

Shut up she loves me more! Blue scream back at him.

Anyway can I ask you something ? Blossom ask squinting her eyes.

Blue stare at her and look away .

You said you don’t love me ,that you only love blueberry go ask him. Blue says and throw his face away , jealousy written on all over his face.

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Hey ! What’s that what do you mean by that ,if you’re nice to me I would have been nice to you too. Blossom says

What is nice ,so that I can also be nice to you ? Blue ask staring keenly at her .

What ! Who on earth doesn’t know what being nice is all about ? Blossom says

Well I don’t are you telling me or not ? Blue ask

Fine ,being nice is all about caring , loving,kind and always supportive to someone you know ,love and cherish ,even if you don’t you still have to be nice. blossom explain.

Ok .blue murmur and look away

Why are you always throwing your face away , and why are you distancing yourself from me , your wolf doesn’t do that his nice. Blossom says.

Stop comparing Me to him okay. … I’m on heat ,his f**king h**rny and I am too I need to distance my self from you a bit your presence made me this way and you’re just a kid . blue utter ” murmur understanding what he mean by that because she use to read about wolf’s and their experience alot ,so she knows alot about her kind .

I want to ask ,why did I transform so easily is not yet my birthday just a month left but I already transformed. Blossom ask.

Wolf transform at their fourteen years of age when it’s their birthday ,but it happen that way because you saw me and I’m your mate ,we are one ,that’s why your wolf didn’t stay long after you transform at you return back to your human form ,till your birthday your full transformation would proceed and then I will know you’re full ready .Blue anwser

Okay you do know too much about wolf’s even without being in school for the past years of your life until today. blossom mutter.

Blue stare at her and shook his head .

Hey , your eyes are blue I love them. blossom says

Making blue heart to rejoice happily ,she loves my blue eyes .Blue murmur inwardly to his wolf .

You look so handsome and you’re a prince too and that makes me a princess . blossom says

Why are you this outspoken ! Aren’t you shy a bit such as your follow girls do ? Blue ask

No i heard that girl are shy to people they love ,I don’t love you I don’t even know you ,I guess only our wolf’s are happy and excited to meet each other . Blossom says

Making Blue to feel sad , and he bow his head.

She doesn’t love me but I love her. blue thought and sigh sadly.

How did I got here ? Blossom ask

Close your eyes ! Blue ordered with a harsh voice making blossom to close her eyes.

Open it ! Blue says.

Blossom open her eyes and was surprise to find herself in her school garden .

Wow how did I got here ? Blossom ask but no one answer her she look around but couldn’t find blue.

Where is blue ? Blossom thought..

Ooh here she is ! Kay says to kitty .

And the twins run to blue .

Where have you being we both have been searching everywhere around for you. Kitty says with a frown sitting down

Where did you suddenly ran off to what’s wrong ? are you okay ? Kay ask.

I’m fine ,when you both are coming do you perhaps see anyone going out ? Blossom ask

No why do you ask ? Kitty murmur

Nothing let’s go to class ! Blossom mutter.

Hahahaha . Kitty and Kay bursted into laughter ***

Which class ,girl the school is over we missed alot of class searching for you and because we know no one use to be in this garden we never know you would be here. Kay scoff .

Really ? Blossom exclaim very surprise

Anyway let’s go home ,I can see you have alot of things going on in your mind but I will leave you for now when you’re ready you tell us what’s wrong with you .Kitty says

Yes she’s right let’s go it’s getting dark. Kay added

But blossom was still sitting and the twins stare at each other and nod their head before pulling her up with force.

Arrrrg ,let go it hurts. blossom screams in pain but kitty and Kay ignore her and continue pulling her.

Blossom was already tearing up but the twins thought she was forging to be in pain without knowing w
She’s really in pain ,they continue dragging her until they both fall down on their knee’s and faint.

Huh ! Blossom scream rushing to them because what happened to them was visible to her she saw a strange strong wind blow them down and that got her more scared ,she look around but couldn’t find anyone the school is very quiet and they’re still in the garden ,no one can hear her unless she go to the security at the school gate .

Kitty ,Kay ! Blossom sob as she call on them to wake up.

Suddenly a very heavy wind started blowing that blossom can’t even feel herself anyway.

What is going on ,what happened to my best friend what’s with the wind , blossom thought as she cover her ears and her eyes.

The wind turn into breeze and and slowly it stop and blossom squint her eyes to make sure it has stopped ,she looks around and it is more darker than before.

Blossom blink twice and rub her eyes I’m
I daydreaming ? What the hell is happening to me today.

Kitty ! Kay please wake up it’s getting late I’m so scared right now please wake up. blossom cries out as she pull them to wake up but by the look of things they are not waking up anytime soon.

What do I do ,I can’t leave them here what if I go to call the security man and I come back I can’t find them ,our school is protected it can’t be the rogues doing. blossom murmur as many thoughts run down her mind.

What do I do ! Listen Kitty wake up I promise to always listen to you , please Kay wake up , I’m your crush right ,listen I promise I will accept your love please just wake up. blossom says touching them both and immediately a heavy thunder strike and a strong breeze blow making blossom to flinch back in fear and she wrap her hand around her feet on the ground, facing the ground as she shiver in fear.


Where did blue go to ?

What’s wrong with kitty and Kay ?

What do you think happened to the twins ,who did that to them !

Who will help blossom in this awkward situation ?

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