Reincarnation of blue episode 11 – 12


CHAPTER 11 & 12


Can you listen to yourself speak are you out of your sense what the heck has gotten into you ,why would moon goddess allow you to get Reincarnated if you’re this mean ,show me to your mother’s chamber I want to visit her ,is very obvious that the teacher was referring to your own blue. ” Blossom scoff and make way for blue who walk out while blossom follows.

*** In the queens chamber ***

The queen was sitted on a chair ,she seems to be in a very deep thought when the door up and blue barged in followed by blossom.

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The queen turn to see who dares barged into her room but was surprised to see blue and a girl.

Here she is anything else ? Blue ask nonchalantly but that was interupted with a heavy slap from blossom.

“How dare you ” ?? She ask angrily while blue stare at her with no physical emotion on his face.

Son are you okay ? Queen Amy ask rushing to blue but couldn’t touch him because she know she won’t allow that.

She turn and face blossom ,who are you and why the hell did you hit my son ?” Queen Amy ask angrily.

Pardon my unexplainable action right now my queen but I’m just angry ,I’m his mate and I get to find out how his treating his parent ,how dare he barge into a woman’s room without knocking who does that ? ” Blossom says

I’m so sorry for how I behave right now by slapping your. ……

Is alright but wait did you just say you’re his mate ? Who’s daughter are you ? Queen Amy ask staring from blue to blossom obviously confused.

I’m the daughter of Mr Hugh and I’m blue’s mate. ” Blossom explain.

Have a sit dear , queen Amy says happily pulling her gently on the bed.

You look so beautiful dear ,I understand the fact that you’re looking out for us but he’s being like this since he was born I don’t know whether I’m one of those that hurt him in my past life , I’m so sad. ” Queen Amy narrates as she sob.

Is fine my queen I will personally make sure that nonesense stop ,he has a father and a mother and his Still complaining what about me that has only my dad ? “Blossom says and glare at blue who was staring at his mom.

“Blue ” blossom calls

“Yes mate ” he anwsered absentminded

Come here and apologize to your mom so we can go together in the king’s chamber and apologize to them , promise them that you will change. Blossom says.

No ! ” Blue yell and move back a bit while blossom stand up and walk to him slowly.

My prince of peace,my Love ,the only blue in my eye ,the only handsome wolf I have ever met ,my blueberry , please don’t be to mean to your mate she’s only asking for peace and nothing more.”blossom calls touching him gently on his chest with a smile on her face.

What are you doing ? “Blue ask breathlessly as he quickly move away from her.

Blue please I beg of you do this for me I want peace .” Blossom pleads.

No they didn’t want peace ,I wanted peace I gave them peace ,love ,unity, and happiness but what did they do ? They decided to pay me back with wicked they would pay ! ” Blue yell and step back running out through the door since is a little bit open.

Arrrrh my son what did we do to you that you can’t forgive ,even when you’re given birth to the second time you’re still full of anger what’s this revenge all about ,what’s the calamity,the plaque you’re even planning for us please have mercy. ” Queen Amy cries out as blossom watch pitifully not knowing what again to do ,she rush to her and hug her.

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Let’s go for a run in the woods my queen, Blossom requested trying to lightning up her mood.

I’m so weak and tired I don’t think I can I need meat ,get me meat from my maids ,once I eat it I will rest and if I wake up i will be fine , please. …… Queen Amy says holding blossom fingers.

Please promise me that you will be here once I wake that I shall see you here please don’t go my daughter. ” Queen Amy begs.

But I. ……

No but dear please stay with me for a while that’s all I ask from you please. ” Queen Amy says”

Okay my queen I will stay let me get the meat , blossom says trying to stand up but she drag her down.

You don’t have to I already sent for them and they dropped the meat already. “be queen Amy says

Huh ! ” Blossom exclaim.

;When ,how ,I don’t understand I mean I’m here no one entered. Blossom thought staring at the meat.

Yes I know what you’re no thinking before you both came in I just remembered that I once requested for a meat and they dropped it on that table but I was in deep thoughts before you both barged in .” Queen Amy explain.

Okay my queen, here , blossom mutter handing over the meat to her.

“Thank you ”

All these years indeed has been very hard and painful to you , given birth to a child , and getting ignored from the child must have hurt and to curse it all his your only child. ” Blossom murmur.

Is fine you’re here now. “queen Amy mutter digging in her meats .

Written by Chidume joy
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*** In a hidden coven ***

god of distraction was seen pacing all around.

The rougues have been sent out my prince is been thousands of years and the proclamation from the wicked sorcerer that he would be back for revenge is true. A surbodinates said to their god.

Silence * ” god of distraction named black says angrily.

I’m a god a powerful god have been living for a thousands of years now ,I once killed him and his mate and I shall do it again. ” Black says angrily.

Okay I have sent out some rougues as I said earlier and they are informing me right now that he has found his mate again .” The surbodinates mutter .

“What ” how is that possible ,how come she was reborn how ” black yell angrily as the whole place shake.

My prince please calm down you have been ruling since ,you killed him and his so called mate and as you said just now that you would do it again. ” The surbodinates mutter.

Yes I can do it again ,he can kill his useless people out of revenge and I shall take care of his mate for him hahahaha the wolves that choose the gods they prefer except from moon goddess can also dance the beat that the god plays. ” Black says wickedly as the evil smirk on his face seem not to vanish any time soon.

What next do you think we should do ? The surbodinates ask ”

Make arrangements for me I’m going to see the wicked sorcerer in the evil woods I need to have a good talk with him , it’s been thousands of years now and I need her help again ,I shall rule the wolves world only me can. “black murmur with a smirk.

Alright have heard you I will make arrangements for that immediately .the surbodinates bow and walk away.

“Blueberry ” I defeated you and your human again I shall do it more a million times you’re nothing but a fragile , naive , forgiving ,tender and kind hearted god and you’re not needed here in the wolves world I shall rule alone. ” Black yell “.

The war has just begin I shall kill your stupid mate as I did before she would due for you just like before and you will be gone forever mark my words ,black mutter twisting his hands In an angry way.


Blue I love the slap you receive.

One word for blossom .

god of distraction ,get ready blueberry is back for revenge.