Reincarnation of blue episode 13 – 16


CHAPTER 13 & 14


The war has just begin I shall kill your stupid mate as I did before she would due for you just like before and you will be gone forever mark my words ,black mutter twisting his hands In an angry way.

Let’s see who going to cry for the second time you senseless wolf god. ” Black scream shaking the whole coven.

*** Blueberry***in the woods***

Blueberry continue running as it growls angrily,mate is sure getting me angry how dare that woman claim ownership of me they are going to pay all wolves must pay for betraying me

Arrrrrg arrrrrg blueberry growls angrily and continue running deeper and deeper into the forest.

I am the prince of peace the one who brings in peace to them ,made their farm products grow ,anwser their prayers beg moon goddess on behalf of them but they dare betray me just because of a merely threat ,just because something happened and they dares obey that stupid foe of mine after everything have done for them ,moon park I will feed all of your flesh to an unearthly vulture I will crush your bones and give to dogs to eat .

Arrrrh arrrrh you all shall feel my pain , blueberry growls running pass through the boundary and forbidden forest ,that’s the boundary between the woods where wolves can run and the old past woods,forest where evil beings dwell.

It run till he finally decided to rest ,he transformed back to his human self and change back he look around and sighted a very big cave ,

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Cave what is this place ” blue thought.

This looks like a witch coven back in the days,blue stare at the cave as he stood there confusedly what exactly dwell inside here “blue thought”

I’m back for black and my senseless people that betrayed me but I didn’t even know where it lives now ,I think I have to check in. ” Blueberry says to blue while he nodded ”

He made himself invisible and enter into the cave ,he saw different kind of wild creature, and some common wolves guard .

These are his wolves puppets I guess ,blue murmur inwardly to blueberry but it kept quiet.

They continue moving for almost two hours what exactly is in this cave that hide itself this much ,blue thought as his curiosity grows eagerly.

It must die just as I killed him before ,,the restless black growls inside the coven.

Isn’t that black ? Blue says to blueberry as they stood at a hidden corner watching him .

“Blueberry ” black yell ,I would deal with you and that your mate just as I did to you all before I shall crush you both but first my target is your mate. ” Black says angrily as his puppets stood beside him not knowing what to say.

So he already knew about my reincarnation and the reborn of my mate , after a thousands of years he didn’t even have a little bit of conscience I will crush you black I’m no longer the peace maker that doesn’t fight back I will deal with you. ” Blueberry growls inwardly.

Hmmmm ,what’s this scent ,I feel a strong smell and the only thing in the whole world that can have this kind of smell is a god, who are you ? You stupid coward show yourself let me crush you. ” Black yell looking all around the whole place , meanwhile immediately he said that blue disappeared.

Coward I’m sure maybe is one of those witches they are probably coming back for their coven. Hahahahaha ,black laughs

Is not a god maybe it’s a witch .”it says and finally sit on it’s crown.

Written by Chidume joy
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*** In queen Amy’s chamber ***

It’s getting darker and darker already ,dad would be worried by now where is blue. ” Blossom thought.

Oooh mine you’re still here my dear ,thanks for keeping me company I appreciate. ” Queen Amy says

Is fine my queen I have to get going is late now my dad would be so worried please “blossom says”

Alright I understand let me call one of the guards to drop you off okay.

There won’t be any need for that queen I’m going with her ,come mate let me take you home. ” Blue says entering inside the room.

Blossom stare at him for a second and blink ,blue where have you being ? Blossom ask.

No where that serious I’m around like I just hangout around the woods. ” Blue reply.

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Hmmm come here. ” Blossom says.

Blue stare at her before walking closer to her.

Tell her mummy I’m so sorry please forgive me I won’t be a bad child anymore ,I promise to take care of you. ” Blossom ordered ”

Blue stare at her and busted into a heavy laughter.

This is hilarious , unbelievable I should apologize to her for what exactly ? ” Blue ask angrily.

Blue please calm down she’s your mother don’t you get it. ” Blossom mutter ”

What exactly do you want me to get in this situation huh ! Listen mate you’re beginning to get me agitated and honestly I won’t lie to you I don’t like it. ” Blue yell , glaring dangerously at queen Amy who move back in fear.

Blue how dare you , blossom ask flaring up as she stare at him angrily .

I’m leaving queen take care I would visit you next time bye , blossom says angrily and walk pass blue banging the door .

You see what you caused all you wolves are wicked even to your merciful god,why ‘ let me ask you why ? What exactly have I ever done to deserve this nonesense from you all why ? Blue yell as his eye turn red , blueberry growls inwardly shaking the whole room.

He glares at the queen and disappear out of the room which startled the queen.

Did he just disappear now ? Wolves don’t disappear nor appear what exactly did I give birth to ,moon goddess what wrong have I done to deserve this. ” Queen Amy says as she sobs.


CHAPTER 15 & 16


Did he just disappear now ? Wolves don’t disappear nor appear what exactly did I give birth to ,moon goddess what wrong have I done to deserve this. ” Queen Amy says as she sobs.

*** Blossom ***

I walk slowly out of the palace ,I look at the road so dark not even a single soul was coming from any direction my heart started beating too fast what do I do now , should I just go back and tell blue to take me home , different thoughts run down my brain but I don’t know what to do ,I decided to start walking fastly before an hour or something I will be home or maybe I can see any cab at the nearest junction.

I walk fastly ,run and then slow down immediately I reached the bus stop just like a flash a cab man stopped in front of me and ask Me if I need a ride home .

Hello dear I’m heading your way I guess is too late to see a beautiful girl like you walking around the dark by this time of the night ,do you mind if I give you a ride ? The cab man ask”

I stare at him ,he doesn’t look that bad maybe his a good man I look around there is no other cab nor person around let me just follow him I concluded. ”

Ok I don’t mind sir thank you ,I said with a smile I was about entering inside the cab when I heard a very dangerous growl making me to flinch and face the direction of the growl , while the man rush to me and try to make me enter the car so we can leave should Incase is something dangerous.

How dare you ! A voice growl again.

“Blueberry ” I called

And immediately he appeared Infront of me with an angry expression.

How dare you compliment my mate who the hell do you think you are to act as the nice one here. ” Blue yell angrily making the cab man to flinch

And who are you small boy to talk to me in that manner ,do you lack respect or something? ” The cab man ask

“How dare you uncircumcised fool ” blue says angrily pulling his neck with his hand as he lifts the man up with one hand and the man cries out.

Blue stop it , please stop making troubles his just trying to help me out. ” I pleaded with him immediately and blue hesitate before dropping the man and drag me out

Blue let me go , I scream.

Silent ,he says and like a flash we disappeared and I found myself in that big mountain again ,so calm and quiet.

“Mate ” he calls and I turn to him.

What ? Can’t you just leave me alone what exactly is your problem you silly wolf .” I ask putting my hand on my waist as I watch him frown deeply.

“Mate ” he called again coming closer to be slowly while I shift back.

What is it ? ” I ask nervously.

Don’t you think I can do whatever I want to do to you right now ,I’m blue here not blueberry ,the wolf in us can do theirs after your birthday you know. ” Blue wispered to my ears making to flinch.

What do you mean by that ,I murmur pushing him away from me slightly

Probably what I meant to say to you Is very simple , since you prefer those betrayals than me then I have to show you I got what you want ,I can’t believe you’re going to end up being a h**ny human ,I’m just wondering what blueberries mate own would be so worst than yours but I trust my wolf he is capable. ” Blue says ”

Are you drunk ? I ask feeling so uncomfortable And suffocating at that moment because this silly mate of mine is so close to me.

Why would I be drunk ,even if I drank a hundred tank of alcoholic drink I would never be drunk. ” Blue exaggerate ”

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You psychopath ,what exactly do you want my dad would be worried I need to leave here right now. ” I mutter glaring harshly at him ,but this obsessed mate of mine was just smirking.

I need you right now just like you so determined to leave I am also determined to perform my daily duty as your mate ,don’t worry I’m capable , you’re too sharp mouthed ,a foul mouth as that and you know what ? Is so annoying that I suddenly feel like teaching you a lesson ,back then you’re so delicate and easy going but no you ended up becoming a strong-headed human. ” Blue says to me as I stare at him with an emotionless expression.

Don’t get me agitated blue I’m warning you. ” I yell.

Hahahahaha mate calm down ,you should be the one trying to calm me down have you forgotten ? You’re my special queen of peace but anyways let’s keep that aside ,I already called your dad I told him that you’re staying over with me. ” Blue says ”

“Excuse you ” did I just hear you say you called my dad ,how is that even possible the last time I checked you’re not with his contact,so blue can you kindly tell me where the number suddenly popped out from, and don’t you also understand the fact that I have lectures tomorrow ?. ” I ask

That is very simple ,I mean the simplest thing I can do,as for your so called lecture bet me mate you would like mine more than others ,now listen mate I’m going to eat you raw just like I want to. ” Blue teased”

What have gotten into you ? Blue what exactly is wrong with you ,besides since you want us to stay here and you already called my dad , fine let’s sit ,I said sitting down while he squat Infront of me.

And why are you blocking my view don’t you see other space to sit why my view. ” I scoff.

Mate ,are you made at me , don’t you want me to teach you the interesting lectures of mine again ? ” Blue ask pouting his lips while I gulp and look away.

Blue I’m starving ,” I said faking a yawn.

Hmmm indeed I can see that ,since you’re hungry I’m also hungry we can as well feed each other. ” Blue says.

What do you mean by that ” I ask

Why not allow me eat you first so you will learn how to eat Me back. ” Blue says with a smirk and that got me angry I landed a heavy knock on his head.

Ouch that hurts you don’t do that to a king like me. ” Blue murmur

Eventually I can see that you have lost your sense and most importantly that number six that can help you out ,well blueberry lend your boy some brain and good common sense .” I said staring at him as he frown.

Did you just say I don’t have sense, me that gives sense ,bless and help out also a prince of peace how dare you mate. ” Blue growls

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Must you growl rubbish. ” I scoff and throw my face away.

Mate ,where is your br**st ? Blue ask ”

Huh ? I mutter and face him immediately did you just ask me where is my br**st ?

Of course I don’t see anything to eat in those beautiful oranges of yours they are too tiny how long should I wait so it will grow much ” blue says with a sad pouty.

Ooh moon goddess what did I do you offend you that you decided to punish me with blue. ” I thought.

Is not only small but the down part haven’t grow too much but I can manage it ,so since the oranges are too small let me start there I know once I finish eating it ,it would grow more for me to s**k on.” Blue says

Haaaa ,bluuuuuuuue. I scream

While he bursted into laughter.


So blue can smile.

That cab man is so lucky.

Blossom has suffered ,blue wants to eat.

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