Reincarnation of blue episode 17 – 18


CHAPTER 17 & 18


Is not only small but the down part haven’t grow too much but I can manage it ,so since the oranges are too small let me start there I know once I finish eating it ,it would grow more for me to s**k on.” Blue says

Haaaa ,bluuuuuuuue. I scream

While he bursted into laughter.

what do you think you we should do now I want to go home ,I’m weak I want to sleep . I says.

“Close your eyes ” blue mutter and blossom closed it.

Open your eyes. He ordered and i open my eyes and was very happy to find out that I’m home already.

What about my dad is he home ?

No but he will be home soon ,I’m leaving see you tomorrow mate. ” Blue says and was about leaving but I pull him back and peck his cheeks and that shocked blue and Amazed blueberry as he couldn’t contain it’s joy.

What’s that for ? ” Blue ask

For taking me home tonight I’m so happy. ” I replied ”

Really ?

You don’t like it ,why asking that ” I mutter.

I do like that do it more often ” blue mutter ”

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Please if you go home don’t talk to her harshly she’s your mum , go stay with her for my sake. ” I pleaded while he stare at me for a while and nodded ,see you.” He mutter and disappear

*** In The Palace ***

Blue appeared and walk to the queen chamber,he arrive there and started hearing sobs and voices inside the room

What could that be ? He thought and peep through the hole in other to view inside the room.

Please queen stop crying it’s not your fault that our only son is like that please. ” Alpha king says as he consoles queen Amy.

But my king why me ,what exactly have I done to deserve this kind of heartless wolf as my son ,I love him so much I took care of him ,I nurture him ,pampered him and take care of him why can’t he see me as his mother. ” Queen Amy cries out as Alpha king continue consoling and begging her to stop crying.

So I’m the reason why she’s crying. ” Blue thought and scoff and turn around to leave but his conscience wouldn’t let him be ,

I thought I’m no longer the kind hearted wolf why can’t I just let her cry herself to death who cares. ” Blue scoff as he was about to leave but blueberry said no.

Why can’t you leave her alone she wants to cry anyways. ” Blue ask mentally.

She’s our mother in this period of lifecycle besides our mate says we should take care of her. ” Blueberry anwsered ”

Whatever. Blue scoff and open the door without knocking , startling the king and queen.

Mom how are you doing ? ” Blue find himself asking.

On the other hand queen Amy was speechless.

Are you referring to me , queen Amy ask as tears flows endlessly on her cheeks.

Yes mother and why are you crying is everything okay with you ? ” Blue ask again sitting besides her but queen Amy couldn’t reply because she haven’t recovered from the shock.

Dad what’s wrong with mom is she alright did anything happened ? “Blue ask .

Emmm I’m I the one you’re referring to as dad ? Alpha king says gently pointing at his chest.

Yes dad aren’t you my dad of course I’m referring to you ,what happened to her is she okay ? Infact don’t worry dad. Blue says and face the queen ,he slowly raised his hand and wipe away her tears and hug her gently.

Stop crying everything would be alright okay. ” Blue says rubbing his palm gently on the queens back however the queen was very happy and decided to forget about everything and enjoy the little moment between her and her son .

Dad let her take a rest for tonight she would be fine let’s go .blue says as he gently lay the queen on her bed and try to stand up but the queen pull him back.

Please son don’t go ,who knows tomorrow you would change towards me please son stay with me even if it’s just for today please I beg of you don ,if you feel sleepy ,lay beside me son ,my king please don’t let him leave both of you please stay with me don’t let me go. ” Queen Amy says weakly.

Blue sits back and touch her forehead.

Gosh dad she’s burning any idea of what to do ? ” Blue ask immediately.

I will get cold water for her. Alpha king says as he try to stand up to get it but blue stopped him immediately .

Please father don’t leave I will heal her. Blue says fastly as he remembers what the queen says early,Please son don’t go ,who knows tomorrow you would change towards me please son stay with me even if it’s just for today please I beg of you don ,if you feel sleepy ,lay beside me son ,my king please don’t let him leave both of you please stay with me don’t let me go. ” Queen Amy says weakly.

blue snapped out of the thought and sign,he sets his hand on the queen forehead and close his eyes he start mumbling some incantations to himself as a blue light appear on the queens forehead while Alpha king watch him speechlessly.

After few moments , blue removed his hand from the queens forehead and the light stopped.

The queen is already in deep sleep and now okay ,she’s not sick again she would wake up the next morning , healthy and strong,you can go ahead and sleep on the other side father I will watch you both sleep. ” Blue says.

Meanwhile Alpha king was very scared he nodded and move to the other side of the bed and lay beside his queen .

What if he wants to kill us ? what if he wants to harm us ,why is he suddenly acting nice , according to the revelation his here for a revenge on earth in which after that he would leave. Alpha king thought.

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Father ,I want you to stop thinking about anything that I would never do , again I want you sleep with your wife again not today but make sure you do it this week ,I’m not forcing you father but it’s for your own good father ,do it and the blessing would never depart from your family ,I’m giving this family a second chance Because they aren’t rulling back then in my time ,I just found out that your generation was that of a hunter back then in the village he was kind and was against them,thou he was so poor the moon goddess really do bless them when they become the Alpha line. ” Blue says to Alpha king making him to flinch ,

He knows that I’m awake ?

Of course I know that don’t forget about everything I said to you right ,I would come back before she wakes up. ” Blues says and disappear.

Moon goddess ,what’s his aim and purpose for wanting me to sleep with my queen ,anyways son I shall do as you said. ” Alpha king mutter and sigh.

*** The next day ***

Queen Amy woke up but couldn’t find her husband nor her son.

I know that was a dream.” She thought sadly not believing what happened last night.

Mom , good morning how was your night ? ” Blue ask coming in with a plate of hot soup on his hand.

Good morning son. ” Queen Amy mutter happily coming out of the bed.

I’m sorry you wake up and couldn’t find me ,I decided to make some hot soup for you in order for you to be strong ” blue says while queen Amy smile.

Thank you son ,I’m so happy whatever that made you change your mind towards me and my husband I thank and appreciate him or her. ” Queen Amy says with a smile touching blues face.

Meanwhile blue flash her a smile and drop the soup on the table pulling it towards her.

Let me go brush up son ,”. queen Amy says.

Okay mother ,brush up ,eat ,dress up and visit your husband in his chamber he stayed with you throughout yesternight including me ,I have some errand to run I will be back soon. ” Blue says.

Okay son thanks ” queen Amy says with a smile while blue smile back and walk out.

It’s not a dream yaaah. ” Queen Amy smile happily.


What’s really blue intention for being kind towards his parent?

What’s his reason for telling Alpha king to sleep with his wife ?

Where is he going to ?

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