Reincarnation of blue episode 19 – 22


CHAPTER 19 & 20


*** Blossom ***

I woke up the next day feeling so weak ,I have a terrible nightmare ,what’s this all about I thought straighten my hand as I look around quickly when I feel someone near me.

But when I look around I couldn’t find anyone and that terrifies me I quickly stand up from the bed and was about to go outside the room when I notice something on my table,I look around and tiptoed towards the table and found out is bread and hot tea ,I was about to leave when I sighted a short note and medicine from my dad.

“You caught fever last night ,so I prepare this for you don’t worry I already went to work you can eat once you feel like and take your drugs ,you can skip school for today okay”

That was what was written on the note ,I sigh and walk to the bathroom but immediately I open the door I flinched ,

Blue how dare you do that you scared me. ” I yell

Calm down mate ,I came to meet you because I’m traveling. blue says


Huh ? Traveling come let’s sit down because I don’t understand. ” I murmur with my heart beating fastly as I pull him to the bed.

I’m traveling and it’s going to be a long journey I don’t want those wolves to see what they shouldn’t see .” Blue says

What they shouldn’t see but why ,can’t you just quit that traveling ? “.I ask feeling sad already.

Mate ,listen I’m doing this for you ,I don’t want you to get hurt just like before , please mate listen to my pleads okay. ” Blue says.

No you can’t tell me that , Atleast wait my birthday is a few days left here can’t you just wait for sometime ? ” I ask.

Honestly I want to wait but I don’t think I can ,the rules state set your eyes on it and destroy it ,don’t wait because it knows of your existence and would want to destroy you. ” Blue replied.

And what’s this it ,of a thing You’re referring to ?, I ask ”

Mate ,listen I want to come back before your birthday so I can celebrate you ,if I stay here it’s going to be war please let me go and end this I promise to forgive moon park and take your back to my kingdom. ” Blue says.

Huh ? What kingdom ,I must be dreaming ‘ scoffs *

Excuse me I need to pee. I glare and walk away I suddenly feel weak ,I don’t want him to leave.

What do I do ,I thought as I entered into the rest room ,after doing my thing I walk out with a deadly and risky plan stuck in my thought

Blue , when are you leaving ? Where are you going ,I mean the location ? What’s your business their and why are you so eager to leave ? I bombers him with questions.

Hmmmm, actually I’m going their for a mission ,I’m leaving very early tomorrow morning , and my location is in the land of the gods. He anwsered

Land of the gods ? I laugh and shook my head ,now I know it you’re lying you’re just teasing me. I said with a smile.

No I’m not ,he muttered ”

Then who the hell would believe that you’re going to the land of the dead ” I ask with a frown.

Mate listen first to me please , Because I don’t want to loose you that’s the reason why I’m going there alone to eliminate him ,if I allow him to come here first then he will hurt alot of people especially your loved ones ” blue mutter staring deeply into my eyes.

Alright so when are you going to come back home .” I ask

I really don’t know ,but just pray to moon goddess for my return but if you don’t see me before the blue moon just know that I’m…….

He pause and look down.

Nevermind remember to go see the king and Queen I’m leaving now ,I will be talking to you through mind link I just activated yours now. ” He murmur kissing my lips.

I’m really going to miss you mate , please can you let me do it ,I’m so hot right now. ” Blueberry whisper.

I look around and sigh and slowly nodded I guess this is the main goodbye that my mate need from me.

He smiled immediately I agreed and kissed my ears ,eyes ,nose ,forehead,cheeks and lips and finally ,slowly he take me down to the paradise. ………….I guess my wolf is also in heat,this isn’t wolf to wolf but our human self did this one.

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*** The next day ***

I wake up and dress up for school ,when I arrived in school everything about my school suddenly feel usually , yesterday was really memorable I miss blue so much I wonder how his doing.

I’m fine ,I’m still on my way. ” A voice mutter on my head.

Huh ? I snapped out of that with the fact that I’m just imagining and you. …..

But I bumped Into someone immediately,I quickly stand well and raise my head to apologize but met two crazy ,angry face of my two best friends.

Oooh hello kitty , Kay how are you doing ?

Hiss ** is that a question ? ” They chroused and throw me a fierce look.

I sigh. I’m really sorry please forgive me I was just so sick these past days ,i even have to skipp school yesterday ask my dad ,” I sobs faking tears.

Owwwo sorry stop crying ,we don’t know about that please forgive us .” Kitty says immediately rushing to hold my hand.

So sorry , blossom we honestly do not know. ” Kay mutter smiling at me.

Let’s go to class first later we talk she needs to sit down ” kitty mutter And kay nodded and they guard me through to the class and gently made me sit.

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Awwwn so my best friends can be this romantic I feel so lucky , now I remember I need to visit the library today I guess I have to sneak out after today’s class I have to avoid their questions I’m really curious about the words that usually comes out from blue’s mouth. ” I thought and sigh.


CHAPTER 21 & 22


I sneaked into the library and start searching for the book , reincarnation of blue

Where exactly can I see this ,I continue searching but the book wasn’t in sight talk more of ,maybe that teacher is just kidding ,I scoff and was about to walk away when I sighted a blue cover book ,I bring it out and find out is the name of the book have looking for , I smile and sigh finally. ” I murmur and look around luckily no one is there ,I walk out fastly after putting the book inside my bag ,I can’t wait to get home I need to read it. ” I said.

What if I finish reading and there is alot of disappointment or something bad that is going to happen to blue ooh mine moon goddess I shouldn’t have allowed him to go what do I do ,he’s my mate. ” I thought sadly as I walk back inside the class

*** Inside the deep dark coven underground* Cave* ***

My Lord I just found out by my surbodinates that blue is not around , after visiting his mate that morning he left with no trace. ” A wolf said ”

Really ? Where exactly could he be , and has he found out about my location ,I know that he came back for me but it’s to fast to strike when his still a teenager wolf. ” Black murmur.

My Lord ,sorry I mean Alpha black don’t ever understimate anyone must especially your sworn enemy did you expect him to grow into an old man before he strike back at you ? ” The wolf ask ”

Silent ,” black scolded with a glare ,I understand what you’re saying but since he wants it like that I shall strike his people first if truly he’s coming here ,I shall pay them back and destroy them all with pains ,deaths , and sorrows ,they will understand that I’m not something to be play with. ” Black says angrily and growls loudly.

Alpha black ,you mean you want to kill two bad with one stone ,by sending some of our rogues to kill them and here we set a trap And wait for blueberry to arrive ? ” The wolf ask .

Exactly my thoughts ,that’s my point I’m going to wipe out those moon park fragile wolves , they’re of no use to me anyways I will deal with them. ” Black growls.

Alright I will go ahead and inform the head of the rogues to get his rogues ready that we are about to fight a great war .” The guard says.

Okay then do that as fast as possible I can’t wait to see him again,blueberry I will destroy you and kill your mate such as I did before one thousand years ago.” Black growls and bursted into laughter .

Hahahahaha hahahaha ” as the guard walks out.

Let’s see who ends who at last damn stupid peace maker.

*** In the forest ***

Blue was seen walking tiredly ,is being a day now I thought that this place was close how come have being walking for a day now still yet the place is not insight. “blue murmur.

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Shut up , that’s because of your tiny leg as a human and because of the fact that the moon goddess want us to see where black has hidden himself all these years .” Blueberry mocked.

You shut up ,you don’t have to say that ,but anyways now you said it is very obvious I can see that clearly .” Blue says.

Fine rest for a bit human once you get the strength get ready to transform to your through self I’m taking charge this time no need to delay .” Blueberry snap.

Ok I heard that ,you can transform all you want. ” Deadly glares as he lays down on the wild middle side of a woody forest.

*** Back in the palace ***

My queen are you okay ? you’re glowing too much this morning ? ” Alpha king ask

You don’t have to ask me that ,we did it last night it’s very obvious I’m going to glow or you just want to make me shy ” Queen Amy anwsered shyly and look away.

Really but what did we do ,I don’t remember doing anything to you honey tell me I would love to hear maybe I suddenly forgot ” Alpha king says.

Leave me alone my king you don’t have to start your rough play but honestly I saw what you’re saying I’m glowing too much what exactly would be the cause ,I look at my body in the mirror and was shocked the last time I glowed like this was the day I became pregnant with my annoying son blue. ” queen Amy says.

You’re pregnant if that’s the case is very clear that you are pregnant. ” Alpha king says happily

No I’m not why all of the sudden for good sixteen years now please don’t annoy me okay. ” Queen Amy says with a glare and throw her face say gently ..

I’m so sorry . Alpha king apologize at Once thou with a smile because he believe that his wife is pregnant again , moon goddess please protect my family and protect blue for me. ” He murmur

What are you thinking about my king ,where is blue anyways , queen Amy ask

Emmm I think he’s with his mate you know ,he’s hardly at home since he found his mate ” Alpha king says why queen Amy nodded with suspecting anything.


Who would help moon park wolf’s ?

Why is it taking too long for them to reach ?

Who’s also curious about what’s written in the book ?

Is the queen pregnant ?

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