Reincarnation Of Blue

Reincarnation of blue episode 23 – 26


CHAPTER 23 & 24


*** Blueberry ***

Exactly I feel my body as wolf ,as a god not as a dumb human , and dumb god that I was back then ,I can’t believe I sacrificed everything just for them but they paid me back with evil ,they are just lucky because of one ,my mate if not I will not only eliminate ,but I will crush ,burn , and destroy each an every living wolves in moon park ,that the moon goddess the keeper of wolves would not withhold her punishment and vengeance upon me. ” I thought angrily as I run fastly into the woods ,deeper ,deeper and deeper.

Suddenly I heard some noise ,I stopped immediately and listen closely to the direction of the sound I heard earlier.

our god black has assigned us for a mission , and that is to go back to the moon park and destroy every living wolves in there and we should never spear any one of them.

Yaaaah ” the chroused as the head guard address the rogues.

“What ” I scream mentally ,as I feel anger and blood , Hot one as that boil up inside of me ,ooh really indeed you’re still the smart , Cunning ,mischevious god black have known thousands of years back. ” I growl inwardly fighting back the deadly and unquenchable quest and urge to burst out and kill them all ,but that will ruin my plan ,it won’t only ruin it ,but It would also hurt my dearly mate and her beloved one’s .” I thought

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I heard that the reason for that was because of the fact that blueberry the god of peace is back to take revenge of what happened thousands of years ago. ” I overheard a rogue mutter ”

And that selfishness of his ,is going to lead him back to his grave again in the most gruesome and painful way because I know that God black the god of destruction won’t let it pass. ” Another one replied him.

Such audacity fragile rogue betrayal wolves has developed just after a moment without them ,they are now cruel , merciless and wiser and foul-mouthed than their strength could carry , and I shall deal with them as they deserve,right now the only option I have is to go back to moon park ,I don’t want to inform my friend who is a wolf god , Because if I do ,he would wipe out every living wolves in moon park for betraying their god. ” I thought and transform back to my human form .

And disappear back to the wild front and that’s Infront of the woods forest ,I was about to leave when I feel a strong breeze pass through me ,

Huh ? ” I squint my eyes to know what it is but I couldn’t figure out.

I don’t like cowards ,is better you show your self and don’t waste my time. ” Blue says

Fine ,I will .” A voice says and then it appeared with his mischevious smile.

What are you doing here ? I ask moving back ,well that’s my old friend I was talking about earlier ,the wolf god ,I once saved him back in the years and since then we have been friends ,but that stopped when he didn’t help Me out when black killed my mate and destroy me,he insisted I should die and come back in the form he prefer me most,well asfars as I am a god I can’t be killed but I can be destroyed but I will be reincarnated and come back again,most especially if I’m innocent and I was,god of vengeance ,karma and punishments I don’t need your help leave .”I said to him finally after few minutes of remembering the past.

Hmmmm ” finally back to earth ,you thought about me that’s why I’m here ,have been waiting for you for many years now ,I know when you’re were born I decided that I will come to meet you anytime you think of me and finally you do think of me now so here I am .” He replied walking around me checking me out without removing the deadly smirk from his face.

*** Hiss ***

I’m heading somewhere before you blocked me , allow me to continue with my journey it’s very important ” I said with an emotionless face and try walking away but he block me again.

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What exactly do you want from me ,do you want him to kill my mate and I again ? ” I ask angrily .

No no no dear friend ,I know you can do it all by yourself ,you can kill both the rogues and black all by yourself ,but I’m willing to help us for the rogues leave them for me ,go back to the forest and meet black ,once I’m done playing and eating the useless god as a merely meal I will surely come help you finish black once and for all ,he should be sent to the most painfullest prison of pain in the punishment world even after death Because his kind of gods deserve to die for killing a fellow god that hasn’t done anything wrong to you. ” god of destruction ,red murmur.

Why should I trust you ,you allow me got destroyed once and my mate killed before tell me why should I trust you again ? ” I ask angrily..

I didn’t abandon you ,you said it yourself that I should let them go , before I angrily let ,you didn’t knew they were going to kill your mate and your unborn child ,since I promise never to come back ,I fulfilled my promise I’m a god of my word. ” god red replied with a smirk.

Hmmmm I see ,I shall trust you once more ,fail me once more and I shall feed your bones to the wolves ” I said angrily throwing him a harsh glare before I disappear.


CHAPTER 25 & 26


*** In a dark smoke full forest ,woods ***

god black appeared and look around in disgust ,this old dirty thing still doesn’t understand the fact that this place is stinking. ” Black thought and was about to walk inside the small wooden mud house their but an old ,ugly ,scary and tattered woman appeared.

Greetings ” god black bow to the old ugly creature.

How dare you ? Come back here again after a thousands of years you promised to get her heart for me ,you promised but you didn’t why are you here. ” The old sorcerer says as blood comes out from her old cracked up dirty teeth’s and mouths.

My apologies ,I indeed stabbed her and promised you her heart ,but unfortunately she’s carrying a child and the mischevious child took the heart and disappear making only the body of blossom to die with no heart ,the unborn child appeared to moon goddess and sacrifice his life for her mother ,for her to be reborn again and stay with his father but that nonsense wish would never happen that’s why I’m here ,if you help me this time around ,I promise you that I shall bundle her and now allow you kill her and reap out her heart yourself I promise, bedsides you have no chance or do you want to die ? Is better to help me , remember if you help me and swallow her heart once you kill her , You would be young , healthy and strong again not this old dirty disgusting ugly creature that can scare even a rogue wolf not to talk of a human those fragile things. ** Scoffs **

Fine ,I later found out so I won’t blame you ,but don’t insult me or else I won’t help. “the sorcerer says and signal for him to follow her inside the mud Hut and he did immediately .

The time has come and pass ,such your time has come and pass and is only me that can help you ,what goes around comes around and you know that ,expect the worst of all this time and that means you have to be prepared .” The sorcerer says sitting down on the ground.

You don’t have to speak too much parables let’s go straight to the point ,I don’t want to die now I’m not ready to go to the ancestral realm and face punishments ,I want to rule the wolves all my life and become stronger. ” Black growl.

Alright since you came prepared be reading to face any challenges we have a long process to go so that you would be fully ready to face him , because he came back with stronger force and he would destroy you if you’re not careful. “the sorcerer says.

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*** Blossom ***

Right now I’m back from school I’m currently sitting on my bed ,I’m holding the book that I secretly took from the library and about to read it ,I lay down on my bed and open the book and it sparkles.

Huh ? ” I scream mentally as I watch it sparkles I was about to close it when it stopped.

Hmmm ,so scary” I thought.

I open the first chapter and start reading.

In the beginning ,the creator of all thing hand over the wolves to moon goddess as it’s gods ,to watch ,protect and do everything ,but to punish,kill and destroy if she wants ,days later ,he thought that the moon goddess would be so lonely and decided to create more immortal gods and give them to moon goddess to assign them their no duties and assist her as well as a matter of fact the wolves world and it’s population is very large.

The moon goddess , name blueberry,the prince of peace and the creator gives him his power and bless him to choose any park he would desires to rule, blueberry stare around the universe and decided he wants moon park Because when he set it’s eyes on the land he felt drawn to it , and the creator agreed and send him there ,he created a kingdom above moon park and introduce blueberry as their god ,

Black was ask to choose ,he said he wants golden park and the creator bless him and sent him there as the god of destruction to confuse any evil and protect his people.

Then god red choose Red moon park and the creator blessed him ,he was the god of vengeance , karma and punishments but his kind and he protect his people

The creator gives three of us our kingdoms above our park and give us enough power and authority to rule and guide as a good creator,he introduce moon goddess as our helper when he would go back to heaven that she’s going to be our helper ,he gave us the right to have everything we desired both having mates and we all separated from each other’s to our kingdoms without trying to be friends with each , but we ain’t foes either , but moon goddess is our friend,but before the creator left he created other gods before the tree powerful gods , blueberry ,red and black , and other immortals have their places and kingdoms but let’s Skip that.

Hmmmmm” I sigh why would the writer skip that he suppose to write everything this story is getting more interesting and scary, what exactly later happened I’m so curious that I feel like knowing everything immediately because it would be so annoying if I found out that truly they offended blue shit that would be so frustrating and then that blueberry is my mate ,he came back for revenge now he left with the excuse that his going to the land of the gods ,this is unbelievable . ” I mutter and stand up to drink water before laying back again let’s continue.


What is black and the sorcerer planning ?

The reincarnation of blue story is getting interesting guys.

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