Reincarnation of blue episode 27 – 30


CHAPTER 27 & 28


” I mutter and stand up to drink water before laying back again let’s continue.

The three main gods continue ruling their kingdoms together with interfering in another person’s own ,peace reign for thousands of years until that day , blueberry came down to pay a visit to his moon park , he visited the Alpha and he was praised and worshipped by the park members ,until he was about leaving he saw a young beautiful maiden , he’s mate he chanted ”

The girl turn and smiled at him , rushing to him immediately ,mate ? ” The girl mutter with a smile.

What’s your name ? Blue ask

My name is blossom I came to see my aunt , and I saw you. ” She says happily.

Blue smile and hold her closer giving her a deep hug , have waited for thousands years you’re finally here. ” Blue mutter.

Really ” she smiles.

What a beautiful smile ,blue thought mentally and pull her closer .

Are you from this park ? ” Blue ask

No I’m from golden park. ” Blossom anwsered ”

Alright ,I’m a god as you can see ,I’m surprised you’re ain’t afraid to approach me ,I feel glad about that ,can I take you home and see your parent ? ” Blue ask.

Smiles *** sure I’m already done with what I came to do let’s go ,but before that ,mate ” chuckling ” what’s your name ? ” Blossom ask.

I thought I told you that ,anyways pardon me ,my name is blue , and my wolf is blueberry his greeting..” blue mutter.

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Really ? Hello blueberry ,I love you. ” Blossom says giggling.

Let’s go.

And blue left with his mate to the golden park kingdom to see blossom parents.

Written by Chidume joy library

*** In golden park kingdom ***

They arrived and blossom parent welcomed him with a smile ,but that widened when they find out his a god ,

You’re welcome , great god alpha of peace. ” Blossom’s father says with a smile.

They announced to the park about his arrival and they greeted him with smiles and gifts even thou they knew his not their god they loved him already.

However , blossom was the princess of golden park and people respect her so much ,they love and cherish her ,but she’s sneaking always running from one place to another ,she’s naive ,lazy and crazy thou she’s smart but fragile.

After that day , blue left and return to his kingdom above ,his servants their congratulated him about his mate ,blue went to meet moon goddess and informed her about the happy news ,he was the first god among the three to have a mate, that they blue was returning back to his kingdom after seeing moon goddess and decided to view around the beautiful universe ,but as he was moving ,he saw witches gathered around a coven in a hidden cave surrounded by woods ,tall trees infact a complete typical forest ,he came to rescue him immediately and take him back to his kingdom to know who he was.

Immediately they arrived he dropped him and face him

You ? ” Blue gasp on seeing who it was.

Oooh hi ,the person said and it turns out it was red ,the red moon park god.

Re …d “blue mutter and gave him a sit ,it’s you why are you invading the witches privacy do you want war ? Blueberry ask angrily.

Hey common you don’t yell ,I just saw something there and I went to collect it ,then one sorcerer like that tries to harm me but I thought her a lesson unfortunately those witches found out and gathered to attack , luckily you came to rescue your fellow god ,wow so proud of you,I have to go right now later I shall come back again I owe you one okay ,we friends now. ” god red explain fastly with a naughty, cunning and devilish smile before disappearing.

Hmmmm ,this is so unbelievable. ” Blue thought and decided to visit blossom they’re are preparing for the mate’s bounding so she can fellow blue back to his kingdom as his mate , and queen.

*** In golden park ***

Blue entered into the palace and saw black yelling angrily and everywhere was shaking ,he immediately rush to his mate ,

Black ? Blue calls trying to draw his attention but he continue yelling making things in the palace to be destroyed as the king and queens bow their heads pleading.

Please let my parent go his my mate that’s they graced his presence with love. ” Blossom pleads , and black angrily pull her up and smash her on the wall in the presence of blue.

Please ,black let them go ,don’t hurt my mate tell me what’s going on ” blue begs on his knees ,but black glares at him and disappeared ,the king and queen fainted why blossom was hurt badly.

Later after staying with them for some days , blueberry went to visit moon goddess ,to beg her to invite black over , since blossom told him already that the major reason why black was angry was due to the fact that as a god ,he suppose to visit him first before coming into his kingdom to show case or perform unnecessarily kindness that he felt insulted and intimidated. ” Blueberry explained to moon goddess

And she agreed to summon black ,Later black came and sat down opposite blue ,then the moon goddess also invited red and he come.

Today we here to discuss about a very important issue ,the last we are gathered like this was when the creator made three of you ,I’m disappointed that we are gathered together again not to celebrate but to resolve issues between gods ,is kinda embarrassing I must confess. ” Moon goddess said.

Blueberry came here to report an issue and I know you three knew about it right ?

Yes ” they growl.

Alright ,black let me ask you ,since when does anyone has to see you before coming to say hi to his bride ? Where I would have said blueberry is at fault is if he perform the mate bounding ritual without informing ,as a matter of fact I was the one telling him to slow down that I will accompany him to visit the two of you to invite you mate for the mate bounding ritual so why are you being unreasonable? ” Moon goddess ask angrily.

Nothing ,I’m sorry about that ,” black mutter but his heart was felt with envy and greediness without feeling guilty and moon goddess knew that.

I will visit you tomorrow to invite you with him too,you all are dismissed. ” Moon goddess yell angrily .

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Thanks goddess of the moon. ” They bow and disappeared to their various kingdoms.


CHAPTER 29 & 30


*** A week later after blue and blossom mate bounding ritual ***

Blossom is now the queen of blueberry kingdom he went back home with his mate because he has already performed the following rituals.

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My king the pup is already kicking. ” Blossom mutter with a smile sitting down beside the king.

Really ? ” Blueberry smiles

Suddenly someone rushed in ,is a messenger

Alpha ,the god black the ruler of golden park attack our kingdom above ,I just look down and found out his surbodinates has killed all the people above her in your kingdom and he would soon be. ……

Written by Chidume joy chukwukamunaeleanya library

But that was interupted with a cut ,he head spilt off his body and he falls ,

Oooh my goodness ” blossom scream rushing to hide behind blueberry back as black fully appeared.

What do you want ,why are you Killin my people ? What have I done to deserve this from you please let’s be in peace. ” Blueberry pleaded. ”

No never , you’re the peace maker and that shall end you today ,black yell and stretch his sword towards blueberry but before he could do anything , blossom shield him and the sword penetrated inside blossoms stomach and she fell down , please blue be alive for me don’t die. ” Blossom says and die immediately .

Arrrrg ” blueberry growl and disappeared

*** In red moon kingdom above ***

Blueberry appeared and growl angrily as it transforms to blue and cries out ,red appeared and took him in.

I saw everything that happened I will help you and seek revenge okay. Red says but blue says no

Some days passed but red continues begging blue to allow him help out but he refused,

*** A week later ***
Blue went to moon park to see how they’re doing ,but surprisingly he saw them worshipping black

Arrrrrg ,he screamed

What are you all doing I’m your god. Blueberry growl.

No you’re not our god no you’re not our god. ” The whole moon park growl back and continue bowing for black whom was smirking heavily.

Now you got nothing left , blueberry hahahaha .he laughs and charge towards blue with his sword .

After some fights both from black surbodinates and the rogues on him ,blue finally got stab In his heart by black and he died immediately and disappeared as dust.

*** In moon goddess kingdom***

Why didn’t you come to me ? ” Moon goddess yells angrily.

I’m died already let me go and meet the creator and stay with my mate ,make sure I reincarnated back I need to take my revenge. ” Blueberry says with blood All over his body.

Your unborn child appeared with his mother’s heart , and prays to Me to make her get reborn while his father get reincarnated in other to seek revenge ,don’t worry you’re innocent and the heaven shall receive you ,you will get Reincarnated soon. ” Moon goddess says.

Thank you. ” Blueberry bows and disappeared.

Black continue ruling the two kingdoms ,golden park and moon park , maltreating and causing troubles ,he chased the witches out of their coven’s and take over the place ,let’s hope and awaits blue’s return and that of his mate.

Writer . god red.

The book signed that was all that was written inside of it.

Oooh my Goddess ,so I’m not the blossom and his back for revenge ? I murmur.

This is so scary. I mutter and lay my head to get some sleep because I feel dizzy all of the sudden.

*** In the cave ***

I know you’re here show yourself blueberry. ” Black growls

I see here I am ” blueberry says making himself visible.

I was just coming back from somewhere, and I feel your strong scent , you’re here for revenge right hahaha. ” Black smirks.

I shall kill you and destroy you as I did before. Black growls.

We shall see about that’s. Blueberry mutter they both started fighting.

***In the sorcerer’s hut **
What I’m I doing here. ” Blossom mutter as she opens her eyes and saw the place she is in ,her arms was tied

You’re here to die and die forever you little thing. ” The sorcerer says coming inside the hut

Please who are you and what do you want ? Blossom says mind linking blue to tell him what’s going on around her now.

I’m a sorcerer I need your heart to perform a certain ritual. ” The sorcerer says.

What ! So you want to rip off my heart and use it to perform a ritual ? Blossom mutter

Exactly I’m not here to anwser question I shall begin with the ritual right now .

The sorcerer says and start with her incantations

*** Back in the cave ***

god red appeared with his sword ,go save your mate blueberry don’t waste time ,you know the place go immediately let me take it from here ,I got your message immediately I finished killing his rogues they’re all dead and your kingdom is safe. god red says and blueberry nodded before disappearing .

Hahahaha,finally I have got the opportunity to fight you today .god red yell dangerously.

I will destroy you and him ,both of you and I shall rule the wolves alone. ” Black growls angrily .

I’m a god of punishment ,war ,karma and I shall send you to the place where you belong , even after blueberry reincarnated his still taking it easy on you ,you know why ? Because he was never meant for this his a god of peace ,love ,joy , forgiveness and patient but you know what I am I will never forgive you. god red says and charge towards black

And the fight begins


This reincarnation hmmmm

Who will win this fight ?

Will blossom die again ?

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