Reincarnation of blue episode 31 – end


CHAPTER 31 & 32


In the sorcerer’s hut **

The sorcerer stood up and walk to where she tied blossom ,now it’s time. ” She smirk and raised her long dirty nails to blossom chest and rip out her heart.

Arrrrrg !!!! ” Blossom screams in agony as she feels a terrible pain all over her body as she slumps ,but surprisingly she could still feel her heart beat.

Suddenly the sorcerer be screams out as a sword penetrates into her back right to her chest and she fell down immediately and die ,who’s that that’s blue.

Blue rush to blossom and hold her firmly , please don’t leave me again ,I love you. ” Blue says as his voice echoed the whole building.

I love you too,but she ripped off my heart I’m going to die. ” Blossom sobs as blood gushes more out of her chest.

Noooooh. ” Blue growls angrily.

“Mummy ” a tiny voice was heard , suddenly a bright light shines on the heart the sorcerer was holding and it gets away from her and turn to a little fairy.

Mummy. ” Blossom found herself asking.

I saved you again,I love you both I promise I’m going to come back ,not to save you but to stay with you ,peace would reigns now , your heart wasn’t ripped off ,I went to your heart and she ripped me off thinking I’m your heart ,I’m your baby , your baby. ” The little baby fairy says and disappeared into dust.

Arrrg nooooh. My baby. ” Blossom cries out as she feels great pain hit her and she fainted.

Blue who was still in shock ,carried his mate and disappeared back to the palace.

*** The next day ***
Blossom woke up and saw blue staring at her.

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Blue , you’re back what I’m I doing here.

You’re going to heaven. ” A voice said before blue can anwser and he knows who it was already .

Red,this is my mate don’t tease her she just lost a baby. ” Blue growl.

Immediately blue says that blossom remember what happened the other day and start sobbing as tears roll down her eyes ,it seems so obvious now that ,that story was actually talking about blue and I ,the history repeated itself ,I’m so sorry baby. ” Blossom thought and wiped her tears.

Thank you for helping me out yesterday. ” Blue says to red .

Oooh is nothing I had fun actually,his actually not strong I killed him and send him back to heaven for the creator to judge him , and I went to see moon goddess and we went to heaven and met the creator ,the creator sent him out of heaven in anger and took all his power ,he cast him into the fire and calls him Lucifer the satan ,the fallen angel, and god of wolves. ” Red explains.

That serves him right,the queen and king of moon park is sleeping now , and congratulations to them the queen is pregnant. ” Red smirk and disappeared.

Funny. ” Blue scoffs and face blossom. .

You want to go to my kingdom together , forever with me ? Fine let’s go once we complete our mate bounding ritual , and before you forget ,today is your birthday.

Wow. ” I almost forgot.

And I fixed today as the ritual day .

Claps *blue clapped

And the door open , the king and queen entered and wished her well ,they congratulated her , blossom father walked in and also prayed for her daughter.

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Now dress up let’s meet the crowd waiting outside because I’m taking you back to my kingdom today. Blue says with a smile.

Wow the smile is a real one. ” Blossom mutter .

Happy birthday mate ,I love you till the world’s end. ” Blue says.

That’s an old line you know. ” Blossom says and ran into the bathroom.

Ooops ,you just hurt my feelings ,blues jaw drop .

How come my wounds are healed and I’m strong and okay again ? ” Blossom yell

I healed you mate ,I’m a god okay. ” Blue replied ”

You should have put back my baby inside since you’re a god. ” Blossom yells back .

He’s meant to sacrifice himself for your sake don’t worry we will make another one today in my kingdom.” Blue anwsered .

You ……….” Blossom glares.

Hahahahaha. ” Blue laughs and shook his head.

*** Few hours later ***

Everything is ready the ritual has been perform ,the creator ,moon goddess and god red has blessed the marriage , including the priests ,the king and queen , and finally the brides father. , including her best friend kitty and Kay.

We miss you. ” Kitty and Kay says hugging her closely.

Thanks , you’re suffocating me. ” Blossom manage to say and they release him.

You look so beautiful ,I can’t believe you have an immortal god as your mate. Kitty says.

And you have me as your mate. ” god red says coming closer to kitty.

Mate. ” The both said at once and smile at each other.

Awwwn another new marriage ritual is going to happen now I’m still single. ” Kay mutter , and left as kitty and blossom walks away with their mates.

*** An hour later ***

The hugging and goodbye wishes has stopped ,blue holds his mate tightly as they wave at the wolves ,moon goddess disappeared ,the creator did , including god red thou he disappeared with kitty they couldn’t get enough of each other.

Blossom’s father was blessed with a new mate for being a good person from moon goddess.

Finally they bowed down and praise God blueberry as he ascend to his kingdom above to heaven .

Where to mate ? ” Blossom ask.

To my kingdom and to that mountain for our mate bounding,the wolves are ho**y. ” Blue tease .

Stop it. ” Blossom blush as they finally disappeared.



kingdom above ***

Greetings my queen ” the servants bows as blossom walks into the palace.

The king, queen ,her father ,step mother,god red ,kitty ,and Kay came to visit them, they came for her baby shower ,the queen has already given birth to a set of pups ,a boy and a girl ,while blossom gave birth to a baby boy ,god red and kitty are now married while Kay is still single , blossom step mother is pregnant and most importantly peace reign in the kingdoms,godvred and god blue now manage both their kingdom and that of golden park.

Father ” blossom calls happily hugging him first.

I miss you child. ” Mr Hugh says.

I’m still here. ” god blue reminded and they laughed.

Congratulations. ” Kitty says hugging blossom.

Thank you ,yours is already on the way.

My darling I’m still single. “Kay cries out hugging her.


Congratulations. “Kay says .

Congratulations. “the king and queen says. Hugging her.

Thanks you all.

Congratulations. ” god red says.

Thank you red god. ” Blossom smiles at them as they all settle down in the dinning table to it.

May the creator , and moon goddess bless us and our foods forever and ever more.

So be it. ” The prayed and cheered with their drinks.


And they lived happily forever after.


Be kind.

Don’t be greedy

Don’t drag people’s property out of envy because what is not yours can never be your’s

Don’t be a vengeful person ,atimes forgive just like god blue.

Be helpful just like god red

Unborn babies are indeed a blessings atimes they guide and protect their nother right from the womb,they are blessings.

Be patience and believe just like the king and queen.

Be a good father just like Mr Hugh.

Be a good best friend to your friends just like Kay and kitty.

May God bless all of us in Jesus name Amen.