Reincarnation of blue episode 5 – 6




You look cute , and your blue ocean eyes are sparking like the stars even when it’s dark .” Blossom compliments ” .

That’s good I know .blue says

“Are you okay ?? “You supposed to say thank you because that’s a compliment okay. ” Blossom mutter and walk back to her sit.

“Thank you “.blue whisper making blossom to smile at him .

Anyway ,those things you said earlier what do you mean by that ?

What did I say ? Blue ask

Nevermind I was just kidding .” Blossom mutter “.

Hon……emm I mean blossom ,come let’s eat come with your guest please I bought something on the way let’s eat dinner. Mr Hugh mutter arranging the foods on the dining table.

Blue let’s go and eat my father invite you to join us. ” Blossom says .

Huh ! Blue exclaim and throw his face away ,I thought he said he would arrange the so call dinner I never thought is now. “Blue murmur “.

Blue let’s go so you can eat and head back home your parent would have been so worried by now without knowing you’re fine .” Blossom says.

Do you usually force people to eat your food ??” Blue scoff and walk to the dinning sitting down carelessly on the chair.

Thank you I’m honored to have you right here in my midst .Mr Hugh mutter putting food for him while blossom sit beside her dad.

Why didn’t’ you come to my side and sit why his own . ” Blue ask staring deeply at blossom who gulp and stand up she went to his side and sit.

And you why are you staring do you have a problem with what I just said now. Blue glare at munch in a spoonful of food on his mouth and chew it gently.

How is your father ??” Mr Hugh ask as they eat.

His not my father I’m a god ,a Greek god you people should accord me some respect I have my own kingdom . Blueberry yell angrily making Mr Hugh and blossom to flinch.

I’m so sorry about that .

Dad why are you being sorry ,why are you so annoying , specifically your ways of getting angry over little stuff who cares whether you’re a god. ” Blossom hiss “.

Mate ! Are you angry ? Blueberry ask with a slow voice.

No I’m not I don’t blame you , blossom scoff and everywhere become silent as they eat .

Written by Chidume joy
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After the dinner at my mate’s house I went back home but I’m very uncomfortable ,my mate was ignoring me throughout the whole time , and that man her father whatever she seem to like him so much that she has to yell at me like that. I murmur and stare at the stars through my wonder.

Knock !!!

I already know is this woman that calls herself my mum if only she know I’m a thousands years older than her mum my foot. I glare at the door as the queen walks in.

Son how are you ? ” She ask ”

But I keep quiet and continue staring at her.

Are you okay blue is everything alright I came to your room past time ago but I couldn’t find you so I decided to check now to confirm that you’re okay. She mutter sadly.

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Are you sad ??” I ask .

Why won’t I be sad my only son never like me , he doesn’t care how his actitude towards me makes me feel ever since he was born he doesn’t acknowledge me as a mother.

Really is that what you want ,I ask her remembering how caring blossom Is to her dad hmmm . I sigh

Alright don’t worry I will think about that. I murmur and give her signal to leave my room and she left.

*** THE NEXT DAY ***

Blossom wake up and look up at the celling ,so that shit Is not a dream ,she murmur.

Blossom I’m leaving you’re later already go get ready your food is in the dinning table .Mr Hugh yell

What !!! Oooh my goodness I can’t believe it I’m getting scold today ,she scream and rush the bathroom later she wore her uniform and straight to the dinning.

*** Few moments later ***

A knock sound was heard from the door startling blossom

What is it again hope is not that creepy voice I heard yesterday

She stand up and walk to the door slowly ,she open the door and hide at the back of the door with the flower vase ready to lash on anyone that just come in.

Mate are you really scared of me ? ” Blue ask walking inside with his hand right on his trouser pocket.

Blossom gulp and Keep the flower vase in it’s place and gulp before turning to face blue.

What are you doing here ? She ask ”

I’m here to pick you up those shitty fierce guards the man that said is my father ordered to follow me are outside so I drop by to pick you up. ” Blue mutter ”

Blue ….did you just said that the man that said his your father does that mean that you emmm nevermind. Blossom says and take her school bag

I’m done here I’m going to school I won’t follow I don’t want to create unnecessary scene out their in school I’m not an attention seeker. Blossom says and walk out.

Hey come out let me lock the door I’m late for school .she mutter

Blue walk out of the door and continue staring at her as she lock the door when she finish locking the door she turn and face blue.

Prince blue I’m leaving have a nice day , blossom says and start walking out while blue follow ,she keep quiet thinking he’s going to his car but then she walk pass the car but he’s still following her.

What exactly is your problem I mean what don’t you understand here ,is it that you understand the fact that I don’t want you to follow me or the fact that you should stop following me what exactly don’t you understand here ? Blossom ask with a scoff.

Mate ! You know that’s not possible you’re my mate and we’re one how can you just say I should avoid you that is not possible and you know that …

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Know what ,blue listen is not like I don’t want to follow you but I’m not ready to become a full time celebrity. Blossom mutter as she stop Walking and put her hand on her waist facing blue.

Celebrity what’s that ?? “. Blue ask ”

Don’t tell me you don’t know the meaning of celebrity ,fine it means someone that is popular ,famous Because of his or her personality ,character , position ,talent and park position but in other words we call it celebrity as in common name. Blossom says ”

Oooh why don’t you want to be one what exactly are you afraid of ? Blue ask

Blue you won’t understand I’m late for school I’m going to get punished . .

Who dares punish my mate follow me and we would be there in just a minute. Blue says

Fine but you must drop me where no one would see us for now I don’t want to let people know about us not even my besties. Blossom says .

You mean those two things are saw yesterday ??” Blue ask ”

Blue they are humans ,I mean human beings like you and I , and also wolf’s like us so don’t you call my best friends things , they’re name are kitty and Kay. Blossom mutter and walk back to the car and enter. .

That’s a good choice you made mate I don’t really care about studying anyways .blue murmur and join her and the car zoom off.

*** Inside the car ***

Mate the best friends are you trying to tell me they are the best what about me ??” Blue ask wondering what the best friends is all about.

But blossom didn’t answer she throw her face away shift more leaving a bit gap between them.

What are you doing are you in anyway keeping shut and not answering me ? Blue ask ”

Blue can you just keep shut I’m trying to keep my mind at rest here but you’re making me so uncomfortable or do you want me to alight from the car for you ??” Blossom yell

No no I was just telling you how beautiful you are how can I insult or make my mate restless no never that’s impossible and you know that maybe your ear are not functioning for this whole time you didn’t hear Me ” Blue says sharply.

Wait . Blue are you in anyway referring to me as dumb ? Blossom ask ”

Dumb you mean deaf and dumb no no I don’t mean that is not possible. blue mutter and scratch his head

Listen mate I mean you know you’re thinking so when your mind is thinking your ear would also be thinking so your body ,soul ,flesh , and wolf are all thinking that’s what I mean. Blue mutter with an apologetic smile.

Hmmm blue I don’t know you have this calm side in you I love the human form more now. blossom says ”

What do you say ??” Blue who heard what she said ask

Nothing nevermind I was just uttering words to myself.

You said that you love blue more right ?blue ask sharply .

Arrg you heard me fine ,I love you more ,let me think. Blossom says and look away.

I’m happy ,she loves me more hahahaha .blue mocks his wolf blueberry who was silent.


Blue is something else !

Who else thinks blossom is being a little bit harsh ?