Reincarnation of blue episode 7 – 8




I’m happy ,she loves me more hahahaha .blue mocks his wolf blueberry who was silent.

Can you take me to your place today after school ? ” Blossom request ”

Really but what for ? Blue as squinting his eyes in a confused expression.

Nothing is wrong I just want to say hello to your parent. ” Blossom scoff .

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Ok okay wait my parent ? What parent ? Those chicken alpha wolf are not my parent .” Blue says with a frown which interest blossom more and make her quest to go to the palace more irresistible.

They are not your parent ? Then you’re not a prince Alpha you’re a pick up wolf from the orphanage right ? Blossom ask with a smirk while blue frown deeper

What are you saying I’m not something you can pick up I’m greater than all the living wolf’s and immortals in moon park .blue mutter

“Really ” then are you stronger than I am ? Blossom ask ”

Emmm actually anyways what do you want to do at the palace that you insisted on coming with me once you’re done receiving class stories. ” Blue ask ignoring the statement blossom made early.

Well I really do want to meet your parent or do you have pups over their with a woman ? ” Blossom snapped”

No no of course not you’re my mate and I’m here for you. Blue reply sharply.

We are here Alpha prince. The driver says opening the door for them and they both walk out.

My class is over leave me let me rush to the class before another teacher will come In. ” Blossom says trying to free her hand from blue’s grip.

I can carry you there you know that. ” Blue tease ” while blossom blink and snap out of his grip running off immediately.

Mate ! Blue call with a pout on his lips.

Written by Chidume joy
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*** Inside blossom class ***

Blossom walks in and heave a sigh of relieve , thanks to the moon goddess the new teacher isn’t here. ” Blossom says sitting down on her chair ,she turn back and sighted her best friends she wave at them but they both didn’t wave back.

What’s going on ,did blue really do something to harm their memory ? Blossom thought and walk to their sit.

Hi kitty ,hi Kay. ” She greets”

Hi . They both chorused without sparing blossom a glance.

Guys are you okay why are you both ignoring me is everything alright ??” Blossom ask “but they both keep quiet.

Hi wolves ! A teacher greets walking inside the class, making blossom to move back to her sit.

Our topic today is about wolves reincarnation. The teacher says.

“Wolves reincarnation ” blossom though mentally.

You know it usually happen to wolves who died when there time is not yet due ,it happens to wolves that are very revengeful the person meant come back to revenge on fight back his killer especially between Greek gods ,goddess and common alpha and Omega wolves. ” The teacher says ”

“Teacher ” blossom call raising her hand up.

You have a question right ?, The teacher guess

Yes I do have a question for you ,you said reincarnation can happen to gods or any wolves that has a quest for revenge right ? If so is it possible that the wolf will remember his past and Know things about the older period In the park .” Blossom ask ”

Yes most especially gods ,their is a story from the most eldest wolf god that allow children closer to him every blue moon back then ,a male wolf was lucker enough to ask him about stories of reincarnation and he told him about A Greek god called blueberry a wolf ,he’s a peace maker but something turn him to a monster a devilish wolf that he turn to something dangerous. ” The teacher says ”

Really ! Blossom exclaim ”

Yes what’s with the yell are you that surprised ? The teacher ask ”

Well I am teacher can you tell me more about the story please . Blossom says.

No I have wolves to teach go to the library and search for it. “the teacher says and start walking
Towards the door.

Just few minutes you Already done teaching ,what’s the name ? Blossom ask ”

I’m not telling you go search for it in the library. ” The teacher says and walk away.

Hmmm ! Blossom heave a sigh and sit back.

She looks back and saw kitty and Kay staring at her weirdly, what’s wrong with this two I need to go see blue to ask him what exactly he did to them. Blossom thought And bow her head

Oooh my goodness he’s so handsome !

I love you !

My prince !

His Infront her desk ,but why !

these where the comments blossom was hearing and she wondered who the prince is ,is it the blue I know or is there any other hidden prince in moon park ? Blossom thought mentally and decided to raise her head up.

Owwwo what exactly are you doing here ? Blossom flinch on seeing blue ,she look around the class and realize that all eyes where on her even her best friends that where ignoring her are popping their eyes out.

“Blossom turn her head back to face blue with a very harsh and dangerous glare ”

“what are you doing here ??”

Making blue to scoff and touch her hair gently ,

Awwwwn wow. ” The class scream ”

Stop it ! What do you think you’re doing ? Blossom ask with a fierce look

You sent for me that’s why I’m here. ” Blue snapped “.

I sent for you ? When ,how ?

Well you were planning to come meet me so I decided to come meet you so you won’t stress yourself..

“What ” how do you know about that ? Shit I was thinking of doing that infact. …come here ” blossom says and drag blue out while the class begin the main gossip.

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**** At The school garden ****

What do you think you’re doing ? Blossom glares leaving his hand ,blue scoff and sit on a moulded chair there.

You need me and I decided to come ,anyways how dare you think or worry about those things. Blue yell making blossom to flinch.

What do you mean,are you yelling at me ? ”

“I’m sorry ,but why are you get all worked up Just because you so called silly human wolves are ignoring you “. Blue ask clamly.

They’re not just wolves or common silly human as you said they’re my best friends. ” Blossom says

I didn’t do anything to them but if you’re not careful with the way you care about them I meant do something dangerous to them. Blue mutter ”

“What kind of mate are you ? Why are you so mean and rude to me ,why did the moon goddess ever pair me with such a lunatic like you ,such an unreasonable creature like you ” blossom cries out

Are you saying that I’m not good enough for you ,that I’m not a good person or what ? What exactly are you saying ? ” Blue ask trying to touch and console blossom but she shifted back.

Don’t you dare touch me ,don’t you have conscience ? I hate you !

Stop it ! Blue says as he feels his heart hurt.

I won’t stop I hate you , you’re so mean to me , you’re rude to my dad , you’re bad wolf to my dad I hate you ! Blossom sob and run away.

Arrrrh ! Blue scream and a very dangerous thunder strike heavily on the sky as the weather darken.

Arrrrg ! Ahhhhhh .he continue growling as he begin to transform , meanwhile blossom ran away but she didn’t go that far ,she’s still at the garden and was seeing everything that’s happening.

Finally blue transformed into a very big giant black and white wolf with red angry eyes ready to destroy attack and kill people that’s blue berry his annoyed.

Arrrrh uuuuuahhh !, He growls angrily and run off to the direction blossom follows ,how Ever blossom saw that and run to stand on his way.

Blue berry stop ! Blossom stands on its ways as it growls angrily.

Blueberry please listen to me I’m your mate ,I love you so much I was just angrily back then.

Arrrrg guurrrgh ! Blueberry growls as it continue doing it’s foot in way that anyone would sense it’s impatient there.

I’m so sorry mate ,I’m sorry blueberry I love you and blue so much please pardon me , blossom says and draw nearer to it ,but blueberry move back immediately.

Please blue berry let me touch you I love you , blossom keep saying as she successfully draw nearer to blue berry ,she sigh heavily and bend to it’s level and begin to rub it’s back.

Blueberry I’m so sorry please forgive me ,don’t harm innocent people all because of me I love you so much that I promise to be your mate and spend the rest of my life time together with you. ” Blossom mutter as she massages it’s back gently and it’s anger was slowly fading out.

Slowly it growls loudly , and transform back to blue ,who immediately stand up and walk away.

“Blue ” Please wait for me I’m so sorry ,I love you ” . blossom calls running after him.


One tense for blue and blueberry .

What exactly have blossom gotten herself into ?

Why is blossom interested in going to the palace , blues home. ?

The story the teacher narrated do you think is about blue ?