Reincarnation Of Blue

Reincarnation of blue prologue





Dad are you saying this is not just a fantasy ,I was thinking already that’s it’s a myth I don’t know it’s not ,a teenager girl in her sweet fourteen says.

Blossom this Is not just a book ! Mr Hugh mutter placing their breakfast on the dining table.

But dad …….

But she got interupted by her dad.

Enough blossom stop asking me these question come and eat so you can go to school or do you want to be late ? Mr Hugh , blossom’s dad ask ”

No dad .Blossom mutter and drop her bag and the story book before joining her dad In the dining .

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Blossom drop the key at the usually place I got to go right now okay. Mr Hugh says pecking her cheeks .

Okay dad ,bye. Blossom wave as Mr Hugh walk out.

Hmmm .blossom sigh.

Reading about me all day blossom ? A voice whisper , startling blossom .

What’s that ? I thought dad has left

Dad ! Blossom call looking around.

Blossom who the hell is your daddy here ,don’t worry I’m coming back soon,you will meet me soon. The voice echoed

Who are you please don’t hurt me ! Blossom frightened”

No never how can I hurt my mate ! The voice ask ”

Who is your mate what do you want from me ? Blossom ask.

So brave , outspoken just like before huh ? The voice reply.

What do you mean ? Blossom ask glaring around the whole room with fear.

My blossom ! Please wait for me ! The voice whisper and disappear.

Blossom notice the atmosphere is cool and run out from the room immediately breathing heavily.

What was that for huh ? Blossom thought as her heartbeat races up and down.

Blossom what’s wrong. Someone ask making blossom to flinch ,she turn and luckily it’s her dad.

Dad I was so scared ! Blossom says hugging him tightly while Mr Hugh who was obviously confuse on what’s going on with her pat her back.

Blossom what’s wrong ? Why are you sweating like this ? Mr Hugh ask

Dad,I thought you already left for work ? Blossom ask ignoring her dad’s question..

Well not the Alpha king said I should send the list of the parks that need more ……but Mr Hugh suddenly stop talking .

That need more what dad ? Blossom ask

Nothing go get your school bag I forgot the list that’s why I’m back here to get it , let’s go I will drop you off. Mr Hugh says and they both enter into the house.


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Bye dad ! Blossom wave at her dad who drop her Infront of the school ,

Yeah bye dear .Mr Hugh wave and drove off

Look who we have here ! Someone yell immediately blossom entered into the school premises .

Kitty ! Blossom call with a smile hugging her.

How was your weekend ? Kitty ask

It was good ,well kitty is blossom friend and kitty has a twin brother his name is Kay ,he loves to tease me and kitty so much.

Where is Kay ? Blossom ask staring around to know whether she would see him.

Quit looking around ,Kay is with his new chick. Kitty mutter.

Awwwn ,I pity his mate , imagine having a womanizer as your mate .blossom scoff.

I heard that ! Kay smirk appearing in front of them startling them.

Hey don’t you ever do that ,I thought it was that ……but blossom keep shut immediately not completing her statement.

What are you saying complete it. Kay mutter

Mind your business Kay ,are you done flirting with girls ? Kitty ask ”

Hey cut that shit kitty ,you know blossom is my crush. Kay mutter

Exactly and that crush will crush your bones into pieces one day ,blossom mutter with a scoff and start walking to class while they follow.

But blossom that’s unfair you should admire instead not insult me ,don’t you know that as a handsome guy like me to have a crush on you is something you should be proud of. Kay mutter.

See his mouth ,his done flirting with girls now Is your turn blossom .Kitty says and walk past them .

Suddenly students start screaming

It’s the prince !

I can’t believe his starting school !

My dad told me how he has been indoor for the past fifteen years of his life and his now sixteen his so handsome !

Ooh my goodness he looks like a Greek god !

These where the comments the students drop as they gather around the prince.

Come over here blossom you can see him vividly ,Kay says dragging blossom to the other side in other to get a proper view of him.

Wow his so handsome ! Blossom says looking at the prince and immediately her eyes met with the prince making her heart to flutter.

What’s this feeling she thought. What’s the scent ? Oooh mine it hurts. blossom mutter.

What are you saying ? The prince is staring at you. Kay says but blossom suddenly run off.

She run and run until she entered into the garden

Arrrrrg ! She scream as she feel her body crush into pieces .

It hurts ,dad ! Blossom scream as her view become blurring

Mate ! Mate ! Mate. Her heart
keeps on doing thump thump thump ! As she feel her bone crush.

Dad ! She cries as the pain become excess ,

Mate ! A voice call rushing to blossom who was still screaming.

It hurts ! Please help me , blossom scream and suddenly her body started changing .

Mate ! It’s your transformation

Arrrg ! Blossom yell as she fully transform into a white and black wolf.

Just like me ! Black and white wolf ,as the person slowly caress it’s body.

Suddenly blossom human body come back to normal and she fainted.

The person carried her and disappeared .


blossom wake up and squint her eye before rubbing them ,she look around and blink twice ,

Where am I ? Blossom mutter and sit up.

You’re awake ! Someone says

Who are …. ? Blossom ask but pause and stare at him .

My prince , aren’t you the one I saw at the school or I’m I dreaming ? Blossom ask” yummy what’s this smell.

Mate ! Mate ! Mate .Blossom wolf chants in her head

Are you my mate ? Blossom ask ” staring at the handsome guy Infront of her ,but he wasn’t replying

Are you okay ,you look so handsome and your voice earlier was so angelic ,my heart flutter just by your look what’s this feeling? Blossom ask but he didn’t reply he continue staring at her.

Blossom stand up and come closer to the prince.

Atleast can I know your name and what exactly are we doing here , blossom ask trying to touch him but he flinch but didn’t cut the eye contact .

Hmmm.blossom sigh and stare around the place there are in ,

Ooh my goodness ,hey talk where are we ? Blossom ask.

My name is blueberry I’m your mate , and the future alpha king of this kingdom ,The prince says.

You’re my mate ! Are you his wolf , blossom ask because the voice that she heard has a loud echo .

Yes I’m his wolf , and his my human form ,we are one ,his name is blue forgive his manner dear mate . Blueberry says.

Wow blue ! Blossom murmur .


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